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1-VERY early on we warned about 'pain contracts', the weaponized PDMP, & probable ramifications.
Some of us predicted that opioid policies would metastasize to other meds; suggested that a palliative care exemption for chronic pain patients and MDs who treated them was needed. 😔
2-We sounded the alarm about suicides in our community, real harms to people already sick and injured due to 'opioid policies'.
We were told that our accounts were anecdotes, that 'studies' would be needed for 'proof'.
We continue to suffer & watch friends/loved ones suffer/die.
3-We saw how 'DRUG' stigma was passed from one community to the sick & injured. How addiction tx options then somehow became the 'solution' for people with #chronicpain; patients already stable and functional on affordable, safe, and effective old school opioid medicines.
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1/4 Today, as co-chairs of the Special Advisory Committee on the Epidemic of #OpioidOverdoses, Dr. Yves Léger and I are releasing the latest national data on the #OverdoseCrisis.…
2/4 These latest data show the tragic and continued increase in average daily deaths and hospitalisations due to opioid-related overdoses in Canada in 2021, compared to earlier years. Image
3/4 From April to June 2022, a total of 1,652 people lost their lives, while 1,163 were hospitalized due to an opioid-related overdose. #StopOverdoses Image
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How do you spell Government Waste?


@kennethpolite of @TheJusticeDept side stepped questions from journalist inquiring as to the costs involved in the new Strike Force.

The @DEAHQ has documented that diversion of RX is rare. Only 1%…
are diverted.

Yes... that's where the Millions of taxpayer's dollars are going!

🧐How coincidental that this strike force targeting physicians & pharmacists was announced the day following the Supreme Court voted 9-0 that the Government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt
that the defendant knowingly or intentionally acted in an unauthorized manner.

The ruling is explained here by @RonChapmanAtty

Would it surprise anyone to learn that @kennethpolite was involved in the #Ruan case?…
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The intrusion into the practice of medicine is based on race, gender, sex and disability discrimination.

1st target #Pain management
2nd target Gender Affirming Care
3rd target #Abortion
What will they target next?

#StopCriminalizingPatientCenteredCare The intrusion into the practice of medicine is based on race
Misinformation & propaganda is being disseminated by the government and still floods the media. The #Gaslighting of America has been extremely effective.…
Individuals with incurable chronic illnesses, #RareDiseases #Disabilities that involve severe pain as a component are being deprived of appropriate medical treatment.
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There is NEVER a justification for violence towards medical professionals.

Perpetuating Fear & #Stigma is NOT beneficial

It's rare for individuals in #Pain to strike out in violence at medical professionals.

Does it happen? Yes.

Should it? NO!
The ONLY way to prevent future occurrences is to understand WHY it is happening & avoid Fear Mongering & casting aspersions on a population of patients who are experiencing Systemic #Discrimination.

Under & Untreated patients experiencing unremitting pain are more likely to Image
Three cases of people committing such an extreme act of violence is NOT a trend & is NOT reflective of the #PainPatient population as a whole.

There are an estimated 50 million people living with #ChronicPain.

These cases are anomalies, the Root Cause needs to be addressed
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Now for some Perspective & Rationality over Fear mongering Click Bait headlines

There are Millions Americans living with Chronic Pain who are living with untreated & under treated #Pain since @CDCInjury issued Guidelines for "PCPs" in 2016.

This type of action is an anomaly.
Of the millions of people who have faced systematic discrimination & under treatment, or no treatment, have lost the ability to function & their quality of life there have been 3 instances where they or a family member has committed an act of violence of this magnitude in

More commonly the individual will take their own life rather than lashing out at a medical professional. Image
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2)"Commonly, people who investigate and discuss opioid overdose deaths believe that the deaths are exclusively due to the disease of addiction, but here again, they are mistaken. An estimated 30 percent or more of overdoses are believed to be suicides.…
3)People in pain are almost three times as likely as the general population to commit suicide.

In addition, current efforts to curb opioid prescribing have pushed many people to the streets to purchase illegal, and more lethal, drugs. This is even true for some people
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“Misinterpretation of the “Overdose Crisis” continues to fuel misunderstanding of the role of prescription opioids”

Written with @GhanaboyPharmd @JeffreyFudin @headdock

#TwitteRx #MedTwitter

A brief 🧵to highlight the FACTS:…
This editorial looks to address ongoing #false narratives regarding opioid prescribing and its current role in the #overdosecrisis

In it, we use several excerpts from a recently published news release by PROP, given the distorted reality it represents…

We challenge the view that continued reductions in prescription opioids will be the “key to ending this [overdose] epidemic”…

As if cutting prescriptions in half throughout the US the past decade has resulted in reduced overdose deaths 🧐🧐🧐 Image
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NEW: The province has finally released the latest drug poisoning deaths. 176 Albertans died in both November and December, the highest ever.

A total 1,758 Albertans died of a drug poisoning in 2021. #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #overdosecrisis #yeg #yyc
The province also added deaths to previous months:

Oct: 162 deaths (prev. 153)
Sept: 163 (prev. 156)
August: 136 (prev. 129)
July: 143 (prev. 140)
June: 143 (prev. 142)
May: 138 (prev. 137)
April: 126 (prev. 122)
March: 135 (unchanged)
Feb: 114 (unchanged)
Jan: 146 (prev. 144)
Opioid-specific deaths in Alberta 2021
Nov: 171
Dec: 175*
*Highest recorded

2021 Total: 1,602
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New from me, Part 1 of a three-part project that has been about three months in the making looking at the growing drug poisoning crisis in Edmonton.… #yeg #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #overdosecrisis
In Part 1, I spoke with four families in the Edmonton area who all lost a loved one to an overdose between 2015-2021.

I can’t stress enough how thankful I am to the families who were willing to sit down and share what was one of the worst moments of their lives for this piece.
Photos and video for the project are by the phenomenal @davidbloomphoto and @GregSoutham. The video edit is by @allisonpelech.

Part 1 will also be in this Saturday's paper.
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I'd like to explain why #PainPatients & the #disability community is having a VERY difficult time w/this suite of articles about #ChronicPain.
I did find a more balanced view in some of the articles, & that's a good start for journos covering #ChronicPain. Sadly, it isn't enough.
For the past 7 years, #PainPatients have endured the draconian shift in #healthcare & attitudes toward pain & disability.

Countless patients lost their meds.
Many patients lost their doctors.
Some patients lost their jobs, their spouses, even their children.

Some of us died.🥺
In 2016, the #CDC unleashed their #Guidelines for prescribing #opioids for #ChronicPain.

The guidelines were adopted as a mandate in Rxing & the #StandardOfCare across the board.

Overnight, #PainPatients became a glaring liability for all doctors, & the consequences are harsh.
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So let's punish Medicaid patients for paying cash for their #PainMedicine prescribed by their DOCTOR because it's against the rules. If Medicaid won't pay for it & the patient isn't allowed to, who PAYS? The person in PAIN by their PAIN going UNTREATED? How does this HELP anyone?
This is literally asking for this person to end up with #CHRONICPAIN as well as the loss of income from being unable to WORK. Does Medicaid pay for PT, massage, yoga, etc...? Hell NO! These stupid rules ensure said patient stays in poverty which also increases OD risk...
How you ask? Because they are in pain from either a painful disease, a surgery, or an injury. Not treating the pain slows down & inhibits healing. Healing occurs the sooner one can get up & moving around. It's essential for blood flow, & oxygenation which are necessary for
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"Many embedded research studies are granted a waiver of consent from patients, with the requirement that personal health information be protected from disclosure."

This means embedded pragmatic clinical trials (ePCTs) via NIH don't need patient consent.…
There are NIH ePCTs taking place in regard to pain and (conflating) addiction. There is also medication sparing programs for post-operative patients and for chronic pain through the HEAL initiative.
The Pragmatic and Implementation Studies for the Management of Pain to Reduce Opioid Prescribing (PRISM) is the main ePCT taking place via the HEAL initiative. Meaning, patients are studied within the delivery model (EHR) and consent requirements likely waived via data protection
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#PainSpeaking Thread -Suicidal Pain

Living with #CRPS isn't easy. We all need to have a good support system to survive this wicked beast. I wrote this several years ago after reading a post on Facebook about Suicidal Pain.

I am normally a very private person. And, if anyone
2) had told me that I would have shared this narrative with anyone. Much less that I would have posted it on a public forum like Twitter before I wrote it, I would have told them they were Nuckin' Futz.

But, CRPS/RSD changes us all. And, when I read the post on Suicidal Pain.
3) I felt compelled to share this narrative.

We live with the "Suicide Disease" every day and the only way to survive it is to support one another & help each other keep it together & not slip off the slippery slope that CRPS/RSD, untreated & undertreated pain seems to like to
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These numbers are staggering - as they have been since the health emergency was declared in April 2016. There is no way to adequately articulate the immense suffering and heartbreak this horrifying loss of life has brought to our province. 1/ #bcpoli #overdosecrisis
I recently met with a local chapter of @momsstoptheharm and we discussed the gaping voids in our existing patchwork of supports and services for the countless British Columbians with substance use disorder. 2/ #bcpoli
One parent told me: ‘we need immediate low barrier, regulated, non-stigmatized safe supply to save people from the poisoned drug supply. Because if your child dies there's no more time for other interventions to help.' 3/ #bcpoli
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While many minds are being blown by the ineptitude of the CMOH let me take you on a “journey”.. it’s called the overdose crisis in Ontario

A thread..

Dr. David Williams was appointed Ontario's First-Ever Provincial “Overdose Coordinator” in 2016. The focus of the strategy was to look at pharmaceuticals despite ppl on the ground saying ppl are dying from heroin laced w/ fentanyl. And that de-prescribing would cause deaths.
People on the ground were being ignored as the death rate climbed & fentanyl made its way in to the street drug supply. Data was not timely & lack of it was used to suppress what ppl knew. In the first 6 mnths of 2015 371 ppl died - 728 for the yr. In 2016 867 deaths in ON.
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50-80 people are dying of #overdose per week in Ontario. This crisis is severe. The only reason this isn't in the headlines daily is because we live in a world where we criminalize drugs + the pple who use them. This is only going to get worse during wave 2 of #COVID19
Min. of Health @PattyHajdu knows how severe the crisis is. She wrote to all provincial MOH's + and professional colleges: "take concrete action to help address these increasing harms and to better protect the health, safety and lives of these Canadians."…
Understand this- pple are dying preventable deaths in the #overdosecrisis. Why are 50-80 people dying/week in ON when we have the solutions? Pple who use drugs have told us how to fix it- we need courage + political will to get us there. Hold leaders accountable for this carnage!
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Here @jasonluan88 responds to arguments for #safesupply brought forward by advocates on social & mainstream media, but it appears that he needs help with understanding and interpretation of the arguments and data in support of safe supply.
Thread: 1/
#Abpoli #Ableg
In the headline @jasonluan88 continues to use stigmatizing language with the word “addict”. People who use drugs are people first!
Stigma causes people to to use and die alone.

Here are helpful resources on stigma for the minsiter.

#ableg #abpoli
A person with lived and living experience is free to chose how they self-identify, but unless @jasonluan88 has lived experience he should stick to #PersonFirstLanuage
#Abpoli #Ableg
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There are important issues this article in @CalgarySunRSS & the comments by @jasonluan88 miss:
(1) First we have to keep people alive to give them a chance for recovery. During #covid19 drugs are more toxic, and seeking and taking drugs is more dangerous.…
re @CalgarySunRSS & @jasonluan88:
(2) when people struggle with addiction, drug use happens, regardless of consequences. Creating more treatment spaces in a crisis will helps some but not all. People will seek treatment when they are ready and ready is different for each person
re @CalgarySunRSS & @jasonluan88:
(3) prescribing a safe alternative to toxic street drugs does not equate to "free drugs". It means prescription alternatives to toxic street supply within provincial drug plans. It is a public health approach to a health crisis. #safesupply
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