This makes me so 🤢

The idea that women are automatically “safe” is exactly what creates this “opportunity” for some women to exploit children & monetize their “optics” of “trustworthy” on behalf of predators.

Gender does not predict ethics, integrity, safety.
Why does #GhislaineMaxwellTrial matter to #womeninSTEM?
⬇️federal funding
➡️private donors (Epstein)

“Socialites” open doors to elite spaces, including #academia #science #STEM
Women=“optics” & “reputation management” for these wealthy predator men…
These same connected women, often daughters of powerful businessmen

are on boards of #WomeninSTEM “empowerment” organizations or on #MeToo (TimesUp scandal)

the very women who are predators of young women are given access to women’s “safe spaces”? (!!!)…
“Reputation management” is often done by women to cover up a scandal…where women are harmed
👩🏼=better “optics”

Elite women are groomed since childhood to speak & look “the right way” & excel at this role + have the family connections
➡️#MeToo is sham…
As in the #MeToo movement is led by elite women
who exploit/monetize
the *real* harm done to women, WOC withOUT resources

organizations to “help”/rescue, really do reputation management for predators in exchange for donations
=savvy marketing…
This is a tale as old as time. One of the most terrifying men in history, Genghis Khan, empowered his daughters to protect & run his empires

Look around today. Male CEOs. Daughters inheriting businesses. Women in HR, compliance, operations FOR male CEOs…
Now take a look at current day high net worth women.

Did these women create that wealth on their own? No.

Heiresses. Daughters. Granddaughters. Wives. Ex-wives.

Only very few are CEOs/#Entrepreneurs of companies they created.

Even in #WomeninBusiness & #WomenInSTEM who become CEOs, where do they get start up funds or access to investors?

What is the level of #accountability from those investors?

Go back to the TimesUp Scandal: elite women help predators avoid accountability…
Investment in #WomeninBusiness #femalefounder #womeninentrepreneurship: only 2.3%. Of those how many from “right” family?

➡️Women with fresh, novel ideas shut out. Pro-justice & truly disruptive innovation blocked by lack of funding

#VC #Entrepreneurs…
Elite women are groomed
from childhood
abused themselves
educated in elite schools w/abuse
➡️justify & cover up abuse

I went to one of these schools

I recognize in #academia the SAME culture of protecting predators & women-led reputation management…
I am/have been an alum, faculty & student where faculty/admin reward this kind of bizarre, predatory, & abusive beliefs

These private donors invited onto campus

What can #womeninSTEM do?
Avoid the networking events with the source of funding?…
This is an even a male/female thing because high integrity men do NOT take money from these kinds of private donors

#Science #ethics & integrity matters to ALL of us

Men too pushed out if have ethics

#COI in #academia matters

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #ScienceTwitter
The “derogatory information” files are used vs women & men.

Yet we have daughters, girlfriends, & wives of predatory men invited to boards/infiltrate #MeToo  = access to info to discredit *victims*

& have legitimacy if they smear a high integrity *man* for refusing to be “bro”
EXACT match between Epstein lawyers’ “derogatory information” files & #Medbikini & what is in #docsagainstdoxxing

Images, posts, etc collected, lists made for future smears=silencing tactic

Infiltrate #MeToo organizations =access to victims
who were silenced & intimidated ImageImageImageImage
When non-elite women, WOC
especially Black women
attempt to speak

Marketing on behalf of CEOs call
voice + knowledge
like was done vs #DrSusanMoore smeared posthumously
Her death anniversary was just before Xmas
Utter inhumanity

Smears for control/power common ImageImageImageImage
The #GhislaineMaxwellTrial is not some random news story

If you are in #STEM #Science #MedTwitter #womeninSTEM #WomeninTech #womeninbusiness #womeninmscience #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter

I can promise you, there is an equivalent woman or few in your space too

Full 🧵
No, the answer is not just make “on our own”

cuz remember the 2.3% of #VC funding to women?
#womeninSTEM get rejected (snarked at) when we use the SAME language as gets men called innovative disruptive visionary geniuses

@MITSloan:gendered language…
I do not meet criteria of #PTSD but *do* have secondary #trauma from doing exams on children sexually assaulted
from my 1-2 decades practicing #pediatrics + #emergencymedicine
I learned about assaults on girls at my boarding school later

Enuf is enuf…
#BelieveWomen needs to be to assess for a women’s pro-women actions. Mass shootings/violence is predicted by prior domestic violence & words or acts of misogyny.

In both South Asian & American cultures I have seen that it is women who silence women on domestic violence.
(TW) Both American elite culture & other cultures: brutal misogyny perpetuated …by women.


“She survived three days, enough time to describe to police how she came to be doused in kerosene by her mother-in-law and set alight by her husband…
Obviously, the last example is extreme

Until you are able to recognize that both women and men are capable of horrific acts of violence

you cannot undo the mental model of women as matronly “nurturing” & “safe”
or as “victim”

These mental models exploited by female predators
The spaces where women excel often are in control or #communication on behalf of CEOs: #compliance, #HR, #professionalism, #marketing. This is not about creating new or being disruptive but on delivering/perpetuating status quo/existing power…
I have worked in #compliance

I started to get VERY uncomfortable with the overt biases & the double standards.

Most recently this came up with both @CDCgov & @American_Heart guidelines changing to what would protect hospitals from liability rather than frontline #safety
Whether covering up predators’ sexual assault

or protecting c-suite from liability not protecting human life

or brand/reputation>safety of students or #HCW

=same mindset:power/wealth used to exploit, bully, mislabel

These harms/evils cluster together…
What we need is a culture of #accountability. While there ARE barriers by gender, race, age, etc…we need system level fixes.

We *must* stop assuming all women are safe.

Prior trauma often *does* exist in female predators’ lives.

That does not excuse victimizing others. ImageImageImageImage
A key barrier to preventing future violence & harm:

The perpetrator as a victim can invoke empathy➡️protectiveness towards the predator

may speak about own suffering, trauma
or presents a sympathetic figure
or fits mental model of “nice”, charming

replicates abusive behaviors ImageImageImageImage
Identifying with the predator is a key aspect of what turns a prior victim into a perpetrator

These predators seek power, control, prestige, reputation, wealth, influence while using charm, symbols of prestige, intelligence, status

Much of this is found in elite academia/#STEM ImageImageImageImage
Visibility & power sought by narcissists/predators…
If seek control of science/data
➡️ infiltration into #SciComm & #science #communication

Of note, #GhislaineMaxwell’s dad/family: in #media

💰/philanthropy coming into #academia #Science #STEM is 😱…
All this - influence of 💰 from predators/narcissists - is a direct threat to #womeninSTEM as well as any high integrity person or any humanist.

Skews #science.
Makes spaces unsafe.
Invites in those with Machiavellian & dark triad traits.
Even after sex crimes known, #leadership in #science #STEM #academia kept meeting with Epstein.

Yes, #GhislaineMaxwell convicted. But Epstein was invited in by his matching counterparts from “elite” institutions. This culture remains in #AcademicTwitter.…
This is an #ethics struggle at midcareer. If keep leaving rooms over ethics & integrity, those left in the room continue to control agenda, priorities, outcomes. To have impact at scale, need resources, influence, power =rooms with narcissists & predators…
The women who enter/stay in such rooms either are willing to accept/tolerate predatory & exploitative behavior & culture around them

or themselves are the same

the higher up a woman goes, the less “safe” other women around her are
system selection bias…
How do we improve trust in #science & integrity in #STEM or even simply basic safety when we have a system rewarding narcissism & wooing sexual predators?

How do we make #womeninSTEM a safe space to nurture #creativity, #innovation, #diversity?…

• • •

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This is what targeted racial harassment looks like: nitpicking things like “smiled” or “wore clothes like a celebrity, as a celebrity” or “bought cookware.” It is part of the “gold digger” narrative.
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I am trying to understand this response. Yes, #mentalhealth access is very limited & victims of abuse or domestic violence are at risk: ~3 women are killed daily by domestic violence.

Generational trauma can create perpetrators in subsequent generations. #GhislaineMaxwell
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Working in #emergencymedicine we also had children boarding for days due to lack of access.

Access *is* limited.…
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When you identify your own abuser as the source of power, strength, status…you become them, seek similar control. This is the cycle of abuse generation to generation.

#Trauma-informed therapy allows you to see abusive need for control =inner emptiness

Choose humanism instead.
Removing a child from an abusive situation is one way to break this cycle *if* also coupled with appropriate therapy.…
That said, availability of that needed #trauma therapy is minimal to nil. We have a dearth of #mentalhealth clinicians. The pandemic has worsened that. There are disparities by insurance, state, country, socioeconomic factors, race, gender, etc.…
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#antivaxx efforts now even use #deepfake

to target #refugee, Black, religious minority communities

like measles outbreak in Minnesota in 2019: Wakefield was flown in TO spread #misinformation & #disinformation

Now: online fake accounts/fake identities vs #VaccinesWork
What has #healthcare been doing meanwhile?

#Medbikini: Teach (male Asian) med students to make fake accounts to cyberstalk trainees’ personal Facebook for: bikini
or “being political” or “religious” (#BLM)

➡️“model minority” pipeline for “shadow faculty” vs Blck @ayshakhoury
#Medbikini #research got flak for men vs women

BUT was ALSO fake acct #surveillance vs #BLM like drove out @ayshakhoury @uche_blackstock @nhannahjones

While academia has ignored #vaccineequity
➡️ongoing #pandemic & deaths in marginalized targeted by #antivaxx

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He spent his life as a first responder when others needed him. When he had a heart attack on the job, system overwhelm meant no resources available for him.

This is betrayal.

We’ve been asking, pleading, negotiating, screaming for this not to happen.
Those #HCW who spoke up early on #safety? Fired.…
Maybe listen to the ones who care enough to speak up on REAL #safety issues rather then fire them.

The current #HCW correct dismissals over refusal of #VaccineMandate claim administrators are “bullies” because that HAS been true in past.…
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23 Dec 21
This 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻 This is why #BLM exists & why “implicit bias” is not only real but it kills

Why, when you see it, say something, do something
The system changes not by sharing tweets & hashtags but actions & consequences & removal of toxicity from the system

Follow #BlackTwitter
Above #MedEd #TikTok improvement: #citeblackwomen who lead this work (not only utilized the savior mindset of Black & brown as victims) #Blackexcellence @citeblackwomen center Black women
Send #SoMe traffic to Black creators & activists. #healthcare…
Take #sharethemic initiative. It allowed #Blackexcellence to speak thru #influencer accounts to large followings for a day. I looked at before/after numbers, it did NOT drive any additional traffic to the actual accounts of those voices. Resurfacing this:
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