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Stephen Miller is trending, which reminds me to remind you
ISIS killed far more Muslims than any other group, and it’s not even close.

So perhaps Stephen Miller’s idea to may — just hear me out here — possibly have been as genius as his devotion to white supremacy, given…

… his genetic prowess.
Dipping Al-Baghdadi’s head in pigs’ blood and “parading it around” to send terrorists a message is absolute proof we’re morally superior to ISIS who

Decapitate people and parade their heads around to send a message

Sure, Stephen Miller.
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Recently, a Princeton postdoc posted a thread about a paper he had published with his PI and group in PNAS, which raised serious methodological and ethical concerns. With many others, I tweeted my views of these problems, and did so with strong language.

In doing so, I contributed to a massive Twitter pile-on against this work, which this *junior* research could only have felt directed directly against himself. He has now deleted his Twitter account. I cannot believe that this is a coincidence.
I deeply regret my part in the pile-on. Even if criticism is not aimed at the researchers (and much of it was), massive numbers of often senior researchers directing harsh words at one's research, calling it unethical and comparing it to blatant racism, can only be a traumatic
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#PSA I want to talk about a #cybersecurity vector that I hardly ever see discussed here or much anywhere else and that is #bribery for paid access.

Outside of ransomware groups offering insiders ransom payment cuts to insiders, there is hardly any discussion of this topic.
I have encountered a real world incident where an individual was approached by another individual to perform a malicious action equivalent to corporate espionage.

The figure offered the individual a 6 digit offer in order to perform this action
The action would have allowed a 3rd party to access material and content that eventually would have been sold or used for financial gain.

The 3rd party was a valid company used by many other companies as an integration solution technology primarily cloud, containers, and APIs
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Did you know that you can earn interest on @TeamKujira $aUST bids?

First of all, what's @TeamKujira ?

@TeamKujira is several things, but I'll focus on its liquidation fulfillment system today, and how you can earn interest bidding on liquidation fulfillments.

1/ 🧵
So! Liquidations occur on @anchor_protocol when loans exceed maximum LTV. How are these loan liquidations fulfilled? Before it used to be whales that would snipe in and buy the liquidated $LUNA or $bETH at a high premium. @TeamKujira has an alternative.

2/ 🧵
What @TeamKujira offers is a bidding system, where anyone can make a bid on a liquidation fulfillment, and when your bid satisfies the requirements – TADA! – you just fulfilled a loan liquidation: here's your $LUNA or $bETH!

3/ 🧵
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#PSA “defining histories” are not written in the midst of an ongoing event.
They are typically not written even within the first decade of the aftermath of an event.
(Of course the very notion of a “defining history” is a loaded conceit.)
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@safemoon #SAFEMOONARMY being specifically targeted for dusting attacks...the addresses are being hit hard. If random coins/tokens show up in your wallet DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Nothing is free besides a verified airdrop...they often have hidden permissions enabling theft of your
assets when you approve the spend on whichever dex you choose. They may even make it so it shows its worth thousands of dollars...DO NOT TOUCH IT. Period. Don't send, don't connect to dapps, don't read the messages, just DON'T. #PSA #SAFEMOONFAMILY #SAFEMOONBLOCKCHAIN @CptHodl
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Quick #PSA before people-glancing begins. I just talked to a friend whose mother has started to go a little curly around the edges, which is manifesting less in ongoing memory loss but in irritability, low-grade paranoia, unpleasant exchanges.

"Oh, that one," I said.
Four people around me have dealt with a loved one eventually diagnosed with one form or dementia or another.

Statistically, if we lucky to live to 70, we all will.


Anyway, my experience at a remove indicates the first stage of dementia is, well, "asshole."

Which is fair.
Their brains are betraying them, subtly but with increasing regularity, which makes one short-tempered and the very disease itself creates these symptoms. Not judging the patients at all. Here's hoping being an asshole is giving them some relief.
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The moment we've all been waiting for is here 🙌 India's account aggregator framework is live with a small set of beta users 🎉 This is such a big milestone and will create an orbit shift for the India fintech ecosystem just like what UPI did to payments. 1/n
Account aggregator is an RBI initiative to enable end users to get access to their financial data from any application of their choice. Just like how UPI enabled access to money from 3rd party apps, AA does the same for data. 2/n
So why is it a big deal?

There's a global movement around data to put end users in control of it. India's framework introduces the idea of a "consent manager" which is way ahead of other open banking initiatives. Yes, we are indeed pioneers when it comes to fintech. 3/n
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#PSA: You can report a @gofundme campaign for containing "factually incorrect information." Report form is here:… and link to the campaign that contains factually incorrect information:…

AOC's abuela does not live in that home. 🙄
The Daily Wire has a coordinated network of 13 feeder pages on Facebook, which combined with their 4 main verified Facebook pages has a combined audience of 15,895,329 followers per post.

I have no idea how this doesn't violate TOS but it's not a secret.
DW is also still running a "doorway page" - a black hat SEO tactic that funnels traffic thru an intermediary website back to their main website to manipulate Google search. The URL on this DW feeder FB page is a doorway page that links to all DW articles.…
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#PSA HinduAmericans: Last night, a twitter lynch mob fueled by the anonymous troll Kashmir separatist StandWithKashmir targeted a documentary filmmaker attacking her work.

Why? She spoke at a @HinduAmerican event about water issues. That's it. This will keep happening. (thread)
This Hindu American filmmaker was gaslit after someone had a disagreement over one of her documentaries over something unrelated to HAF. So her HAF presentation was used as some sort of twisted confirmation bias "gotcha" to slam her work. 2/
Said filmmaker correctly stated that her talk was about water, that HAF is a 501(c)3 & speaking at an event hardly implies conformity w/ all positions.

Not enough for the @twitter mob. A tech scholar @UVA went straight for cancellation. Condemn HAF, else, your career is over. 3/
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Füße hochlegen, Eis und Kuchen und Frühjahr genießen.
Mal ne Pause machen und den Restschwurblern in ihrer Bedeutungslosigkeit sumpfen lassen - sich um andere Zweifler und Freunde kümmern mit ihren offenen Fragen. Gibt dieser Tage genügend echte Korruption und Verschwörung. #PSA
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#Automobiles La bataille de la production de la première génération des #batteries électriques Li-ion a été gagnée par les chinois, il n'y a même plus de match... #Renault fait appel aux chinois pour produire à Douai ses batteries... 😭
... c'est assez invraisemblable car il n'y pratiquement aucun brevet chinois sur la conception des batteries Li ions utilisées... uniquement un quasi-monopole mondial bâtit sur les matières premières et l'industrialisation.
J'ai toujours pas compris pourquoi #Renault n'avait pas intégré le consortium subventionné par l'UE de Total-SAFT et #PSA pour la seconde génération de batteries Lithium...🤔
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.@DRDO_India द्वारा विकसित दवा 2-DG अब अस्पतालों में उपलब्ध होगी, जो मरीजों को कोरोना के खिलाफ़ लड़ाई लड़ने में अहम हथियार साबित होगी। आज मैंने रक्षा मंत्री श्री @rajnathsingh जी के साथ इस दवा को लॉन्च किया।

@PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA #Unite2FightCorona
अभी इस दवाई का सप्ताह में 10,000 के आसपास कुल उत्पादन होगा। आज #AIIMS, #AFMS और @DRDO_India के अस्पतालों को यह दवा उपलब्ध करायी गयी है। बाकी राज्यों को अगले चरण में #2DGMedicine दवा उपलब्ध करायी जाएगी।।

@PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA #Unite2FightCorona
#COVID19 के इलाज़ में सहायक #2DGMedicine की लॉन्चिंग के अवसर पर मैंने कहा कि आज का दिन हम सबके लिए सबसे ज़्यादा सुखद दिन है। ये हमारी पहली स्वदेशी दवा है, जो वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण से COVID वायरस के प्रकोप को कम करने की पूरी क्षमता रखती है।@DRDO_India @rajnathsingh @PMOIndia #2DG
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#THREAD - How A Yogi-fied Uttar Pradesh Breathes A Sigh of Relief!

Let's find out how @myogiadityanath's Uttar Pradesh government with its 'Stealth Approach' stepped up their game to meet #Oxygen demands in the nation's most populated state

#YogiAdityanath #UttarPradesh

Oxygen, one of the most critical elements for clinical treatment was managed at a war footing by the #UttarPradesh government

Their focus?

The most important metric LOCATION & MOVEMENT of assets to carry as much #oxygen possible with a focus on OPTIMISATION.

Within 24 hrs, #upgovt activated teams all over #UttarPradesh & sourcing states like Jharkhand, West Bengal & Odisha to intercept trucks carrying #oxygencylinders, deployed an app for download on smartphones & placed it in each truck, w/o disturbing their ongoing route.

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#PSA. There are a lot of people claiming they are running for Congress in red districts or against a specfic elected member.

Buyer beware. Ask questions.

None of us know that's true. This isn't a typical cycle

Until Reapprtionment & Redistricting are complete it's unknown
Take GA & couple of people (iirc) running against Taylor-Greene

GA very easily may get another 1-2 seats so shrinking the district land masses and changing lines

Plus, she is talking of running for the Warnock Senate seat

What happens to the money raised?
It's the same in CA or CO, or as I explained in Ohio where we may lose 1-2 districts.

What happens to the money raised if the person claiming they're running against x candidate gets drawn into a democratic repped district?

Do they spend the money primarying that Dem?
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Ob sich #Laschet für die #Pflegeberufe einsetzt? Es vielleicht gar zur Chefsache macht?

Immerhin war er der Erste, der im Frühjahr 2020 12h-Dienste, Zwangsrekrutierungen und eine Einschränkung des Grundrechts auf körp. Unversehrtheit in der #Pflege ins Spiel brachte. Image
Ich möchte es nur nochmal sagen, bei all dem #MerzVerhindern.

#Laschet dachte im Ernst daran med. Personal und #Pflegefachpersonen auch ohne oder mit nicht ausreichender #PSA arbeiten zu lassen und ggf. in einer Einrichtung einzusperren.
Nur für den Fall, dass man sich wundert, warum es mit dem Vertrauen der #Pflegeberufe in die Politik, gerade auch in der aktuellen Debatte um die #Impfung|en, nicht so weit hergeholt ist.
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#PSA: I’m not personally a fan of Champagne, but please, people - I’m begging you, with tears in my eyes - there is far better & far less expensive bubbly than Cristal or Dom Pérignon.
Australia: Kreglinger, Yarrabank
California: Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs, Roederer Estate, Domaine Carneros by Taittinger
Champagne: Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve, Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee, GH Mumm Brut Grand Cordon
Prosecco: Nino Franco Superiore
Cava: Segura Viudas
You really can’t go wrong with California sparkling wine, which is made in the méthode champenoise, the traditional method of making sparkling wine in Champagne. Roederer Estate from Louis Roederer has been a staple of my wine lists for almost 20 years.
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#PSA The Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale starts (16 - 21st Oct) today noon for Flipkart Plus members (midnight for everyone else). 10% Discount with SBI Cards upto Rs.1750 + addtnl Rs.1250 off on 30k.
Will post some of the good deals on this thread -
The new Google Nest Audio speaker is a Sweet Deal at the introductory price of 7K + 10% SBI discount.
Bose Soundsport earphones for 6.2K is an okay deal. The design & features are dated, but if you're a Bose fan.. it's quite a good buy at this price -
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Oh hello. There is no shame in addiction. We need to stop the Stigma. You matter.. #PSA #addiction #fucktrump
I wrote this a few years ago...…
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Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai. A #Thread

With #Geelani being sidelined, will the newly elected #Hurriyat Chief Sehrai make any difference, those who closely follow him say that he is even more hardliner than Geelani & will drown #Kashmir further into chaos
(1/11) Image
Born in 1944 in Tickipora #Lolab, #Kupwara, his forefathers migrated to this part of #Kashmir before partition hailing from the Khans of #Pakistan. He is a staunch Pro-Pakistan supporter & vehemently advocates Kashmir's annexation to #Pakistan
(2/11) Image
Sehrai did his initial education from #Sogam & B.A from #AMU. Like many other #Kashmiris, he was taught by #Kashmiri #pandit teachers. One of his childhood teachers was Gopi Nath Kaul..
(3/11) Image
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Want a feel for how extensive, entrenched and structured the hatred in America is for our tens of millions of drug users? Take this #ThoughtExperiment with me....

#Stigma #PWUD #PWID #DrugUse #HumanRights #PublicHealth
#HarmReduction #NormalizeHR #SafeSupply #SCS #SIF

IMAGINE for a moment that you woke up tomorrow to the news that the entire retail #alcohol supply in the #US was randomly contaminated with deadly levels of #fentanyl. A one ounce shot could put you into respiratory arrest in 120 seconds, quickly followed by cardiac arrest.

The proper administration of #NARCAN within minutes or #RescueBreathing is your only hope for survival; #911 and #EMS can’t get there that fast.

Now IMAGINE for a moment what the governmental and civil society response would be to this news...

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Thread 1/n
Thank you @mirsuhail for a wonderful cartoon of a tyrant @OmarAbdullah. It was his rule which saw #Kashmir burning in unrest period that killed more than 120 people mostly youth (#tufailmatoo) in their teens, that saw the whole valley under curfews for months together
Thread 2/n
That saw kids and babies craving for milk and other necessary items, that saw patients dying due to lack of medical facilities, that saw phone connectivity being clamp down every now and then, SMS services being totally blocked,
Thread 3/n
Internet services being run on whims of police and politicians , hundreds of youths behind bars because of monstrous #PSA & that saw J&K rising as no 1 state in terms of corruption with various scandals coming to the fore.
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#THREAD #PSA Got word this morning this SF Bay Area Telegram chat was compromised by fascists who flooded it with racist shit. Example pictured below.

An activist source gave me some advice to pass along about what Telegram is useful for and what it isn't.
A link posted in the channel was to a private vetting group where folks have to give the admin two of their social media accounts or contact details for an organizer to vouch for them. That might be legit or not. But if far-right trolls wanted to do a honeypot, that's how.
"If anybody asks you for credentials, it's OK to test their knowledge," source said. "Ask them *open-ended* questions that only an established organizer would know the answer to. Ex: Could you name some organizing spaces in [your location]?" Gage answers accordingly
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