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The day before the vote...
‘A message to every No voter.
I am extremely confident that tomorrow we will get a Yes vote, but if Scotland votes No, then know this....
The next time Westminster delivers legislation that attacks the...
...poor and dismantles the welfare state. I will blame YOU.
When they introduce policy that ensures the poor pay for the mistakes of the greedy and the rich. I will blame YOU.
When we have to start paying to visit our GPs, and adults and children in poverty suffer...
...needlessly because their parents can't AFFORD to visit their Doctor or pay for prescriptions. I will blame YOU.
When they cut our budget for health, and we will have no choice but to privatise our NHS. I will blame YOU.
Every act of social and economic vandalism...
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Kremlin media outlets Sputnik and RT recently got de-invited to the International Conference on Media Freedom and some folks ain't happy. #WednesdayWisdom

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets from the last 10 days containing "media", "freedom", and "RT" or "Sputnik" and filtered out a couple of early false positives. 9.4% of tweets are automated (average for most datasets of this sort is roughly 3%).
The first on-topic tweet about RT/Sputnik being barred from the conference came from @BotsPutin, which probably isn't a bot although many of the other early accounts to tweet about the subject are in fact automated (mostly newsbots linking custom collections of news sites.)
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Watching the #LibDemLeadership debate on #Sky with @AdamBoulton

I’ve been undecided as each candidate have particular personal qualities that appeal in different circumstances

I think @EdwardJDavey ‘s experience and breadth of understanding is showing

He more credible on “HOW”
@joswinson brings youth and sometimes warmth, humour and a contemporary feel to the debate.

She deals with the issues of electoral cooperation with Pro EU parties better.

BUT the way she responds on the #IndyRef issue unskilfully.
There is no recognition that there’s a difference in outcome for Scotland if we remain in the EU & if we do not.

If we are unsuccessful in stopping Brexit then Scotland, NI & now, I think Wales are being dragged out against their will and to their detriment

We can’t ignore that
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Some will continually share inaccurate, misleading and heavily massaged information while not expecting to be called out on it but there is a difference between arguments of forceful veracity and abuse. (...)
Absolutely challenge the making of statements which with any interrogation are shown to be utterly bogus or purely designed to cause a reaction. But some of the messages sent are wholly unacceptable and need to be challenged. (...)
Political opponents will have their own motivations for saying what they say but by abusing them and using some of the terminology and the slurs being banded around, it does the cause no good. While it is very much a minority, it is a very vocal minority all the same. (...)
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An increasingly attractive reason to see Yes win a second #indyref is that never again will I have to sit and listen to people comprehensively mangling the legal issues underpinning the poll, including stubborn but spurious squabbles about advisory and binding referendums.
People who're maintaining a referendum would be beyond Holyrood's legislative powers without a s.30? You're overstating your case. Its an arguable point of law which has never been authoritatively decided.
People who're maintaining a referendum would be clearly within Holyrood's legislative powers without a s.30? Ibid.
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @JennyLConstable, who voted No in 2014, eloquently explains why she would vote for independence in a future referendum on Scotland’s future.

- Scotland being told that voting No in #IndyRef would mean remaining in EU.

- Scotland’s remain vote being ignored after #EUref.
In my view, one of the best things about 2014 was the many new articulate voices that came to the fore during #IndyRef. Each person that makes there voice heard gives others the confidence to do the same.
Those who already have a significant platform can help by sharing it with others. There’s a new generation waiting to be heard.
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.@jordandaly_, co-founder of @tiecampaign, speaking about their successful campaign to fight homophobia & bigotry in Scotland’s schools. #RebLawSco
.@jordandaly_: ‘I met @_liamstevenson during #indyref. I won’t tell you what side we were on, but it was all about social justice & a better Scotland....’ 😉 #RebLawSco
.@jordandaly_: "We were bitten by an activist bug & had the confidence that we could change things." That's where @TieCampaign came from, & they started organising in schools for change. #RebLawSco
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An unpopular view in Westminster, but @eucopresident is right - and all good Brexiteers (as well as Remainers) should agree with him. Here's why... (1)
The Leave campaign took the conscious decision at the start of the #EUref campaign in 2016 to keep both their definition of Brexit and any plan to deliver it vague (2)
Why? So that they wouldn't fall into Alex Salmond's trap during the #indyref of getting killed on the detail. @matthew_elliott confirmed this at the time, and it was a masterful strategy that worked (3)
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With news of a Scottish "Charity" which was funded by the Forign Office, to push Right Wing / Anti-Labour propaganda to the Masses, I have decided to have a look back at something SCARILY simmilar, to the point it may be related.#FakeNats (THREAD)
I have been researching and Investigating a lot of @twitter accounts, who were appearing to be very proud, and vocal supporters of Scottish Independence, but when you really drilled into the discourses of their content, it was clearly Anti-@UKLabour #FakeNats
Props to @johncferguson for using resources i can only dream of, to look into this nasty use of Propaganda to trick Scotland (and the UK) into allowing the Tories to remain in control of the UK! #FakeNats
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I hope that this extraordinary story from Canada means what I think it means, @csiscanada.

Godspeed, Moosecom. #FVEY…
Let me say that the Clerk, Mr. James, was embezzling expenses during 2011 when he was in charge of elections.

He traveled unnecessarily.

The men have not been told why they are being investigated. That suggests it's more than graft.…
Does anybody know if this Gary Lenz and this Gary Lenz formerly of AGT are the same person (I'm not suggesting they are, just asking?)
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This week we're going to see the end of a delusion: that @theresa_may would ever deliver the hard Brexit the Tory right want. She's not going to - and No Deal is a bluff. That's why they're mobilising the No Confidence vote in May... 1/
2/ It will mark the definitive defeat of the Trump project in Britain: these are the anti-abortionists, homophobes and open racists and their dream just died. Good. But what's equally clear is...
3/ ... @theresa_may cannot get the deal she's done through the Commons. The only deal that can get through the Commons is one that leaves the UK closer to Europe, including the Single Market. And the only political leader that can deliver it is @jeremycorbyn ... but...
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Two things that I'm thinking about as very serious issues this weekend:

1. Do you remember how quickly the Soviet Bloc collapsed? We're all thinking about life post-#Brexit as sort of muddling through, business as usual, but I think that's unlikely. >>>
If there's no deal, if the borders clog up - both looking virtually certain just now - there will be a sudden, long lasting, critical shortage of fresh food. Britain isn't used to that. I believe there will be civil disorder. >>>
It means there will be less food in the shops. It means the prices will rise. It means the poor will go without. It means there will be hunger. It means that social inequity will become even more stark. >>>
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Small thread on the lack of empathy on the British side about EU's lack of flexibility on four freedoms and vassalage. /1
There are three key drivers of the current impasse of negotiations: control of borders (aka less migration), end of ECJ oversight and control of own laws as well as constitutional (or territorial) integrity of UK. /2
All those aspects seem not compatible w/ EU red lines which leads to shouts of betrayal and resistance towards vassalage and submission is needed. /3
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Me and JK Rowling; A Thread: I grew up not just with Harry Potter but down the road from JK Rowling, in Edinburgh. A place where it was easy to imagine the world she had created had come to life. Like most children and teens, I was obsessed with the books and couldn't wait for
each new one. Going past her house on the bus I would desperately try and peer over the fence. Reading interviews I felt inspired by her story, her clear love of Scotland and her struggles as a single mum. Like me, she seemed to be a true socialist at heart, and the books
reflected that too; they were full of stories about justice, love and kindness. I was perhaps a bit let down when I found out her kids attended private school, since Edinburgh has so many excellent state schools, mine being one of them. But she was still a hero, an inspiration.
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Meet @Garexit, the official Twitter account of the Gary, Indiana secession campaign. If you live in Gary (or anywhere else) and have never heard of this movement, that's not surprising, as we made it up in early April.
We decided to use @Garexit to test a couple of the social media automation services we've seen used by other bots, and simultaneously gauge the online activity around various secession movements.
We started with This service is a search-based news aggregator. We configured it to gather articles based on the search terms "Indiana secession movements" and "Texas secession", and to link the articles on Twitter.
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Thread: Pro-Kremlin accounts boosted accusations of fraud after Scottish #indyref. #ElectionWatch @DFRLab…
Scotland voted on September 18, 2014. "Yes" leader Alex Salmond conceded defeat early on Sep 19.…
While the results were still coming out, the Russian election observer said that the vote "didn't meet international standards".
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