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I felt terribly sick on Saturday. Sore throat, flu symptoms, heavy head. My rapid test is negative. All my friends have #COVID19. Literally everyone. 349 cases in my kids school last week.Overcrowded and zero #ventilation. Sick teachers & sick kids. @ScholaEuropaea @JHahnEU
On Sunday the Far right of 🇪🇺 comes to Brussels to create appalling chaos. The unspeakable violence...the politicians scape goating others... It's a lawless crowd & they don't hear our prayers. 2/
Belgian 🇧🇪Twitter Pandemic experts fight over CST: vaccine obligations. Yeah, in this first world, this is the drama. My right to not wear a face covering or take a vaccine. Not about the health consequences of the children & vulnerable. 😥 3/
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The kids are not alright.

So they are resisting & not complying.


BBC: "[] we have had reports in the last 24 hrs of at least 6 secondary #schools in the NW of England where #children in huge numbers are refusing to take lateral flow tests or to wear #masks."
"The #BBC​ is and has long been the most refined #propaganda service in the world" - Pilger

#BraveNewWorld w/ #children plated up as sacrificial lambs.

BBC World Service joins Global #Education Coalition by Jamie Angus, Director:

Children/youth as sacrificial lambs & experimental subjects.

Underway is the #4IR "digital transformation of #education" led by 200+ corps & global institutions including Microsoft, Google, McKinsey, Facebook, #WHO, #WorldBank.

Learning thread 👇

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#School closures sweeping N. America are nothing to do w/ protecting health.

Underway is the #4IR "digital transformation of #education" led by 200+ corps & global institutions including #Microsoft, Google, #McKinsey, #Facebook, Salesforce. #Privatization

Learning thread👇
Chakroun "called on Coalition members & member states to "continue working together to unleash the full potential of the unique partnership that we have through the Global #Education Coalition [for which] the digital transformation remains the main focus."

Nov 15 2021: Alexa Joyce [] at #Microsoft, said that the insights & experience of the Coalition’s partners from both the public & #private sector can support ministries of #education around the world in driving deeper #DigitalTransformation."

Implementation of #4IR architecture
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Nachdem selbst @neos_eu es sich nicht verkneifen können, das Infektion Geschehen an Schulen für gesellschaftspolitische Doktrien zu politisieren hier eine medizinsche Dosis #klartext in die völlig ausufernde Ideologie Diskussion

#Thread 1-14
Das Märchen von sicheren Kindern, die nicht krank werden und auch niemand anstecken, hat das Geschehen an den Schulden seit Beginn auf sie Kleinanzeigen Seite der #Pandemie verdrängt 2/14
Schulen & KIGAs müssen offen bleiben, ist nicht anderes als Evidenz befreiter Platzhalter, wo Lösungen fehlen, die vor allem darin bestehen, Mißstände abzustellen und aus Fehlern und Wellen der Vergangenheit zu lernen und #BildungAberSicher nachhaltig sicher zu stellen 3/14
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Advocates for Angels: Meet the Panelists!

➡️Marc Levine: Marc is a retired Special Education Judge. He retired to help families of children with special needs. He co-founded Levine & Maybaum, LLP, a law firm that specializes in matters involving special education.
➡️Rita Fernandez-Loof: Rita has led efforts to improve education for children with disabilities and educate parents about their children’s rights. She authored legislation (SB 1327—Soto) to strengthen protections for children with disabilities attending private schools, which
ultimately became law.

➡️ Raven Woods: Raven is a Special Education and IEP Advocate from Northern Virginia. She has advocated for children for over 14 years. Raven has advocated not only for her own child, but for thousands of families across the US.
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In July, @NAACP_LDF sent a letter to numerous internet service providers (ISPs) that published commitments to racial justice this summer. We urged them to take real action and equip students of color with what they need to access virtual classrooms.…
Their response, the #K12 Bridge to Broadband initiative, is a step in the right direction. @NAACP_LDF encourages ISPs and school districts to continue to work together to make sure that all of America’s children receive robust public education during #DistanceLearning. Image
“...there is more work to be done to fully address the digital divide and eliminate the racial disparities with regard to adequate access to the internet in both rural & urban communities."
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On the @usedgov preliminary release of the #distanceeducation definition final federal reg today...some comments....…

#distancelearning #onlinelearning
@usedgov On "correspondece course" - p. 41:
"The most significant change made to the definition of “correspondence course” in these regulations is the removal of the concept of self-pacing, which is not vital to the distinction between correspondence courses and distance education." 2/x
@usedgov For distance education definition...not emergency enactment, so the definition goes into effect on July 1, 2021.
However, institutions have the option of early adoption of this definition prior to that date. 3/x
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A friend of mine’s son has COVID, he got it from playing football at his school. He is feeling pretty sick, his parents are feeling pretty guilty for sending him back to school for sports. This is the impossible situation @GovBillLee has put families in. #distancelearning
The son is afraid he will infect his parents, his parents are afraid they will contract the virus. All of this could have been avoided by waiting to go to school in-person when we brought down the infection rate.
We could have addressed this in special session instead of protecting bad actors and locking up peaceful protesters for 6 years. Lee and the GOP will regret that decision. We are already seeing what’s ahead.
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Watched @jhaxhi & @psandrock #nflcvirtualsummit presentation "Focus on proficiency - Planning with Can Do Statements." A thread of my takeaways 👇 #langchat #wlteach #heritagelang #earlylang 1/
Reminder of what sts CAN do in TL to show intercultural competence w/in a task. Novice -identify products & practices. Int: make comparisons. Adv: explain perspectives #teach4ic #nflcvirtualsummit #langchat 2/ Image
Set your interpersonal task within the language function of what you want sts to be able to do. Love how this shows interpersonal functions building & expanding throughout the proficiency levels #langchat #nflcvirtualsummit 3/ Image
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@NYGovCuomo, @NYCMayor, @NYCSchools

We need to stop pretending that we can reopen schools this fall and focus our efforts on distance learning and child safety.

Even with currently low rates, the proposals of rotations are fraught with risk.
#1 We should not rush to resume in-school learning. There is nothing normal about this situation, and going back part-week into a risky environment doesn't make sense. Offices are delaying having employees return until 2021, and these are adults who can be forced to wear masks.
#2 Particularly for younger grades, the in-class proposals will be very disruptive to teachers, students, and parents. Teachers will have to be create both online and in-class curriculums to meet needs that were not covered in their collegiate nor their continuing education.
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I actually really like this idea, more so if it could be initiated in coordination with school systems or social services. Community outreach could help our most vulnerable and solve many concerns w/ #distancelearning while limiting exposure/increasing control over environment...
If systems could just invest in figuring out HOW to create the best distance learning program that attacks the problems we know exist, we would be in much better shape
Instead of trying so hard to make something work that just doesn’t.

NOW is when we need more critical and creative thinking....
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Got my first COVID teaching evaluations back. 🙂 Here's what my M1s thought supported their asynchronous online learning wrt video-based learning.

#OnlineEducation #DistanceLearning #COVed

🎥 1. Make new recordings addressing them as an online group. A recording from last year’s lecture to a face-to-face class makes them feel excluded.

😁 2. Turn your camera on and smile. They miss humans too.

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Recently, I tweeted about a child who hasn't shared anything during #distancelearning, but shared a portrait & a little writing recently. When we reached out to mom today to check in, she wrote us back right away & told us about a project that they've been doing at home.
She sent photographs, we discussed next steps, & even recorded a video message for her son with some extension possibilities. She wrote back to say that they're going to get started on the extension ideas this afternoon. Yay!!
Again, I'm reminded not to give up on kids & families. Sometimes, when we least expect things, we're surprised in wonderful ways. I love how this child & his mom connected on this project, & we can support them in where to go next. This is my little bit of happy today. 💕
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NEW: L.A. County's Office of Education (@lacoeinfo) has issued guidance for reopening classrooms in the county's 80 school districts. The 43-page document has a lot of moving parts — so I'll tweet highlights.

FULL DOC:… #lausd #lbusd #caedchat
As a starting place, @lacoeinfo outlines 3 basic strategies — and districts will have to choose a model "or combination of models that best fits their students' needs"

1⃣ "Face-to-face"
2⃣ "Hybrid" — mix of classroom and #distancelearning
3⃣ "Distance learning"
The guidance is like a choose-your-own adventure.
If schools go with model 1⃣, they'll have to consider one set of implications.
If schools go with model 2⃣, they'll have to consider another.
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Q: Should I be prepared to send my children #backtoschool in the fall? And what can I do to prepare if so?

A: We all want to say yes yes YES, but there are a number of considerations. More in this thread
While we keep schools closed to limit the spread of infection, some emerging data from China suggest that transmission from children may represent a lower proportion than previously thought:…
Though more testing and data is needed to confirm this
There could be many benefits to reopening schools. Among important considerations: Parents can be more productive and we can level the playing ground for families may have fewer resources to continue home instruction.
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Week 5 of our #WhiteHouseHistoryWednesday series looks at the dedication and skills of the White House staff, from butlers, florists, chefs, and more. Read the Resource Packet – The White House at Work #DistanceLearning: Image
For this week’s #AnywhereActivity, get a taste of a White House dessert with a cookie recipe from former White House Executive Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier #DistanceLearning #Baking: Image
If you loved the Peanut Butter Cookie Filled with Jelly recipe from the #AnywhereActivity, then check out Chef Mesnier’s books available in our shop: Image
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Da es offenbar ein großes Interesse am Thema #Onlinelehre und #DistanceLearning gibt, hier jetzt auch nochmal etwas strukturierter als eigenen Thread. (@threadreaderapp, please unroll):
Ich mache seit 5 Wochen #DistanceTeaching in verschiedenen Modulen an zwei Hochschulen. Die größte Vorlesung hat rund 70 Studis. Für die schnüre ich jede Woche ein Paket aus pre-recorded Video-Vorlesungen (20-40 Minuten) auf Youtube, den Folien dazu und einem Lehrbrief auf Moodle
Die Videos nehme ich mit @OBSProject an einem Laptop mit den Folien und einem iPad als Webcam (mit der App auf und stelle sie ungelistet auf einem neu dafür eingerichteten Youtube-Kanal zur Verfügung. (Moodle ist für solche Datenmengen nicht ausgelegt.)
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As we head into Week 3 of #distancelearning, here's my routine:
• create a weekly schedule in a (live) Google Doc;
• schedule everything to be released Monday morning;
• anticipate learning/tasks/readings that might be better explained in a video. If it can't be... (THREAD👇)
...explained in less than a few brief steps, it probably needs a video;
• students are encouraged to use private comments in Google Classroom; all comments get filtered into an Outlook folder that's sorted by oldest first. I sit down a couple times throughout the day to respond;
• if private comments indicate students are stuck, it's time for a video (most common feedback from students is "that video really helped!");
• assignments have due dates - they're suggestions. I'm flexible. This is a pandemic. But it seems to help students to manage the week;
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During this difficult time, we have created new online educational resources for parents, students, educators, and learners of all ages. A few weeks ago, we presented our “Digital Resources for #DistanceLearning” 1/6:…
Now, we are providing more digital resources for #DistanceLearning with “Sharing White House History,” gathering together educational materials from over 100 presidential sites across the United States 2/6:…
This is part of the work of the bi-annual #PresidentialSites Summit, where we convene leadership from this country’s presidential sites to share innovative ideas about the management of our sites 3/6:…
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THREAD: Reality check on #distancelearning - 20 million students, incl. my hs sophomore son, have had to struggle with the piece of crap learning management system known as Schoology. This is what they see every day. The memes are rampant. Just search "Schoology" on Twitter. /1
Schoology was bought out by a private equity-owned company called PowerSchool last fall & had previously raked in $57 million in investment capital. Where'd all the money go? /2
Schoology was forced to issue a statement today about its epic tech failure: "[C]ertain use cases have put a strain on parts of the software and resulted in some service interruptions...This is not an acceptable situation especially during these times." /3…
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#100daysofCPD is where @UoB_HEFi will be beaming a spotlight onto #teaching and supporting #learning in #HigherEducation #CPD opportunities especially for #Beacon #HEAfellowship applicants & @uob_pgche participants during #COVID19 times & beyond Image
#100daysofCPD: #Day1 is the @UoB_HEFi #Learning and #Teaching Gateway. Full of self-paced online courses on a range of #technology and teaching topics. #BestPractice #CPD Go to… Image
#100daysofCPD #Day2: @matt_tel_brum shares this Resource - How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event containing all you need to know about Zoom’s #settings when using for #teaching, #meetings or #socializing during #COVID19 & beyond…
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After some reorganization we're back to somewhat regular programming! Raise your hand if you're looking for some #DistanceLearning & #SchoolsOutScience about #ocean, #stem, #STEMeducation?

Today we're promoting some cool accounts to watch in prep of a big announcement tomorrow!
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We love teaching and learning about White House History in person, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Image
During this difficult time we are offering a variety of #DistanceLearning resources for all ages: Classroom resource packets, reading lists, virtual tours, educational videos, historical essays, curated collections, our #WHExperience App & Digital Library:… Image
We will be adding more content, and we would love to hear from you about what resources will be valuable in the days ahead.

Please reply here or email with your suggestions.
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The #MicrosoftEDU team is here to support educators, staff, students & parents that are making the transition to #RemoteLearning. Follow along on this thread for updates, resources & tips plus advice from educators who have enabled #DistanceLearning at their schools.

Thread ⬇️
RESOURCE: Join the Microsoft Enabling #RemoteLearning Community to connect with other educators and our #MicrosoftEDU experts on best practices, tips & tricks, and personal learnings on how to enable #DistanceLearning for schools.…
GUIDE: Access the tools you need for classroom management and student engagement in a #RemoteLearning environment with Office 365 Education. Discover guides for parents, resources for IT Admins and school leaders, #TeacherPD trainings and more.…
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