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🧵 1/ Someone posted today about #COVID19 being a cold and we should all just catch it and take paracetamol. So I thought I would tell you all about my experience with the new Ba.5 variant.Suffice to say I did not have a cold. I should start off by saying I do not have #LongCovid
2/ the reason I’m clarifying I don’t have long Covid (or any family members) is people always assume any doctor who cares about long Covid has it. Not true.
3/ so back to the story of Ba.5. We all had Covid 12 weeks ago. I knew reinfection could happen soon but even I was surprised to get it again so quickly. Day 1 my 9 year old son complained of a painful stiff neck. I took his temperature&it was 38.8. First thought was meningitis…
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Hospitals etc.! Do you have in your databases information on extreme lymphopenia / other prolonged immune perturbations in omicron and/or #LongCovid, which you would, maybe, like to share? Researchers! Are you working on this critical topic?
My tweet is slightly ironic. We have known about severe lymphopenia and other forms of immune dysfunction in acute covid, and then in #LongCovid, since 2020 and 2021. Yet, there seems to be little urgency to do in depth analysis of this, especially for every day patients
Many #LongCovid patients arent being currently screened for these critical issues like prolonged lymphopenia and potential forms of immunodeficiency | see @loscharlos tweet and from others in Long Covid. The topic appears to be taboos to a certain extent in research circles
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Joining a #LongCovid online support group is definitely something...a 🧵[thread]

Listening to people who were able bodied experiencing disability for the first time definitely brings up so serious feelings for me, anger, frustration, annoyance 1/8
I just want to sit in the middle of it all and shout and the want to shout "some of us live like this all the time and no one cares!? Now you can finally see what that feels like."

But I don't want to dismiss anyone's very valid feelings about having their mental and 2/8
Physical health stripped away from them.

They are now part of the Disabled community, *my* community. But they bring with them so much shame and unhappiness. Feelings I totally understand and are valid but are very difficult to listen to as a long term Disabled person. 3/8
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Ich muss auf diese Aussage noch einmal zurückkommen. Sie beschäftigt mich seit gestern. Sie ist auf so vielen Ebenen falsch, schädlich und schwach. Und sie wird ein weiterer Baustein des laufenden #SwissCovidFail sein. 1/n
Der Infektioge Urs Karrer arbeitet mit dem Zeithorizont "in alle Ewigkeit" und dessen Gegenstück: nie. Wir könnten hier jetzt zig Beispiele bringen - auf von nicht-ansteckenden Gesundheitsproblemen - die das entkräften: Sonnencrème auftragen, Mammographie, Darmspiegelung, 2/n
von der ganzen HighTech-Medizin oder Intensivmedizin nicht zu reden, die auch dann eingesetzt wird, wenn es *keine Garantie* gibt (gibt es das denn je?). Von einem Mediziner ist das einfach billig, und feige. Schon mal das. Es verleitet Menschen, dem gesellschaftlichen und 3/n
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Let's be real. Whether you invoke the "with" vs "for" #Covid19 debate is besides the point. Hospital ERs weren't closing with this kind of regularity pre-pandemic. The burden of care has changed. Denying it will make things far worse. 1/
When patients either present with or acquire it in hospital, outcomes are often worse. As an internist, I see frail, elderly patients admitted w/ dehydration or a serious fall. They didn't just "happen" to have Covid too. It has actual implications. 2/
Just having to isolate a patient for infection control protocol means additional limitations for space/cohorting; greater demands on nursing care, infection control staff, never mind heightened risk & anxiety re: transmission for everyone. 3/
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🧵The 7 questions I submitted for the White House & HHS Call on #LongCovid (7/15, 4pm EST):

1. Why has public health (e.g. CDC) failed to include a warning of long-term effects of #COVID19 in the recommendations for prevention of infection? How will they be held accountable?
2. This is truly a national/international crisis. Will the White House include #LongCovid in its next public address, press conference, etc? The American public is still largely unaware of the extensive damage and the millions of people experiencing it.
3. Does the White House and HHS support congressional legislation for #LongCovid, including the CARE for Long Covid Act and the TREAT Long Covid Act? If so, how will it make that support known?
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Prevalence of #LongCovid in a group of non-hospitalized healthcare workers in Italy | study of vaccinated vs non-vaccinated patients | overall: at least 1 symptom lasting over 4 weeks: 31% of sample | non-vaccinated: 41% | 3 doses: 16%

@JAMANetwork 🧵…
Longitudinal study across the three main covid waves, largely in Lombardy, here defined as "wild type", followed by Alpha and Delta/Omicron, when vaccination started to be available. #LongCovid is defined as at least one covid-related symptom lasting more than four weeks
Symptoms considered as indicative of #LongCovid include profound asthenia = extreme fatigue, cardiovascular problems, headache, loss of smell, and cognitive impairment, like "brain fog"
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🦠Tuviste #COVID y ahora te duelen los músculos?

Es de los síntomas más comunes de #Omicron
Abro 🧵
🦠 2)¿Cuáles son los síntomas?
➡️Dolor en articulaciones
➡️Dolor muscular
➡️Debilidad muscular
➡️Fatiga muscular
🚨Son los síntomas más comunes en #COVID y los primeros en aparecer Image
🦠 3) ¿Cuánto tiempo dura la fatiga muscular y el dolor de articulaciones y músculos?
➡️A cada persona le dura diferente tiempo
➡️A la mayoría solo unos días durante #COVID agudo
➡️A otras personas semanas o meses
🚨 Es de los síntomas más comunes de #LONGCovid
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1/9 - “The United States is now firmly in the ‘débrouillez-vous’ era of the #COVID19 pandemic.”…
2/9 - “Across the country, almost all gov efforts to curtail the coronavirus have evaporated. Mask mandates have been lifted on public transit. Conservative lawmakers have hamstrung what public-health departments can do in emergencies. COVID funding remains stalled in Congress.”
3/9 - “The White House and the CDC have framed #COVID19 as a problem for individuals to act upon—but action is hard when cases and hospitalizations are underestimated, many testing sites have closed, and rose-tinted CDC guidelines downplay the coronavirus’s unchecked spread.”
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Those are very important graphs.
New immune-evasive variants are appearing faster and faster.

Each reinfection increases one's risk of #LongCOVID, and other severe outcomes (including harm to immune system and cognitive impairment)
The only way out is to #TargetTransmission

There is a way out of this crisis.
We can strongly reduce the spread (hence disabilities, deaths, absenteeism & disruptions) and even achieve a state of SARS2 elimination or near elimination in 🇨🇦

For this our leaders need to seriously focus on #TargetingTransmission

2/ Image
Leaders need to
1. Acknowledge the reality that
a) SARS2 is here
b) SARS2 is harmful

2. Stop listening to promises of "defanging & decoupling"

3. Target the transmission ASAP (we have the tools: #CovidIsAirborne: N95 mask mandates, HEPA filters; vaccines, TTI and so on)

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1/9 - “‘Living with the virus’ is proving much harder than the early vaccine success suggested: this fight is far from over.”…
2/9 - “According to the latest numbers, released today, the UK added more than half a million new #COVID19 infections in the past week, and the estimated number of people with #COVID19 in total was somewhere between 3% and 4% of the population.”
3/9 - “Many have been rather unwell and off work or school, with the associated disruptions to education, healthcare and other vital services. These infections will also inevitably add to the toll of #LongCovid cases.”
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ONS 🦠 surveillance week ending 24 June 2022.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 50-69yr olds leading the pack with 1 in 24 infected.

Ages 25-34 years old following up close behind with 1 in 25 infected

And rising fast in the over 70s now

Still lower than 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 average of 1 in 18 infected.

We’re idiots.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 both on 1 in 30 infected overall

NI 1 in 25

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 1 in 18.
London is highest, but all regions rising and, EofE, NE, NW and SW all clustering close together

Whilst 🏥 admissions have risen a lot and deaths have started to rise, despite prevalence now exceeding the Alpha peak, 🏥 is three times lower and deaths (ats) 22 times lower
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#LongCovid ist eine Krankheit, die durch eine Vielzahl klinischer Symptome, einschließlich neurologischer und vaskulärer Symptome, gekennzeichnet ist. Da man davon ausgeht, dass eine Autoimmunkomponente an der Pathogenese von #LongCovid

#SARSCoV2 Image
…beteiligt ist, ergaben die Daten der vorliegenden Studie, dass eine Seropositivität von GPCR-AAb (funktionelle Autoantikörper) bei Patienten mit #LongCOVID einen Einfluss auf die gestörte Mikrozirkulation in der Netzhaut hatte, die mit OCT-Angiographie (OCT=Optische… Image
…Kohärenztomographie) abgebildet wurde, einer Methode zur Darstellung durchbluteter Netzhaut- und Aderhautgefäße ohne Gabe eines Kontrastmittels.
Die vorliegende Studie könnte darauf hindeuten, dass eine Seropositivität von GPCR-AAbs mit einer gestörten retinalen kapillaren…
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1/ I absolutely cannot convey the importance of the #LongCOVID community & the #pwME community working together to advance the science & understanding of both of these conditions. The faster that happens, the faster we can advance treatment options of both and alleviate suffering
2/ In this moment, there is tremendous power in these communities to advocate for care.

There is a hard won *decades long* wisdom from the #pwME community that #LongCOVID patients will only benefit from.

This data has been underfunded and understudied for just as long.
3/ The clinicians who research and specialize in these patients are FEW, probably less than 20 in the entire country.

#LongCOVID further compounds the problem of there simply not being enough clinicians to take care of all the people suffering.
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Having COVID as someone who spent a decade + sick with an infection and then infection-associated illness, I have a few totally impressionistic thoughts about my virus experience... (mini 🧵)
So you have some sense of my health history: I have POTS, EDS, suspected MCAS, small fiber neuropathy, autoimmune thyroiditis, and post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome/some kind of tick-borne illness. I was really sick from 2011-14, after which I got *much* better. /2
This is a tricky virus. I am highly used to self-monitoring and managing my health and am alert to most signs of trouble. Today, I thought I was doing well, & I took the stairs to pick up a grocery delivery to spare infecting anyone thru my mask. Elevators in Paris = tiny. /3
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🧵on being covid aware & cautious when the world says no to that. I’m in a new minority in the UK as someone who hasn’t (knowingly) had a covid infection. Once I understood how contagious C19 was, I understood risks went beyond just me alone but was more about everyone else
2/ Then I considered it was a new unknown to medics & scientists. By March’20 in the uk it was clear too little too late had been done, unprecedented levels of infection, it was traumatic to learn how many were dying everyday at an increasing rate. Definitely something to avoid.
3/ still I thought, what does it do to the people who survive it? Understandably focus remained on levels of mortality. Then I learnt that epidemiologists were very concerned not only about all the visible impacts but also about virus mutation.
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NIH is launching a small spin-off study of mitochondrial function in muscle tissue in ME/CFS & is inviting about a dozen patients from Avi Nath's study back to Bethesda. #MEcfs #LongCovid 1/3
The investigator is cancer researcher Paul Hwang. The discovery involves the gene WAVE3, which helps determine the shape of cells (their cytoskeleton). The amount of this gene product was altered (raised) in the ME/CFS cohort. 2/3
The study includes a muscle biopsy & MRI imaging of ATP, the molecule that provides cellular energy. Patients will be studied starting this month. 3/3….
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Ich habe im Radio gehört, Corona-Massnahmen-Befürworter und Massnahmen-Gegner sollte aufeinander zugehen. Vor allem die Befürworter müssten mehr Verständnis für die andere Seite entwickeln.

Das möchte ich hiermit tun:
Ich möchte mich entschuldigen - entschuldigen dafür, dass ich eine schwerbehinderte Tochter habe. Entschuldigung, dass ich Angst habe, dass ihr ohnehin schon beschädigter Körper mit einer weiteren Hypothek wie #longcovid belastet werden könnte.
Entschuldigung dafür, dass ich so egoistisch bin und von einer Mehrheit erwarte, dass sie auf „wenige“ Kranke und Behinderte Rücksicht nehmen.
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🧪T CELL DAMAGE—This doctor’s T-cells are way **below normal** on 5 different T-cell parameters after being #COVID19 infected 5 times! Several studies have found T cell suppression/damage after COVID. ➡️You do NOT want reinfections—don’t be blasé with mass infection! #LongCovid
2) so what is the evidence that #COVID19 is associated with T cell death? Here are some below. Notably one study even found more T cell apoptosis than even HIV according to immunologist @fitterhappierAJ
3) there used to be doubters on COVID’s negative effects on T cells. But those doubts are fading as it’s becoming slowly more clear there are major consequences on T cells.
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On the risk of developing lung fibrosis in #LongCovid | the role of markers of systemic inflammation | the need for early screening, with particular regard to patients with ground glass opacities visible on CT lung scan


Summary of key points by authors: it has been reported that #LongCovid patients are susceptible to pulmonary fibrosis as a consequence of lung damage, and impaired gas exchange from covid-induced interstitial pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
It is also thought that the fibrotic lung damage, which persists or develops after SARS-CoV-2 infection could correlate with excessive cytokine production. | note the authors mention the possibility of delayed onset of fibrosis in #LongCovid
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Ich hatte noch nie so viele SARS-CoV2-Infektionen in Bekanntenkreis und Timeline wie diese Woche. Selbst in der krassen Winter-/Frühjahrswelle war's weniger.

Leute, haltet den Ball flach, #LongCovid ist kein Spaß.
Es ist mir auch weiterhin vollkommen unverständlich, wie Menschen ins Fußballstadion, auf Konzerte, zur re:publica oder demnächst zur Fusion gehen können. Selbst wenn es für euch (wahrscheinlich) glimpflich abläuft, infiziert ihr andere, für die es gefährlich werden kann.
Gleichzeitig steigt der Druck für Risikopatient*innen, sich in riskante Umgebungen zu begeben. Kaum noch Verständnis, dass man nicht in Präsenz an irgendwas teilnehmen kann. Kaum noch Online-/Hybrid-Veranstaltungen. Wer sich nicht in die Infektion fügt, wird verdrängt.
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Grüße gehen raus an die voll Pfeifen der liberalen freiheitlichen ars…Geigen der #FDPrausausderRegierung, insbesondere @MarcoBuschmann für sein völlig verpfuschtes Machwerk, was er auch noch infektionsschutzgesetz nennt. Wir waren 2021 schon gebeutelt genug von dieser 1/ Image
Erkrankung. Ich hoffe für Sie, dass mir persönlich eine zweite Runde auf der Its erspart bleibt. K2 hat in dieser Durchseuchungsrunde den Jackpot geknackt und wurde heute morgen von uns freiwillig zuhause positiv getestet, die Betonung liegt auf freiwillig. Der Test den wir 2/
verwendet haben, war unser eigener, weil ich auf die aus der Schule nicht vertraue, wenn Sie noch nicht mal bei Seiten wie gelistet sind. Dieser Test erkennt auch schon niedrige Viruslasten zuverlässig. Warum bekommt man sowas nicht für zu Hause. 3/
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New important study

81 healthy controls & 116 #POTS pts had similar levels of autoantibodies against G-protein coupled receptors, suggesting GPCR AAB tests are “not useful for establishing the role of autoimmunity in POTS”…

#LongCovid #MECFS #NEISvoid
Currently, the only two labs that commercially offer GPCR AAB tests are Celltrend and Berlin Cures (AFAIK). Better save your money for something else.
This study was conducted by #POTS experts @TeamSRRaj, @ArturFedorowski, Profs Robert Sheldon & Steven Vernino et al.
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Durch die ab heute gültigen Änderungen der #Coronavirus-Testverordnung spart der Bund voraussichtlich 2,3 Milliarden € bis zum Jahresende. Wurde im Sinne der Evaluierung auch errechnet, was die Anpassungen an gesundheitlichen und volkswirtschaftlichen…

…Folgekosten verursacht? Corona-Test ermöglichen es Infektionsketten zu unterbrechen, tragen mit dazu bei die Anzahl von Neuinfektionen zu reduzieren (s. a. IfW-Daten). Jede verhinderte Infektion kann Menschenleben retten. Jede verhinderte Infektion kann schwere Verläufe…
…verhindern. Jede verhinderte Infektion kann #LongCovid vermeiden. Welche Kosten verursachen durch die nun einschränkten Testmöglichkeiten nicht verhinderte Neuinfektionen und die damit verbundenen notwendigen Behandlungen in Krankenhäusern, Reha-Kliniken, Arztpraxen? Welche…
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