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New study:

“The #LongCovid patient showed clear differences in the ventilated area compared to control subject.. uneven distribution of ventilation dominated the findings… a chest CT did not show pathological findings”…
“Many #LongCovid patients suffer from dyspnea on exertion. To visualize exercise-induced dyspnea, a post-COVID patient and a healthy volunteer underwent an exercise test on a treadmill under stress relevant to everyday life monitored by electrical impedance tomography (EIT).”
“EIT is suitable for visualizing disturbed ventilation of the lungs, both at rest and under stress. The potential as a diagnostic tool in dyspnea assessment should be investigated”
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Dans le Bulletin de l'Académie Nationale de Médecine, une publication importante qui rappelle qu'il existe des biomarqueurs des atteintes neurologiques présentes dans le Covid long :
[thread] #apresj20 #longcovid…
Le neuro-PASC est le phénotype des formes de séquelles du Covid le plus fréquent. Il est généralement associé à d'autres séquelles organiques : cardiovasculaires, immunitaires, pulmonaires, etc.
Dans cette review,
l'équipe du Pr Guedj note que "le COVID long semble être de plus en plus compris comme une atteinte multisystémique, en lien possible avec la distribution ubiquitaire des récepteurs ACE2 ou NRP1 comme possible voie d’entrée cellulaire au virus".
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A unifying *hypothesis* to explain the seemingly miraculous response to #TheNicotineTest and how it might prevent PEM in #LongCovid #vaccineinjured #mecfs - a root cause approach to PEM by modulation of the Default Mode Network in the brain. Very long thread incoming!🧵
DMN is activated in the ‘off setting’ - meditation, day dreaming, no chores get done, no brain trigger to adapt to environment, may relate to feeling of being unable to talk/move/ respond in a crash. DMN is deactivated during activity, action, cognitive/ exercise Simple graph showing higher...
When measuring DMN, there is ‘activity’ and ‘connectivity’ to other brain parts. Both of these are altered in ME.
⬆️ connectivity at rest in ME with areas of fatigue and depression
⬇️ connectivity / less coordinated during a task
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37% der Teilnehmer dieser Querschnittsstudie berichten über Inneres Zittern oder Summen/Vibrieren bei #LongCovid

Die 423 Teilnehmer hatten ein Durchschnittsalter von 46 Jahren, 74 % waren weiblich, und 158 (37 %) gaben "inneres Zittern oder Summen/Vibrieren" als…

#COVID19 Image
ein Long COVID-Symptom an. Die Teilnehmer mit innerem Zittern oder Vibrieren hatten einen signifikant schlechteren Gesundheitszustand, gemessen anhand der visuellen Euro-QoL-Skala (Median: 40 vs. 50 Punkte) und hatten im Vergleich zu den Teilnehmern ohne inneres Zittern Image
signifikant häufiger neu auftretende Mastzellerkrankungen (11 % gegenüber 2,6 %), neurologische Erkrankungen (22 % gegenüber 8,3 %), Angstzustände (20 % gegenüber 8,7 %) und trauma- oder stressbedingte psychische Störungen (12 % gegenüber 3,4 %). Teilnehmer mit innerem Zittern
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Erinnert mich an die tödlichen Licht Esoterik.

Esoteriker treiben jetzt ihr Unwesen auch in der medizinischen Universität in Wien. Es wäre Interessant zu wissen wer diesen Mist finanziert. #MECFS #LongCovid 1/3 Image
Läuft vermutlich wie bei der @ChariteBerlin. Dort wird ähnliches durch eine pseudowissenschaftliche Stiftungen finanziert die die ehrliche Wissenschaft unterwandert und Patienten betrügt. Charité spielt bei diesen Spiel mit! 2/3

@georgrestle @Karl_Lauterbach @tazgezwitscher ImageImage
An das erinnert mich der esoterische Weg der medizinischen Universität Wien. 3/3

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#LongCovid is fundamentally important to the #CostofLivingCrisis in two ways.
1. 1 in 10 infections lead to long term care #LongCovid. If you can’t work you can’t pay the bills. Many have become homeless who have long covid.
2. Long covid is causing high levels of staff …
shortages, which is causing inflation to spiral as employers are forced to raise wages to try to find staff.
This government are playing down the importance of these shortages from long covid. 1 in 10 infections are leading to long covid. This situation will continue to deteriorate until they start to address covid infections. #Denial
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Been getting some harsh criticism for homeschooling my son. One of the main reasons we have homeschooled since 2022 is because when he was infected with delta in 2021, the school removed the infected student in his class at 10AM that day and didn’t tell anyone to come get their
kids, nor did they air out the classroom or remove the kids from the class, or do anything to decrease his chances of getting infected. Instead he sat in the classroom where his infected classmate was and breathed in the virus.
After that my trust was completely depleted and I took him out of school when omicron started smashing our province and our leaders started with their “it’s mild” BS.
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Wondering about the terms PEM or pacing? Seen #StopRestPace & were curious as to what it referenced? Been in our community a long time & want easy ways to explain these concepts? Perhaps you have seen pacing misused & want to clear that up. We hope this thread helps! #pwME #PwLC A helpful thread on PEM, pa...
Post-exertional malaise (PEM) is the cardinal symptom of ME/CFS. PEM is a flare of symptoms and/or the appearance of new symptoms after exertion, often presenting 24 hours after the triggering event. Physical activity, cognitive overexertion, & sensory overload can trigger PEM. What is PEM? Post-exertiona...
Sometimes exertion is misunderstood as exercise. Exertion is defined here as anything that stresses or strains the system. No trigger can be controlled all of the time. The goal of pacing is to MINIMIZE post-exertional malaise rather than eliminate it.
#PEM #MECFS #LongCovid Exertion does not equal exe...
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mit diesem Trick mogelten sich #Ungarn in #Gematria auf Nummer 906 #Magyarország
heisst Ungarn
2) da kommt gleich in Zeile 2 eine Drohung
"you are going to die soon"
Hr. Dörnyei ist im Haus. Man hört ihn durch alle Wände, auch ohne Auto. Mit #looking #glass versuchen sie #Gedanken #Träume zu sehen. Funktioniert übrigens auch bei Ihnen. Wie kann Bad Wie...eigentlich Image
3) bei der #Erpressung einer #Einwohnerin mitspielen. Glauben Sie ernsthaft, das #RoteKreuz #Johanniter geben Ihnen etwas ab? Sie naiv? Geschäftemacher! Vorbestellt Mitglieder #Habsburg #Bourbon #Frankreich #Spanien #Windsor #Putin #Trump Image
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#LongCovid is an heterogeneous disease with multiple manifestations that might range from subclinical to fatal. It can basically affect all organs and body systems. Long Covid was openly recognized by the WHO in August 2020 after intense advocacy from Covid survivors
The first descriptions of #LongCovid came from social media like Twitter. People in early hotspots were often left at home with no medical support in collapsed healthcare systems. They took on social media to raise the alarm about the real nature of Covid…
Rather than being a "short" respiratory disease, dangerous only in the "old and sick", as said in many media and by many policymakers, Covid was a prolonged, multifaceted, multi-system disease that could hit badly even those deemed to be at "low risk"…
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PEM still not mentioned or discussed
Rest yes but why? PEM
Giving lifestyle advice is not proportionate or equitable & minimises #LongCovid
-good diet & rest need £ & privilege
This exercise advice is plain dangerous 😳
🙏We deserve better
@xandvt ImageImage
🛑This is minimum symptom management requirements
Yet many of us
🚨Don't have the energy to talk to someone
🚨People don't want to listen
🚨Don't have the energy to take a walk everyday
🚨Have sleep disturbance & pathology so can't sleep
Advice that can be given
- being told about PEM
- get people to be checked for POTS, MCAS
- tell people it's a serious pathology often as disabling as a stroke or Parkinson's or late stage cancer
-it would not be acceptable for these conditions to ONLY be given lifestyle advice.
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more I watch this moment 👀
more I feel full manipulation 😳

why did you do accept this scientific humiliation @DrTedros ?
yup 😳 #CovidIsAirborne

first BA.4 and BA.56, and then a veritable zoo of second-generation saltation variants and recombinants – have appeared since then
🔥🐸🔥 hot


2 million people 😳 expected
between 26. -31.06.2023
⬇️ Image
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“The only other virus that attacks and kills T-cells is HIV, which causes AIDS, said Katzenback.”

Maybe repeatedly infecting our kids with SARSCoV2 wasn’t such a great idea?

Guess we’ll find out.

#Covid #LongCovid #LongCovidKids #Health #CovidIsntOver…
“With the loss of these T-cells, we are now more vulnerable to all of these other infections, other viruses, other bacteria,” said Katzenback.

#Covid #LongCovid #Health #Strep #StrepA #Flu #pneumonia
“Individuals who are infected with COVID have many fewer T-cells,” said Katzenback. “That’s a problem for us because T-cells are a really important part of our immune system that helps defend us against infection.”
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The moment you start withholding information from the public during a pandemic — such as deliberately suppressing the reality & risk of #LongCovid — Is the moment you open the floodgates for bad actors to spread dangerous misinformation.

At that point — you’ve lost all trust.
So when people are confronted with reality of #LongCovid but realize they are not hearing this information from the public health authorities who swore to inform them —

It creates an incident of exposure, & folks become susceptible to conspiracy narratives about other topics.
If they were lying to us about risk of infection how do we know they are not lying to us about XYZ?

How do I know whether scientific community can be trusted or Joe Rogan off his rocker?

At that point you cannot corroborate “following the science” & current public health policy
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A small study but it shows ➡️ a marked increase of bone marrow edema in the phalanges of hands and feet after the beginning of the covid pandemic in the study group, suggesting SARS-CoV-2 infection as a potential trigger

The patients could present with pain and skin erythema, similar to the "covid toes". Analysis of the MRI scans in the study showed similarities to Raynaud's phenomenon. The pandemic increase was thirteenfold (13 times higher than pre-), which was statistically significant
Most cases, but not all, were found in middle-aged (mean 40.3 ± 14,3 years) female patients (80.0%), with no comorbidities. A previous SARS-CoV-2 infection was documented only in some cases (this doesn't exclude an asymptomatic/pauci-symptomatic or undocumented infection)
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Dieser Preprint untersucht die Rolle des #Vagus bei #LongCovid und "using objective measurements, this study contributes to underscore the organicity of [LC]".

Untersucht wurde der Vagus per Nervensonographie und mittels Funktionstests.

Dass die Querschnittsfläche bei LC größer war als bei Kontrollen ist in Diskrepanz zu einer Studie, wo dies genau umgekehrt war.

Da die Werte aber prinzpiell im Normbereich liegen, ist das kein Biomarker. Im Einzelfall war der Vagus verdickt.


Veränderungen des Vagus gibt es auch bei anderen Erkrankungen mit Dysautonomie, zB

Verdickung bei Guillain Barré Syndrom ➡️…

Atrophie bei Parkinson ➡️…

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Omicron infection can lead to #LongCovid in a significant proportion of nonhospitalized patients 6–12 months after infection. A study on 6242 people of all ages from Hong Kong infected up to 6 May 2022, with Covid proven by positive PCR or RAT…
Unfortunately, the article is beahind a paywall, so I am unable to evaluate appropriately methods and limitations of the study. I have only access to the abstract
"This is a large-scale retrospective study. A total of 6242 of 12 950 nonhospitalized subjects of all ages with [confirmed] SARS-CoV-2 during the Omicron dominant outbreak .. in Hong Kong were included. Prevalence of long COVID, symptom frequency, and risk factors were analyzed"
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Etwa 28 Millionen Amerikaner, die an #COVID19 erkrankt waren, haben ihren Geschmacks- oder Geruchssinn nie wieder vollständig zurückgewonnen, und die Patienten sagen, dass dies ihre Lebensqualität erheblich beeinträchtigt. 🧵

#LongCovid #Coronavirus #SARSCoV2 #CovidIsNotOver Image
„Äußerst frustrierend": Millionen von #COVID-Patienten leben ohne Geschmacks- und Geruchssinn

Etwa ein Viertel der Amerikaner, die an #COVID19 erkrankt waren, haben ihren Geschmacks- oder Geruchssinn nie wieder vollständig zurückgewonnen, so die Forscher von „Massachusetts Eye
and Ear“. Ohne eine Möglichkeit der Behandlung kann die Krankheit nach Ansicht von Experten zu einer Verschlechterung der geistigen und körperlichen Gesundheit führen. "Unsere Studie untersucht auf Haushaltsebene - quasi von Tür zu Tür - wie viel Prozent der Patienten ihren
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Viele in Japan tragen immer noch Masken, um eine Infektion zu vermeiden

„Obwohl jeder Einzelne selbst entscheiden kann, ob er eine Maske tragen möchte oder nicht, sieht man die überwältigende Mehrheit der Japaner immer noch mit Masken…

#MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver #COVID19 #Corona Image
auf den Straßen und in den Nahverkehrszügen. Sowohl in Innenräumen als auch im Freien war die beliebteste Antwort unter den Befragten, die "immer" Masken trugen, etwa 40 %, während fast 30 % "oft" Masken trugen. Der Prozentsatz der Personen, die im Freien keine Masken trugen, war Image
geringfügig höher als in Innenräumen, aber nicht sehr hoch. Die häufigste Situation, in der die Befragten eine Maske trugen, war "im Krankenhaus" mit 76 %, dicht gefolgt von "in überfüllten öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln" und "im Supermarkt oder Lebensmittelgeschäft" mit jeweils Image
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Is there a link between @remissionbiome and #TheNicotineTest? Could the DMN be a major key? Going to post some threads/ tweets here and then go off to research! Anyone who has the interest and the spoons, join in! #LongCovid #mecfs #pwME #vaccineinjured
DMN regulation in PEM/ link to the health rising article in @tessfalor ‘s *excellent* thread here
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“They wouldn’t let #Covid spread if it was THAT bad…”

Miners Lung
Sewage in waterways

Historically, governments ALWAYS put short-term financial gains above public health.

Studies showed organ damage in 2020! (Pre vaccines)

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Do you have #longcovid and feel that your symptons align with that indicating #viralpersistence? Did you know a lot of research indicates that's what's wrong with us? There is some hope. Read on. 🧵
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I've concerns about the way Tony Fauci frames our fight with Covid | a bit of a long thread. First, there is a big difference between pursuing eradication, and surrender to the virus through "living with/mass infection" policies. Which is what we, actually, have now
Second, I'm not saying that SARS-CoV-2 can be eradicated in the current sociopolitical context. But, the virus has been eliminated multiple times in multiple countries, or came close to. This pointed to elimination or hard containment being possible
The decision not to pursue eradication (global elimination) or (local) elimination has been dictated, in my opinion, more by socio-economic than public health concerns. I'm not saying eradication was necessarily possible.
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Nach nur 3 Liedern stützt sich Robbie Williams auf seine Knie. Die Band hat gerade mit dem 4. Lied begonnen, aber er sagt ihnen, sie sollen aufhören.
„Ich bin am Arsch“, sagt er außer Atem. Mit jungenhaftem Blick ins Publikum: „Es ist #LongCovid. Nicht mein Alter, ihr Bastarde!“ Image
„Die Show muss weitergehen - und das tut sie auch - aber wer genau hinschaut, sieht, dass Williams leidet. Sitzen, liegen, gehen statt laufen, so wenig tanzen wie möglich, das sind alles Methoden, um sich zu schonen. Aber eigentlich kann man das nicht, wenn man Headliner bei Image
Pinkpop ist und eine volle Wiese für einen da ist.

Robbie Williams hat keine Energie und kämpft sich bei Pinkpop bis zum Ende durch

Von Energiemangel geplagt, erweist sich Robbie Williams am Samstagabend bei Pinkpop als nicht gut genug, um ein komplettes Konzert zu geben. Mit Image
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