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THREAD: In summer 2016, George Nader (representing Saudi Arabia & UAE) and an Israeli specialist in "social media manipulation" offered to help **THROW THE ELECTION** in a meeting w/Trump Jr arranged by Erik Prince‼️ 1/…
At the Aug'16 #treason meet, Nader told Jr the crown princes of #SaudiArabia & #UAE were "eager to help his father win." The Israeli social media expert's (Joel Zamel) firm had already drawn up a multimillion $ proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help Trump.🤨 2/
Zamel's social media company #Wikistrat, which employed several Israeli former intelligence officers, specialized in "collecting information & shaping opinion through social media."🤨

Gee, that sounds familiar‼️🤬 3/

Of course, Don Jr responded "approvingly," although it's "unclear" if such a proposal was executed, and the details of WHO commissioned it remain in dispute.🤔

Gee, I wonder if "Secretary of Everything" Kushner had anything to do w/this⁉️🙄 4/
No surprise, Team🇷🇺Trump didn't call the FBI after Nader offered ILLEGAL help. Instead, Nader was quickly EMBRACED as a close ally & met frequently w/Kush & Trump's "Secretary of #Treason," Misha Flynn‼️🤬 5/

After the election, Nader paid Zamel up to $2 million. There are "conflicting accounts" as to WHY, but a company linked w/Zamel gave Nader an elaborate presentation about the significance of social media to Trump’s "victory."🤨

Pretty obvious, right⁉️🤬 6/
This #treason meeting shows that countries other than #Russia🇷🇺appeared to have offered assistance to the Trump campaign in the months before the election.

Nader is squealing, so Mueller knows EVERYTHING that happened at this #treason meet.😎

Investigators have questioned multiple witnesses in DC, NY, Atlanta, Tel Aviv & elsewhere about what foreign help may have been pledged or accepted, and this was COORDINATED w/Russia🇷🇺. 8/
Repeat: it is ILLEGAL for foreign govt's or individuals to be involved in US elections‼️

Team🇷🇺Trump (need more non-US flags!) NEVER called the FBI. Two people familiar w/the meets said that Trump officials did NOT appear bothered by the idea of cooperation w/foreigners.🔥9/
Trump Jr's lawyer claims that Jr recalls the meet w/Prince, Nader & "another individual who may be Joel Zamel," who pitched Jr on a "social media platform or marketing strategy. He was not interested & that was the end of it.”🤣

Just like the #RussianLawyer🇷🇺meeting‼️🙄 10/
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan of the #UAE & Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) of #SaudiArabia had long opposed many of Obama's policies toward the Middle East, including the nuclear deal w/#Iran.🤨 11/
News outlets linked w/#SaudiArabia & #UAE fiercely criticized Clinton when she was secretary of state, and both crown princes hoped for a president who would take a stronger hand in the region against both #Iran & groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.🤔

So they backed TRUMP‼️12/
Nader visited Moscow **at least twice during the campaign** as a emissary from the #UAE Crown Prince Mohammed of Abu Dhabi. After the election, he worked w/the crown prince to arrange the #Seychelles meeting btwn Prince & the #Russian🇷🇺banker close w/Putin‼️ 13/


Zamel also has ties to #Russia🇷🇺. One of his firms had previously worked for #Russian oligarchs Oleg Deripaska & Dmitry Rybolovlev👉🏼hired Zamel's firm for online campaigns against their business rivals‼️ 14/

Both Deripaska & Rybolovlev has close ties w/Team🇷🇺Trump. Deripaska & Paul Manafort were "business partners" for years, and Rybolovlev vastly overpaid for Trump's #Florida mansion‼️ 15/


🔥Zamel & Nader were together at a Manhattan hotel at about 4 pm on Aug 3 when Prince called Nader & summoned them to Trump Tower. When they arrived, STEPHEN MILLER was also in Trump Jr’s office‼️ 16/

Prince opened the meeting by telling Don Jr that “we are working hard for your father,” in reference to his family (hello, Betsy Devos) & other donors. He then introduced Nader as an "old friend w/deep ties to Arab leaders."🤨 17/

Nader explained to Jr that the 2 crown princes saw Daddy Trump as a "strong leader" who would fill the power vacuum that they believed Obama had left in the Middle East.🙄

Nader added that he & his friends would be glad to support Trump as much as they could.🤨 18/
Zamel pitched the capabilities of his social media firm, but it's unclear if he referred to the proposals his firm had already prepared.🤔

Nader invited Don Jr to meet w/a Saudi prince — an invitation that Jr declined.

But NOT Kushner‼️ 19/
🔥Zamel's covert multimillion-dollar online manipulation campaign to help elect Trump involved using **thousands of FAKE social media accounts** to promote Trump on platforms like #Facebook.🤬

This sounds familiar‼️ 20/
There were "concerns" inside the firm, Psy-Group (apologies, this is DIFFERENT from Zamel's other firm, #Wikistrat), about the plan’s legality.🙄

Pst-Group's, whose motto is “shape reality,” consulted a US law firm👉🏼it would be ILLEGAL if any non-Americans were involved‼️21/
Zamel has been questioned about the Aug'16 meeting by Team🇺🇸Mueller & at least 2 FBI agents have traveled to Israel to interview employees of the firm. Mueller has worked with the Israeli police to seize the computers of one of Zamel’s firms, which being liquidated.😎 22/
During the campaign & transition, Nader remained close w/Team🇷🇺Trump & met often w/Kushner, Flynn & Bannon.

And Nader is COOPERATING with Mueller‼️😎 23/

After the inauguration, Zamel & Nader met w/Kushner & Bannon at the WH. Nader was pushing a plan to use private contractors to carry out economic sabotage against #Iran that, he hoped, might coerce it to permanently abandon its nuclear program.🤔 24/
Nader pushed his plan to US, #UAE & Saudi officials👉🏼plan was estimated to cost about $300 million and included efforts to deter Western companies from investing in #Iran & operations to sow mistrust among Iranian officials.🤨 25/

Nader met w/senior Saudi military & intel officials to pitch his# Iran sabotage plan. Nader also tried to persuade KUSHNER to endorse the plan to Crown Prince Mohammed in person on a trip to #SaudiArabia.🤨 26/
#SHOCKER: Trump has allied himself closely w/#SaudiArabia and the #UAE. His first overseas trip was to Riyadh. He strongly backed Saudi & Emirati efforts to isolate #Qatar, another US ally, even over apparent disagreement from the State & Defense Departments‼️27/

Bottom line: Team🇺🇸Mueller is ALL OVER these shady meetings, which spells near-certain doom for Trump, Prince, Kushner, Jr, Bannon, Miller and the rest of Trump's treasonous cabal‼️

Have ZERO doubt. Team🇷🇺Traitor is TOAST‼️ /end

PS: Zamel's MULTIPLE firms conducted #CambridgeAnalytica-style psyops on social media👉🏼#Wikistrat (Israel/#UAE), Psy-Group (Israel), & WhiteKnight (Philippines), plus OTHERS that worked w/🇷🇺oligarchs Deripaska & Rybovlev. Zamel offered to help TRUMP.🤨
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