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A June African Easterly Wave (#AEW) is getting ready to emerge off the African coast. While it is quite early in season, there are a couple of factors worth monitoring w/ this system over the next week I'll try to briefly describe --

Image source: @Weathernerds
As this wave propagates westward, a convectively coupled kelvin wave (#CCKW) is propagating eastward & could result in anomalous favorable environmental conditions across the MDR as it passes across over the next week.

Image source:…
In addition, we had a helpful "sacrificial" lead off system earlier that helped to moisten upstream environment. There has been good literature looking at the importance of the upstream wave environment moisture for ultimate development.

Image source: @TropicalTidbits
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CCSD’s latest teacher separation report is out.

It's bad and we are in uncharted territory.

Read the whole thread to find out who knew what when.


This is what the cumulative teacher/licensed staff separations look like in a typical year for CCSD.

They slowly accumulate August through March and then accelerate April through July when staff start to say they’re not coming back next year.

Last year CCSD saw the lowest teacher separations through February of any school year in the last decade.

After the vaccine came out separations accelerated, and separations ended the year above average.

What does it look like this year…

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Good idea @KasperKepp Let's bring international attention to this matter.

What do experts on #VaccineHesitancy and misinformation have to say about @StabellBenn claims about Covid19💉?

@DrPaulOffit @Rosewind2007 @doritmi @gorskon might recall earlier encounters.

Thread👇 ImageImageImageImage
October 2020. @StabellBenn shares these views about the vaccine trials...
"Not tested against severe disease" stated in several 🇩🇰 tweets, with link to Peter Doshi opinion in @bmj_latest
November 2020. Preventive measures against covid19 might make children more susceptible to severe covid19 later.😧 #JustAskingQuestions
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NEXT UP: 3rd seed Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) vs. 14th seed White Winged Vampire Bat (Diaemus youngi). #2021MMM [bat photo via @inaturalist]
Once again, this primate/bat match-up is brought to you by myself & @alyb_batgirl. #DejaVu #2021MMM
Chimpanzees live in rainforest, woodland, & savannah habitats across equatorial Africa & are one of the most intensively studied primate species. They are very closely related to humans, sharing ~99% of our DNA. #2021MMM [map via @NGKids; illustration via]
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Logik zum #Öffnungsplan der #Bundesregierung
Wo, wie und wie schnell infiziert man sich mit dem #Coronavirus? Solange die Regierung Entscheidungen - magels Datenlage - ohne Evidenz trifft, solange ist es Willkür, wann welche Bereiche geöffnet und andere geschlossen bleiben #Spahn
Die Mutante #B117 erreicht in diesen Tagen -in den ersten Bundesländern- ihre #Dominanz. #R steigt zeitgleich und die #Regierung erhöht per #Öffnungsplan die #Mobilität: B117, Öffnungsplan u. gesteigerte Mobilität sind drei Faktoren die logisch #R exponentiell beeinflussen können
Zeitgleich werden #Kitas u. #Schulen geöffnet, also die Versammlungsorte, vor deren Öffnung uns Experten und Ärzte aus #Israel u. Kanada warnen. Begründet wird die #Öffnung mit "Meinungen" von Wissenschaftlern, deren #Studien -manipulierte Daten- aus #Schweden zitieren #twlz #KMK
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1/ A year ago this month, I was hospitalized with #covid19 at @nyulangone for 17 days, including 6 on a ventilator.

Today I returned to give blood for a research study I’m participating in, run out of the #Vaccine Center.

#COVID19Vaccine #Covid
2/ I was enrolled in the study back when I was hospitalized at @nyulangone. This view from the waiting room today is pretty much the same view I had from my hospital bed.

#coronavirus #covid be #Covid_19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19Vaccine #COVID19Vaccination
3/ This was my fifth blood draw for the research study. They didn’t ask for much blood today, maybe half the normal amount.

#covid #covid19 #COVID19Vaccine #COVID19Vaccination #vaccine
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🧵Draadje🧵 over de maatregelen, de 'hamer' 🔨 van Rutte, én een vooruitblik op de #corona #persconferentie van vanavond.
De beleidsdoelen zijn heel helder geformuleerd op de Persconferentie van 17 november:

- Aantal besmettingen minder dan 1.250.
- Aantal IC opnames minder dan 3.

"Daar willen we naar toe". -@hugodejonge

Met als vervolgzin:
"We zijn er dus nog lang niet."
Verder: maatregelen waarschijnlijk tot half januari.

Over eventuele versoepelingen vóór die tijd zei @hugodejonge:

Alleen mogelijk als:
- minder dan 3.600 besmettingen per dag
- minder dan 10 IC opnames per dag --> "Ook heel erg belangrijk"
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Stories starting about GOP putting plywood between Donald and them. I am still holding out for the Nixon Option and monitoring background chatter on at what point he starts telling people to beat on voters. The Layfette Bible run was proof of concept and Portland was a test run.
I am not a fan of conspiracy I am gaming this out based on the rapidly shrinking options the TrumpCrime family has. Who gave me this idea? His former consigliere, Michael Cohen. Have a read.…
Remember Trump exists because he relies on ratfuckers to game the system. He won't pardon himself so he needs Pence to take one for the team. It's about preserving this rancid legacy and keeping the base boiling. Stolen election! Antifa! Deep State! etc.…
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Have you ever felt that you have lived the present situation before? Its called #Déjàvu. Right now I'm experiencing this moment in the markets. #PSUBanks are going through tough times. But this isnt new. They were in a similar situation back in 2016. (1/n)
#PSUBanks were dealing with NPA's and losses in Mar 2016. Their troubles are amplified after the #COVIDー19 outbreak. But it seems worst is over. Here's a weekly chart of #NiftyPSUBank index. (2/n) ImageImage
#PSUBanks are forming bullish divergence in #RelativeStrengthIndex(RSI) on weekly charts. #RSI is a momentum indicator. Bullish divergence in it indicates that ongoing downtrend is losing steam. It doesnt guarantee a reversal but increases the chances. (3/n) Image
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Some say Trump is the Transactional President but I submit that Trump is the Slumlord President. Lots of false promises, brutal cost cutting, plenty of unrepaired things, vindictive litigation, tenant abuse and an obsession with the bottom him.…
Donald survived by sucking Daddies titties....hard. So with Daddy gone...he is sucking America's tit. We caught him once and impeached him but ,wait, oh wait until we discover what he has been doing with his Middle East dictator buddies.…
Donald learned to grift from Dad. Even his racism should not be viewed in terms of American history but based on his early years as a slumlord gopher for daddy. Nothing profound, just his way of doing business.…
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As #COVID19 cases are found to spread, #Melbourne (city of ~5 million) tries to contain them by going into #Lockdown.
(The interview features the idea of a dedicated #Quarantine building - that would actually help, I guess)...
"People acting as if the pandemic was over was 'not the answer, it is part of the problem' ".

"The virus had leaked from postcodes already under the stay-at-home orders to other parts of #Melbourne."
(and beyond, it is feared).
Due to #Melbourne's outbreak, neighbouring South Australia is about to completely close it's borders to #Victoria.

(Nearly) no exceptions. And those essential few who are allowed in, will have to wear facemasks the entire time...
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Vorpommern-Greifswald district (where rejections of #Gütersloh residents took place, yesterday)
has specific rules:
"Those who return from international risk areas (out of Germany) or whose Corona-Warning App has alerted them, need to report to authorites" Image
In fact, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's Corona-ordinance really prohibits entry of people from international risk areas AND german risk areas as well.
It's just not prominently featured on their websites.

(Overlooked that myself, hence deleted earlier tweet)… Image
People from #Gütersloh district may have to scrap all their holiday plans anyway...

An official #Lockdown is just being announced for the entire district.
(for one week, as of now)
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.@parscale says it looks like it’s going to be rigged against @BernieSanders. #DejaVu
.@parscale says The Bloomberg news organization didn’t want to cover the Democrats fairly. So the Trump campaign blocked all Bloomberg Press passes.
.@parscale He thinks the Democrats made the wrong move and @realDonaldTrump is on the winning side. Numbers are up all across the board.
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On y est, ce que tout le monde redoutait - et tout particulièrement le pouvoir : la bavure policière claire et nette.
La bavure où la victime est un adulte qui bosse et pas un petit gars de banlieue sur le dos duquel on peut coller n'importe quoi. #CédricChouviat
La bavure en plein jour, filmée par plusieurs passants, observée par encore plus de passants.
La bavure qui tue un père de famille de 5 enfants, juste parce qu'il a eu le culot de vouloir filmer les FDO - comme la loi lui en donnait le droit.
La bavure où on ne va pas pouvoir prétendre "ne pas pouvoir identifier les responsables".
La bavure où la Préfecture a commencé par ne rien dire à la famille pendant de longues heures, pour finir par lui mentir en lui racontant que la victime avait eu "un comportement agressif".
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@ContactIbuka En cadeau de Noël, un magazine français ouvre ses pages à 2 négationnistes du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda. Avant-dernier thread pour démonter les ressorts de l’article de Judi Rever.

Partie5⃣: #Kagamé maître du monde
Si après tous les efforts de Judi Rever, vous croyez encore que le #génocide des Tutsi a été mis en œuvre par le gouvernement intérimaire hutu power, c’est pour une seule et unique raison : Paul Kagamé vous contrôle, à votre insu… ou pas.

Comment ?
➡️#Kagamé Superstar

C’est entendu: le monde vénère M.Kagamé tel ces idoles intouchables (MLK-Gandhi-Jésus) consacrées (postmortem) par les élites occidentales.
Rever le dit: "Kagamé est bien vu du monde entier parce qu’il a fait croire qu’une majorité de Hutus a tué les Tutsis."
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Today the Dutch parliament is holding hearings on #CETA. NL is in the process of ratifying the Canada-EU trade agreement, but like in Austria and Italy, this is tricky.

As it stands, there is no majority in the Upper House, and in the Lower House it is questionable.

And if I look at my Twitterfeed, the Anti's have the momentum: Not a positive word about #CETA on Dutch Twitter.
Has the Dutch government not learnt anything from the experience of TTIP?

If you want to get support for FTAs, you need to campaign in favour of them. Day in, day out. You make the case and respond to the critics, including on social media.
Not cede the public ground like this.


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49. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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This #WinWithWarren #Warren2020 tweet earned a curious burst of bot affection. Five of the seven accounts to retweet it are automated: @Brief_Era, @Bizz_Profile, @4_Clues, @_4_Emo, and @FlyDcMdVa.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@Brief_Era @Bizz_Profile @4_Clues @_4_Emo @FlyDcMdVa @ZellaQuixote How do we know these accounts are automated? Two obvious indicators: each of the five accounts posts 24/7, and each uses custom software to tweet (in this case, apps with similar names to the accounts.) Their profiles seem more commercial than political.
@Brief_Era @Bizz_Profile @4_Clues @_4_Emo @FlyDcMdVa @ZellaQuixote The tweet at the beginning of this thread ain't the only one to be retweeted by all five bots; thus far, they've retweeted 105 of the same tweets. All are political and most mention Elizabeth Warren, with occasional guest appearances by other candidates.
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#BREAKING Congressional leaders, Trump reach tentative DEAL to temporarily reopen government WITHOUT WALL funds, according to Hill officials. Via @washingtonpost

Cue the propagandists… #dejavu #Shutdown
Trump ends shutdown—for 3 weeks. After stumbling over TelePrompTer about people suffering: Walls work—99.9%. Not medieval but smart walls. I never said wall-to-wall walls…(Rambling carnage part now)…Crisis, gangs, women w tape on mouths in vans, violence, people laugh at us…
“He can’t quit the wall”—@acosta on bonkers Trump speech caving, defeated after throwing lives & country into turmoil for 35 days. And WH staffers applauded!? He couldn’t help but adlib the carnage propaganda themes. Then he closed by threatening yet another shutdown on Feb 15🤯
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#Breaking badaboum majeur de @NBCNews #déjàvu...Kelly le chief of staff (à la fois directeur et chef de cabinet) de #Trump à la Maison Blanche l'a traité d'idiot en réunion, et dit sauver les #EtatsUnis de…
2) Essayer d'imaginer ce qu'est la relation entre 1 président US et son chief of staff, qui contrôle son agenda, les informations qui lui parviennent (#oupas) et organise la vie de l'administration...vous comprendrez qu'1 tel mépris de Kelly pour #Trump est 1 anomalie historique
3) Le seul exemple venant à l'esprit est Donald Regan, chief of staff de Ronald Reagan (eh oui) entre 1985 et 1987, qui finit par critiquer la santé mentale du patron et demanda à son successeur Howard Baker de vérifier si le 25e amendement section 4 ne s'appliquait pas...#Trump
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Winter is coming pour #Netanyahu ? "Le trône vacille" titre @YediotAhronot alors que la police enquête sur des faits de corruption & fraude Image
@YediotAhronot 2) L'ex chef de Cabinet de #Netanyahu, #Ari_Harow, a accepté de témoigner contre lui dans 2 grandes enquêtes…
3)#Ari_Harow, fidèle serviteur de l'ombre, choisit de sauver sa peau en témoignant contre son mentor #Netanyahu…
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