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@bsdhanoa Well said, sir

US is planting #FakeNews to accelerate the new cold war against Russia, Nuclear arms race & justify trillion $ defence budget

This is also to justify not extending the New Start treaty with Russia. It would result in Nuclear arms in space
@bsdhanoa US does not want to extend the New Start Treaty. It expires on 5Feb2021

Putin has been keen on renewing it to "give peace a chance"

Putin addresses a group of "journalists" on the dangers of nuclear arms in space & condemns them for never reporting on it
@bsdhanoa That video of Putin is from mid-2019. However, US VP Neocon Mike Pence had already said in his interview in Oct2018 that he isn't keen on banning nuclear weapons in space. He believes in "Peace through Strength". So, he wants to keep the arms race active ➡️…
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NASA - SpaceX the weather is a 50/50 #TheMoreYouKnow
Off to Launch Pad! #HistoryBooks
Got to love the numbers on the suits!
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John F Kennedy Sr’s birthday is 5/29/1917. The tail number to his plane is N529JK. This plane has been flying out of Quantico on recent occasions. JFKJR took his dog “Friday” to work at GEORGE magazine every Friday. Next Friday is 5/29/2020, and is also the end of the Q clock.
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Houston — We Have a Problem‼️

… the GRAND 👽 deception

#ObamaGate #NASA #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #Aliens #TheyreHere #SpaceForce
NASA = an Illusionist 💯

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall #InPlainSight
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#TheGreatAwakening #ProjectLookingGlass #Area51 #NikolaTesla #JohnGTrump #QAnon
#WWG1WGA #AustinSteinbart #ElonMusk #SpaceX #SpaceForce #QuantumComputing


Q Drop:

Q: Project Looking Glass?
Going forward in order to look back.

The link to the drop said we are an existential threat to the establishment & will be unified 11/11/2018

*Searching Project Looking Glass I came across this blue print of
“Alice’s Room”

*An Alice in Wonderland stuffed rabbit is mounted above the “Project Looking Glass Room”, aka “Alice’s Room”, located at #Area51.
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May 16, 2020 Delta :51 Markers

You can expand the map here:…

or here:…
(Ad Blocker suggested)
Two Years Ago Today

You can expand it here:…

or here:…
(Ad Blocker suggested)
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Exactly 2 years ago this Sunday. Very cool Q team. #Q1412
Another awesome shout out to Anons and the team.

17x 17x 17x 17x

#Q4255 May 15 2020
link: composite video of shuttle launches

Where. We. Go. One. We. Go. All.

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#POTUS is and has been the most successful President of the United States. It has moved the masses of our country and world wide. That's what the DS hates the most! As much as they have wanted to knock him down, he remains like a standing oak.
[They] have released a "pandemic" to finish him! This 👑🦠 United the people WW! The Invisible Enemy has weakening. With or without vaccine, the American people will continue their course of freedom & progress and will rise to save the economy and the future of their children
Q !!
May 15 2020 10:30:43 (EST) NEW

This will never happen!
People are rising up!
[They] are traitors, criminals & losers!
Gallows are ready
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2. News: Neurosurgeon: Face MASKS POSE SERIOUS RISK.

If you wear a face mask, contract a sickness, you can't fight it off as effectively as if you had normal blood oxygen levels.

It could create a “DEADLY CYTOKINE STORM" in some… #Trump #COVID19
3. News: NEW JERSEY: Latest Coronavirus Insanity: Surfing Is Allowed But Swimming Is Not… #Trump #News #KnowYourRights #CoronaVirus
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Time to shoot down a few more Chinese satellites.
Good time to re-read those Q drops.…
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My latest article for #PSB about #Palantir and #PeterThiel the latest contracts for Tracking #COVID19 in the US & UK and the #SpaceForce contract for #Command and #Control looking at the issues of possible #PatriotAct for health data but also #SiliconValley changes too.
"Palantir, the surveillance firm founded by Trump ally Peter Thiel, has landed a contract with the federal government to track Coronavirus, the Daily Beast reports."
"Palantir, the data-mining firm created by investor Peter Thiel, is best known for its work with global intelligence, military, & law enforcement agencies. Now, the company has a contract with the HHS to help the federal gov't create a new data platform called HHS Protect Now. "
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For the record, the US has repeatedly refused to discuss proposals to ban anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons, partly out of fear that any agreement would constrain missile defenses (which are basically the same thing) and partly because we have our own ASATs. We chose this.
The Bush Administration was so afraid that any discussion of ASATs would require discussing missile defenses, that it didn't even try to stop China from conducting an ASAT test in 2007 -- even though China conducted a number of dry-runs.…
And even after the EU developed a "code of conduct" on space activities that called on states to refrain from debris-creating ASAT tests, the Obama Administration still rejected it.…
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Knowledge is POWER!
Ignorance is a Choice!
Follow Q!

The Q Patriot Hub

Tons of Q on 1 site!
For those new to Q & The Storm!

#theqpatriothub #QArmy

The Q Patriot Hub
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1/ Thread with my thoughts on yesterday's EO on space resources:… ;TLDR, I generally agree with the policy but think the EO was unnecessary and could generate blowback
2/ First, the EO doesn't change anything about US policy on space resources and it's a policy I generally agree with. Since 1960s, US has consistently said you can use space resources (water, regolith, minerals, etc) w/out violating Art. II of the OST.
3/ Put plainly, you can fish in the ocean without claiming ownership of the entirety of said ocean. It gets a bit more complicated when you consider using up an entire asteroid, but I think that's an edge case we don't have to worry about for a long while
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You asked for a wall. @realDonaldTrump is going to give you 19,495 of them. But they won't be on our land. They wall belongs to Raytheon. And to protect us all from terrorism each will be guarded with the guns of #SpaceForce.

It's not a country it's a prison yard. #5G
2) The razor wire is 5G. Every plant. Every animal. Every mineral and every human will be surrounded by a 60GHz boa constrictor. Only the vaccinated can pass underneath.

Novus ordo seclorum.

Mission Accomplished
3) PREDICTION: The trans-national #5G border will be armed by automated drones all of which will run on the blockchain. There will be no humans to appeal to. This will all be in the name of national security. Once the military runs on blockchain every decision will be automated.
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1. What does @POTUS mean when he says “The world is at war with a HIDDEN ENEMY?”

2. What does he mean when he says “We will defeat an INVISIBLE ENEMY?”

3. What did he mean when he said we're “going to MARS very soon?”

Are they related?

I say yes!

I DON'T think he is referring to the #CoronaVirus

I think ... get ready for this ... he's telling us that we're going to War with the Roman Empire which has been hiding in...



I guarantee this will be the best thread you read all day!
3. You're probably thinking "How in the actual the f@ck did you come up with that crazy a$$ theory?"

I know it sounds crazy

I swear I'm not crazy

I promise


Follow me down a DEEEEP rabbit hole

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QAnons are not fearful. #WhiteHats have provided every detail necessary. That which was gained without permission, falls away when the criminal activity involves the overthrow of the government. #FeedGITMO
^Every little drama, Act 1, 2, 3 of the Russian probe was #Mueller dealing, wondering, is there anyway to shield the [DS] players (((embedded))) in #Uranium1? 20% of our Uranium... NO.

#EzekielsWheel #Disclosure Much more coming, maybe some JUSTICE. The (((world))) is waiting. >
^Are you 👀ing this...? @SSG_PAIN @EM_KA_17 @StormIsUponUs

New topics will be discussed. NASA's not commenting weird how that satellite feed was turned... Malfunctioning at that moment.
WE ARE WAITING #Disclosure >
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White vinegar aka Acetic Acid eats up chemtrails/unblocks the sun. Will the United States Space Force kill the chemtrails in the sky? Will the #coronavirus disappear? Ultraviolet rays.
The morning sun brings heat
Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Q 1543
Morning sun brings heat.
Full moon coming.
Undiscovered stars learned.
Missions forward.
#QAnon #SpaceForce #UnblockTheSun #chemtrails #WWG1WGA
FEEL THE HEAT! First mission launch. United States Space Force.
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To honor my upcoming 1000th Follower I decided to make a thread of #QProofs

Not all are #QAnon followers and it may be new information to them or anyone who scrolls past

Plus it's just amazing to see all the evidence laid out

So off we go!!!!

We'll start with my favorite #QProof

A image posted by POTUS where the thumbs formed a Q.

But even more impressive when downloaded the file name began with DO IT Q!


There are NONE!

Q and POTUS both post about Iran

Q Drop 1320
POTUS tweet on 1-3-20
Both with 7:44 time stamp

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