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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
#Israel repressing, neglecting rights of #Palestinian prisoners: #Palestinian foreign ministry
By @A7_Mirza
#Palestine #Israel
#Palestinian Resistance groups fired 5 rockets at the #Israeli positions in Ashdod and Ashkelon.

Due to the rocket attacks, Benjamin #Netanyahu’s speech in Ashdod city was interrupted and he fled to a safe place.
@A7_Mirza By @southfronteng
Philip M. Giraldi: "Trump Foreign Policy as Theater of the Absurd"
@A7_Mirza @southfronteng By @southfronteng
War Report: #Hezbollah Shoots Down #Israeli Drone Over #Lebanon (📹)
@A7_Mirza @southfronteng The Washington Post: "#Hezbollah leader warns against new #USA mediator with #Israel"
@A7_Mirza @southfronteng Associated Press: "#Hezbollah leader warns against new #USA mediator with #Israel"
@A7_Mirza @southfronteng "#Syria strongly condemned the declaration of the #Zionist entity’s prime minister on his intention to annex #Palestinian territories in the occupied West Bank to the Zionist entity..."
"..affirming that this comes in the context of the expansionist nature of the occupation’s entity (#Israel apartheid regime) & in a new step in the aggression against the rights of the #Palestinian people & the attempts to liquidate the #Palestinian cause"
#Netanyahu Vows to Annex Jordan Valley If Re-Elected
PA warns annexation would have major international consequences
By @southfronteng
Map Update: #Israeli Strikes On Gaza Strip In Response To Recent Missile Launches
@southfronteng By @southfronteng
#Netanyahu’s Grand Pre-Election Promises: Annex Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea
@southfronteng @Netanyahu’s annexation plan would violate international law: .@UN chief
@southfronteng @netanyahu @UN #Israel the great friend of #America🙄👇🏼
#Israel has been spying on Donald Trump for the past two years, an @FBI investigation has found out.
@southfronteng @netanyahu @UN @FBI By twitter.com/ejmalrai
To the #Americans friend of #Israel, an interesting read:

Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House
@southfronteng @netanyahu @UN @FBI "#Israeli occupation forces attacked and bulldozed large areas of #Palestinian agricultural land in the occupied West Bank at dawn today."
@southfronteng @netanyahu @UN @FBI #Israel is set to approve a new settlement in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank, retroactively “legalising” an unauthorised settler outpost."
@southfronteng @netanyahu @UN @FBI "Just a few days after #Israeli occupation forces expelled a #Palestinian family from land in the southern occupied West Bank, an unauthorised settler outpost was established there"
@southfronteng @netanyahu @UN @FBI #Israel’s prime minister’s statement that he plans to annex the Jordan Valley is a serious violation of the law.
-#UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric-
#Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge to annex Jordan Valley would escalate tensions in the region, #Russian Foreign Ministry warned on Wednesday"
“As reaffirmed in numerous Foreign Affairs Council conclusions, the #EU will not recognize any changes to the pre-1967 borders including with regard to #Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties,” an EU spokesperson said."
"#Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming under fire again for anti-Arab comments made by his campaign, this time for a message on his official Facebook page telling voters “Arabs want to annihilate us all – women, children and men.”
"The leaders of #British trade unions passed a motion calling for an extensive boycott of #Israel. Motion called ‘Palestine: supporting rights to self-determination, & accused the #USA and #Israel of “destroying prospects for peace”.
"Since the 1948 Nakba when #Israel was created in the historic land of #Palestine, which resulted in the ethnic cleansing of more than 700,000 #Palestinians from their homeland..." 1/2
"...successive #Israeli Govts have continued to propose political & demographic plans for the displacement of more #Palestinians from the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and from within #Israel itself." 2/2
"The #Israeli occupation forces on Thursday morning uprooted dozens of olive trees & demolished water wells in Umm al-Kobaish area, E of Tammun town, south of Tubas. #Israeli troops uprooted 300 olive trees & destroyed 5 wells used to gather water."
"The #Israeli occupation forces at dawn Thursday kidnaped at least 11 #Palestinian citizens from their homes in the West Bank."
“We are talking about a rich area where #Palestinian farmers—where🇵🇸 — cannot access for leisure, for livelihood, for home,” says @4noura of 🇮🇱PM Netanyahu's vow to annex nearly a third of the occupied West Bank. “There is already de facto annexation.”
@4noura "55 #Palestinians suffered different injuries on Friday when the #Israeli occupation forces heavily opened fire at the peaceful protesters taking part in the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip."
@4noura "The #Israeli occupation authorities on Thursday ordered the confiscation of #Palestinian-owned lands in Nablus district to expand Yitzhar settlement."
@4noura "The #Israeli occupation forces at dawn Friday kidnapped 3 Palestinian young men from their family houses in West Bank raids. On Thursday night the IOF broke into a mosque in al-Isawiya town in Jerusalem amid heavy firing of tear gas."
@4noura How #Israel Steals #Palestine’s Offshore Oil and Gas Revenues. Outright Theft. Billions of Dollars Stolen shar.es/aXZ0PV
@4noura By @southfronteng
Map Update: #Israel’s Territorial Expansion
@4noura @southfronteng Via @SDGMasterglass
#Netanyahu's West Bank Annexation Move Illegal, #European States Say

Five major #European powers said annexing the #Jordan Valley, northern Dead Sea would be in "serious breach of international law" #BDS #ICC4Israel
@4noura @southfronteng @SDGMasterglass "5 leading #European powers issued a joint statement last Thursday condemning #Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge to impose #Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley, saying it would be “a serious violation of international law.”
#France🇫🇷, #Germany🇩🇪, #Italy🇮🇹, #Spain🇪🇸 & the #UnitedKingdom🇬🇧 are deeply concerned about the announcement of a possible annexation of areas in the #WestBank, particularly the #JordanValley & the northern shore of the Dead Sea.”
"The #Israeli occupation forces (#IOF) at dawn Saturday kidnaped at least 1 #Palestinian citizen & summoned a lawmaker for interrogation during campaigns in the West Bank. The #IOF kidnaped 16-year-old Mohamed Hijazi from his home in Bethlehem city."
Via @swilkinsonbc
#Israel defines #Palestinians as "illegal aliens" if they leave Gaza for other Palestinian cities: it doesn't just violate Oslo's Accords, it violates rights.
@swilkinsonbc Via @swilkinsonbc
Annexation? #Israelis are a minority in what they claim to be their land, and their "supremacy" can only be maintained via apartheid #Palestine
@swilkinsonbc "The #Israeli occupation has arrested 120,000 #Palestinians since the announcement of the Oslo Accords between the #PLO and #Israel in September 1993, Abdel-Nasser Ferwaneh, a specialist in prisoners’ issues, revealed on Friday."
@swilkinsonbc It's not just the taxes of the Americans,it's also the lives of the Americans that #Israeli regime now wants to negotiate. Who will have the obligation to protect Israel, even more,is the USA. Wait, who had an obligation to do that is not the Israelites🤔?
@swilkinsonbc By @democracynow
Noura Erakat: #Netanyahu’s Proposed West Bank Annexation Is Logical End to #Israel’s #Apartheid Policy
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow Israeli politician posts alleged map of Trump's 'deal of the century' aml.ink/QdSNz
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow “This statement of war in #Gaza🇵🇸 and this aggression for the last few days...although he is trying to get votes here and there, it is very possible the #Netanyahu era is behind us!”
-#Palestinian Amb. to the UN Riyad H. Mansour-
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow "A horde of #Jewish settlers, from the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba, savagely attacked, in the presence of #Israeli soldiers, #Palestinian homes in al-Hariqa neighborhood of al-Khalil city, with stones & smashed their windows."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow "A horde of #Jewish settlers on Saturday embarked on bulldozing a tract of land behind the separation wall in Abu Dis town, SE of Occupied #Jerusalem in order to set up an outpost."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow "Every Israeli who cares about what"Israeli"really means, who cares about preventing a dark, illiberal future,who cares about the rule of law, who doesn’t want to pave the way for unavoidable, endless conflict –it’s time to descend on the polling stations"
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow #Israel approves settlement in #WestBank in what looks like a desperate attempt by #Netanyahu to boost his waning support ahead of upcoming vote
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow #Netanyahu’s #WestBank annexation plan is vile attempt to win votes at expense of peace – Turkey
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow #Netanyahu vows to begin annexing “all West Bank settlements” after elections
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow '#Israel could not articulate this latest position...if it wasn’t for the radical deviation of the #Trump Administration!'

-#Palestinian🇵🇸 Amb. to the #UN Riyad H. Mansour on #Netanyahu's plan to annex parts of the West Bank
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow By @southfronteng
Preparations For War? #Israel Closed Airspace On Border With #Lebanon Following #Trump Threats To Strike #Iran
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng #Trump and #Netanyahu: ‘Mutual Defense’ or Just Mutual Political Back-Scratching?
by Thomas Knapp
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng "PM Mohammad Shtayyeh said on Monday that the #JordanValley & northern #DeadSea are “indivisible parts” of #Palestinian lands... The 1,622km2 of the #JordanValley makes up 28 per cent of the whole area of the occupied #WestBank."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng "#Israeli settlers yesterday attacked a number of #Palestinian homes in Einabous village. The Scores of settlers from the illegal Yitzhar settlement were provided heavy military protection as they attacked a #Palestinian neighbourhood in Einabous."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng "The long-awaited #Israeli elections, which began today, has got off to a rough start when #police closed a voting station in the #Arab town of Umm Al-Fahm this morning."

#Israel Election: Police close voting station in #Arab town middleeastmonitor.com/20190917-israe…
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng 👏🏼👌🏼💯
#Israeli PM Benjamin #Netanyahu lashed out at Facebook on Tuesday after the social network blocked a “chatbot” from his right-wing Likud party’s account for violating election day rules."

Facebook briefly blocks Netanyahu chatbot on election day middleeastmonitor.com/20190917-faceb…
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng "According to the exit polls show Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc will earn 54-57 Knesset seats. However, Kahol Lavan, led by ex-General Benny Gantz, is likely to be the largest party. Neither party appear to have won enough for a 61-seat majority."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng #Israeli election season exposes what #Israeli #apartheid looks like. Millions of #Palestinians who live under #Israeli occupation cannot vote for the government that rules them.
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng "The difference between #Bibi [#Netanyahu] and #Benny [#Gantz] is not much of a difference between Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola".

Palestinian PM Mohammad Shtayyeh on #Israeli elections
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng Via @swilkinsonbc
Exit polls in #Israel predict that Benjamin #Netanyahu, who has been making illegal radio interviews during election day, has #lost the #election
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng Via @swilkinsonbc
After decades of illegal occupation, the #Palestinian ppl's freedom is shrinking every day — but even if #Netanyahu loses, little will change
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng Exit Polls Show 'Dramatic Deadlock' In Israel: Netanyahu Could Finally Go Down | Zero Hedge zerohedge.com/political/exit…
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng #Apartheid Made Official: Deal of the Century Is a Ploy and Annexation Is the New Reality
by Ramzy Baroud
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng "Our guests analyze #Israeli political paralysis, the power of the right, and what having the #Arab coalition be the largest opposition party might mean"
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng "Amnesty International yesterday renewed its call for “international justice” for #Palestinian victims of #Israeli occupation forces after a woman was shot and killed at a checkpoint."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng 🤬📢@eu_comission where are you?
"The #European Union (EU) yesterday condemned the #Israeli government’s decision to establish a new settlement in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank."
but no action taken😡
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission "#Israeli police have reneged on an agreement made with local residents and leaders in Issawiya, occupied East #Jerusalem, resuming aggressive raids in recent days."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission "The #Israeli occupation army this morning cut off the water supply to the #Palestinian village of Bardala in the N Jordan Valley, reports The #Palestinian Information Center."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission "#Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) cut off dozens of #Palestinian olive trees in Bruqin village to the west of Salfit on Wednesday."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission "The #Israeli occupation forces bulldozed a vast tract of agricultural land in the West Bank village of Hajjah village. IOF bulldozers razed 145 dunums of agricultural land in order to expand the industrial zone of Karnei Shomron settlement."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission "The #Israeli occupation forces kidnaped many #Palestinian citizens & assaulted others during campaigns in the WestBank & Jerusalem.19 Palestinians were taken prisoners during IOF campaigns in the WestBank,5 others were detained by the police in Jerusalem
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission Via @swilkinsonbc
#Israel's elections have demonstrated once again that #israelis only want and embrace leaders with reputations for colonial violence and war
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission Via @swilkinsonbc
#Israelis slash #Palestinian car tyres, smash windows & attack the homes of citizens with stones & missiles in Einabus village, south of Nablus
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission#Trump has had a closer relationship w/ #Israeli leaders than any president in #American history. I think he genuinely doesn’t care that the #Israelis spy on the #US. I think he doesn’t see the harm in this & doesn't feel threatened by it"
-John Kiriakou-
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission By @SputnikInt
OPINION: Despite election divisions, #Israeli parties share anti-#Palestinian ideas - historian
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "#Israeli occupation forces heavily opened fire at the peaceful demonstrators taking part in the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip. 74 Palestinians, including 2 medics, suffered injuries by #Israeli gunfire & tear gas canisters"
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt #Israeli occupation forces on Friday attacked the anti-settlement weekly demonstration of Kafr Qaddum town east of Qalqilya injuring scores of #Palestinian citizens."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "Dozens of #Israeli settlers, escorted by armed forces, on Friday morning stormed a #Palestinian archaeological area in Beit Ummar town north of al-Khalil City."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "The #Israeli occupation navy on Friday morning opened fire at #Palestinian fishing boats sailing off Gaza shore."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt Watch | #Palestinian journalist Abdul-Rahman Kahlout was shot and injured in the leg by #Israeli soldiers while covering the #GreatReturnMarch protests at #Gaza border, today.
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt Extremist #Jewish settlers assault several #Palestinian-owned vehicles near the village of Burqa, east of Ramallah in the West Bank, and partially damage some of them, today.
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt 🤬#Israel🇮🇱 #Apartheid regime & #WarCriminal🤬👇🏼

"More than 75 #Palestinians have been injured as the #Israeli occupation forces attacked anti-occupation protests near the fence between the besieged #Gaza Strip and the occupied territories."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "#Palestinian journalist Ahmed Shawer, a correspondent of #Palestine TV, & #Palestinian photojournalist Abdul-Rahman Al-Kahlout, were wounded by #Israeli occupation forces as they opened fire at peaceful protests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "#Archbishop Atallah Hanna, of the Sebastian Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in #Jerusalem, slammed on Friday the extrajudicial executions of #Palestinians by #Israeli occupation soldiers."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt #Amnestyinternational is urging #UN member states to use the next Human Rights Council session on #Palestine to demand the release of a database of companies operating in the illegal #Israeli #settlements."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "One #Palestinian citizen suffered a head injury and three cars sustained damage on Friday when a horde of #extremist #Jewish settlers attacked local farmers in the occupied #WestBank."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "The #Israeli occupation forces at dawn Saturday kidnaped 3 Palestinian citizens at #WestBank checkpoints:
- Mu’men Zaboun, 22
- Omar al-Ammareen, 20
- Salem Shadeed, a student at al-Quds University
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "The #Israeli occupation police on Saturday kidnaped a #Palestinian child from a street in the east #Jerusalem district of #Issawiya. Police officers rounded up 16-year-old Mohamed Abul-Hems as he was walking home from school in Issawiya."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "The #Israeli occupation authority prevented last week 28 #Palestinian passengers from traveling through Allenby (King Hussein) border crossing with #Jordan."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt "#Jewish temple mount groups have incited their followers  to march en masse to the Aqsa Mosque to celebrate festive events. Senior temple mount rabbis & leaders, who advocate the destruction of the #AqsaMosque, will lead a mass settler break-in."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt That's how the parents of 14-year-old Naseem Abu Roumi said goodbye to their slain son before he was led to rest.

Abu Rumi was killed by #IOF near al-Aqsa Mosque in August 2019, and his body was given to his family today.
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt “Imagine a leader of a #European country standing in the capital...with a megaphone like #Netanyahu did...and saying the #Jews are coming out to vote in large numbers!”

@yaakovkatz slams Netanyahu for whipping up fear over Arab voters
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz By @southfronteng
#Netanyahu's Fight For Parliamentary Immunity: Loses 31 to 33 Seats Against Rival Benny Gantz In Elections
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "For most #Israelis, the general election on Tuesday was about one thing & one thing only. Not the economy, nor the occupation, nor even corruption scandals. It was about Benjamin Netanyahu..."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "Scores of #Palestinian citizens on Saturday night suffered injuries after the #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Azzun town in Qalqilya and attacked local residents."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "At least 16 #Palestinian citizens suffered injuries on Saturday evening when the #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) assaulted local residents in al-Eizariya town, east of Jerusalem."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) last night and at dawn Sunday kidnaped 5 #Palestinian citizens in the West Bank (4) and Jerusalem (1)."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "#Israeli bulldozers escorted by municipal employees & police stormed al-Sahel al-Gharbi area of Qalansuwa & later embarked on razing the house of the family of Abu Arrar.The #Israeli authorities had already demolished 2 homes belonging to the same family"
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "Dozens of #Jewish settlers on Sunday morning carried out renewed break-ins at the #Aqsa #Mosque under police protection. Local sources said that 81 #settlers & 7 religious students entered the Mosque through al-Maghariba Gate & toured its courtyards."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "#Jewish settlers from the illegal settlement of Adei Ad bulldozed a vast tract of #Palestinian-owned agricultural land in Turmus Ayya town, N of Ramallah in the occupied #WestBank (6 dunums of agricultural land belonging to the family of Abu Kafya)"
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "For most #Israelis, the general election on Tuesday was about one thing and one thing only. Not the economy, nor the occupation, nor even corruption scandals. It was about Benjamin #Netanyahu..."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz Arab alliance endorses Gantz for PM, Lieberman won't back anyone haaretz.com/israel-news/el…
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "While we celebrate the possible end of #Netanyahu’s rule, ... Millions of #Palestinians living under #Israel’s boot are not going anywhere, & it’s our responsibility to put an end to that reality."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "Labour leader #JeremyCorbyn accused #Israel of carrying out a #genocide of the #Palestinian people in a far left document which also appeared to back armed resistance to the #Jewish state.
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "Take a serial killer out of the psychiatric ward, hand him a machine-gun and wait to see what happens.  That is the prospect ahead of the #MiddleEast as long as the #Zionist state remains a killer at large."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "2 #Palestinian #paramedics on Sunday evening suffered injuries after #Israel occupation forces targeted them as they were doing their job during skirmishes between local youths &  w/ the #Israeli occupation forces in Eizariya town in Occupied Jerusalem."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "#Israeli occupation forces on Monday morning attacked #Palestinian farmers and fishermen in the Gaza Strip with no reported casualties."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Monday kidnaped dozens of #Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and Jerusalem."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "The #Israel Electric Corporation declared yesterday that it would be cutting power to parts of the occupied #WestBank, citing “outstanding payments amounting to nearly $483 million”, reported AFP."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz "Some 25,000 inhabited flats in the #Gaza Strip are in need of urgent reconstruction while a further 60,000 need renovation works to meet the minimum standards for residential buildings, the Ministry of Housing said yesterday."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz @RT_com #Erdogan brings a map showing #Israel taking over #Palestine land in a #Bibi moment at #UNGA, says #Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ will result in ‘bloodshed’
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz @RT_com There are 2 diametrically opposed approaches to viewing Israeli elections — one...Israel being a perpetrator of the destruction of Palestine for over 7 decades, & one that focuses on gossip, which asks which war criminals will be prime minister"
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz @RT_com "A Gantz-led government will possess the needed political legitimacy, popular mandate & strategic tools to achieve what #Netanyahu couldn’t: a war on #Gaza, and annexation of the West Bank."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz @RT_com "#Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Tuesday kidnapped 19 #Palestinians after raiding their homes in different areas in the West Bank. Local sources said that 19 Palestinian citizens were arrested in the districts of al-Khalil, Bethlehem & Qalqilya."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz @RT_com "The #Israeli occupation authorities have announced that the #Gaza Strip & West Bank crossings will be closed for several days starting Sunday, 29 September, over #Jewish holidays."
@swilkinsonbc @democracynow @southfronteng @eu_comission @SputnikInt @yaakovkatz @RT_com "The #Israeli occupation army carried out limited incursions into the N & central areas of the Gaza Strip. Eight #Israeli bulldozers rolled a few hundred meters into the E area of Deir al-Balah City, in the central Gaza Strip, & razed Palestinian lands."
"Meanwhile in the northern Gaza Strip, two military bulldozers moved into #Palestinian farmlands east of Beit Hanoun town and leveled them."
"About 1,200 #Israeli settlers at dawn Tuesday broke into Joseph's Tomb, east of Nablus City, in the presence of an #Israeli minister & a number of rabbis."
"..in 2017, US intelligence agencies discovered several cell phone interception devices near the #WhiteHouse. They concluded that #Israel had most likely installed these “StingRay”spying devices,in an attempt to listen in on President #Trump’s phone calls"
#A legal rights centre has told a #UnitedNations committee that #Israel has failed to comply with its 2012 recommendations to reverse #racially discriminatory practices."
"An #Israeli court yesterday upheld a travel ban for #Palestinian footballers from the occupied #Gaza Strip, accepting the position of military and security officials who made the original decision."
"The #British Labour Party yesterday voted in favour of a motion which could see #Britain cease trade with #Israel if it doesn’t comply with international human rights laws."
By @southfronteng
Philip Giraldi: "Fighting Back Against the #Israel Lobby"
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