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Dmk Mla, K P Shankar Aides Beat Up Corpn Engineer…
K P Shankar who beat up a corporation engineer for allegedly continuing with a road work has been relieved from the party post. #corporation #contractors #corruption
I spoke to the engineer who was beaten up. He told me, he still cannot come to terms that he was beaten up for just doing his job. He went back to his home town to get over it.
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𝗧𝗛𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗: Can @BabylonHealth Be Trusted?

‘Bad Bot' (part 3): The final chapter in the @BadBotThreads...

Just to be clear, I don’t ‘hate’ @babylonhealth (hate is emotive & suggests a lack of objectivity). However I do not trust Babylon - & in my opinion - Babylon has not demonstrated the ethical or moral values expected of an #AI #HealthTech corporation.
It’s important to note that the ‘corporate’ failings of the @babylonhealth are as consequence of decisions taken by a tiny minority of the senior leadership team - & are not in any way a reflection on Babylon’s employees or clinical services.
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"Prince" Harry, CIO of BetterUp, joins #VaxLive. BetterUp, partner of #Salesforce, valued at 1.73 billion, is premised on behavioral change via #AI & #data. Psychological resilience/support for chosen ones, which is recognized as an imperative, to transition to & endure #4IR. ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen model: nurturing of #celebrity worship as a "pop & policy" model to harvest/exploit targeted youth demographic.

#VaxLive #Gates #VaccineUptake #Biotech #India #PrinceHarry #Salesforce #4IR

Learning thread:

"Credible #celebrity endorsers can be deadly efficient in cutting into the toughest #markets & combating the fiercest consumer #resistance." —Celebrity Culture, 2006

#VaxLive #VaxLies #Gates #WorldBank #4IR #Biotech #VaccineUptake #Marketing ImageImageImageImage
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#Khazarian Mafia Seeks to #Surrender as #SecondAmericanRevolution Underway

The events of the past week, and the coming weeks, will go down in #history as one of the #biggest, if not THE biggest, #revolutions in history

We #WDS are not talking just about the fall of the United States of America #Corporation; we are talking about the end to a system of #slavery that has continued for thousands of years

The #USmilitary is now officially on the warpath

The #USmilitary is now officially on the warpath

Multiple U.S. warriors like Generals #MichaelFlynn and #ThomasMcInterney are among the many who have gone on the record to say a #SecondAmericanRevolution is underway
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Your #socialdistancing at work - to advance the #greatreset of servitude & oppression.

#IoT #DeepLearning #AI #Algorithms #4IR #SmartCities #Surveillance


#Data is the new oil.
The illusory dream of corporate responsibility...

The Corporation, 2003: What the study illustrates is that in the its behaviour, this type of "person" typically acts like a dangerously destructive psychopath without conscience."
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Et si on recherchait l'#apaisement?
Depuis quelques jours, on voit une multitude d'images de #violences et d'insultes qui ne sont pas plaisantes dans notre société!
Je ne ferai pas un énième laïus sur le pourquoi du comment ou du qui à fait quoi...⬇️
Je ne fais pas de #politique mais je suis juste un #citoyen qui sert son pays avec fierté. J'ai conscience que le paysage social actuel n'est pas très beau car on ne s'écoute plus et on ne se comprend plus. Il y a de la #responsabilité de part et d'autre et il faut le dire⬇️
En ce qui concerne ma #corporation, il est clair que toutes ces semaines de contestations étaient très difficiles. Oui des erreurs ont été commises, je n'en disconviens pas...
Encore une fois, même un #policier qui est un humain sous son uniforme doit être exemplaire,⬇️
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A huge Commerce Exchange in the Industry is awaiting with the massive growing number of Designers and Design Service Providers only if somehow the collection of Free Opinionated Design Idea is cured in the name of Design Assignment from Candidates. It will lead to
miniscule planning by implementing process oriented Design and create lot of Specialized job segments along with monetary stability in investment and returns.
#businessdesign #productdesign #visualcommunication #userresearch #userinterface #uidesign #uxresearch #uxjobs
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1/5 Our article titled "Financialization, financial development and investment. Evidence from European non-financial corporations" is now available on-line within SER articles at:…
#financialization #corporation #financialdevelopment
2/5 This article provides estimations of the effects of different financial channels on physical investment in Europe using the balance sheets of publicly listed non-financial corporations (NFCs) for the period 1995–2015. 2/4
3/5 Both financial payments and financial income have an adverse effect on investment. The negative impacts of financial income are non-linear with respect to company size: they crowd out investment in large companies, and have a positive effect in relatively smaller ones.
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Triste tentative en effet de la part des poêlleurs. Ils voudraient se faire passer pour des chercheurs bénévoles et désintéressés face à un monde scientifique négligeant sa mission et se déchirant pour de l'argent. 🙃
Les archéologues seraient donc
- une minorité : c'est vrai et c'est heureux, en quoi cela nous disqualifie-t-il ?
- d'extrémistes : ici, le terme est utilisé pour désigner ceux qui souhaitent l'application de la loi...
- voulant conserver le monopole de la fouille ⬇️
En France, seul l'Etat peut autoriser une fouille. En ce sens, on pourrait parler de monopole.
Sauf que l'Etat (via les DRAC/SRA) confie les autorisations de fouilles à de multiples acteurs :
- @Inrap
- services archéo de collectivités territoriales @ANACT_officiel ⬇️
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Void all contracts with ICE, @Microsoft!

Don't be @Trump's Volkswagen.

Don't support the fascist @Trump Regime.
All businesses with any supporting contracts or association with #ICE, should void the contracts and stop all work immediately.
It's time to start isolating the @Trump Regime.

No collaboration

No support

Don't become another #Volkswagen!
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