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[One year later, #Policebrutality intensifies]

1. A year ago,millions of #HKers flocked to streets to oppose #AntiExtradition bill & #PoliceViolence. It was the time when demonstrations, protests, strikes, petitions, forming human chains & singing #GlorytoHongKong were permitted Image
2. One year later, #Hongkongers and the world bear witness to #Beijing's growing direct control on the city’s vanishing liberty. Ordinary citizens are stabbed by pro-#Beijing mobs, smashed to the ground and arrested by #hkpolice just because they sing in public. ImageImageImage
3. This is the time when teachers are fired for refusing to censor students, and even a satirical show was halted for mentioning #policebrutality. Image
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1. Today, June 4, marks the 31st anniversary of #TiananmenSquareMassacre by the Communist Party of China. Today, the day chillingly resonates with the Chinese people who find themselves in the same position as the summer of 1989. We recount the horrific events.
A Thread -
2. In mid-1980s, #China erupted in widespread student- led protests against the corrupt & authoritarian Communist Party. Among major demands were political reforms towards democracy.Naturally, the Communist Party viewed it as a threat.
3. In the spring of 1989, the protests had spread wide & were fuelled by the death of Hu Yaobang, the communist leader who had pushed for political reforms in China. Inspired by Hu, students took to the street and began a march from Beijing to Tiananmen Square in May.
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This is a dark time for #HongKong, long a beacon for freedom+#HumanRights—and the one place in #China where citizens did not have to “fear the midnight knock on the door.”

Hong Kong people need and deserve the world’s support:
#StandWithHongKong… Image
#HongKong's indomitable spirit is exemplified every year on June 4, when parents bring their children to Victoria Park to light candles for the future.

This year HK’s #TiananmenSquare candlelight vigil is banned for first time since 1989… #6431truth @hrw ImageImage
Because of ban on gathering in Victoria Park, #HongKong organizers of annual candlelight vigil set up a “Global Mourning Initiative” to “light a candle on June 4+observe a moment of silence at 8:09 worldwide”

Join with your candle and #6431truth hashtag… ImageImage
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Anybody saying “there’s too many people” is by definition MISANTHROPIC.

And intellectually lazy. If this girl‘s a #ClimateChange activist, a less lazy statement would be “people/tech are too inefficient.” That‘d give her a logical escape route… (1/4)
… that doesn’t involve “population reduction” (read: mass murder, a #OneChildPolicy/#TwoChildPolicy of forced abortions & sterilizations, etc.).

“Overpopulation” is a myth or — at least — a very sad, sick, & even evil way of diminishing the value of human life… (2/4)
… MOREOVER, while #China DOESN’T have “too many people,” they DO have too much LAND.

What the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP) today calls “China” is an amalgamation of STOLEN land. #EastTurkistan, #Tibet, #Ningxia, #SouthMongolia, #Manchuria, #HongKong & others areas… (3/4)
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Calls for strikes & protests for June 12th in #HongKong. That's when the extradition bill is scheduled for a second reading. Carrie Lam, the HK head of government is under pressure to resign. She is doing the bidding of #China's #CCP government.
HK leader Carrie Lam says the extradition bill was not proposed by Beijing. "We are doing it," she says. Not true. She is China's stooge in H.K. Why HK people elected these leaders? It's because China has veto power over the candidates. Only pro #China candidates can run.
#HongKong leader defiant as city gears up for fresh protests, strikes - Carrie Lam vowed on Tuesday to push ahead with the bill…
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1/Why does ABC in the USA show the same content about #WickedWok that they do in Australia? #TiananmenSquare
@BenKTallmadge @almostjingo @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @AnnieNBarney @We_Have_Risen @SeekerOTL @MischaEDM @MissiWhite4 @connieketchup @2xwide_dreaming
2/The Goddess of Democracy is ushered through Beijing by Chinese students in 1989 #TiananmenSquare…
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A note on why it's important to recognize the anniversary of #TankMan and the 1989 events in #TiananmenSquare, as many did this week. 1/4
A friend in his twenties works for a private company, and his colleague is a young Chinese woman who worked as an English translator for Chinese government officials while she was in college in China. She lives and works in the U.S. now on a visa. 2/4
My friend mentioned #Tiananmen to his Chinese colleague, and discovered this coworker believed the massacre never happened. She thought #TankMan was a conspiracy theory. 3/4
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In 1999, the National Security Archive released hundreds of documents in response to an FOIA request Re #TiananmenSquare #Tiananmen30 @ECCulper @almostjingo @MadAddictSport @AnnieNBarney @We_Have_Risen @CarrollQuigley1…
Tiananmen Square, 1989: The Declassified History
Edited By Jeffrey T. Richelson and Michael L. Evans
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 16 #HistoryMatters #FreeSpeechMatters @jack…
@ECCulper @almostjingo @MadAddictSport @AnnieNBarney @We_Have_Risen @CarrollQuigley1 Why is there not much information Re #TiananmenSquare in the USA?

44 is shaking his hand here.

Who is he?
C. H. Tung

What is he the chairman of?
China United States Exchange Foundation

C. H. Tung is responsible for the Confucius Institutes subverting college campuses.
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At least 10,000 people died in Tiananmen Square massacre, secret British cable from the time alleged

Secret document suggested death toll much higher than reported, while claiming wounded students were bayoneted as they begged for lives

A Chinese army unit whose troops were likened to “primitives” killed at least 10,000.

Wounded female students were bayoneted, human remains were “hosted down the drains”, a mother was shot as she tried to go to the aid of her injured 3-year-old daughter.

Sir Alan Donald, then UK ambassador to China wrote, “APCs opened fire on the crowd before running over them at 65kph.

Students linked arms but were mowed down. APCs then ran over the bodies time & time again, remains collected by bulldozer.”

This is Xi’s Communist Party. 🤬🤬🤬
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With the 30th anniversary of the #June4 #TiananmenMassacre now 2 weeks away, today I start featuring profiles of #CCP murder victims from @hrichina's excellent 'Unforgotten'. I also change my profile pic to #DuanChanglong & encourage others to do likewise.…
#HK journalists have made a new series of dozens of short video testimonies (w English sub-titles) about their coverage of the 1989 pro-democracy protests in China 30 years ago to commemorate #June4. #六四30…
The book to read for the 30th anniversary of the #June4 #TiananmenMassacre is @liaoyiwu1's Bullets & Opium about the ordinary people imprisoned in the crackdown's aftermath. Here's an excerpt. #六四30…
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