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13 Mar, 42 tweets, 33 min read
The daily #Coronavirus thread is underway.

If Friday turned out to be fearful, we can only hope it's not a shocking Saturday.

More and more countries and regions heading back into lockdown as #Covid19 spreads quicker then the vaccines.

And already today new record - read on..
The first record to report is from crisis-torn #Brazil

For the 3rd successive day over 2,000 deaths.
But it's new #Covid19 cases rewriting the record books today with 84,047 positive tests, that's 12% more than the week before

2,152 more deaths takes total fatalities over 275k
Almost a record for #Norway too tonight.

905 new #Covid19 infections diagnosed in the last 24 hours, just 25 below the national record. Today's total is 31% up on the previous week.

Over 300 more Covid patients have been admitted to hospital in the last 2 days alone.
For #Bulgaria a little relief

After a string of big increases, tonight only a 5% hike

3,159 new #Covid19 cases, but I suspect it's a statistical correction with more increases likely

Meanwhile Sofia's imposing quarantine on arrivals from ALL of Africa

#Germany's in danger of losing control of the #ThirdWave

A 33% jump in new #Covid19 cases Friday. 12,770 more infected compared with 9,613 the previous Friday.
The 7-day rate is now 112 AD/M, the highest seen in Germany for 5 weeks.

Also another 230 Covid-related deaths
TWENTY FOUR #USA states increased #Covid19 infections on Friday, while 7 states have not given their final updates.

#Michigan #NewJersey and #Connecticut have the strongest growth right now, while #DC and all these states also saw cases rise:

#Hawaii #Illinois #Indiana..
Two more states in #USA also report an increase in #Covid19 cases.
#Idaho and #Washington State the latest.

Three states have not reported, so out of the other 47 + DC, that's 27 on the rise on Friday.
#Covid19 cases around the world increased (compared to the same day the previous week) for the 20th consecutive day on Friday.

New global infections were back up to almost half a million yesterday.

Deaths are still falling, but by fewer each day in around a week it may change.
If there was any doubt whether #Belgium was in another wave or not, the question now is only which wave?

The country passes 800,000 confirmed cases of #Covid19 after another 3,615 positive tests in the last 24 hours. That's another 31% leap compared with last Saturday.
Sadly, #Ukraine is well and truly back on track to catastrophe.

A 45% spike today with 16,294 new cases of #Covid19 and 243 more deaths

It's 8 days since I first predicted Ukraine would break its' record, and I'm now 90% certain it will happen next week

Oh my goodness me, #Czechia!
5 days ago the world's most infected nation saw #Covid19 cases start to fall. But I reported y'day a concern that the last two days saw lower falls.

Today 14,920 new infections, UP 14%
Tomorrow now crucial to establish the trend.

218 more deaths
Terrible problems for Korbán's #Hungary. There's 1-2 records a day at the moment

The all-time #Covid19 case record is broken for 3rd day in a row: 9,444 (+30%)
The infection rate's now 707 AD/M, another record

163 more deaths, 30 below the record, but it'll be broken in March
While all around suffer, Putin still keeps up the charade of extremely low #Covid19 case numbers & still falling.

Frankly it's sickening to see #Russia (and now #Belarus too) in the top 10 of least infected nations. But it's not surprising when both countries are built on lies.
#Estonia's cases of #Covid19 back up today after yesterday's fall.

1,586 infections, a rise of only 46 (3%). So hopefully this is the peak time.

#Coronavirus related deaths reached 15 today and that is a new record toll, but it's very likely to get worse until the end of March.
Anger in the EU over new vaccine delivery delays from AstraZeneca.

AFP reports the UK-Swedish company sites production & export restrictions for the problems.
AZ is "disappointed to have to report a decline in planned vaccine deliveries to the EU, despite tireless efforts..."
I guess one way to avoid accusations of disinformation is to give no information at all!

#Tanzania's official total of 509 cases of #Covid19 and 21 deaths have remained unchanged for TEN MONTHS.

Good BBC report here...

It's worth pointing out that #Tanzania is ranked 124th in the @RSF_inter index. The @WHO is powerless to do anything, tacitly permitting blatant lies and manipulation.

Probably we should exclude all reports and data from any nation below 120 on the Press Freedom Index?
#Norway's situation looks to be getting rapidly worse.
I reported at the start of today's thread about the second highest ever daily total, but monitoring local media I've already noted over 455 more #Covid19 cases today

Parts of #Oslo have a 14-day infection rates of 1,000/100k
5 EU nations have demanded a meeting to thrash out more equitable vaccine distribution.

Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Latvia and Slovenia have written to EU leader Ursula Von der Leyen. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has alleged there are secret vaccine deals within the EU
#Finland sees a small increase (6.6%) in new #Covid19 infections today. But the total of 691 is in line with the rest of this week; the trend status is still stable.

The country's approaching the end of the first week of a stricter lockdown, around the time cases should fall.
#Poland suffers massive rises in #Covid19 cases and deaths

21,049 new infections - the highest total of a bad week and the worst daily number since the record in November.
That's up 42% from last Saturday.

Deaths today up almost 100 from 245 to 343
#Brazil has suffered almost 10 times more #Covid19 baby deaths than the #USA.

According to this report 420 of the very youngest have lost their lives to the disease. They conclude lack of diagnosis, treatment and poverty are the likely reasons

#Bosnia & Herzegovina's cases are still rising.
A smaller increase today (10%) but that's no surprise after the huge rise yesterday; a small statistical correction.

1,058 new #Covid19 infections.
The badly affected capital #Sarajevo is currently in a "weekend lockdown".
#UK has an exceptionally good day.

5,534 new cases of #Covid19, which despite the mammoth 1.6m tests, is down 506 from last Saturday.

Deaths also down again. From 158 a week ago to 121 today.

UK has now analysed over 100m virus tests
More good #UK data:

#Covid19 patients admitted to hospital in the latest day for which data is available, is 570. Last Sat it was 833

Total Cov2 patients in hospital: 8029 (10,925 a week ago)

Patients on ventilators 1,110 down from 1,542 in the last 7 days.
#UK has also passed 25m #Covid19 vaccinations (23.7m first doses, 1.5m have had both doses)
Most of #Italy enters lockdown on Monday, and cases continue to rise.

Another 10% jump in #Covid19 infections. The 7-day rate's now 367 AD/M.

317 more #Coronavirus related deaths. The death rate is climbing now, averaging about 330 a day
Death rate is rising in #Greece too, and cases likewise.

2,512 new #Covid19 infections, up 9% on last Saturday.
Also, another 52 deaths.

Forgot to say yesterday when I reported on the new areas of lockdown that Rhodes and Kalymnos were already in hard lockdown.
#Covid19 update from the Balkans, and not too bad news

#Serbia 4,092 new cases (+16%)
#Montenegro 555 (-8%)
#Kosovo 578 (-2%)
#Netherlands' cases are up 20% as the country slides into another crisis.
6,396 new #Covid19 infections diagnosed in the last 24 hours.

#Portugal still doing well. Only 564 new cases today. Again no point comparing to last week as Madeira was reporting the backlog of cases
In #Japan, cases are slowly on the rise again.
Nothing too dramatic or worrying yet. Averaging around 1,100 #Covid19 cases a day right now, but that is a 12% increase on the low point in 10 days.
#Austria reports over 3000 new cases of #Covid19 again today. That's an 18% rise on last Saturday.
The 7-day infection rate's not far off 300 AD/M now.
#Jordan is being ravaged by the UK variant of #Covid19

Another big daily increase today (4,144) compared to seven days ago, though Saturday cases are always lower.

In less than 7 weeks the infection rate has risen over 725%
So much news coming from #Norway right now

The country didn't reverse it's halt on using the AstraZeneca vaccine despite the EMA/EU confirming it's safe.
Now the Norwegian Health Ministry has announced it's investigating "several cases of reported blood clots" following vaccines
#NorthMacedonia has a 43% surge in cases today.
1,030 new #Covid19 infections - the first time in more than 3 months that the daily tally has gone into 4 figures.

Next door in #Albania, cases are down another 10% to 698
News from #Ireland 543 infections today and 16 more deaths confirmed.

That's another rise in new #Covid19 cases, but thankfully only 4 higher than last Saturday.
#France may have to take further action to stop #Covid19 growth after a 28% jump in new cases today.

A number of areas have a "weekend lockdown" but the positive test rate is up a little more to 7.4% as 29,759 more infections were found in the last 24 hours.

Also 174 deaths
#Cyprus' cases up 33% again today.
398 new #Covid19 infections diagnosed, compared with 298 a week ago. That takes the 7-day infection rate to 441 AD/M

The planned reopening of schools on the island has been postponed because of the new surge.
Europe's most infected nations, any population (7-day rate AD/M)
Rates well up
Poland in, Slovakia out

1 #Estonia 1098
2 #Czechia 1045
3 #Montenegro 894
4 #SanMarino 854
5 #Hungary 707
6 #Malta 663
7 #Serbia 485
8 #Cyprus 441
9 #Poland 407
10 #Sweden 389

#Norway has seen a rise of over 135% in new cases of #Covid19.

854 new infections today up to 854 compared with 363 this time last week..

The 7 day infection rate is now 138 AD/M. Cases are doubling every 12.5 days.
Again more than 40% #Covid19 growth in #Bulgaria

New cases in the last 24 hours reach 2,014 and the infection rate is up to 372 AD/M

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15 Mar
Which countries are the worst liars when it comes to #Covid19 deaths (and which are the most honest)?

There's no definitive way of stating, but analysis of excess deaths is a guide to the real extent of #Coronavirus

I've worked out official deaths as a % of excess deaths..
This is the best way to expose clear cheating.
But it's not perfect

Many nations suspected of underplaying #Covid19 deaths don't declare mortality data, notably India, Indonesia and Turkey, though for the latter two stats are available for the biggest cities Jakarta/Istanbul
Data are the latest available for each country but e.g. while Peru, Spain, UK are right up to date, others are >6 months old.

Some nations have negative excess deaths, e.g. Taiwan, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Iceland, Norway.
Having lockdowns, mask wearing etc
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Sunday's #Coronavirus megathread will, as always, be updated throughout the day with news, data and analysis.

Few paid attention while we warned of rising #Covid19 cases in the Balkans then central Europe. Now everyone's concerned as big nations suffer.

Come inside folks!
And I'll start with Europe's biggest nation (in population), #Germany

A further 27% rise in #Covid19 cases confirmed overnight with 10,572 new infections for Saturday vs 8,311 the week before.
#Brazil's been the focus of much attention of late as deaths soar.

The number of people who were reported to have died of #Covid19 yesterday actually dipped, but only because it's the weekend. In fact 1,940 deaths is 30% higher than last Saturday's 1,498

New cases: 70,934 (+5%)
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1 Dec 20
#Coronavirus thread for Tuesday as #Croatia, #Finland #Slovakia face new problems and #Russia has the blackest day so far in the pandemic.

But #Poland and #USA have better days

All the #Covid19 news and analysis throughout the day is here...
Let's start with #Russia, which earlier today registered it's 40,000th death from #Covid19 related problems.

Today's death toll of 569 is by far the highest so far admitted to by the Kremlin, beating the old record by 45

New cases remain fairly stable at 26,402
#Hungary looked to be heading for a 3rd #Coronavirus peak, but slightly more encouraging news today

The daily total of 3951 new cases of #Covid19 is only 22 up on last Tuesday, but I suspect more problems ahead; Thursday will be crucial

Also today, 2nd highest death toll of 154
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30 Nov 20
Later than usual let me bring you up to date with Monday's #Coronavirus news in the daily thread.

In the #UK, the devolved Welsh government has tightened restrictions just as England prepares to come out of lockdown.

Plenty of warning signs of a #Covid19 resurgence in Europe
I wait with interest data from #USA today after the holiday weekend.

We've had 4 days of significantly lower new cases of #Covid19 infections and no one really knows how things will be as things settle down.
Warnings from Europe come from #Germany & #Belgium

Germany's falls have slowed; they could be in danger of seeing cases rise again this week

Brussels has already announced a 2nd successive daily rise: 2,151 new #Covid19 cases today, the infection rate is up from 210 to 220 AD/M
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29 Nov 20
Across #Belarus another Sunday protest march, and more inhumane actions from the regime. Here a guy, seemingly unconscious is hauled away, his head almost on the snowy ground, to be dumped next to an unmarked police van
Security forces in #Belarus firing shots, but people are brave and don't flee this time.
Once again Lukashenko's muppets seem out of control in #Minsk
#Belarus protests continue as the snow falls.

credit: @Belsat_TV
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29 Nov 20
Sunday's #Coronavrus thread starts with developments in the #USA

Fewer testing centres open, fewer labs analysing results and fewer people wanting to be tested over the long holiday weekend, so as expected the drop in #Covid19 infections continues.

143,373 new cases, down 32k
There were signs the #Covid19 case load in #USA was about to naturally lower before Thanksgiving, so whether infections bounce back to previous levels remains to be seen.

Now a new worry as another mink outbreak is discovered in #Oregon

#Bulgaria and #Czechia continue to see case numbers fall

Bulgaria's finally getting good downward momentum with just 1,792 new #Covid19 infections overnight, down almost 500.

Czech Republic's fall is lower than of late, with 2,665 cases which is 522 fewer than last Sunday
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