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#ID2020 & Partners Launch Program to Provide Digital ID With
FY 2018: 90,000 Family Units + 45,000 Unaccompanied Minors Entered US Illegally

800 Family Members Released Out ‘Front Door’ of AZ @ICEgov Facilities
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Imagine the 'peaceful demonstrations' that DNC ANTIFA/BLM/Brownshirts have in mind for election day. I could see them torching ballot boxes & burning down polling places- or at least harassing & intimidating voters at targeted precincts in coordinated #ElectionInterference.

All to put the final vote count in doubt. Dems would 'appeal' the results to the MSM, the UN & every other Marxist-controlled organization that hates America.

Leftist Orgs like MMFA, OFA & sites like Daily Kos are already gearing up for a fight.

This is the next step in a #ColorRevolution. They're already shooting people in the streets, and have neutered or eliminated Police Protection. This perpetuates & expands the twin cycles of fear & violence- created by politicians & stoked by #CorruptNews corporate MSM.

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Hit a few Nerves w/prev request:
Lebanon💥 #Trending attempt to omit REAL Story #YatesHearing #SenateJudicialHearing
People Globally understand

The silence of parties tagged speak volumes. The lack of reach will be deafening
#WWG1WGAWW #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide
#GlobalistSuck Image
Correction the great Senator Kennedy (LA) not Johnson)
#Blackmail #Spying
#FISA #RussianHoax #HumanTrafficking #GlobalCorruption #HiddenInPlainSight ImageImageImageImage
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1. Interested about 🐤’r “Moments”? Who’s the 🎯❓
Great article end of thread-
🚨Take always from article below🚨👇👇👇
- 🐤’r 🚩’s POTUS’s 🐤 RE: 📮-In-Ballots #ElectionInterference #ElectionFraud
Let’s move on to what “Actual Fact ✅’s have to say about this...
2. “Actual Fact-✅’s” (not 🐤’r) say:👇👇👇
*🐤’s NOT fact-✅’d, don’t label 🐤’s true/false- just provide hyperlinks 2️⃣ articles 2️⃣ get facts. 🐤’r uses “Moments” - from media outlets 🤔 #BiasedMedia
3. “Actual Fact-✅’s” (not 🐤’r) also say:👇👇👇
*No transparency readers don’t know who can be 🚩’d; Who’s responsible 4️⃣ “Moments”, how 🐤’s chosen, & is method 4️⃣ USA or WW? #transparency
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2020 might be the year where people realize that:
**Two VERY different things**
“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.” ~Ronald H. Coase
Data Science identifies 5V words as challenges to their science.
One V is Veracity
Questioning the underlying data, design of experiment, and processing methods [USED] to be a main tenant of scientific theory. Or so this is what I was taught in school growing up. These days, Political Assumptions become the outcome and the search for "proof" ensures afterward!
Data out of context is just as important as words out of context.
COVID19 data and the grouping of "presumed" deaths alongside of tested deaths within the same category for death certificates is what I would term [#DataLaundering]
By binning assumptions with data numbers are up!
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Saturday night thoughts:
-Andrew Weismann, as is his MO, not only exhibited extreme prosecutorial overreach, but also witheld exonerating evidence in the case of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, choosing to prosecute where no evidence existed.

The case was -
overturned, but only after Senator Stevens had lost the next election, shifting the D/R balance of power in the senate. @SidneyPowell1 talks & writes about this, but nothing happens to Weismann

-LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman admits to paying $100k to -
political activists to create an Army of fake Russian bots, spread #propoganda to falsely tie it to an Alabama Congressional candidate, thus losing him the election.

-Russian GRU members spend approximately $2k on FB ads spreading disinformation

Now, out-
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Based on docs & interviews with over 24 (!) US officials:

How @USAmbEU #Sondland seized control of Ukraine portfolio to help Trump:

Force Ukraine to forge kompromat on Biden.

Crimes: extortion, abuse of power & election interference… #Giuliani #Manafort
@USAmbEU Ambassador #Sondland’s predecessor, @TonyLGardner:

[Sondland's] special assignment to Ukraine is “extremely unusual,’’ since it has little to do with the EU. 🤔

And Sondland's own colleagues are 'not aware' of the scope of his activities in Ukraine. 🤔…
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Google: 'You try to inform the masses of the truth, we will have you declared mentally unfit'.
Now what does this make me think of. #RFL
Google insider gives @Project_Veritas docs proving how they manipulate the system. @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr…
The "Wellness check" included the FBI, a swat team, and a bomb squad coming to his residence. Google doesn't want its practices exposed or the masses educated. We would've never known without the election of Trump. @TheJusticeDept @RepDevinNunes #ElectionInterference
Google used the same tactics that the Dems use against voters & donors, harass, threaten, and intimidate. Remember how the Castro's @JoaquinCastrotx @JulianCastro were proud to dox Trump donors & intimidate them. This is what they want to see.
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#WATCH: Mueller warns...Russia continues to attack our elections "AS WE SIT HERE."

Q: "Did you think that this was a single attempt...or did you find evidence to suggest [Russia will] try to do this again?"

MUELLER: "It wasn't a single attempt. They're doing it as we sit here."
#FLAG: Mueller fears that accepting #ElectionInterference is the "new normal."

Q: "Have we established...[that any candidate] aware of a hostile foreign power trying to influence an election has no duty to report?"

MUELLER: "I hope this is not the new normal, but I fear it is."
#REDFLAG: The NRCC, the committee to elect Republicans in the House, REFUSED to pledge not to accept/use hacked materials in 2020.

It wasn't a part of ANY coverage today, despite Mueller's warnings about #ElectionInterference and fear of the "new normal."…
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1. #News ~ On his way to Camp David, President Trump answers questions on Iran, ICE immigration raids

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Trump2020 #WINNING #MAGA #KAG
2. #News ~ Oregon Senate closes due to ‘possible militia threat’ after Republican walkout…

#Trump #Qanon
3. #News ~ IS PETE OVER? After Protesters Confront Buttigieg In South Bend, NBC Panel Declares Him Problematic


#Trump #Qanon
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Diles Que Voten (Tell Them to Vote): Carlos Slim is largest shareholder of New York Times, Bezos with c⨡⟑ Cloud owns WaPo, & Amazon (controls what books will be sold).… #fara #whistleblower #electioninterference #foreignagent #JustWalkAway #MAGA #Resist
2. The link above contains extensive documentation of foreign election interference. "The Electoral College votes for several states were potentially affected by their efforts."
3. #QAnon'd had shared this with us previously.
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#Qanon #FutureProvesPast #Ukraine #ElectionInterference #NABU
#AtlanticCouncil #SpyGate #Manafort #Biden #Zlochevskyi

Do any of you know who Artem Sytnyk is?
He is the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Director.
NABU has yet to achieve a single high-level prosecution.
Why you should care?

To understand the current political enviorment in the U.S. you're going to have to understand the goings on in the areas of interest to the U.S.'s Foreign Policy apparatuses.
Money, Power, Control, & Legacies.

History abroad informs us that oil, gas, & minerals as well as political control are fought over tooth and nail. Ukraine is the epicenter of our current predicament politically. From Manafort to Oligarchs to the Clintons, Ukraine's booming!
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A short thread.

Is Devin Nunes responsible for covering up election interference in 2016?

Nunes, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, has fought at every turn against allowing a thorough Benghazi-style investigation into interference in the 2016 election.
First of all, Nunes has limited the scope of the investigation and shut down hearings before they even got started.

“Nunes also led Republicans in the effort to fight the legitimacy of the investigation itself.”

Enter the nonsensical deep state theory.

Devin Nunes has scrapped to redirect the investigation into Trump and the 2016 election, and instead questioned the motives and behavior of the investigators themselves, blaming the FBI.

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