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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
Will Bibi’s War Become America’s War?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Netanyahu Urges International Community to Act to Protect #Israel
After attacking several countries, #Netanyahu warns of mounting tensions
Report: #Palestinian Minors ‘Face Physical, Verbal Abuse’ in #Israeli Jails
Advisor: #Israel to Receive Crippling Response for Attacking #Arab Neighbors
#Hezbollah Warns #Israel of ‘Surprise’ Retaliatory Blow After Drone Incursion
By @telesurenglish
A #Palestinian refugee and student set to start his first academic year this fall at #HarvardUniversity was denied entry into the #UnitedStates at Logan International Airport in Boston on Aug. 23.
@telesurenglish #Israeli forces shoot #Palestinian protesters in #Gaza in the leg, and that is a wicked calculated attempt! Watch to discover why!
@telesurenglish Reuters: "#Israeli military says current hostilities with #Hezbollah apparently over"
@telesurenglish Reuters: "#Nasrallah: flare-up with #Israel launched 'new phase', no red lines"
@telesurenglish Reuters: "#Hezbollah: flare-up with #Israel over but a 'new phase' has started"
By @southfronteng

#Iran: #Israeli Actions Against #Lebanon Threaten Global Security
@southfronteng #Netanyahu promises to extend "Jewish sovereignty" to the illegal colonies in the West Bank is.gd/aH8DVo #Israel #Palestine
@southfronteng Via @timand2037
Remarkable! RT Arabic reporter walks through & shows abandoned #zionist military base at #Avivim , occupied #Palestine , just south of #Lebanon . Zionist regime admits the base was abandoned after #Hezbollah attack, "due to threats".
Via @timand2037
Zionist regime admits the base was abandoned.
@timand2037 International lawyer and peace activist #BarryGrossman says #Hezbollah’s retaliation was an appropriate response to illegal acts of military aggression by #Israel.
@timand2037 Nasrallah: #Hezbollah broke ‘biggest red line’ for #Israel by targeting it across border
@timand2037 #Hezbollah proved capability to hit targets deep inside #Israel, Israeli TV admits
@timand2037 By @telesurenglish
#Hezbollah successfully fired two missiles at an #Israeli military base, #Israeli troops fled in panic and have abandoned the post.
#Israel #Lebanon
@timand2037 @telesurenglish By @Almasirah_Eng
Sayyed Nasrallah: September 1, 2019… Save the Date, No More #Israeli Red Lines
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng #Hezbollah Says #Israel Clash Finished, Would Respond to New Attacks.
#Nasrallah says future attacks will be deeper into #Israel.
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng #Israel's Wolf Armoured Personnel Carrier (Infographics)
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng
Mighty #Israeli Army Abandoned Military Facility, Equipment After #Hezbollah ATGM Strike
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng #Tehran Says Region Indebted to Resistance Axis for Containing Tel Aviv’s Expansionism
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng #Israeli soldiers confronted with unarmed civilians vs #Israelis soldiers confronted with actual threats
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng "#Israeli columnist Gideon Levy confronts the journalists, the depth of racism in #Israeli society, and asks which is the murderous society"
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng 🤬📢#Netanyahu to Extend #Jewish Sovereignty to All West Bank Settlements.
Says God wants settlements as part of State of #Israel🙄.
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng Via @BitarReal
#Netanyahu raids& arrests 1000s #Palestinians killed 1,462 #Palestinians including 551 children
Destroyed #Gaza’s infrastructure/homes w over 6,000 air strikes in 50 days
He then slams @HBO series about murder of #Palestinian as #AntiSemitic
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN MSF: Over 1,000 patients in #Gaza suffering from ‘severe infections’ from gunshot wounds sustained in Great March of Return
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN 🤬🇺🇸MF🗯️🗯️🗯️🗯️
By @southfronteng
#USA State Secretary Threatens #Lebanon With Possible #Israeli Strikes On #Hezbollah's 'Missile Factory'
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN #Israeli apartheid regime forces shot dead 2 #Palestinian teenagers including a 14-year-old boy during protests along the Gaza-Israel border on Friday
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN 👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼💯 Congratulations Palestine💯👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼
#Sheffield City Council unanimously passed a motion to formally recognise the sovereign state of #Palestine
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "#AmnestyInternational is calling out the discriminatory regulations taken out on #Palestinian members of #Israel’s parliament,the Knesset,for undermining“their ability to represent & defend the rights of the Israeli Arabic minority population in #Israel.”
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "According to statistics from the #Palestinian Prisoners’ Centre for Studies, #Israeli #apartheid forces arrested 450 #Palestinians in August including 69 children. In addition 13 women & 2 photojournalists,& a disabled man were also arrested last month."
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "2 Palestinians were killed and dozens were injured on Friday when #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) heavily opened fire at the peaceful demonstrators taking part in the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip."
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Friday afternoon shot and injured a number of #Palestinian citizens in the weekly demonstration of Kafr Qaddum village in the West Bank district of Qalqilya."
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Friday morning raided #Kobar village, NW of Ramallah City, & clashed with residents. Violent clashes broke out between dozens of #Palestinian youths & the IOF who stormed Kobar village in the early morning hours."
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "The #Israeli occupation forces on Thursday evening violently attacked a #Palestinian protest in Bab al-Amud area in Jerusalem against the killing of women.The Israeli forces physically assaulted the peaceful protesters & forced them to evacuate the area."
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Thursday kidnaped 8 #Palestinian citizens after ransacking their homes in the West Bank & Jerusalem."
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "Hordes of #extremist #Jewish settlers on Wednesday evening attacked #Palestinian citizens and their property in Madama and Burin town, south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank."
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "Dozens of #Palestinian citizens suffered from their exposure to tear gas in #Madama village, south of Nablus, during clashes with #Israeli soldiers and settlers."
@timand2037 @telesurenglish @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng @BitarReal @HBO @UN "The #Israeli occupation authorities on Wednesday ordered the confiscation of #Palestinian-owned lands in the West Bank district of Bethlehem. Israel has issued three orders to seize privately-owned lands in Beit Jala, Tuqu' and 'Arab al-Rashayida towns."
#Breaking| Israeli artillery bombs location in eastern Beit Hanoun in northern #Gaza strip. #Palestine
#Breaking| Israeli media: Five missiles fired from #Gaza at surrounding settlements. #Palestine
Via @QudsNen
The European Court of First Instance in #Luxembourg has removed #Hamas and its military wing, the Qassam Brigades, from terrorist lists. #Palestine
@QudsNen #Watch| "#Zionism using the Bible to prove that Jewish people have a right to colonize #Palestine is absurd.
"Israelis all came from somewhere else. Palestinians come from Palestine," said Israeli-American activist Miko Peled.
@QudsNen Via @SamidounPP
“The #UK government is demonstrating a total disregard for #Palestinian lives and for the memory of all those murdered by the #Israeli state, including my own precious father and brother who I lost in front of my eyes as a child.”
@QudsNen @SamidounPP Via @Jackiew80333500
The protest dispersed. Then an Israeli sniper shot a 9-year-old Palestinian boy in the head
@QudsNen @SamidounPP @Jackiew80333500 "The #Israeli occupation army launched overnight aerial & artillery attacks on different targets in the #Gaza Strip, with no reported casualties."
"The #Hamas Movement has appreciated the verdict of a #European court in Luxembourg to cancel previous decisions designating it and its armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades, as terror entities."
“More than 2 million people live under unjust siege that has led to many humanitarian & social tragedies in the Strip, which has become the largest prison in the world.”
-Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of the #Palestinian Orthodox Church-
“We receive daily PhoneCalls & messages from our people there describing their conditions & the humanitarian & social calamities which they suffer from, not to mention the suffering of those people w special needs who lost limbs because of the ongoing #Israeli aggression”-Hanna-
"The #Israeli occupation forces on Saturday morning kidnaped a #Palestinian female, Samah Jaradat, a student at Birzeit University, from her home in al-Bireh city in the central West Bank."
““The deliberate targeting of peaceful protesters by the occupation forces confirms the bloodthirsty nature of #Israeli leaders, whose terrorism has not ceased since the arrival of #Zionist gangs in the land of #Palestine.”
-Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem-
“The [#Israeli] occupation should be classified as a #terrorist state and its leaders should be prosecuted as war criminals.”
-Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem-
"2 settlers were stabbed on a road between Nablus & Qalqilya in the West Bank, & one of them sustained a serious injury. The #Israeli forces arrested the young man who carried out the attack, but no further details were given about his identity."
🤬📢#Israel, occupation forces and apartheid regime, bombs #Gaza position for an entire hour: #Palestinian sources
Intelligence & cyber collaborations between #SaudiArabia & #Israel is no longer a secret
New revelation about #Saudi use of #Israeli software Pegasus has exposed new dimensions to such collaborations!
Brutally .. #Israeli #Apartheid police assault a #Palestinian woman and her son at Shu'fat in occupied Jerusalem
"#sraeli warplanes on Saturday night bombed 3 Palestinian resistance sites in the Gaza Strip, with no reported casualties, but causing considerable damage to them."
"Several #Palestinian young men on Saturday evening suffered injuries after #Israeli police forces stormed Issawiya district in Occupied Jerusalem & violently attacked local residents."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Saturday kidnaped a #Palestinian teenager after they stormed Sebastia town in Nablus & clashed with local youths."
"A group of #Jewish settlers at dawn Sunday infiltrated into Asira al-Qibliya town in S Nablus & wreaked havoc on 3 #Palestinian-owned cars. The settlers from the illegal settlement of Yitzhar stormed the E area of the town at 05:00 am."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday kidnaped 4 #Palestinian citizens from their homes in different West Bank areas."
"The #Israeli occupation army on Sunday appropriated about 100 dunums of #Palestinian land belonging to West Bank villagers in Nablus & Ramallah."
"Head of the Committee of Jerusalem Prisoners' Families Mohammed Abu Asab said that #Israeli occupation forces re-detained a #Palestinian, Mohammed Farhan, 32, at the Negev jail gate moments after his release."
Two Palestinian teenagers were killed by Israeli soldiers during Friday protests in Gaza, aimed at lifting the 12-year blockade.
By @QudsNen
Through land theft, #Israeli authorities aims at increasing construction in Shiloh illegal settlement to expand it.
@QudsNen #Watch| #Israeli forces prevented a #Palestinian mother & her four children from reaching their house in occupied Hebron last Wednesday, as Netanyahu's motorcade was touring the city. #WestBank #Palestine
@QudsNen The homes of🇵🇸Christians are being confiscated & demolished in Beit Jala, a Christian town in Bethlehem.
🇵🇸 say this is an effort to force the remaining Christians to leave the Holy Land. Christian leaders are demanding @Israel stop the confiscations.
@QudsNen @Israel At least one injured as protesters clash with #Israeli forces in West Bank
@QudsNen @Israel "#Israeli bulldozers on Monday demolished a #Palestinian home in al-Mahatta neighborhood in Lod City in the 1948 #occupied #Palestinian territories."
@QudsNen @Israel "Dozens of #Israeli settlers on Monday morning stormed al-Aqsa Mosque in #Jerusalem under police guard. #Palestinian media sources reported that 107 Jewish settlers forced their way into al-Aqsa Mosque through al-Maghareba Gate."
@QudsNen @Israel "Violent clashes flared up on Monday between dozens of #Palestinian citizens and #Israeli occupation forces near al-Bireh City over the death of the #Palestinian prisoner Bassam al-Sayeh in #Israeli jails."
@QudsNen @Israel "Several #Israeli bulldozers infiltrated into E border areas in N & C Gaza & embarked on leveling tracts of land.
4 armored bulldozers advanced from a military post behind the security fence in the E of Jabalia town in N Gaza & headed for the E of GazaCity
@QudsNen @Israel "Operations by #Israeli occupation forces in Issawiya since June have “severely disrupted” the daily life of more than 18,000 #Palestinians, according to a United Nations agency."
@QudsNen @Israel "There are now 40 #Palestinian women being held in #Israeli jails. Felesteen.ps reported the NGO saying in a statement that #Israeli occupation forces arrest 10-15 #female #Palestinians every month"
@QudsNen @Israel "#Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allowed #Israeli squatters to take over a #Palestinian house about a hundred metres from the Ibrahimi Mosque in occupied Hebron, Arab48 reported yesterday."
"During his visit to the West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday, #WarCriminal #Netanyahu claimed that the house is #Israeli property, with the #Israeli Civil Administration claiming an #Israeli settlement group lawfully bought the property in 2015."
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