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🌶️WELCOME to #CalSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens for @CapSciComm! Follow the game here on Twitter or find dial-in instructions here:… In honor of what would've been Opening Day, tonight's special theme is #baseball! ⚾️⚾️⚾️ [1/n]
🌶️#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens Rules: No limit on how many people to a team—solo, with family/roommates, or virtually with friends! Come up with your team name and have a great time. Tweet selfies with your team and team name all night long with hashtag #CapSciCommLive!
🌶️#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens Rules: We will score answers after each round. Y'all are on your honor to score your own sheets. No checking your phone/internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! This isn't a Google-contest 😂🧐
🌶️Having trouble dialing into our #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens game? Keep trying, or read Q's on Twitter in meantime. (Instructions:…)
🌶️Having trouble dialing into our #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens game? Keep trying, or read Q's on Twitter in meantime. (Instructions:…)

Now pour yourself your favorite beverage, rally your team, and shout out real loud: LET'S. PLAY. TRIVIA! 🎉🎉🎉
R1 Q1

WEATHER: In the colder seasons, a very dense, low-lying fog pervades the Central Valley, which has caused massive pile-ups on Interstate 5. What is the name given to this fog?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q2

TELEVISION: This prolific book author is also the person behind the NBC series ER and the HBO series Westworld. Name this author.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q3

WOMEN IN STEM: Mae Jemison, Ellen Ochoa, and Christina Koch are all members of what elite profession?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q4

CHEMISTRY - PLA is a biodegradable alternative to polystyrene. You’ve probably seen the PLA label on the bottom of biodegradable cups, near the warning “No Hot Liquids.” What does PLA stand for?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q5

BASEBALL: In 2002, the Oakland Athletics exceeded expectations by acquiring players who had poor traditional statistics, but new analyses showed they were effective players. A book about this season became a movie in 2011. Name the movie.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q6

SAFETY - Latex gloves have all sorts of drawbacks: some people have allergies, they’re easily punctured, and they’re not resistant to oils and acids. In laboratories, what type of glove is commonly used as a replacement?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q7

MARINE BIOLOGY - The shell logo of the company Royal Dutch Shell is called the “Pecten,” from the species Pecten maximus. What is the common name of shellfish from the order Pectinida?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q8

AGRICULTURE - Does more methane gas come out of a cow as burps or as farts?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🌶️That's it for Round 1 for our #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens! Round 1 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q1 Answer

This is our famous tule fog, named after the native tule grass wetlands. There are some fantastic satellite photos showing tule fog spanning the entirety of the California Central Valley.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q2 Answer

That would be the late Michael Crichton MD, who created ER and wrote and directed the original 1973 movie Westworld. You might also know him for an old novel of his: Jurassic Park.…
R1 Q3 Answer

These amazing women are all astronauts. @maejemison first Black woman in space. @Astro_Ellen first Hispanic woman in space. @Astro_Christina recently broke the record for longest time in space by a woman (328 Days).
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q4 Answer

PolyLactic Acid. PLA has the second high consumption volume of bioplastic in the world. Not only is it biodegradable, it is also biocompatible, and is used in many types of medical implants.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q5 Answer

The movie is Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt as Oakland Manager Billy Beane. The Oakland @Athletics finished the season with a record of 103-59, including 21 consecutive wins, which was an American League record.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q6 Answer

Nitrile. Nitrile gloves are less flexible and cost more than latex gloves do, but they’re better in pretty much every other way.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q7 Answer

Scallop. Pecten maximus is the Giant Scallop. While the @shell logo is yellow with red trim, real giant scallops are pink to reddish-brown. Shell’s original shell logo was a mussel.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q8 Answer

Cows burp more methane than they fart. The process that creates most of the methane, enteric fermentation, occurs in the cow’s multi-chambered stomach. Scientists are researching changing the cow’s feed to reduce CH4 emissions.
🌶️Good job on Round 1, everyone! Round 2 questions coming up! You're playing #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens.

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R2 Q1

FLUID MECHANICS - There is a phenomenon where two moving objects in air or water are close enough to share the same slipstream and reduce overall energy expenditure compared to moving separately. What is the term or this phenomenon?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q2

SPACE - A new rover will be heading to Mars this year. NASA held a writing competition to name it, and the prize went to seventh-grader Alex Mather from Springfield, Virginia. What did he name the rover?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q3

AGRICULTURE - Today is Cesar Chavez Day, honoring the labor leader who co-founded the NFWA. One of his most prominent actions was to help organize a strike in 1965 in Delano. Which agricultural product was the strike about?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q4

WOMEN IN STEM : Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder and CEO of what popular mobile app?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q5

GEOGRAPHY: In a April 1999 segment of the Daily Show, correspondent Stephen Colbert visited Davis to profile a particular landmark. Name this landmark.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q6

BASEBALL: What was the original team name of Tampa Bay’s Major League Baseball team?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q7

MEDICINE: In the year 2000, TV journalist Katie Couric underwent a medical procedure that was filmed and aired on The Today Show. What was this procedure?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q8

ZOOLOGY: Which of these animals is NOT a rodent? Is it:

A. Capybaras
B. Nutrias
C. Jerboas
D. Pikas
E. Porcupines

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🌶️That's it for Round 2 for our #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens! Round 2 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q1 Answer

Two objects sharing the same slipstream is known as drafting. Examples of drafting include migrating birds, lobster “trains,” and cycling and automotive racing.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q2 Answer

Perseverance. The rover will seek signs of ancient life and collect rock and soil samples for possible return to Earth. The rover will also carry a helicopter to demonstrate that powered flight is achievable in the Martian atmosphere
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q3 Answer

The strike, initiated by Filipino-American farm workers, was over grapes. #CesarChavez and the NFWA joined and expanded the strike, which received national attention when the powerful United Auto Workers union announced their support
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q4 Answer

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder and CEO of @Bumble, the dating app. She was 25 at the time of the app’s launch.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q5 Answer

In this segment, a very young @StephenAtHome got some good laughs out of the famous toad tunnel of Davis. It’s a classic.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q6 Answer

This was really a zoology question. The original name of @RaysBaseball was the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. “Devil Rays” or “Devil Fish” are an old name for manta rays.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q7 Answer

This would be @KatieCouric’s famous colonoscopy. Her husband had died of colorectal cancer two years prior, and her @TODAYshow segment would inspire many Americans to also get their exam.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q8 Answer

The answer is D. Pikas. Pikas look like hamsters with big round ears, but they are actually Lagomorphs — in the same group as rabbits. You can find pikas right here in the Sierra Nevada.
🌶️Good job on Round 2, everyone! We’ll take a 10 minute intermission before Rounds 3. See you back here at 8:00pm. You're playing #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens.

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🌶️Welcome back to #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens! We're going to get started with Round 3 questions shortly!

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R3 Q1

ALCOHOL - In 2015, Belgian telescopes identified a star system with several planets in the “Goldilocks Zone.” The name of the telescopes is an acronym that is also a Belgian religious order famous for brewing beer. What is the name?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q2

AERONAUTICS -The SR-71 Blackbird is the most well known example of a plane that uses this propulsion system, which uses the airplane’s forward motion to compress incoming air without mechanical assistance. What is the name of this system?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q3

WARFARE - First used by the besieged City of Constantinople in the 670s, this combustible compound, probably a mix of naphtha and quicklime, ignites on contact with water and is used to set fire to enemy ships. What is this compound?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q4

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - The Centennial Light, the world's longest-lasting electric light bulb, has been burning since 1901, and almost never switched off. It is located in a firehouse in which Northern California city?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q5

BASEBALL: The AAA minor league baseball team in Las Vegas is now called “The Aviators”. What was their team name between 2001 to 2018?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q7

MOVIES: In the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, Agent 007 was trying to stop an evil organization from hoarding a type of natural resource. Name this natural resource.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q6

MEDICINE: Ringworm is a skin ailment common around the world caused by an organism. What kind of organism is ringworm?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q8

HISTORY: Dr. Charles Drew was a pioneering African American physician whose research came in high demand during World War II. What medical procedure, now ubiquitous, did Charles Drew refine and popularize?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🌶️That's it for Round 3 for our #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens! Round 3 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q1 Answer

TRAPPIST (Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope) The star system, TRAPPIST-1, is 39.6 light-years from here in the constellation Aquarius. As many as six of the planets could exist in this zone habitable by humans.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q2 Answer

Ramjet. The cones at the front of the Blackbird’s two engines are shaped to compress the air. Any plane that uses ramjets must also have a second propulsion system to get the plane up to speed before the ramjet can be used.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q3 Answer

Greek Fire. During the First Arab Siege of Constantinople, the Greeks under Byzantine Emperor Constantine IV successfully repelled the forces under Caliph Mu'awiya I using this new invention.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q4 Answer

Livermore. The lightbulb has been off for only two notable lengths of time: for 22 minutes when it was moved to a new firehouse building, and for 9 hours and 45 minutes when a fault in its dedicated power supply occurred.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q5 Answer

The team name that preceded the @AviatorsLV was the “Las Vegas 51’s”—referring to Area 51, the nearby U.S. military facility where spy planes were long tested. Or alien spacecraft, if you want to believe.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q6 Answer

Ringworm is not a worm or anything worm-like at all. It is a fungus or rather about 40 different types of fungus that cause the same ailment.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q7 Answer

In that movie, @007 had to stop the evil organization Quantum, and the natural resource that Quantum was trying to control was water or water supply.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q8 Answer

Charles Drew is credited for his research in blood transfusions (blood banks, blood storage, or blood donations). He died this week 70 years ago, on April 1st, 1950 in a car accident, at the age of 45.…
🌶️Good job on Round 3, everyone! Round 4 questions coming up! You're playing #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens.

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R4 Q1

POLITICS: Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, holds a doctoral degree in what technical field?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q2

FOOD: The name of the popular snack cracker Triscuits is a portmanteau of two words. What are the two words “Triscuit” stands for? You must name these two words exactly.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q3

AWARDS: There is an award, originally inspired by Congressman Jim Cooper of Tennessee, that’s been given out since 2012 to seemingly obscure, federally funded research that turns out to have tremendous societal impact. Name this award.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q4

GEOGRAPHY: In the Downtown Sacramento Grid, alleyways between lettered streets all received real names in 2011 corresponding to its initial street letter. What is the name of the alley that corresponds to the letter “R”?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q5

BASEBALL - Between a beetle infestation and Barry Bonds using a different type of bat during his home run chase, baseball bats made from Ash have fallen out of favor. What are most MLB baseball bats now made from?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q6

SPACE - This crewed spaceflight program that aims to put "the first woman and the next man" on the Moon, specifically at the lunar south pole region by 2024? What is the program’s name?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q7

HIGHER EDUCATION - Dr. Amar Ghopal Bose was a professor for 45 years, and is known for his advancements in acoustics. The university where he taught is now the majority shareholder of the Bose Corporation. Which university is this?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q8

INDUSTRY - Chloroflorocarbons (CFCs) were banned by the Montreal Protocol for delpleting the ozone layer. However, one CFC is still in use as a fire suppressant because it has no adequate replacement. What is the common name of this CFC?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🌶️That's it for Round 4 for our #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night hosted by @TriviaWithBens! Round 4 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q1 Answer

Although her early studies were in physics, Chancellor Merkel’s doctoral thesis in 1986 was in the field of chemistry, Specifically, it was on quantum chemistry.
R4 Q2 Answer

The answer is “Electricity Biscuits”. Comedy writer @SageBoggs had pondered this mystery recently, then dug up an ad from the early 1900’s touting @TheRealTriscuit as being baked by electricity—an exciting new process.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q3 Answer

This would be the @GoldenGooseAward, now managed by @AAAS. The name is a play on the “Golden Fleece Awards” that another U.S. Congress Member once created to *ridicule* serious research.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q4 Answer

The name of this alley is “Rice Alley”—an homage to our region’s history of rice agriculture.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q5 Answer

About three-quarters of @MLB players now use a Maple bat. While the traditional Ash bat is more elastic, Maple bats are harder, denser and can hit the ball farther. However, it does shatter more often.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q6 Answer

The first lunar missions were named after Apollo; the new lunar missions are named after his twin sister, the huntress #Artemis. The first Orion capsule was delivered for testing last week.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q7 Answer

Bose donated the majority of the @Bose Company’s non-voting shares to @MIT two years before his death, on the condition they would never be sold.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q8 Answer

Halon (Bromotrifluoromethane) is a required fire suppressant on some airplanes because it quickly puts out fires without damaging or freezing equipment, and is relatively safe for humans.
🌶️AND THAT'S BALL GAME for @CapSciComm Virtual Trivia Night, March 31st, hosted by @TriviaWithBens!!! Tweet your 4-round total score and tag #CapSciCommLive! (All competitive teams: Please tweet a pic of your answer sheet to be verified for a top score/place for tonight's game.)
🌶️Once we verify answer sheets of top scoring teams from tonight's game, we will announce winners of #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens tomorrow morning! (Don't forget to tweet a photo of your answer sheet in order to be counted.)
🌶️PS: It looks like tonight's top scores for @CapSciComm @TriviaWithBens are in the 17 to 24 point range. Want your top score verified? Remember to tweet a photo of your answer sheet (tag #CapSciCommLive) in order to be counted.
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Stay healthy, stay informed, and take care of each other.

Until next time: #KEEPSCIENCESPICY! 🌶️😎❤️🥰🌶️
🌶It’s the end of lunchtime, and before he gets any sleepier, Floyd the Dog is ready to announce the winners circle from last night’s #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night, hosted by @TriviaWithBens!!…
🌶️Quick note: we ended up awarding points for "manta ray" for R2 Q6. And we received a well-spotted tweet regarding R4 Q8 of our confusing Q + A wording. But enough of you got it (and there are Halon compounds with chlorine), so we're keeping points as is
🌶️ TIED FOR FIRST PLACE: 22 points isn't too bad at all, Team Snow Body Mongooses and captain @monsterbashseq! Well done for our March 31st #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens—a nice streak from last week's top 5 finish! 🥇 🥇🥇
🌶️ TIED FOR FIRST PLACE: Another returning team—Original Quaranteam and captain @rica460! Well done for our March 31st #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens—also a nice streak from last week's top 5 finish! 🥇 🥇🥇
🌶️TIED FOR SECOND PLACE: @JoseBilingue returns this week with friends on Team Quaranteam (need a new team name next time😆) for 20 points! Well done for our March 31st #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens—also a nice streak from last week's top 5 finish! 🥈🥈🥈
🌶️TIED FOR SECOND PLACE: A new challenger at 20 points, Team Johnson captained by @Michelle_J916! Well done for our March 31st #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens—way to go making a splash for our Virtual Trivia Night! 🥈🥈🥈
🌶️IN THIRD PLACE: Team "Corresponding Authors" with @ErinOlsan and @anjiballerini came in with 19 points! Well done for our March 31st #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens—strong finish!!! 🥉🥉🥉
🌶️IN FOURTH PLACE: Playing from afar (Iowa is far😂), Team Mantooth captained by @mrmansell slides home with 18 points! Well done for our March 31st #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens—great job! 🏅🏅🏅
🌶️IN FIFTH PLACE: Rounding out our top five is Team "Graduated Cylinderz" captained by @Nintentwit with 17 points. Well done for our March 31st #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens—good work! 🏅🏅🏅
🌶️Quick honorable mention to Team Mata Matas captained by @AprilBooth18, just narrowly missing the top five with 16 points. Well done for our March 31st #CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens! 🐢🐢🐢
🌶️That's it for top scores from our March 31st #CapSciCommLive Virtual Trivia Night. Stay tuned to @CapSciComm for more #scicomm community events, and follow @TriviaWithBens for game night updates. THANK YOU ALL again for playing—stay safe, stay informed, and #KeepScienceSpicy!!
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