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European Union’s Highest Court Deals A Blow To Science.

By Gretchen Vogel, June 27, 2017.

We KNOW People Of Wealth Have Been Subverting Vaccines For Decades. There Needs To Be Room Made For These Criminals At Guantanamo.…

#QAnon #GreatAwakening @potus
'Where There Is A Lack Of Scientific Consensus, The Proof Of The Defect Of The Vaccine And Of A Causal Link Between The Defect And The Damage Suffered May Be Made Out By Serious, Specific And Consistent Evidence.'

EU Report, June 21, 2017.…

#QAnon @potus
Gates Foundation Kicked Out Of India.

'The Gates Foundation Has For Years Funded ITSU Which Provides Strategy And Monitoring Advice For New Delhi’s Massive Immunization Program That Covers About 27 Million Infants Each Year.'

February 10, 2017.…

Tetanus Vaccines Given To Millions Of Young Women In Kenya Have Been Confirmed By Laboratories To Contain A Sterilization Chemical That Causes Miscarriages. Vaccines Was Pushed By UNICEF And The World Health Organization.

November 8, 2014.…

#QAnon @potus
Vaccines As Weapons - Medical Crimes Against Humanity Committed Under The Guise Of Vaccinations. Globalists Are Genuinely Sick Rodents.

Continued From The Extensive Natural News Article, November 8, 2014.…

#QAnon #Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
"The World Today Has 6.8 Billion People... That's Headed Up To About 9 Billion. Now If We Do A Really Great Job On New Vaccines, Health Care, Reproductive Health Services, We Could Lower That By Perhaps 10 Or 15 Percent." - Bill Gates

Who Was Bill Gates' Father?

#QAnon @potus
The Scariest Aspect Of Globalism Is That In Their Black Heart They Truly Believe They Are Doing The Right Thing For Humanity, Preserving The Earth For Future Generations, Regardless Of Cynical And Evil Methods.

#QAnon #Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
Gates Is Part Of A Covert Medical Cabal. Their Most Effective Tools For Human Depopulation?

Vaccines Spiked With Sterilization Chemical And Genetically Engineered Viruses With High Mortality Rate, Engineered To Target Specific Races And Genetic Profiles.

#QAnon #Vaccine @potus
"Has Anybody Seen 'Contagion'? (Laughter) That's The Answer! Go Out And Use Genetic Engineering To Create A Better Virus. (Laughter) Twenty-Five Percent Of The Population Is Supposed To Go In 'Contagion'." - Dr. Charles Arntzen…

#QAnon #Vaccine @potus
Barry Soetoro Signed An EO Fast-Tracking The Ebola Vaccine. Next Step Would've Been Mandatory Ebola Vaccination In The U.S.

Relieved Hillary Clinton Din't Win?…

#QAnon #Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
The New Vaccine Contains A Synthetic Viral Protein, Which Prompts The Immune System To Better Recognise The Ebola Virus, And Is Much More Stable When Stored Long-Term.…

#QAnon #Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
Barry Soetoro's July 31, 2014, EO Expanded The List Of Communicable Diseases For Which The Federal Government Is Prepared To Institute A Quarantine. List Includes The Widest Set Of Potential Triggers For Suspending American Rights.…

#QAnon #Vaccine @potus
Barry Soetoro's July 31, 2014, Executive Order. 'Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases'.

Don't Cough.…

#QAnon #Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
Anon On 8Chan Suggested That Gates Were Trembling With Fear Now That The Clinton Foundation Is Under Multiple Federal Investigations. GF Already Face Lawsuits In India Due To An Investigation By The Supreme Court Of India.

October 5, 2014.…

#QAnon @potus
New Mexico, The School District With The Highest Percentage Of Students Whose Families Opted Out Of Vaccines, Is One Of The State’s Most Scientifically Literate Communities.

August 19, 2016…

#QAnon #Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
THIS Is Tectonic!

Yesterday, Dr. Martin Gore, A Widely Celebrated Cancer Doctor Credited With 'Saving Thousands Of Lives' Died From 'Total Organ Failure' Just Minutes After Receiving A Vaccine Shot.

January 11, 2019…

#QAnon #Vaccine @potus
The BBC Lied About Dr. Martin Gore's Death Claiming 'Cause Of Death Is Unknown', And Eliminating The Word 'Vaccine' From Its Story Headline.

BBC Using His Death To Promote More Vaccines.

January 11, 2019…

#QAnon #Vaccine @potus
Daily Mail Reported It Truthfully.

Dr. Martin Gore Was Immensely Respected In His Field. In 2015, He Was Given The Royal Marsden's Lifetime Achievement Award, Presented By Prince William.…

#QAnon #Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
A Huge Annual Burden Of Chronic Illness, Injuries, And Deaths Are Linked To Vaccines. The Blame For The Public’s Ignorance Belongs To A Complicit Media That “Pretends That Vaccine-Related Injuries Do Not Occur.'…

#QAnon #Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
Health Authorities In France And Italy Fast-Tracking Involuntary Vaccine Mandates For School-Age Children. Warned Of Wide Range Of Contaminants Found Including Minute Particles Of Lead Or Stainless Steel.

September 7, 2017…

#QAnon #GreatAwakening @potus
European Parliament Is Guilty Of Spreading Misinformation To Push The World Mercury Project, Which Promotes Tight Europe-Wide Coordination Of Vaccination Policies And Go After The So-Called Phenomenon Of 'Vaccine Hesitancy'.

May 7, 2018…

#QAnon @potus
"In The Event That I Am Reincarnated, I Would Like To Return As A Deadly Virus, To Contribute Something To Solving Overpopulation." - Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Husband of Queen Elisabeth II.

August, 1988, Deutsche Press.

These People Are Sick.

#QAnon #Vaccine @potus
Rockefeller Was Heavily Funding And Influencing U.S. Medical Institutions And Created The First Genetics Lab In 1909.

In 1911, Dulles Summed Up Eugenics Saying That By Eliminating “The Weakest Members Of The Population” A Purer Race Could Be Created.…
Data In The FDA's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Suggest That Thousands Or Even Millions Of American Children Have Died Or Suffered Serious, And Oftentimes Permanent, Health Consequences As A Result Of Getting Vaccinated.…

#QAnon @potus
CDC Admits On Its Website That Vaccines Contain Harmful Ingredients. On Their “Ingredients Of Vaccines Fact Sheet,” They Admit Formaldehyde, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), And Thimerosal Are Commonly Found In Vaccines.…

#QAnon Vaccine #GreatAwakening @potus
Thimerosal Is The Infamous Mercury-Containing Preservative In Use, To This Day, In Some Vaccines And Also In Dozens Of Other Pharmaceutical Products Approved By The FDA.

By Robert F. Kennedy, April 30, 2018…

Hat Tip @Land_of_brave

#QAnon #Vaccine @potus
The Pharmaceutical Industry's Own Cabal... 'SimpsonWood'.…

#QAnon #Vaccine @potus
There Are No ‘Normal’ Levels Of Brain Aluminium. Its Presence In Brain Tissue, At Any Level, Could Be Construed As Abnormal.

December 17, 2017…

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism #MetalToxicity @potus

“The Greatest Crisis That America Faces Today Is The Chronic Disease Epidemic In America’s Children.” - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

@ChildDefender @RobertKennedyJr

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism #GreatAwakening @potus
Who Is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

Kennedy Heads The Organization 'Childrens Health Defence', And Is The Chairman Of The Board. Extraordinary Work Of Utmost Importance, Not Covered By The Main Stream Media.

@ChildDefender @RobertKennedyJr

#QAnon @potus
Then President-Elect Donald J. Trump Reportedly Asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. To Head Up A New Commission On Vaccine Safety And Scientific Integrity.

January 11, 2017…

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism @potus
Nine Days Before His Inauguration, Donald J. Trump Held His First Press Conference Since The Election And Announced That The Pharmaceutical Industry Was 'Getting Away With Murder'.

January 24, 2017…

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism #GreatAwakening @potus
'AUTISM - The Name Given To Vaccine Injury And Heavy Metal Poisoning. Genetic Disorders DO Not Become Epidemics In Just 3 Decades!'

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism #NaturalNews GreatAwakening @potus
Donald J. Trump Has Mentioned The Connection Between Vaccines And Autism On Numerous Occasions.…

Hat Tip @SouthernGirlo7

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism #GreatAwakening @potus
Donald J. Trump Is Truly Passionate In Pursuing The Pharmaceutical Criminals, Prosecute Them, And Lock Them Up For Their Crimes Against Humanity.…

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism #GreatAwakening @potus
The CDC Gets Away With Crimes Against Humanity, Shielded By Corrupt Representatives, Corrupt Administrations, And Receiving Kickbacks In Exchange For Silence.

Tennessee Sen. Mark Green Calls Out The CDC.

December 20, 2018…

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism @potus
Remember Timothy Cunningham?

Cunningham Was A Brilliant CDC Epidemiologist Who Worked On Teams That Responded To The Ebola And Zika Crises.

Cunningham Went Missing February 12, 2018.

#QAnon #Vaccine #VaccineDeepState @potus
Timothy Cunningham's Body Was Found Partially Submerged In The Chattahoochee River In NorthWest Atlanta. The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office Identified The Body.

April 5, 2018…

#QAnon #Vaccine #VaccineDeepState @potus
Dr. Jan Gorniak, The Chief Medical Examiner Of Fulton County, Told USA TODAY That Cunningham's Death Was Ruled A Suicide By Drowning Based On Their Investigation.

May 22, 2018…

#QAnon #Vaccine #VaccineDeepState @potus
Timothy Cunningham's Parents Question Wether He Could Have Been Given Some Type Of DRUG That Changed His Behaviour In The Days Before His Disappearance. All Belongings Found At Atlanta Home, Wallet, Cellphone, SUV And Dog.…

#QAnon #VaccineDeepState @potus
Back To Aluminium And Autism. Scientists Have Known That Aluminium Is Neurotoxic And May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease In Adults Since At Least 1988. Yet, Pharma Tell Us Injecting Children With Aluminium Is Completely Safe.…

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism @potus
Studies Show When Aluminium Injected By Way Of Vaccine It's Taken Up By White Blood Cells And Transported To The Brain. This Can Cause Inflammation, Provoke Immune System Response, Damage And Possibly Impair Development.…

#QAnon #Vaccine #Autism @potus
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