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POS is superior than POW. A long thread 🧵.
Remember: Here I am saying that #POS is superior to #POW, not that all POS #blockchains are good, there are always bad-built blockchains, both in POW & POS.
1.1) POW with many #miners requires a lot of #energy & #pollutes (without renevables), this is a waste of energy, not because the provided service is not of high level, but because we have alternatives (POS). The generated heat could be dangerous too for our environment.
1.2) On the contrary a POS blockchain uses only a fraction of a POW blockchain energy to work. A POS blockchain could be also carbon neutral or carbon negative as #elrond.
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With #Ethereum's consensus mechanism changing from proof-of-work ("#PoW") to proof-of-stake ("#PoS"), as part of the merge scheduled for ~Q4 2022, let us look into what this implies for Miner Extractable Value ("#MEV")

(1/x) It is difficult to maintain decentralisation while scaling a blockchain that utilises PoW since it becomes increasingly challenging to participate as a miner. This is currently happening to Ethereum, and mining has started centralising around a few large mining pools
(2/x) Through PoS, modularity increases as more investors can stake their $ETH than participate as a miner—the system is broken down into smaller parts and the net result is a more capable network less dependent on centralising forces
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1/ There have been many amazing #threads about $stETH and $ETH, to complement that we will uncover the basis of #liquidstaking in our latest #visualguide

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
2/ #LiquidStaking is one of the ways to generate a #yield from an asset by utilizing the #composability of liquid staking derivative (LSD) #tokens

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
3/ #LiquidStaking is needed to reduce the barrier to become #validator and indirectly to increase #liquidity across the networks.

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
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I believe more #PoW than #PoS due to trust in Satoshi's original intention to create #Bitcoin, which is to associate energy & chips in the real world with value in the digital world, not left hand to right as $UST & $LUNA

$KDA #KADENA is scalable #PoW 😀

It's an amazing song👇
Find this old twitter ...

#PoW vs #Pos
#Bitcoin $BTC #Ethereum $ETH
#XRP $XRP #Cardano $ADA #Solana $SOL #Polkadot $DOT #Tron $TRX #Avalanche $AVAX #Polygon $Matic #Litecoin $LTC #NEAR $NEAR #Monero $XMR #Stellar $XLM #Cosmos $Atom #Algorand $Algo


+1) And this one twitter ...

When you feel scared, take a look at the hash rate graph😀

Don't forget they are #PoW #Blockchain

#Bitcoin $BTC
#Kadena $KDA

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Has anyone started paying more attention to the scalable #POW blockchain, #Kadena?

$KDA @kadena_io inherits the #security, #stability, and #decentralization of #Bitcoin
The biggest difference is that it is #scalable and has Turing's incomplete readability contract language #Pact
Please read it ...

#PoS != #Crypto

Nothing is worse than Proof of Stake ...


$BTC #Bitcoin $ETH #Ethereum $AVAX #Avalanche $SOL #Solana

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Why #Ethereum and #POS networks are just ponzi schemes.

Thread 👇 🧵
1/ So let me get this very straight why ethereum and every POS is a scam and will always be a scam.

Yield farming = A giant ponzi scheme that will last only if new investors deposit their money into it so the previous ones get paid.
2/ The fiat yield farming lasted long cause guess what, their APY ain't 20% and also they have central banks that print free money (in case you haven't noticed).

The POS staking, is nothing but another yield farming with cryptocurrencies.
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1/15 GM anon, we hope you didn't get rekt by the recent market events 😭 - we are back with some 🔝 alpha: earn NFTs 🖼️, Token rewards 🤑 and maybe even #airdrops 🪂 on @arbitrum

🧵👇 Image
@arbitrum 2/15 Last few days showed us that #decentralization IS important. The recent narrative of scalable but affordable alt #L1 blockchains is now under question. Now comes the time for a better solution - #L222 on top of the arguably most secure L1, @ethereum Image
@arbitrum @ethereum 3/15 Assume by now you've heard about the upcoming #ArbitrumOdyssey? This 🧵 will drop some alpha about it 🤫 that not many are talking about yet. Read on if you want to find additional ways to earn and get yourself some potential rewards 🤑 Image
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🧵 Was cooking dinner and mulling over tokens, why there are so many, do we ever need them, maybe ERC-20 tokens are not what we thought they were, and why I'm slowly catching on to the potential of #NFTs. Random thoughts, some of it obvious, felt like typing it up. 1/16
Currently I only really see two "use-cases" for the majority of ERC-20 tokens in most cases not providing much real utility. Projects create them as it is an easy way to bootstrap a fundraise and a way to provide future incentives to use their protocol. 2/16
Us guys follow that thread and look to speculate on this something out of nothing value creation to try and acquire these tokens at lower prices and sell them at higher prices, whilst trying to outrun lack of real utility or high emissions. 3/16
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#LiquidStaking Week 1

Liquid Staking is one of the most innovative developments in #DeFi. This week we explore it with @ClayStack_HQ.

Read through to explore revenue-generating opportunities!

A thread (🧵)

What is #LiquidStaking?

Staking in its current form requires users to lock their tokens for a certain period of time, due to which they lose much-needed #liquidity. Liquid staking protocols enable the issuance of liquid tokens to solve this problem.

Why do you need liquid tokens?

These tokens (csMATIC in the case of @ClayStack_HQ) are #yield-generating #tokens that represent the underlying stake.

So users get the dual benefit of staking rewards and also the opportunity to compound their yields on #Polygon's DeFi.

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Tu stakes tes $ETH sur @LidoFinance pour des bETH, tu les collatéralises sur @anchor_protocol et empruntes des stablecoins ( LTV de 70%) pour farmer avec du $LUNA en LP tokens grâce à la #DeFi, tu as un APY de 16%

Rien compris ? Le guide👇

L'airdrop est une stratégie marketing des startups #crypto pour promouvoir le projet. Il s'agit de distribuer gratuitement leurs #cryptomonnaies aux utilisateurs actuels ou potentiels.

Altcoin est un mot-valise composé de "alternative" et "coin" pour former "altcoin". Il désigne en réalité un groupe de #cryptomonnaies , l'ensemble des monnaies virtuelles autres que le #Bitcoin
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I decided to figure out how often I should be compounding my #CosmosEcosystem staking rewards, and it's actually nowhere near as often as I thought:

I was also surprised to learn the following about some popular #IBCgang coins, including which coin 100% shouldn't be staked... ImageImage
1. Background: All Proof-of-Stake coins in circulation are effected by inflation, and then the staked coins receive those newly created coins as rewards. Starting with Juno...
2. JUNO:
APR: 87.53%
APY: 139.21%
Inflation: 40%
Net staking yield: 99.21%

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👉 Hoy vamos a destripar una #altcoin que mañana (debería) lanzar su primera moneda estable algorítmica en la red de NEAR, emulando a $LUNA, y ya sabéis que eso suele ser... 🚀

❤️️Deja tu RT y tu LIKE que nos vamos de caza juntos👇
👨‍💻 ¿QUÉ ES #NEAR?

Blockchain de C1. Red descentralizada, construida desde 0.
Buscó crear un ecosist. propio, basado en ofrecer herramientas que permiten a desarrolladores construir y ESCALAR apps sobre su red, dando al usuario final una experiencia intuitiva y unas bajas fees.
1. Usabilidad: Permite a desarrolladores crear apps descentralizadas, incluso si no dominan la blockchain.
2. Escalabilidad: Diseñada para fragmentarse a medida que crece y evitar congestiones.
3. Interoperabilidad: Permite comunicación o transmisión de datos entre su red central
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¿Qué está pasando con ETHEREUM y el Merge? ¿Hasta cuándo se podrá minar? ¿Qué va a pasar cuando pase a PoS? ¿Me conviene minar otra moneda después de eso? 🤔
Acá abajo voy a tratar de responder todas esas preguntas:

Para los que no sepan, el consenso de participación Proof of Work (PoW) ,que actualmente es utilizado por la red de Ethereum, definitivamente dejará de usarse en esta red y pasará a utilizar el Proof of Stake (PoS)

¿Qué es #PoW Y #PoS? Aca abajo te lo dejo resumido👇
¿Qué significa todo esto? Bueno significa que si sos minero de ETH o tenés algún conocido que lo haga, tus/sus placas de video (GPUs) ya no podrán minar esta criptomoneda luego de que esto pase.
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In the most significant #blockchain upgrade in history, the #Ethereum network is moving from a #proofofwork (#PoW) to a #proofofstake (#PoS) consensus mechanism to confirm transaction blocks, known as “The Merge”

Read more and debunk myths:
1/ The two major upgrades, PoS #consensus and #sharding, promise to deliver fast transaction times with low network costs without sacrificing scalability, security, or decentralization. #TheMerge is Phase 0 of the rollout of the Ethereum 2.0 improvements this year. Image
2/ ‘The Merge’ will replace PoW and the temporary split solution with the more energy-efficient PoS consensus layer, the Beacon Chain. Transaction blocks will no longer be confirmed by solving computationally intensive puzzles. Image
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Part 1/2
This sharing focuses on the introductory research, mainly on the technical framework, and supplemented by ecological development. Thread is a bit long and there is no financial advice in the whole context. Please read it thoroughly. Image
1/18 #Cosmos Ecosystem is far more prosperous and diverse than most people think. Cosmos is not just an Atom chain. The #BSC #Terra #Oasis you know well belongs to the Cosmos Ecosystem. The total market value in the ecosystem has even reached 138B. What kind of magic power is it? Image
2/18 This is a great definition of #Cosmos, and the prominent part is its core ecological characteristics. A little flustered to see a series of professional terms? Don't worry. Let's explain it one by one. Image
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1/ CT giving waaay too much shine to these @bitfinex idiots.

Sure, reality TV is fun (I guess) but instead, I’ll try to send the spotlight to a more deserving group: @zksync @the_matter_labs @gluk64

Thread time 🧵...
2/ To begin, some high-level Pros and Cons of zkSync’s approach to zk-rollups (ZKs)

- Less data contained in each transaction increases throughput and decreases fees (vs L1)
- No withdrawal periods and faster finality
- Inherent (and cheap) privacy (improvements)**
3/ Cons

- Generalized smart contract support (similar to @StarkWareLabs #StarkNet ) is not live or production-ready
- Initial trusted setup ceremony scares some, introduces trust
- New, less battle-tested cryptography **

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New IMF Document Released Jan 26, 2022.

Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms - A primer for global IMF supervisors.
Differences between PoW, PoS, DPoS, & fBFT ($XRP $XLM)

#XRP #XLM Mentioned! #regulated #research #blockchain #DLT #XRPCommunity
--Thread of important quotes--
1. This is a very important document as the IMF represents a consortium of 190 countries and pushing for carbon-neutral countries by 2030.

They are sharing their views in which supervisors around the world will read and use this information to help form their opinion.
2. If you want a video overview I took 4 hours to edit and record this full document overview.

Timestamps and info are in the thread / Video description to make things easier as well!

#XRP #XLM #Cryptocurrency #XRPCommunity #XRPARMY

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🧵 THREAD N°17 : #blockchain et #environnement

La blockchain est régulièrement pointée du doigt pour son impact environnemental, certains allant jusqu'à dire qu'il faut bannir les cryptos.

Mais qu'en est-il vraiment ? Peut-on trouver d'autres solutions ? Une intro au débat 👇 Image
1/ Il faut d'abord comprendre ce qui pollue dans l'utilisation des #cryptos.

Comme vous le savez, au sein d'une #blockchain, les blocs doivent être validés. Pour cela, des mineurs doivent résoudre un problème cryptographique qui permet de s'assurer de l'inviolabilité des données
2/ La plupart du temps, le problème à résoudre est un problème de #ProofOfWork avec lequel les mineurs doivent essayer des millions de combinaisons en quelques minutes jusqu'à trouver la bonne (pour faire simple).

Le premier à résoudre le problème reçoit une récompense.
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Hey Citizens!

In 2 hours. I'm about to drop a full breakdown of a NEW 1-week old document released by the IMF!

IMF shares their opinions between PoW, PoS, DPoS, fBFT $XRP + $XLM

I've got 4 hours into reading, recording, editing and creating timestamps
55 min long Timestamps👇
Yes, it's another long one but there was so much important info. I break it down in timestamps so you can pick the parts you want to see to make it easier

Please when I drop this video share and tag influencers this information was just released to the public 1week ago $XRP $XLM
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Want to be in the top 1%?

Find the blockchain projects 99% aren't looking at.

I've done 1000s of hours of research on some of the best projects and compiled them into educational threads for other citizens to research

Here are some of my deep dives🌊

--Thread of Threads-- Image
My focus is on long-term utility blockchain/ DLT projects⛓

Not short-term meme coins

These threads will cover:

• CBDC's
• IoT + IoV
• Innovation
• Supply chain
• Data protection
• Paperless trade finance
• Cheap payment infrastructure
• Interoperability of DLT ledgers Image
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❌Los términos #Eth1 y #Eth2 (Ethereum2.0) se están eliminando.

📢 La Fundación @Ethereum indica que desde ahora debemos utilizar:

🔸Eth1 → Execution layer (Capa de ejecución)
🔸Eth2 → Consensus layer (Capa de consenso)
🔸Execution layer + consensus layer = Ethereum


¿Por qué ocurre esto?

#Ethereum siempre tuvo planes para escalar la red de forma descentralizada y hacer la transición a #PoS. Los investigadores trabajaron en esto por separado, pero alrededor de 2018 se combinaron en un roapmap único bajo el paraguas de "Ethereum 2.0".

Como parte de ese roapmap, la blockchain de #PoW (Eth1) eventualmente quedaría obsoleta a través de la bomba de dificultad. Los usuarios y las aplicaciones migrarían a una nueva red de Ethereum de #PoS, conocida como Eth2.
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🧵 THREAD N°6 : 700 millions de blockchains, et moi, et moi, et moi...

#Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #Cardano, #Dogecoin... il existe des centaines de blockchains différentes.

Mais qu'est-ce qui les rend différentes ? Pourquoi ne pas garder une seule #blockchain ?

Thread du jour 👇
1/ Attention : ce thread explique bien pourquoi il y a différentes blockchains différentes, pas pourquoi il y a plusieurs cryptomonnaies différentes.

Si vous n'êtes pas sûr de faire la différence entre #blockchain et #cryptomonnaie, je vous invite à relire les threads précédents
2/ La première blockchain, celle du #Bitcoin, est apparue en 2009. Depuis, des centaines d'autres ont été créées, mais pourquoi faire ?

La blockchain Bitcoin n'était-elle pas suffisante ?

Qu'apportent la blockchain #Ethereum et toutes les autres ?
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¿Interoperabilidad?¿Mass adoption? ¿Qué es $KLV (Klever Coin)?

Se define a sí mismo como “Cripto de la manera más simple”. Si bien es cierto, su producto principal, una cartera multichain (soporta más de 20 cadenas distintas), disponible para Android e IOS y con 3M de descargas
2/ es la muestra más emblemática que explicaremos a continuación. En principio, es un token nativo de la cadena de bloques de TRX (Tron) pero que verá su independencia el 31 de marzo de 2022 con su blockchain Layer 1. ¿Seguimos?

Su web Revisar el footer
3/“Blockchain es difícil pero no debería serlo”

#KleverWallet es una billetera de autocustodia, descentralizada, P2P, sin requerimiento de KYC, y con soporte en 30 idiomas diferentes 24/7(y no menos importante, acaban de lanzar la preventa de su hardaware wallet)
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