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Every era has its prisoners.

Ours, the children in poverty, like caged Canaries
and Coal Miners.

The news last week refreshed the betrayal of poverty hanging over the lives of so many.

Including my own memories from my early teens.


When I can’t place those inchoate feelings, I open my kitchen cupboards.

I witness some effects of hoarding tin cans like tiny soldiers.

Standing straight and facing forward.

A sigh of relief.

This story belongs to many.


Warping back to those bare walls in a soup kitchen, lifeless conversations, long stares and whispers.

It’s not homelessness, but it’s not comfortable living.

You live penny to penny with half-a-foot outside your door.


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You didnt ask for it #MedTwitter but you are going to get it anyway

Starlord as a GP trainee (a thread)

#teamGP @rcgp
When he first walks in to his GP rotation after years of a few service provision jobs
His first patients is a long standing one and he introduces himself as a registrar
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A thread about listening to & believing patients..

Back in 1996 I told several Drs that I was not getting enough blood to my head.
One said ‘It is not like you are lolling around in the chair is it.’
One said ‘Stop being hysterical.’
One said ‘You would be unconscious if that was the case.’
I was in the hospital lying with my head over the side of the bed to try to stop the horrific ‘deaths’ feeling I had - like my brain was shutting down - I was told to ‘stop it!’

It turns out I was telling them exactly what was wrong with me all along.

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1/8 Use of defibrillators in the community. Is it worth it?

5 years ago I wasn't so convinced but now I've changed my mind. Here's why

A short Twitter thread....

#MedTwitter #TeamGP @rcgp @k8coleman24 @DrAbdulZubairu @Trisha_the_doc @irishayesha @Mummydoc1 @DrAmirKhanGP Image
2/8 I've been prompted to tweet about this after hearing some wonderful news today. A year ago @DrPaulaPowell1 and I assisted at a cardiac arrest on the beautiful but remote Isle of Lewis. David survived and posted a really moving video on FaceBook
3/8 David's was the 3rd community cardiac arrest I have been involved with in the last 5 years

All 3 people required defibrillation (electric shock) and all 3 were conscious and talking by the time they left the scene 👍
But that's unusual....
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Numbers of patients visiting GP is still lower than it should be, people avoiding GP and delaying treatment, collateral damage from #Covid19. But what worries me more is the hidden reason for going to the GP, the cue that the GP picks up on with a patient who they’ve known for 1/
years that something is
a bit off that’s prompts the question ‘is everything ok?’ with a sympathetic look. This often reveals the real reason for the appointment, that that person is struggling, be it with a medical, social, psychological or mental health problem. These are 2/
often the most difficult, but ultimately most rewarding, consults for doctors and patients alike. Phone/video consultations don’t really allow for us to pick up these cues as effectively. Really important for us as GPs to still be on the lookout and ask that question ‘Are you 3/
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I so wish I had something good to share about GPs but here I am again drawing attention to poor practice. Telling patients with ME they're 'hyper-sensitive' to their symptoms, implying they somehow aren't real, is textbook gaslighting bordering on psychological abuse. 1/ #NHS
People with ME are often attuned to the physical manifestations of their illness because ME is a multi-system disease which at any one time inflicts on sufferers a wide range of symptoms, making their lives a living hell. 2/ #teamGP #GPnews #pwME #MyalgicE #MedEd #MEcfs #NHS
If you are a GP who feels let down by their training or just wants to improve their practice, I recommend watching this short video by Dr Kaufman on diagnosing and managing ME. 3/ #teamGP
#GPnews #pwME #MyalgicE #MedEd #MEcfs #health #NHS
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