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#stockmarketcrash @POTUS @GenFlynn Trump and team are breaking up the monopolies and extracting the fiat money from our economy! All expertly planned. Have faith; there is no better business person to lead us through this transition than our fearless President!
These 11 #Globalist companies control what you buy…
These #Cabal Media companies control what you think
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1/ I’m going to bring the whole F**king Diseased Corrupt Temple down on your head”...


👉🏻 Law Abiding Citizen - "Its Gonna Be Biblical" via @YouTube

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2/ Could the 16 Year Plan To Destroy America be Daniel’s 70th Week?

16 = (1+6)=7 👉🏻Daniels 7 Years?👈🏻
Hussein [8] + HRC [8] = 88

“I Daniel” = 88 in Gematria



#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3/ Is Sacrifice about to be cut off?

👉🏻Daniel 9:27👈🏻

Re: Dec 21st 2017 EO…

Was the Command for Restoration received?


#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @WarriorAnjill @LovesTheLight @FreedomforceR
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✊🏼💙Norway shut the boarder to Sweden

First time since WW2

I lived in Norway when they declined the EU

FakeNews ran the OJ trial as a PR distraction !
Meanwhile in Greece the Swiss based company Extorted the entire Greek Medical system sending them into bankruptcy ! This forces Greece to fight or be subservient to the Swiss Vatican controllers of the EU[Q Beatrice]…

@DonaldJTrumpJr ..
@DonaldJTrumpJr @Inevitable_ET
We’re you aware this company Novartis is responsible for one of the largest Medicare frauds in the 🇺🇸

Remember Dr Melgen in WPB⚠️I met a medicare fraud specialist At a convention and she told me abt this case about a year before he was convicted
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#BigPharma generic drug co Sandoz was charged & pleaded guilty for participating in 4 #Antitrust conspiracies. They'll have to pay a $195 MILLION penalty & per a deferred prosecution agreement, they'll turn over receipts in other criminal investigations.

Hector Armando Kellum, former Director of Contracts & Pricing at Sandoz, already pleaded guilty 2 weeks ago.

They pleaded guilty to conspiring with at least 4 other #BigPharma generic drug manufacturers.

One of them is likely Taro Pharmaceuticals (in my linked thread above). Here's a big list of other possibilities:…
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Regardons donc ce document d’ @ARTEfr à la gloire de l'ostéopathie (notamment crânio-sacrée et viscérale), totalement dépourvu d’esprit critique. On déroule ? Bienvenue dans le monde où « L’evidence based medecine c’est un obstacle à la progression ». On démarre fort ! ⤵️
@ARTEfr J’ai découpé quelques extraits significatifs (pas tous, il y en aurait tant !) et je suis désolé pour la qualité des vidéos mais l’upload sur twitter est drastique. Le document entier est visible ici :…
Morceaux choisis :
@ARTEfr Le doc. annonce la couleur par une 1ère phrase significative (15ème seconde !), « un bébé qui n’arrive pas à prendre le sein est en danger ». ÇA FAIT PEUR ! Une introduction et une rhétorique classique des #FakeMed : faire peur, pathologiser parce que le sous-entendu est clair :
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The Most Epic #Vaccine Rant on Twitter I Promise You’ll Ever Read

The #EpigeneticWhisperer Is Super Duper Pissed

A Tweet Series By EW

I’m mad as hell & I’m not going to take it anymore!
-Howard Beale, Network, 1976

I’ve been hanging around this 🌎 for 4 decades now & I have 2 tell u that I’m really pissed off. I was born, grew up & have reluctantly participated in this hot beautiful mess called society. I’ve been looking around, taking notes, & there r way 2 many things pissing me off.

One societal catastrophe has been this 300 year #vaccine experiment on humans. The most outrageous lie ever perpetrated on the human race. It’s pissing me off something fierce. Let me count the ways.

1) The entire vax experiment was based on rubbing cow pox blister puss...

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Date: 15 March 2019

Veterans' Affairs Minister #auspol .@DarrenChesterMP announces $2.1 million in the federal budget for "comprehensive health assessments" for veterans affected by tafenoquine and other drugs.
ie "comprehensive health assessments" for the #drugtrial #HumanGuineaPigs suffering the horrendous impact of neurotoxic #braindamage as a result of being #HumanGuineaPigs

Think of them like this generation's #AgentOrange Victims
Here is the press release.…
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Electronic health records vendor Practice Fusion Inc will pay $145 Million for soliciting and accepting kickbacks from a “major” opioid drug company in exchange for using their software to sway doctors to prescribe opioids.

#HealthcareFraud #OpioidCrisis
Practice Fusion designed their software to include clinical decision support alerts to “alert” doctors when to prescribe those company’s drugs.

Of course #BigPharma sponsored them & they allowed big pharma to help develop & implement those alerts so they could push their drugs.
Practice Fusion solicited one payment from an opioid company for almost $1 million. The opioid co’s marketing dept paid for it also helped to design the alert.
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Well, here’s some of who you’re DNA is being sold to.

DNA test kit company 23andMe is working with #BigPharma and two CRISPR pioneers. Of course Google/Alphabet is in the mix, too, to creat what else, it implantable bioelectronics.
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"Maybe next year they could hear from a group of people who were unable to quit [#smoking] using traditional methods, but have succeeded by #vaping?" @JohnOyston…
Though I disagreed with a variety of points in the bullet list of 'points of agreement', this article has a lot of sensible suggestions.
This one jumped out at me though, as .. impractical, given the #COI created by #BigPharma funding ..
.. as well as the ideological opposition of many #ANTZ in #TobaccoControl).
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I am enthusiastically endorsing @BernieSanders for President. Here's the story of my decision:
My patients are struggling in our current healthcare "system." Diabetic teens ration insulin when they know their family can't afford prescriptions, supplies, groceries, AND rent. I care for moms & newborns who lose coverage after moving to a different state to be near family.
Many of my pediatric patients with complex pre-existing conditions & supposedly “good” insurance from their parents’ employment face ridiculous obstacle courses from insurance companies to get necessary care like imaging or consultations with specialists & therapists.
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The #California Democrat Party paid out over $1 Million to settle discrimination and sexual misconduct allegations against former Chairman Eric Bauman.

Bauman's now doing consulting work for several elected officials.
Bauman claims he didn't do anything, yet in the same breath, claims the settlements were "fair,"
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Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans
Many of the elites of our world wish to control and own everything and to that end they have told some big lies. Here's some of the bigger ones.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #CoreysDigs
Spygate and the Russian-collusion Narrative
Intelligence agencies, and many outside of our government, all colluded to take down our elected President. This in itself shows just how real Deep State is.… #SpyGate #RussiaHoax #SteeleDossier
Spygate/Russian-Collusion Narrative #FusionGPS -
- One of many threads I have in this feed on the same topic.
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"People are dying."

Elizabeth has witnessed the difference between the UK and US health systems. She knows the human cost of high prices. Don’t allow the US to sabotage access to meds on the #NHS.

There has been a lot of debate on the impact of a #tradedeal with #Trump on #NHS medicine prices. Here’s a thread detailing why people are right to be worried… 1/
Firstly, the US has history. #Bigpharma spends more influencing politicians in Washington than any other industry. So the US has repeatedly used #trade agreements to force changes on countries that will boost the industry’s profits. 2/
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Just like #BigPharma did, Hospital groups are now suing the Trump admin to block his new rule requiring hospitals to disclose prices of their procedures.

I don't how it would "confuse" patients any more than they & Insurers already confuse patients w/ EOBs and whatnot.
One of the groups that's suing the Trump admin is the AHA (American Hospital Association).
Here's all groups suing the Trump admin & HHS Secretary Alex Azar to stop price transparency

Assn of American Medical Colleges
Federation of American Hospitals
National Assn of Children's Hospitals
Memorial Community Hospital & Health System
Providence Health SoCal
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#ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit opens at a Westin resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday with an agenda touching on several of it's core principles including “election integrity”, #privatization of #education and support for #homeschooling, and protection for #BigPharma 1/6
Also on Wednesday, #ALEC and the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-#LGBT coalition devoted to re-criminalising homosexuality in the US in the name of Christianity are co-hosting a dinner. #Christofascists… 2/6
Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing #racist and white supremacist policies… A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges #ALEC with propagating #WhiteSupremacy 3/6
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The origins of Aids: Aids was mad made-Dr. Robert Gallow, Litton
Dr. Horowitz: Emerging Virus & Aids
▪️Who Profits? #BigPharma
▪️All involved w/#AidsFoundations
▪️Epstein, Elton John AIDS Foundation,Bill Gates, ClintonFoundation, McCain
One of my greatest heroes! Dr. Judy Mikovits PHD Fired & Jailed for proving the Link Between Retroviruses & Chronic Diseases: ME/CFS/CFIDS/Lyme-XMRV retrovirus
RedCross refused to test for XMRV!
Patients are suffering & dying in silence

We already have an epidemic in the U.S. only you will not see patients because they are too ill to fight or engage in normal activities!
People with Lyme, ME/CFS, CFIDS +other diseases are really suffering from infections diseases/XMRV
The CDC knows #SundayThoughts #coronarvirus
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THREAD: My new column this week is about the freedom to question vaccines, which is under escalating assault by Big Pharma, Big Government & Big Tech. I've raised my voice on this issue for 15 years & am glad @RobSchneider is, too!…
@RobSchneider Last week, an ignorant snot from the "conservative" @dcexaminer attacked my work challenging HPV/ Gardasil mandates & pro-vaccine orthodoxy from pharma lobbyists & their shills in politics. Pure ad hominem. No facts: /2
@RobSchneider @dcexaminer NY is preparing to pass draconian HPV mandate requiring jab for all girls & boys born after 2008 *without parental consent.* Every limited-govt conservative should be up in arms! Dem sponsor spouts"safe & effective" talking points; his spouse is Merck stockholder.
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The DOJ reportedly opened criminal probes of the following 6 Pharmaceutical companies in connection to the #OpioidCrisis.

Johnson & Johnson
Amneal Pharmaceuticals
McKesson (distributor)
AmerisourceBergen Corp (distributor)

#ButNothingsHappening #BigPharma
All of them reported receiving subpoenas via their regulatory filings.

All subpoenas we’re out of EDNY, except that AmerisourceBergen Corp received subpoenas from MULTIPLE US Attorneys, including from EDNY.
Though not specified, several of them said they received grand jury subpoenas.
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💣So Busted💣

Trump Knew of WBC Which Likely Prompted Him To Release The Aid to Ukraine

Which means he would have known about it before he told Sondland there was 'no quid pro quo.'

Trump throws Rudy under the bus:

Trump Denies Sending Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine for Biden Probe
💣So Busted💣

Cipollone & Eisenberg —knew about the whistle-blower complaint in August & briefed Trump in late August about it.

Trump administration officially put hold on Ukraine aid same day as Trump call 7/25;

Per Sandy Transcript Trump ordered hold 7/12/19 per email.
💣So Busted3💣

ICIG Atkinson, concluded that the administration needed to send it to Congress.

But Cipollone & Eisenberg disagreed.

They decided that the adm could withhold from Congress the whistle-blower’s accusations because they were protected by executive privilege.
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I was diagnosed with #childhoodcancer stage III Wilm’s tumor when I was four years old. I received a nephrectomy, full abdominal and pelvic radiation, and a year and a half of chemotherapy including #vincristine. You all knew this was coming.... thread 👇🏻 #cancermeds4kids /1
If you haven't heard, we are facing a massive disaster in #pediatriconcology right now because there is a shortage of the chemo drug, #vincristine, which is used to treat (and often cure) a ton of types of #childhoodcancer including mine. Pardon me, but this is super fucked up /2
The drug company, @TevaUSA (@tevapharm) decided to discontinue #Vincristine because of “business reasons.” Which we all know is code for profitability. They did not give enough notice to the other supplier, @pfizer, to have enough time to ramp up production and meet demand /3
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2 Foundations - the Chronic Disease Fund Inc (d/b/a Good Days from CDF) & Patient Access Network Foundation - were fined $Millions for violating the False Claims Act & conspiring w/ 5 #BigPharma cos to enable them to pay kickbacks to Medicare patients.

Both Foundations worked w/ the pharmaceutical companies to oversee funds and funneled kickbacks from the pharma cos to the patients to make sure those patients took their specific medications.
Oops, I was wrong. It wasn't 5 Big Pharma companies, it was actually 7 that were involved in the kickback scheme, and here they are:

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#Germany #AnimalAbuse
"LPT is a family-owned lab carrying out #AnimalTesting for #BigPharma, industrial & agro-chemical companies frm all over the world"

▶Laboratory Of Pharmacology & Toxicology aka #LPT

cont. #Germany #AnimalAbuse#AnimalTesting
🔥TAKE ACTION contact↙

#LPT Laboratory of Pharmacology
and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG
Redderweg 8
21147 Hamburg

Phone:+49 40 70 20 20
Fax:+49 40 70 20 22 60

info via bing
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