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If you want better results, ask better questions.

Ever run into someone you look up to but don't know what to ask them?

Here are 10 questions I love to ask my mentors:
What is one piece of advice most people think is important but you think I could skip entirely?

What is one of your daily routines you wish you would've started earlier in your life?

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If you want better results, ask better questions.

Here are 10 questions I love to ask my mentors:
What is one piece of advice most people think is important but you think I could skip entirely?

What is one of your daily routines you wish you would've started earlier in your life?

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#ChatGPT is an insane #productivity tool and the #UserExperience is way above my usual "get answers on #software questions" tool stack #GoolgeSearch and #StackOverflow! Here's why... 🧵1/
In this example I asked #ChatGPT for a good package name for my #Android app. I'm not very familiar with the Android world. I knew that it should be built as a reverse domain but I wasn't sure how this would work with an .app domain. 2/ Screenshot of how ChatGPT helped me to figure out a good pac
ChatGPT managed to educate me on that and even saved me from pitfalls. In #GoogleSearch it's difficult to ask such questions. The search is only useful if I already know what I'm looking for. In this case it would be "java package name conventions" 3/
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"in which I address some criticisms (some fair, others not)" ⤵️🤨

Let's talk cybersecurity.

Historically, those who were critiqued felt victimized. These victims often lumped non-critique #heckling with legit #criticism to shield their egos.

The use of #comedy tools in…
…legitimate criticism led many (perhaps most) victims in #cybersecurity to cry out that humor negates legitimacy: "the stakes are too high for <THIS|ME>to be taken so lightly!"

Yet these same victims adore e.g. Jon Oliver for his brutal use of #comedy in legitimate criticism.
And here we arrive at the crux of the matter:

The victims, not the #elements of legitimate #criticism, decide what is "fair" in cybersecurity.

This way, anything that is not ✌️criticism✌️ may be labeled as such so victims can associate legit critics to their SCUM counterparts.
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For the record, and I would like to be clear about this, I have been a writer, creator, and consultant for products since the early 90s. You can find early things I wrote on USENET. #writing #criticism #art #SocialMedia… 1/35
If you happen to read, watch, or otherwise consume something that I have created and you have criticisms, however sharp and/or pointed – tell me.

Publicly! 2/35
Write bad reviews on GoodReads. Write scathing analyses on Amazon (because yes, some of my work has been published and is available on Amazon). Send nasty letters to my publishers and link to copies on Twitter. 3/35
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Exactly, sir!

Let's talk a "Cybersecurity No Fly List."

Ostensibly, I placed a $500 bet with Marcus Hutchins at 2:1 w/ the payout going to charity because I'm half-confident many of you jumped to the wrong conclusion about BSides Cleveland.

Realistically, though...
...I placed the bet because I worry our industry will create a "Cybersecurity No Fly List" (CNFL).

We'll do it hastily. We won't think it out properly.

And then we'll have the equivalent of a U.S. "No Fly" list.

Our very own #doxx list for cybersecurity can...
...easily expand from a simple .xls of organizers / venues / speakers / attendees who ooze toxicity.

One day you look down and the CNFL says "ban anyone from Russia. Reason: CISA ThreatKB 202209110842 marked LEO-sensitive. Until: further notice."

The next day you...
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This paragraph implies the global cybersecurity community sometimes *fails* to galvanize the IT community to stamp out a vuln that can kill hospital patients in an operating room.

But there IS a precedent. I will don the oldest hat in cybersecurity #criticism to reveal it...
#thegrugq, who has 121K followers including the CISA Director herself, posted a video on "cyber warfare" the other day confirming cybersecurity's failure to save hospital patients' lives. Cyber MURDERS occur because IT & gov't don't yet care to stop it:
#thegrugq was forced in his video to shrug off the murderous "cases of people at hospitals who have died due to cyber incidents," recognizing that "there's not really a response that can be made to it." He went on to say "until it's a huge big deal, it's sort of ignored."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/17/2021…
Rarest mammal in North America found in Colorado garage, ‘looking for a new home’…

#EndangeredSpecies #BlackFootedFerrets #restoration
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1/🧵 Giving & Receiving Advice:

My medical advice is not infallible. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe my patient knows it? Maybe that’s one reason she/he is non-compliant. Even if I am right, it might not be the time in that person‘s life to hear the message.

#selfcare #medtwitter
2/ A pt may seem to be listening & carefully taking it all in. But later that morning she/he may leave against medical advice (AMA). What are we to think when we give our best #advice and others don’t take it? Especially in the medical field?
#tipsfornewinterns #tipsfornewdocs
3/ First of all, of course, unsolicited advice is #criticism. Especially when I’m not with a patient, I try to resist all urges to give unsolicited advice.
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- Over the past few years, the #government has proposed to #amend several #environmental #laws and create entirely #new ones.
- The government has also proposed very large #industrial and #developmental projects which would effectively ruin the environment of the areas. [1/10]
#KenBetwa #River Linking #Project
This project would drown almost the entirety of the #PannaNationalPark, a richly biodiverse national park, hosting tigers, leopards, and even critically-endangered #vultures.
Read more about the project at 'The Vanishing' by @prernabindra [2/10]
2018-19: #Holistic Development of #Islands
- The #NITIAayog published a series of documents, laying out a plan to 'develop' the Indian Islands into tourist hubs.
- These documents ignored the #people and #ecology of the islands completely.
Read more: [3/10]
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/10/2021…
Food systems offer huge opportunities to cut emissions, study finds…

#FoodSystems #opportunities #GreenhouseGasEmissions #reduction #ClimateChange
Community assembly and coexistence in communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi…

#CommunityAssembly #MycorrhizalFungi #coexistence
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A senior member of SANS acting *on his own* raised a concern over the tweet below.

I'm the computer security industry's first full-time salaried #critic and I've >20yrs experience dealing with concerns like this.

I assembled a panel of three to judge the tweet...
One is a computer security #critic in their own right who long ago judged Vmyths' works at my request.

Another is a respected member of the #cybersecurity community who has not before judged my works.

The third is a longtime reader.

Each judged the tweet independently.
I told the complainant the panel's majority would "guide my action... I offered them no defense; the tweet must live or die on its own merits."

The complaint was that my tweet tied SANS to #racist police when in truth they've run a mature "LE" program for over a decade.
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Eric Capuano makes a vital point in the tweet below

1/6 So let's review my 2009 column to learn *why* I continue to #critique the cybersecurity industry "at a time like this." In it, I barked "computer security experts lack focus on Twitter":…
2/6 I often retweet folks who just want to read about #cybersecurity issues from the cybersecurity experts they follow -- not about their hotel rooms or airplane food or the politics of the day. Those folks want non-cyber to go on a personal account:
3/6 More to the point -- I insist THIS really is the perfect time to view #cybersecurity through the lens of real-world events!

SFAIK I'm the ONLY person in this entire global industry who compares #computer virus panic to all the COVID19 virus #panic:…
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#Update #Nordstream2

The #German Government has condemned the #US sanctions against the construction of the controversial #NordStream2 pipeline as "interference". "The Federal Government rejects such extraterritorial sanctions," said Deputy Government Spokeswoman @UlrikeDemmer.
"They meet #German and #European companies and represent an interference in our internal affairs. The #US measures would in particular be based on the protection of #Ukraine.
In connection with this, it referred to the basic agreement reached on a new gas transit agreement between #Russia and #Ukraine, the #US sanctions against #NordStream2 are "particularly incomprehensible against this background,"
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#Germany #Russia #USA #Denmark #Bornholm

The #sanctions against the #BalticSea pipeline decided by the #US #Senate meet with resistance in #Moscow, criticism also came from #German Chancellor #Merkel. The #Kremlin still expects #NordStream2 to be completed.
Meanwhile, #Russia accuses the #UnitedStates of violating the law with pipeline sanctions.The punitive measures #violate international law and are an example of unfair competition, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow. "Such actions do not please Moscow or the #European capitals;
they do not like #Berlin or #Paris," said Peskow. He accused the #US of violating #international law and "expanding its artificial dominance to the #European market". Chancellor Angela #Merkel has also criticized the #US Congress's sanction resolution.
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