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This #WinWithWarren #Warren2020 tweet earned a curious burst of bot affection. Five of the seven accounts to retweet it are automated: @Brief_Era, @Bizz_Profile, @4_Clues, @_4_Emo, and @FlyDcMdVa.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@Brief_Era @Bizz_Profile @4_Clues @_4_Emo @FlyDcMdVa @ZellaQuixote How do we know these accounts are automated? Two obvious indicators: each of the five accounts posts 24/7, and each uses custom software to tweet (in this case, apps with similar names to the accounts.) Their profiles seem more commercial than political.
@Brief_Era @Bizz_Profile @4_Clues @_4_Emo @FlyDcMdVa @ZellaQuixote The tweet at the beginning of this thread ain't the only one to be retweeted by all five bots; thus far, they've retweeted 105 of the same tweets. All are political and most mention Elizabeth Warren, with occasional guest appearances by other candidates.
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A senior adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister said the country is prepared to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter, but only if there is a formal request from President Trump.…
Biden calls on Trump to release transcript of call with Ukrainian president

LOL well that might backfire, eh?

Joe Biden & Ukraine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know…
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Dreamcatcher’s Deja Vu MV, a theory thread
note: I will not be following the MV’s order, but rather the plot’s order for easier understanding

also this is just my personal theory, take this whole thread w a pinch of salt
Dami is seen to be before a mirror (link back to the Mirror Dimension theory), I do not think she is from this dimension. Instead, she may be from the Mirror Dimension

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Glamorous social media star, 48, known as 'La Madame' is pimp with prostitution ring where 250 underage girls were branded with tattoos, prosecutors claim…

Prosecutors allege she pimped her victims out to high-profile clients incl politicians, celebrities and policemen..

Campos Puello was arrested in July last yr alongside 17 others in a police sting known as 'Operation Vesta'…
Campos Puello also has a record for heroin trafficking as well as for entering the United States illegally

big ole booty
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Raise your hand if you had no idea judges had this kind of authority until they started targeting Trump admin? Pres is looking to stop lower cts from being able to issue wide-ranging injunctions in a move that could dramatically limit authority of judges…
Ever feel like you're having #dejavu?

[Sep 13, 2018] Attorney General Sessions Releases Memorandum on Litigation Guidelines for Nationwide Injunctions Cases…
In just over 1 yr in office, President Trump has been hit w 22, more than any other president in our history, & they’re happening on issues that voters care abt, like DACA, travel order, sanctuary cities, & the svc of transgender people in the military.…
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YouTube Turned to Jigsaw’s Redirect Method to Keep Users Away From "Terrorist Content".

When users search for certain keywords, YouTube will display a playlist of videos that debunk violent extremist recruiting narratives

YouTube (owned by Google) incorporated aspects of "Redirect Method" last yr. The program uses advertising to steer users away from extremist content in search results & toward a playlist of pre-existing videos that debunk the ideology of violent extremists…
[2017] The Redirect Method, hatched out of Jigsaw, is available as an open blueprint for other platforms & organizations seeking to counter extremist propaganda.…
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Sabían que existen unos instrumentos de inversión conocidos como FIBRAS. Es seguro que sí porque el término se manejó en la cancelación del NAIM. Pues bien, es un acrónimo de Fideicomiso de Inversión de Bienes Raíces.

Abro hilo
Las Fibras sirven para financiar -como su nombre lo indica- desarrollos de Bienes Raíces. En lugar de acudir a Bancos, las constructoras prefieren créditos de Fibras, que cuestan menos.
El inversionista lo ve como un negocio seguro. Las Afores también.
Las Fibras le entran todo: Carreteras, fraccionamientos populares, e incluso Desarrollos Verticales (Las llamadas Torres) Es decir, todos se benefician de las fibras, desde los obreros hasta los@empresarios fifís.
Plus: El obrero tiene un retorno de comprar su propia casa. ¿Como?
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@LewisEverett3 come check it out if you haven't already. 👍
#MAGA to #MAGA, but basically anyone that's not crazy is welcome.
And forgot the link you already had anyway. 😅.... Sure it's not Monday?
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#BREAKING Congressional leaders, Trump reach tentative DEAL to temporarily reopen government WITHOUT WALL funds, according to Hill officials. Via @washingtonpost

Cue the propagandists… #dejavu #Shutdown
Trump ends shutdown—for 3 weeks. After stumbling over TelePrompTer about people suffering: Walls work—99.9%. Not medieval but smart walls. I never said wall-to-wall walls…(Rambling carnage part now)…Crisis, gangs, women w tape on mouths in vans, violence, people laugh at us…
“He can’t quit the wall”—@acosta on bonkers Trump speech caving, defeated after throwing lives & country into turmoil for 35 days. And WH staffers applauded!? He couldn’t help but adlib the carnage propaganda themes. Then he closed by threatening yet another shutdown on Feb 15🤯
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Chuckles & Nancy didn't want the cameras in, they want another CR so they can pack it with 🐷 AGAIN.
The troops are funded. Shut it down Mr President.
Nancy has lied since 1987. Someone with some mad editing skills should do a loop of all of them saying they'd secure the border
#NationalSecurity is defending our borders. #FundTheWall 🇺🇸
Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker-Designate Nancy Pelosi… via @whitehouse
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#Breaking badaboum majeur de @NBCNews #déjàvu...Kelly le chief of staff (à la fois directeur et chef de cabinet) de #Trump à la Maison Blanche l'a traité d'idiot en réunion, et dit sauver les #EtatsUnis de…
2) Essayer d'imaginer ce qu'est la relation entre 1 président US et son chief of staff, qui contrôle son agenda, les informations qui lui parviennent (#oupas) et organise la vie de l'administration...vous comprendrez qu'1 tel mépris de Kelly pour #Trump est 1 anomalie historique
3) Le seul exemple venant à l'esprit est Donald Regan, chief of staff de Ronald Reagan (eh oui) entre 1985 et 1987, qui finit par critiquer la santé mentale du patron et demanda à son successeur Howard Baker de vérifier si le 25e amendement section 4 ne s'appliquait pas...#Trump
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