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#Tripoli/#JFara: Areas captured by #LNA during the first day of new operation:
- Police Academy, Department of Passports & School of Military Engineering (Khallat Furjan)
- Turban Mosque
- Zahra bridge
- Togar & Togar mosque
- Twaishah
- Sadiyah & Harisa Factory S. of the village
#Tripoli #LNA advance in Gharyan-Tripoli road almost reversed
#Tripoli #LNA retreated from Police academy & returned from yesterday's positions N. Yarmouk camp
#Tripoli #LNA took control over Fitrah mosque & Bayda School:…

Also #LNA recovered Sadiyah, video of #GNA armored vehicle destroyed was recorded in front of Sadiyah Mosque:…
After 9 months of combats #LNA reached outskirts of #Tripoli neighbourhoods for the first time as most of Habda project, Plateau project & Khallat al-Furjan suburbs are under #LNA control
Seems #Sirte battle began
#LNA advanced E. #Sirte & took control over:
- Wadi al-Hunaywah
- Ḩawsh al ‘Urjīyah
- reached outskirts of Ghardabiya Reservoir-1
40th area under #LNA:…
Reports avout #LNA area aproaching to 20th gate:…
#LNA entered in al-Sa'adi base:
Location of the picture should be here: [ 31.046281, 16.642396 ]
#LNA entered in #Sirte from Eastern axis after control Suwawah suburb. Clashes in 3 Neighbourhood ongoing
#LNA began entering in #Sirte university after captured Tawilla roundabout, Port was captured too, with clahes in Siyahaya area W. of it
After 9 months of fighting #LNA managed to take positions in the first neighbourhood of #Tripoli city
#LNA about to take control over Plateau project. #GNA last positions are 2 roundabouts before the southern limits of Abu Salim neighbourhood (where #LNA hasn't entered yet):…
#Libya #LNA reopened Qaraboulli & Abu Qurayn fronts
#LNA enered Qaddadiyah (seems LNA retreated from the area after 13/1/2020 attack)
Mosque of Qaddadiyah:…
#LNA controls most of Abu Qurayn, clashes continue in the western part of the town
Finally, no map change today
After 1 month since the last advance, #LNA restarted operations in #Tripoli front, however operations should be temporary due to ongoing political movements & a ceasefire that officially continues on paper. (1)
The goal of the operation is the Aziziyah-Gharyan road, necessary to control to isolate #Tripoli & launch a sucessfull attack. At the moment only minimal gains were achieved by #LNA in Ramla & Ayn Zara after #GNA reversed most of the advance (2)
Since the arrival of Turkish AA mechanisms #LNA aerial operations have decreased & has been replaced by artillery, less accurate. The possibility of new advance in #Tripoli will remain low if #LNA can't control the skies...
During the last 15 days the situation in #Libya fronts hasn't changed much: #LNA was able to make small advances in Aziziyah, Ramla & Ain Zara while was unable to advance in Wadi Rabieh & Salah din & advances in Hirah & Kasarah were temporary.
Also there were important losses in both sides due to artillery & aerial attacks. The ceasefire become more useless everyday. However, no order was given to restart "Flood of Dignity" operation but the weekly #LNA reinforcements reaching Tripoli & Sirte fronts & the arrival of ()
new militants & material from Syria indicates that the date is aproaching & a bigger operation will take place soon in the region of Tripolitania after almost one year of combats
#Tripoli: Yesterday #GNA launched big attack against #LNA in Ain Zara district & managed to capture some points in Shail Suwehli, Misrata Corp, Sidra, Abyar & Alawi streets. Hours later #LNA, backed by artillery, launched a counterattack & recaptured all lost positions.
Also in Ramla axis Tariq ibn Ziyad school change hands more than 3 times during the last 2 days until finally was captured by #LNA again
After yesterday's events in western #Libya both sides began big mobilization in many fronts:
- #LNA reinforcements reached Watya Air Base, Sorman & Al-Washkah
- #GNA mobilized their troops in Zawiyah, msallatah & Zuwarah
- #Tripoli clashes increased, especially in Kazerma-Sadiyah
#LNA & #GNA suffered big losses in today's attack. Note the use of aerial force by both sides & more powerfull mechanized vehicles such as tanks (rarelly seen). New advance attemps would restart soon, apart of the almost daily ATGM & artillery operations
#LNA prepares an attack to Zuwarah city soon after #GNA refused to surrender, while Ras Ajdir fate will probably be solved throught political way, the city of Zuwarah would face an intense battle that depending of the development of it may follow the fate of Sirte or Derna
#LNA "Martyrs" operation was launched today as a retailation for the loss of troops during the last days. Operation didn't get important advances in the fronts but important material & human losses for #GNA. Meanwhile, reinforcements arrive in Washkah...
#LNA capture of Abu Kemash was ephemeral & probably was only a reconaissance advance. Since days drones are monitoring the town & will difficult the future advance of #LNA in the area unless aerial supremacy changes in #NuqatAlJams province.
#Tripoli: Geolocation were 2 #LNA tanks were apparently destroyed by #GNA mortars today, which confirms:
- #LNA controls School Project (since 2 days ago)
- #GNA still controls parts of Habda project as @Suriyakmaps Libyan map shows since months
Map: [… ]
During the last 4 days the fighting continued in Habda project, Abu Salim, Salahaddin, Sidra & Ayn Zara with back & forth combats which didn't change the frontline. Tripoli battle return to be a battle of attrition like we saw in the first & second stages of the operation (1)
Habda project: despite many reports about #LNA got full control over this suburb, the reality is #GNA still in control just over half of project, specially lines 2,4 & areas near the airport road while #LNA has full control of line 1 & most of lines 6 & 8 (2)
Currently #LNA is trying to capture the Brega Oil & Gas Marketing Company & Tank's bridge, necessary to secure more areas along airport road & fortify the weakest flank of Plateau project where #GNA was able to inflict important losses in troops & equipment to #LNA on January (3)
The fate of the battle to take Habda project will determine the advance of #LNA in Abu Salim. Their troops are trying to advance towards Akakus Repsol company (32°49'43.3"N 13°09'22.1"E) along the Rabush Abu Salim road axis. However this advance supposes a risk: (4)
The exposition to #GNA snipers in Rabush Abu Salim can be avoided with the cover of the buildings & the use of armored vehicles, but the extension of lines without the project secured could suppose important losses & a collapse in #LNA ranks if #GNA begins a big counterattack (5)
With Habda project secured #LNA can envelop #GNA from different axis forcing them to withdraw further north reaching outskirts of Abu Salim prison & water plant, which overlooks 3rd Ring road & the urban hearth of Abu Salim district (6)
Habda Al Khadra: #LNA was unable to keep the advance of this days (dashed arrow) because of #GNA snipers deployed in the surroundings of Adduplomasi, Safwa Hospital & Husayn Cemetery with the different of the open space where #LNA troops are too exposed & have to retreat to (7)
avoid losses & get cover. To solve these difficulties #LNA might try to advance towards Said Kdhira mosque (32 ° 49'33.1 "N 13 ° 10'36.6" E) & Al-Qassi street (32 ° 49'43.1 "N 13 ° 11'12.7" E ) to avoid sniper fire, although it involves slower progress & more casualties (8)
Battle of Habda Al Khadra & Abu Salim is going to be hard & bloody & might take several days or weeks. If #LNA is sucessfull in those areas their troops will be able to reach Third Ring Road, one of the main arteries of #Tripoli, getting a solid foothold inside the capital (9)
On the other hand, Ain zara is considered another main objective for #LNA. After 1 year of battle the Tobruk government forces only were able to control around 40% of the second suburb of #Tripoli. The large (an important part of it is agricultural) extension of the suburb (10)
the lack of armored vehicles used in this front (infantry supported by artillery & mortars) & big #GNA resistance are the main causes of battle stalemale, lasting indefinitely. However the persistence of #LNA in Ain Zara is based in the strategic value to #Tripoli's fate (11)
No-advances in Ain zara means a no-advances in Wadi Rabieh axis, necessary to help #LNA troops in Zatarna-Qaraboulli axis. Since May 2019 #LNA not only was unable to advance in Wadi Rabieh but suffered important casualties as #GNA launched attacks from unprotected N. flanks (12)
The conventional way to advance in Ain Zara should be by many axis in order to divert #GNA forces, break the defenses & create a collapse. However, #LNA will have to use more troops, specially armored battalions, with high aerial support to reach (at least) Ain zara road (13)
After secure Ain Zara road #LNA will be able to:
1. Advance in Wadi Rabieh towards coastal road
2. Continue the advance in the rest of Ain Zara until Tajura, expanding in this way the "cordon" over the capital
3. Develop the advance inside Tripoli towards urban center
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