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The findings of this one suggest that acutely prolonging an overnight fast may improve overnight substrate oxidation, and that these alterations are not mediated by changes in hepatic glycogen depletion.
- Acutely prolonging an overnight fast reduced carbohydrate oxidation and increased fat oxidation during the night in both individuals with NAFLD and healthy control participants.
- Despite fasting for 16 hours, the overnight carbohydrate oxidation of the group with NAFLD stayed relatively high compared with carbohydrate oxidation of the control group.
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Over last 20years, people are not eating more, nor exercising less but still becoming #obese finds this recent study. In below thread, i explain key mechanism of #obesity postulated in this paper & what you can do to break this cycle. #HealthyLiving #gutmicrobiome #MedTwitter Image
First let me share the full paper before i summarize the key points from same:
#Obesity prevalence among US adults has soared from 14% to 42% since 1980, but mean calorie intake has not changed much in population. In fact, people are eating less relative to their body sizes. This finding was confirmed in paper using multiple databases
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Time-restricted eating alone may not result in long-term weight loss

1. Time-restricted eating (TRE), a form of #IntermittentFasting (IF), has gained popularity for #weightloss.
However, weight loss was not seen in a recently published study with TRE.
#obesity #MedTwitter
2. 547 participants (78% women, mean age 51 years, mean BMI 30.8) were followed up for 6 years.
*Mean interval from first to last meal was 11.5 hours and was not associated with weight change.
*The number of #meals per day was positively associated with weight change.
3. Total daily number of large (>1000 calories) and medium meals (500-1000 calories) was associated with increased weight over follow‐up time, while total number of small meals (<500 calories) was associated with decreasing weight.
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Contrary to some studies suggesting that time‐restricted eating could improve circadian rhythms and play a role in metabolic regulation, this one found that the frequency and the size, rather than the timing, of meals to be stronger determinants of weight change over time.
- The window of time between first to last meal was not associated with weight change over an average of about 6 years of follow‐up.
- The average daily number of large and medium meals was associated with increased weight over time, suggesting that the meal frequency and meal sizes, rather than the timing of meals, was a stronger determinant of weight gain over time.
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Sharing the inspiring journey of Mrs Ravi

1. Mrs Ravi to me: "Dr, you told me if I lose 10 kg weight, 50% cure can be achieved. I thought why not lose 20 kg and aim for 100% cure". This was about two years ago. She came for review today.
#IntermittentFasting #healthylifestyle
2. She was diabetic for 12 years, had high BP & asthma for 10 years and was obese. She had consulted me for back and leg pain due to slipped disc in lower back. As expected, she was on multiple medicines.
When I discussed about lifestyle measures, she had made a greater resolve.
3. Two years later- she has lost 20 kg weight, BP & sugar are normal without medicines. She is not requiring inhalers for asthma. She no longer suffers from back or leg pain.
Her diet- fruits at 9 AM, fruits+salad at 2 PM and two phulkas at 6 PM (fasting from 6 PM-9AM).
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This one suggests that intermittent fasting with higher-quality, nutrient-dense meals that are evenly spaced throughout the day and provide 20-40g of protein may be superior to a heart-healthy caloric restriction diet in terms of body composition outcomes.
- The IF approach used is a modified IF regimen, which allows consumption of 20% to 25% of energy needs on scheduled fasting days (36-60hrs/wk).
For the rest 5 or 6 days of the week, a meal plan with a macronutrient distribution targeting 35% protein, 35% carbohydrate, and 30% fat was delivered.
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Intermittent fasting (IF) diets are worse for your blood sugar and blood pressure, new meta-analysis finds. Image
In yesterday's post I discussed a large-scale study showing that IF diets are no better for fat loss than other diets, given the same macronutrient intakes. Many people are aware of this now, but many people still practice IF diets for their proposed health benefits.
A new meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials finds that intermittent energy restriction diets are actually not healthier than diets with constant energy restriction.
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This meta-analysis suggests that there is no likely difference in the percentage of weight loss that may be brough about by alternate day fasting, the 5:2 diet, or time-restricted eating when compared with caloric energy restriction.
- All three main forms of intermittent fasting (zero calorie alternate day fasting, modified alternate day fasting, the 5:2 diet, and time-restricted eating) are effective weight-loss interventions.
- Findings suggested that they are likely equally effective for reducing body weight.
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You've heard of #IntermittentFasting, but do you know the science? That's where @nutritionorg comes in! The next session features @DrKristaVarady, @LongoOnlus, @SatchinPanda, & @Kelsey_Lifts. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
First alternate day fasting and time restricted eating (TER). #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
There are 3 types of intermittent fasting: alternate day (ADF), 5:2, and TRE. What do clinicians fear about ADF? Binging. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
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Research suggests that intermittent fasting may be more beneficial than other diets for reducing inflamm & improving conditions associated with inflammation, such as:
•Alzheimer's disease
•Multiple sclerosis
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More benefits of intermittent fasting
•reduces blood sugar levels
•lowers risk of heart dz
•fights inflammation in the body.
•promotes longevity
•boosts cognitive performance
•lowers the risk of metabolic dz.
•improves blood pressure
•lowers cholesterol levels
Consider a simple form of #intermittentfasting. Limit the hours of the day when you eat…for best effect, make it earlier in the day between 7 am to 3 pm, or even 10 am to 6 pm.

Avoid snacking or eating right before bedtime.
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This systematic review and meta-analysis suggests that intermittent fasting is associated with successful weight loss and metabolic benefits among adults with obesity.
- IF as a weight loss approach was found to be mostly successful in the initial phase (ie, 1-6 months).
- Modified alternate-day fasting and the 5:2 diet were the only IF types that were associated with statistically significant weight loss of more than 5% in adults with overweight or obesity.
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I've been doing a bunch of @coursera courses, some of them totally random. For the joy of learning, I thought I'll share them here. #Mooc

*Introduction to Ancient Egypt and its Civilisation*…
*Wonders of Ancient Egypt*
also from UPenn. #coursera…
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(1/n) Our #IntermittentFasting paper stimulated some healthy discourse but it seems many are sold on IF and wanted different results. Sorry if the findings are hard to hear; I expected IF to come out better but we must follow the evidence where it leads...…
(2/n) ...this research was a labour of love but is complex and imperfect - there is plenty we could or should have done differently. Sadly, some who advocate or sell IF want to ignore what can be learnt from this study by discrediting the work and even those who conducted it...
(3/n) is list of common criticisms that may have some validity but have also been presented by some in a naive or intellectually lazy manner:
-Not 'real' fasting (i.e. validity?)
-Not overweight (i.e. BMI <25 kg/m2)
-Not 'large' (i.e. n=36)
-Not honest (i.e. funding)
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For all those who argue as nauseum about #lowcarb !! I'm a doctor and I'm not an idiot to tell people to stay off medicines and focus on inner immunity and health. All my life I struggled with a hypocaloric high carb diet. That's why I feel deeply about this whole topic. #health
I was a plump child and was always told to eat less and exercise more. I was always hungry. I grew up to a fat teen with a terrible body image. It drives me up the wall to see people unnecessarily arguing about the so called balanced diet. I tried all gimmicks : Alas
Thank God that I came across #IntermittentFasting and #lowcarb. It's never about #weight. It's about #Health. #weightloss and a #positiveattitude is the by product.
Thank you to all those who have been a part. I'm 3 years menopausal now. And pretty much fit for my age. #fit
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It's my absolute honor to introduce today's speaker at the @StanfordWellMD Physician #Wellness Forum.

Dr. @MaryamSHamidi will be sharing insights on the “Nutritional Strategies to Improve Alertness and Mood”.

#doctorsarehumanstoo #preventburnout
It's important to eat meals early (within 60 minutes of natural waking) and weigh the first meal more than the rest.

#IntermittentFasting has so many benefits including decreasing body fat BUT NOT necessarily weight loss. The latter has to do with caloric intake.

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Intermittent fasting and stress responses and longevity..…
@MikeAlbertMD does your weight loss clinic include and or study intermittent fasting? Curious..
Practical considerations with #IntermittentFasting
1. 3 meals a day and food mkting is a hurdle
2. Initial symptoms like irritability should be expected
3. Physicians not trained to prescribe a regimen( one size might not fit all)
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"There's no evidence for fasting, and its just another fad diet/religion. Just do CICO instead.""

Sigh, fine. You asked for it. Flood gates are open.

Fasting Data thread:

#IntermittentFasting #fasting
In 1973, an obese man fasted 382 days, only taking water, coffee and tea with vitamins and medical supervision.

Noted effects of the Fasting experiment:
-125kg of weight loss
-Symptom free
-No complaints of hunger
-Weight did not come back on…
Growth Hormone (GH) increases to sustain muscle mass during fasting period. As long as you have sufficient fat stores, protein oxidation stays low.

GH also increases fat oxidation, which is perfect for bodyfat loss
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Food used to be my crutch. I can be quoted saying, "I'll never be skinny again cause I like food too much"....

The truth is my body was addicted to the constant exogenous supply of glucose.

I used to have arthritis in my knee, and if I didn't eat, I got severe....
Hunger pangs and hypoglycemia.

A doctor when I was young told me I had insulin resistance and told me the solution was to keep candy in my pocket.... worsening this condition

I counted calories
I ate sugar laden protein bars
I got energy drinks (cause at least they have ...
Metabolism boosters.... or so I thought)
I took diet pills
I ate sugars and treats in moderation
I went to the gym and did copious amounts of cardio (and one time I did get skinny and keep it off for a few years in the military)
But after I regained, I could not get it back off..
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