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• 1913, you required us to have a permit to carry a handgun.
We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.
• 1920, you required us to have a permit to possess any firearm, regardless of where it was stored.
We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.
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My most memorable memory from my time in the Canadian High Arctic was the year the arctic wolf pups were hanging out near the end of the airstrip. Folks at the Eureka station would often go see if they were around and visit them when possible. One evening I went out on my own.
As I approached I thought the pups may have been gone since I didn't see them out and about. But then I noticed the sleeping babysitter wolf off in the distance.
And sure enough, the pups were there. Just laying around on the tundra.
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Feb 5

1 of every 39 #Canadians with #COVID19 has died since March 2020

1 in 56 BC
1 in 74 AB
1 in 75 SK
1 in 36 MB
1 in 43 ON
1 in 27 QC

1 of every 5 Cdns w/ C19 in long-term, personal care & retirement homes has died

There are 14,4457 LTC cases in last 28 days ⬇️

I'm simplifying these threads & will now show sliding window views of last 3 months of cumulative data for whole epidemic (except for province-specific summaries at end).

Rate of change graphs are provided for preceding 28 days to give a better sense of most recent dynamics.
Please note that though it's tempting to speculate about recent trends for long-term/personal care & retirement homes, reporting for this sector is VERY delayed & is almost always incomplete for preceding 3-4 weeks. The period of uncertainty is now highlighted in gray in graphs.
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Jan 29

Weekly summary #COVID19 #Canada

Provinces, high income peer countries w/ pop >20M

All deaths, cases, plus focus on long-term care & retirement homes

2-12: Data, whole epidemic
13-23: Wave 2
24-33: Last 28d, next 28d
34: Methods

Jan 29

1 of every 39 #Canadians with #COVID19 has died since Feb

1 in 56 in BC
1 in 76 in AB
1 in 80 in SK
1 in 36 in MB
1 in 44 in ON
1 in 27 in QC

1 of every 5 Cdns w/ C19 in long-term, personal care & retirement homes has died

There are 17,437 LTC cases in last 28 days

Jan 29

More #Canadians have now died of #COVID19 than died each year during the 1918-1920 "Spanish" flu

COVID-19 is in top 10 largest mortality events in Canadian history.

4,179 Canadians died of COVID-19 in the last 28 days.

Nearly 6,200 may die in the next 28 days.

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Hey #Manitoba I have some news about shipping #OilByRail through #Churchill.
@Arctic_Gateway bought the rail line which the #Omnitrax hucksters rode into the ground. Omnitrax, helmed by #CPC MP Merv Tweed, tried to ram oil shipments through Churchill in 2013.
Scientists around the world raised their voice and said it's a terrible idea. First Nations living on the rail line said no damn way. @wildernews and yours truly spent a year explaining that this was stupid and dangerous.
In 2014 when Omnitrax dumped another train...
...into the Saskatchewan River Delta, the largest freshwater delta in North America, they gave up their idea. The train they dumped into the wetland was luckily only carrying wheat so there was less environmental impact than if it would have been oil. It was 1 of many crashes.
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For each #Province and #Territory in #Canada, here is the help that was offered to those living with #disabilities. This will include the #Federal help offered as well as any hoops #PWDs may have needed to jump through to get it and whether CERB was clawed back or not.
This is based on my own research, and if anyone sees anything I missed or may have gotten wrong please let me know.
Let's start with #Yukon
According to several articles, eligible families on #disability supports we're to get up to $400 to help with costs until August. Unknown what eligibility was.
#CERB was exempt from clawbacks.
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Despite previously announcing it would remain as a "presumptive positive", the case reported on July 2 has been removed from the territory's website.…
Nunavut remains the only region of #Canada without any confirmed #COVID19 cases. This is not to say the territory has been untouched by the disease, as the lockdown restrictions meant to safeguard against the epidemic have undoubtedly been difficult.
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In addition to our nightly #COVID19 #Canada #OpenData, I wanted to highlight the incredible individual-level data released by @TOPublicHealth today.

Check out this thread by @EdTubb for some preliminary insights.

The first case in #Nunavut has come back negative after being tested at an accredited lab in Ontario. However, the case will remain a presumptive positive and thus remain in our dataset.…
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#Toronto is back in today's #COVID19 #Canada data update (remember, the city is only reporting M-W-F as of July 6). Only 57 cases today, which is very low for 2 days worth of data.… ImageImageImage
A few days ago, I wrote a thread outlining why I think Toronto should return to daily reporting for #COVID19 #OpenData.

We also saw 47 new cases from Windsor-Essex, nearly all of which were identified as part of testing close contacts of farm workers who tested positive.…
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: As we #PlankTheCurve, we’re still seeing worrisome transmission events. In addition to vulnerabilities in long-term care homes, we’re tackling spread in certain work settings & congregate housing.
2/5 #Nunavut reported a 1st case of #COVID19 & cases are ↑ in First Nations communities in several provinces. We must #ProtectTheVulnerable & ramp up #TestandTrace to find where chains of transmission are occurring.
3/5 Having learned hard lessons & suffered the heartache of #COVID19 in long-term care homes, we now face introductions/spread in certain work & congregate housing settings. We must act fast to prevent further tragedy. #CrushtheCurve
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