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#HoCoMd #Election2022 - I am supporting @DanNewberger & @JackyMcCoyBOE in the non-partisan race for @HCPSS Board of Ed. I have spent a lot of time reading about all of the candidates. McCoy & Newberger, endorsed by @MomsDemand, are committed to ending #GunViolence in our schools.
.@JackyMcCoyBOE has been a teacher for decades & is endorsed by our local educators. She has dyslexia & achieved a graduate level-degree so understands what supports make it possible for students with learning differences to be academically successful.
.@DanNewberger is a parent of HCPSS students & a Navy veteran with a Master in Public Policy who has worked in military, corporate, and non-profit sectors. In those roles, he has had to achieve consensus among people w/ widely divergent opinions, a critical skill at this time. /3
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I have a child with a language disorder. Last night in the #PASenateDebate I saw in @JohnFetterman what I see and admire in my own child: grit, empathy, substance. Let me explain…🧵
My child's speech disorder is not because of a stroke, but there are similarities in how they process language, and especially in how the world perceives their worth.
My child possesses intelligence, curiosity, and observation well beyond his age.  Yet, I see him underestimated and dismissed ALL the time, because he mixes up word order, starts and stops his speech, and needs an extra minute to process questions.
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4am and I'm just sobbing for the family of the boy who was murdered in the Roxborough High School shooting Tuesday. There are shootings every day here--Philly has THE worst gun violence of all the top ten cities. But this shooting of these 5 football players felt shattering.
The boy who was killed went to Saul, the agricultural high school a couple miles away from Roxborough. So he loved animals. But he also loved football. Saul students get to play for Roxborough. Imagine this was all his dreams together in one freshman year. Now he's dead.
The Deputy Police Commissioner John Stanford said at the press conference that parents need to make their kids understand that this is final--death is final. I am sobbing for this city boy who loved farm animals and football who was chased down and shot in the chest. Tragic.
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Four shot, one 14 year old killed at a shootout at a football scrimmage involving three Philly high schools. The shooting, with dozens of rounds shot, was outside Roxborough High School. This is a developing story, so details are still being investigated.
Police say that students were leaving the scrimmage that involved Roxborough HS, Northeast HS & Boy's Latin when 2 shooters came up on the students who were shot & opened fire. Police are still trying to ascertain the events. They emphasize the tragedy of the killing.
Dep. Commissioner John Stanford expressing his frustration in the presser right now. He tells reporters that they don't have enough bleeps to filter what he would say to the shooters. He says parents need to tell their kids that death is final, these events are final. Chilling.
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Now @POTUS is delivering a speech in #Pennsylvania about #GunViolence. Meanwhile, @WhiteHouse has just announced he'll travel Monday to Boston, #Massachusetts "to discuss the unprecedented investments in his Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that are building a better America."
To the "brave right-wing Americans" who believe one needs to own guns to defend their country, @POTUS says: "If you want to fight against a country you need an F-15 (jet)."
"There's a mass shooting in this country every single day," adds @POTUS, meaning that kids in schools need to be taught to "duck and cover."
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Philadelphia is the straw purchase AND ghost gun capital of the East Coast. We have shootings every day & more gun homicides than any other big city this year and last. Now we've had two cops shot at THE concert of the year.
#Philly #Shooter
The GOP will claim that this cop shooting in #Philly is about "Democratic lawlessness," but it's actually and only about the proliferation of guns and the refusal by any Republican and some Democrats to do anything at all to control this rampant #GunViolence.
The good news is that no one died in this shooting at the fireworks in #Philly, that it wasn't a mass shooting event like #HighlandPark. But every child at this family event who was told by police to run will be traumatized in a city already beset by too much #GunViolence.
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The United States is an incredible statistical outlier among economically developed countries re guns per capita. 1/
#gunviolence #guncontrol #facts #congress #senate
This translates directly to another statistical achievement for our country compared to the rest of the developed world - a several fold higher chance of gun death. 2/
#GunViolence #guncontrol #publichealth #facts #congress #Senate
Your baby or young child now has a 1/100 chance of being killed by a firearm as he/she grows up, and that chance is increasing year-over-year. 3/
#GunViolence #guncontrol #children #facts #congress #senate
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"If belonging to a social group yields an essential survival advantage, cooperative breeding may evolve. This is shown in our study using computer simulations." -- Irene Garcia Ruiz…
Monkeypox is a new global threat. African scientists know what the world is up against | Science…
#monkeypox, #AfricanOutbreak, #ScientificStudies
Is 'stare decisis' dead? How the Supreme Court view of precedent is evolving - ABC News…
#SCOTUS, #StareDecisis, #ConstitutionalRight, #OverturnPrecedent
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Mass shooting inside a hospital building in Tulsa, #Oklahoma. There are reported to be multiple fatalities, including the gunman. Livestream:…
Site of the shooting is the Natalie Medical Building in Tulsa, #Oklahoma.
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Virginia Beach #massshooting #OTD in 2019. Twelve dead. Remember how the five dead in the Boston Massacre set in play the American Revolution? There is not one legit reason for #AR15s + high-capacity mags. 1/
2/ AR-15 is short for Armalite Rifle, the name of the company that invented #AR15s for, get this, military use. Ban #AR15 assault rifles. If you need 30-rounds, then you're a mass murderer or a really bad shot. Either way, you're a danger to society. #GunSense #GunViolence ImageImageImageImage
3/ The Supreme Court thinks open carry/conceal carry, etc., are fine, but not inside the #SupremeCourt. #NRA, #Glock, #ShotShow, don't allow open carry or often even guns in their offices, events, etc. GOP cowards. #2A #2ndAmendment…
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#Muskogee #Oklahoma #MassShooting #GunSense #BanAR15s - Sunday night Memorial Day festival in Taft, Oklahoma (1 hr. SE of Tulsa) w/ 1,000 to 1,500 people; mass shooter fires 40 rounds; kills 1; wounds 7 ages 9 to 56. Skyler Buckner, 26, jailed. THREAD 1/…
2/ #2A #GunsOverPeople #GunSense Sin tax guns and ammo. End ALL private sales/transfers without background checks. Background checks are very weak. People who are bipolar, heavily medicated, etc., can still purchase guns legally. Require gun insurance.…
3/ I'm sick of crap. But #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th C rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Taft #Oklahoma…
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🧵 My oncology colleagues know how often I say: #WordsMatter. So I’m thinking about words we use to talk about #RobbElementary & every other incident of #GunViolence in 🇺🇸. Part of why people can scroll past these things, why they may not even register as news to us... /1
Is that somewhere along the way, we had words like “school shooter” & “gunman” drilled into our consciousness as the usual terms. These things oddly sound more like jobs—‘school shooter’ sounds like school principal or school secretary & ‘gunman’ like fireman or repairman… /2
And hear me out on this because the same sentence lands very differently if you substitute, for example, mass murderer or elem school killer. Try it. Grab any article. Listen to any news story. Swap all the words. #Uvalde school shooting m becomes #RobbElemementaryMassacre. /3
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Uvalde spent 40% of their city budget on police, who were lobbying for even more, and when thrust into a situation they were SPECIFICALLY trained and armed for, in a school they had SPECIFICALLY prepared for a shooter scenario, they "contained" the shooter in a classroom for an…
…hour where he massacred almost 20 kids while they did NOTHING. They waited for a school employee to unlock the classroom door for them before they even attempted to neutralize the shooter. The cops made sure their OWN children were safe and then RETREATED BACK TO SAFETY.
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#GunViolence #SchoolShootings

It’s not going to stop on it’s own. Is this long enough yet, America?

Thurston High School.
Columbine High School.
Heritage High School.
Deming Middle School.
Fort Gibson Middle School.
Buell Elementary School.
Lake Worth Middle School.
University of Arkansas.
Junipero Serra High School.
Santana High School.
Bishop Neumann High School.
Pacific Lutheran University.
Granite Hills High School.
Lew Wallace High School.
Martin Luther King, Jr. High School.
Appalachian School of Law.
Washington High School.
Conception Abbey.
Benjamin Tasker Middle School.
University of Arizona.
Lincoln High School.
John McDonogh High School.
Red Lion Area Junior High School.
Case Western Reserve University.
Rocori High School.
Ballou High School.
Randallstown High School.
Bowen High School.
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1/Mass shootings are a great tragedy. Commentators often casually link them w/mental illness. But are there neuro imaging findings to correlate w/their behavior?
A nonpolitical 🧵about what we can see in brains of mass killers
#neuroscience #MedTwitter #NeuroTwitter #GunViolence Image
2/The first mass killer was Charles Whitman, the bell tower shooter in 1966. He complained of headaches before the shooting & a glioblastoma was found in his frontal lobe, leading people to believe that structural abnormalities may lead to this behavior.… Image
3/Unfortunately, this theory did not hold. No other mass killer has had a structural lesion like a tumor. It is often difficult to draw conclusions since much of the brain tissue in these killers is often destroyed by either self or non self inflicted wounds to the head at death
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America has a mental health problem. Guns or not, Americans will continue to destroy themselves and others until we can heal the urge to self-destruct. That is the hardest job we have and we owe it to ourselves and our children to start doing it. #Texas #Uvalde #schoolshooting
2/ On Day 2 after Columbine, we should have taken school shooters seriously. Beyond the epidemic of shooters, there’s an epidemic of failure in our leadership — elected, media, donor class. Anyone recall 9/12 as day we took war on terror srsly? No, cause it never happened.
3/ Colleagues and I have covered the epidemic of school shootings beginning in 2018 when a New Mexico Violent Islamist compound was training its children to become school shooters. #schoolviolence
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As a reminder we have zero proof—ZERO—gun laws work. You know, if you don’t include Japan, U.K., Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Romania, Norway, Austria, Argentina, Netherlands, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Chile, France, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Portugal, Israel, Czechia, Denmark,
Taiwan, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Australia, Estonia, Croatia, New Zealand, Ireland, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco, Lithuania…ignore all those obv not applicable examples & how, oh how, do we ever figure out this complex puzzle???
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My timeline (and my heart) is FULL OF GRIEF.

We need God to intervene and His people to stand against gun violence by pressing for stricter gun control measures.

This is out of hand.

#GunViolence #GunControl
If you care about the victims of gun violence like we have seen in #Uvalde, #Buffalo, #LagunaWoods, #Dallas, etc. then you need to push for policy change. The fact that this many people have access to guns (there are more guns than people in the US) tells a lot about who we are.
The standard responses people give about how guns aren’t the problem & how individual rights will be threatened is tragic.

My heart breaks for the families that will be left without their loved ones because we continue to fail to keep deadly weapons away from deadly people.
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Two students are reported to have been killed and 13 others injured in a shooting that apparently began close to an elementary school in Uvalde, #Texas.…
More on the mass shooting between San Antonio and Del Rio, #Texas:…
A 10-year-old girl is among the dead, reports @KENS5. #GunViolence #Texas
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The mass shooting in #Buffalo, right wing extremism on guns, and the takeover of the judiciary by leveraging abortion (per last week's thread) are connected. The connection is money. It fuels the complex right-wing network that captured the Court and props up politicians.
The network is complex and confusing by design. It makes the "All the President's Men" mantra of "follow the money" really hard. But here are just a *few* of the threads we do know about, and how they connect to #RoeVWade, #GunViolence, #SCOTUS, and white nationalism.
Start with Leonard Leo, who sits at the center of many more overlapping right-wing groups than even he can count (literally: "I have no idea how many groups I’ve been involved with over the years”).… Here's a tiny portion (h/t @EXPOSEDbyCMD):
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While I was knocking doors people didn’t say good bye to me they said be safe. When my best friend leaves my presence she says be safe & make good decisions. Being black anywhere is dangerous & we need to be honest about that fact. The murders yesterday were tragic & horrendous
Since the leaked #scotus decision my timeline has been flooded by people claiming to be pro life lamenting the loss of potential lives yet after 10 black people were murdered I see no response no outrage against #WhiteSupremacy, #gunviolence or calls to ban or limit guns.
Time for a whole sale call out on racism those who promote white supremacy and those who promulgate gun violence. Time to center on the fact #blackpeople are impacted the most by guns @shannonrwatts & @GabbyGiffords are calling out the gun violence time to include the #racsim
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Horrific. A gunman wearing military-style clothing and body armor kills at least 10 people at a supermarket in #Buffalo, #NewYork#racism, misogyny, lax regulations and #gunviolence are interlinked. US policymakers are equally responsible! #endgunviolence…
I live in upstate NY and visit the local #Topssupermarket — I have seen young men dressed as military personnel. The #Buffalo #shooting is just a chilling reminder that U.S. civilians own 400 million #guns —almost half of civilian held firearms globally.
120+ guns/ 100 residents
In 2015 @MotherJones published a special investigation detailing the cost of #gunviolence:$229 billion a year (2012 data). $8.6 billion in direct spending—emergency/medical care & $221 billion in “indirect” costs, quality of life of victims.
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