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(1/5): For the first time, Russian businessman Yevgeny #Prigozhin publicly admitted to founding the Wagner Group private military company in 2014.

The @DFRLab has reported extensively on Prigozhin and Wagner. See the thread for just a few. 🧵👇…
In 2021, @DFRLab’s @awildknight wrote about the takedown of an inauthentic network of Facebook assets linked to #Prigozhin meant to amplify pro-Russian content in #Sudan.…
@awildknight Prior to that, @etobuziashvili and @LAndriukaitis reported on Russian online media outlets targeting Lithuania with a disinformation campaign claiming #Prigozhin had been let into the country twice despite sanctions.…
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1/ This is a small thread on the the Sudanese Bar Association's draft constitutional proposal, which leaves no role for the military in politics or the economy. #Sudan
2/ This proposal effectively puts an end to talks of a civilian-led transition, which diplomats were calling to restore since October 25 2021 -- the date of the coup.
3/ Instead, about 9 embassies and other international stakeholders have endorsed the SBA. But credit should not be given to these players nor to the FFC or SBA itself.…
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We need to talk about the next coup in #Sudan.

There are worrying signs that the coup alliance is not holding. While many are preoccupied with the divisions amongst the pro dem forces, not enough attention is given to divisions and competing interests between security actors. +
The 2021 coup was staged by Islamists and military actors to i.a. protect financial interests and allay immediate fears of accountability and SSR, respectively. That alliance was reliant on support from a) Islamists and b) JPA signatories.
The coup saw the return of Islamists +
to the public sector eg electricity + media (some'd never left). Those are the very people striking now. Whatever compact the Islamists had with Burhan may no longer be holding and it's always a possibility that they'd replace Burhan for his failure to consolidate the coup. +
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On #Egypt’s Sisi visit to #Qatar:
This visit signals a start of an era of pragmatism— a post Muslim Brotherhood era 1/
Unlike 2017, the #Muslim #Brotherhood as a group, is severely weakened, and becomes irrelevant to the relations between Qatar and Egypt.
Its fans can mock Sisi’s visit to Doha but their barks mean nothing on the ground 2/
What’s on the agenda in Doha is not just economic relations as Islamists claim, but there are several political topics on the agenda, like #Gaza, #Sudan, and most importantly #Libya 3/
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2⃣0⃣2⃣2⃣ has so far been a turbulent year for #peacemaking and #peacemediation. A 🧵 to capture some trends & themes, drawing on work of colleagues @CrisisGroup
1/#Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine has major repercussions on #peacemaking: undermines basic norms, increases polarization, poses “the gravest threat to international peace and security in decades”, as @CrisisGroup president & CEO @EroComfort wrote…
2/@atwoodr #HoldYourFire podcast captures the global fallout of the war in Ukraine, including on peace talks…
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#Eritrea|s ambassador to #Sudan has been #Eritrea|s ambassador to #Sudan for 20 years and he has been saying the same thing he has been saying for 20 years: enemies, መኸተ, war….

Seminar to nationals in Khartoum – Eritrea Ministry Of Information…
… the ruling party’s decay is not just at the chairman (Isaias) level but also like him, since 1994:

Political director: Yemane Gebreab
Economic director: Hagos Ghebrehiwet
National Security: Abraha Kassa
Cultural Affairs: Zemehret Yohannes
Secretary: Alamin Mohammed Seid
Of the last two named, one is dead and the other is frozen but as in with legendary basketball players who jersey is retired, with #PFDJ, some of the positions are forever retired….
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International food commodity prices are retreating but simply not enough to dent food inflation!
Hundreds of millions of people remain crippled by the toxic combination of tumbling currencies and high food inflation.
See evidence ⬇️🧵
1/15 #Lebanon
2/15 #Zimbabwe
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A complete disaster for the Sudanese tank crew at the army games in Russia. The tank driver got incredibly confused and drove into a field and kept driving, even driving over part of the track to continue into the next field.
#Russia #Sudan
From the start of the lap it was clear that the Sudanese tank driver was going to be interesting to watch, he wasn’t slowing down for any obstacles.
Just before he drove into the field he went off the track by going around a corner too fast and ending up on the grass
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NEW: Our mid-year update on 10 conflicts to worry about in 2022 is out now, featuring analysis of the latest ACLED data and a look at key trends to watch in Ethiopia, Yemen, the Sahel, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Haiti, Colombia, and Myanmar 🧵…
While fighting has decreased in the Tigray region of #Ethiopia, insurgencies in the Oromia, Benshangul/Gumuz, and Gambella regions have continued. Total fatalities remain high despite the overall drop in events, driven by multiple mass killings.
The UN-mediated truce has resulted in an unprecedented drop in overall reported fatalities in #Yemen, with the second quarter of 2022 registering the lowest number since 2015. Still, violence levels remain high in Marib, Sadah, Hajjah, Hodeidah, and Taizz governorates.
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#Russia steals tons of gold worth billions of dollars from #Sudan to finance a war in #Ukraine in the face of Western sanctions; the Sudanese junta helps her in this, in exchange for military support, the Sudanese military authorities cooperate with Russia....
( Thread❗🔻)
2) The Sudanese military authorities cooperate with Russia, which made it possible to export billions of dollars of gold, which deprived the impoverished country's budget of very important resources.
In return, Russia has provided military and political support to the junta
3)Russia actively supported the military coup of 2021 that overthrew the civilian transitional government. We have known for a long time that Russia exploits Sudan's natural resources. To maintain access to these resources,Russia encouraged a military coup said US official🔻
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The Army International Games -ARMI-2022 has started today

The geography of the games is quite extensive. 38 countries are participating, 12 states will host the games at their training grounds.
For the first time, the competitions will be held in #SaudiArabia and #Venezuela

In total, there will be 34 competitions, where more than 5,000 military personnel will compete in field, air and sea training. /2
Kazakhstan’s military will take part in seven competitions. Moreover, three of them will be held on the territory of our country, and four – abroad.
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⛔️ Medien in Italien sprechen v. Ankünften, nie v. tägl. Gewalt in #Libyen gg. Flüchtende. Davon berichten die, die es m. ital. & europ. Unterstützung umsetzen.

8. August: 214 Pers. auf See abgefangen, davon 11♀️ & 4 Kinder. Eingesperrt im DC in Tripolis

via @JigginoRuss
🇱🇾 8. August: Libysche 'Sicherheitskräfte' führen gemeinsam mit der Anti-Einwanderungsbehörde eine große Razzia gegen Geflüchtete, insbes. Frauen u. Kinder, in div. Stadtteilen von #Tripolis durch. Alle werden in Haftzentren gebracht.

via @JigginoRuss
🇱🇾 8. August: 91 Pers. aus dem DC Qanfoudah verlegt: Menschen aus #Ägypten🇪🇬 wurden direkt über den Grenzübergang bei Emsaed abgeschoben, Menschen aus dem #Tschad🇹🇩 & dem #Sudan🇸🇩 für die nächste Abschiebung ins DC Kufra gebracht.

via @JigginoRuss
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#Hemeti the #RSF #Janjaweed leader bought one of Khartoum’s landmarks: As-Souq Al-Afranji or the western market. He effectively closed one of the oldest bookstores in the capital; Meroe bookshop & ordered the owner Ms Ikhlas to vacate the premises.👉🏼
Marawi (Meroe) bookshop was established by a greek man named Iskander Fahmi. The #NCP regime treated #Sudanese from non-Sudanese origin badly & confiscated their property including Mr Fahmi’s family.
Most of the western market was owned by Sudanese Jews, Christians &.. 👉🏼
👈🏼#Sudanese from European origins.
#Hemeti “bought” the prime property. I doubt very much that there was real acquisition deal. He doesn’t buy, he “takes”
The #RSF Janjaweed have no use for knowledge or education. They get ahead by violence, coercion, bribery & gun-toting.
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The first march after the friction between resistance components. I hope it will bring people together.

The usual drill went as expected, bridges closed, etc.

The kickoff at the rendezvous point in Bashdar, Khartoum

#SudanCoup #Sudanese
#KeepEyesOnSudan #Sudan

#SudanCoup forces never miss an opportunity to crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Footage from Sharwani, Khartoum.

#Sudanese #Sudan

Madani, Al-Gezira state

Song & high spirits

#SudanCoup #Sudanese
#KeepEyesOnSudan #Sudan…
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Thread: 31 July 2022: Day 158 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update focuses on the de facto annexation of #Belarus by #Russia: notes the missiles fired from Belarus at #Ukraine, the escalating repression, concludes: "likely indicate that [Lukashenko] has become almost wholly dependent on Russia."
#Russia's "Wagner" unit is encouraging illegal migration across from #Libya to #Italy. This causes immediate chaos for border authorities and then, when it leads to broader social tensions, the Russians will exploit those, too.
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1/My main issue with the CNN investigation on #Sudan is it reduces the October 25 coup to Russian involvement. This is a serious distortion that could negatively impact policy making. Egypt, the UAE, Saudis and Israel had an outsized influence and/or were complicit in the coup.
2/ That does not mean Russia is not a sizable player. But as journos and analysts, we can't impose a simple framing that treats countries as black boxes, whose fates are dictated by a single external player.

#Sudan , and the circumstances that caused the coup, are more complex.
Ultimately, to add, it is competition/fragile cooperation between civilian/armed-groups in #Sudan that has resulted in the coup. External players seek to exploit these divisions and frail alliances to score or exploit Sudan for their own respective reasons.
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Thread: 30 July 2022: Day 157 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: likely that #Ukraine has "repelled small scale Russian assaults" around Donetsk city. "Highly likely" that #Russia has "established two pontoon bridges in Kherson. Russia is tightening control in the occupied zones to prepare for annexation announcement.
Oleksiy Arestovych argues #Russia putting out the video of castrating #Ukrainian soldiers, something known about for a long time, is designed to provoke a reaction, allowing Moscow to argue its a two-sided barbarian war the West must stop with a ceasefire.
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Welcome to the weekend.
Day 157 of #Russia's illegal full-scale war on #Ukraine, but it's 8 and a half years since the start of the invasion when Putin's troops appeared on #Crimea and then later east 🇺🇦

Ukrainians fight on for freedom.
Here's the daily🧵
All the news in 1 place
The condemnation of both the castration/murder videos & bombing of #Ukraine POWs in Russian held territory, continue at high levels.

The UN says it is "shocked by the recent videos" in a statement about the torture and shooting in the head of a prisoner…
The #EU Vice-President @JosepBorrellF, commenting on the killing of around 50 #Ukraine POWs in #Donetsk is "appalled"

#Russia's Wagner mercenaries are accused of bombing the prison camp in #Olenivka, trying to make it look like a Ukraine strike.

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Short 🧵following this quick explainer on the violence engulfing #Sudan 's Blue Nile.

I believe we should be careful from casually applying the term inter-communal violence since the root causes of conflicts in the peripheries is inherently political.…
To elaborate, the coup authorities are adhering to a traditional power structure in Sudan, where the peripheries are militarized to extract resources in order to enrich a new elite class ruling in Khartoum.
Within this framework, communities often battle one another for local political power (often representation in the Native Administrations) in order to lay claim to resources in the land they share.
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Wikileaks Al-Fashir traced the violence in the Blue Nile state to SPLM-N Malik Agar, who charged the native administration’s structure by appointing one of his relatives as chief for all the Blue Nile tribes.

This supreme chief ..👉🏼

#SudanCoup #Sudanese
#KeepEyesOnSudan #Sudan
👈🏼chose a chief for the Hausa & decided the geographical limits of the tribe’s lands as well as a site for an administrative building that didn’t sit well with the Hausa (no explanation)
The new Hausa chief decided to prohibit all Hausa girls from working in the market 👉🏼
👈🏼& other public places after one of the Hausa girls was sexually harassed. He even set checkpoints to intercept the Hausa girls who defy him & go to work, they often get beaten & returned home.
King Adlan of the Blue Nile tribes summoned the chief & asked him to stop 👉🏼
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Where is #BlackLivesMatter while #Russia uses native people for its colonial war by contract enforcement? Why don't you protest in front of the #russian embassy against systemic #racism? Like many people around the world supported Afro-Americans. Solidarity!
2/ @Blklivesmatter could you finally turn your attention to the problem of #racism in #Russia and the bloody exploitation of #indigenous peoples there?
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Retired police officer Abdalla Suleiman - member of the dissolved Empowerment Removal Committee & recently released after 8 months detention - revealed that Mubarak Ardol, director of the #Sudanese mineral resources 👉🏼

#SudanCoup #Sudan
👈🏼company was behind his arrest.
He mentioned that Sawi gold mine in the River Nile state produced 86 kilograms in 2020-2021 which remain unaccounted for.
He said that the mills belong to NCP Holy Quran association (was dissolved by #DERC but resumed activities after #SudanCoup👉🏼 Image
👈🏼 He said that he reviewed the case,visited the area, talked to technicians on site, personally wrote the report & 2 days before #SudanCoup filed a police report against Ardol who also employed 4 of his relatives in the mine.

#Sudanese #Sudan
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The tragedy of #Sudanese & sub-Saharan #African #migrants in #Morocco #Spain border, hasn’t had much coverage- as far as I can tell.

It was well documented by the AMDH -Nador:

This🧵 is dedicated to the dead, missing & survivors!

I’ll start with @pavan_777 excellent report:
“At least 37 deaths were confirmed by the NGO Walking Borders, while Moroccan authorities claimed that 23 died in a “stampede”

#Morocco has been so eager to please the EU at any price.

#Sudanese #Africans…
Association Marocaine des Droit Humaines - Section Nador - has been following up on the victims.
Information & photos are published regularly on their Facebook page:
I’ll compile a list to raise awareness & maybe help identify someone.
#Sudan #SudanCoup
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This feels like more theatrics from the AU, which from the start when Hemedti convinced Faki to demand a seat at the mediation table, has been subtly and not so subtly using its seat to rebalance talks to give added support to military-Islamist forces. This has imperiled the
credibility of the entire process. The fact that only the military and its supporters are truly lamenting the AU's withdrawal demonstrates this point.
No doubt there should be AU representation at the table, but what role exactly? Perhaps as part of a
"technical" track that seems to be emerging, but ultimately another influential political role would likely be looked at suspiciously by pro-democracy forces. Many continue to allege a quid pro quo between Hemedti and Faki, who need each other to advance their personal objectives
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