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"making females sing when they shouldn't" @newscientist This will be an unpopular & probably ignored thread about #menopause #ecology #responsibility #society #power #inequality. So I am 51, BANG in the peri-menopause. #davinamenopause
I am also #PhD research fellow, trying thru brain fog to learn 2 new languages, in a new country & new work industry (academia) during a pandemic. So my GP prescribes me synthetic HRT after a 3 month headache & acute anxiety to allow me to keep working on #sustainability research
I am just one of 4 billion women who will experience(if they live long enough despite war, poverty, violence & environmental destruction to get to it?) waning of fertility. Half the world's humans. If we ALL took #hrt of any kind what does that mean for our non-human female kin?
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Pointing out #HateMongering, #AbusiveBehaviour etc is #VictimComplex,but all day will be crying out same #VictimCompLex against #Brits & #Mughals!!
For these #Viraats, #Hindus are not victim based upon if they were wronged, but rather "who" wronged(& #Viraats can do no wrong)!!😏 Image
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#journalists needed to run a story relating to #PetTheft in the U.K. and the escalating rise on #DogTheft 4 #dogs here #Eco #Zorro #Pixie #Stellina in 19 days #stolen from #EastLondon details here #help please…
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#LONDON we need your eyes 👀 to keep looking for #Eco
#LONDON we need you to let people know #Eco is missing
#LONDON we need sightings of #Eco
#LONDON Dogs don’t just disappear #Eco is somewhere
We just need to find her #Twitter #followers please #RT Image
Still missing 😭😭😭
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Desde hace días tenía ganas de hablar sobre la OPA de #CLH, pero especialmente sobre la falta de deber fiduciario de las SCBs de este país, así que como dirían en El lobo de Wall Street, "Fuck the clients" y vamos con el hilo 🧵...
Para empezar, nos remontamos al 2012, Cemex necesitaba reducir y refinanciar su deuda y mejorar métricas. Entonces, agrupó las operaciones de Centro-Sudamérica en #CLH, y procedió a colocarla en la @bvcColombia, por la importancia de la operación local.…
En esa época, todas las comisionistas locales, la compararon con otras cementeras del mundo, la consideraron "atractiva" y la vendieron como pan caliente. Los clientes, en cambio, terminaron pagando una prima de>3,2x VL (asumiendo un ROE bien alto y que todo era perfecto).
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#Eco stolen from #Whitechapel London please help and join the group… #RT #FindEco Image
@dotslondon please can you keep an eye out for Eco please
More photos of #Eco possible sightings in #BethnalGreen missing since 6th September #FindEco #Staffy Image
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[THREAD] 1 - hier j'ai eu l'honneur de représenter 4 groupes #LongCovid #EU 🇫🇮🇪🇸🇮🇹🇫🇷 à l'OMS avec l’équipe #apresJ20 pour:
1)RECONNAISSANCE basée sur les symptômes
2)SOINS dans tous les territoires
3)COMMUNICATION au public et aux doctors
4)RECHERCHE impliquant les patients
l'OMS va s'assurer que nous recevions les soins et la recherche nécessaire pour le longcovid dans chaque pays

Nous avons besoin de vous @EmmanuelMacron
@gouvernementFR @olivierveran @MinSoliSante
3- RECONNAISSANCE: la classification du #COVID19 patients en: asymptomatique, léger et severe n'est pas adéquate
🔜 la reconnaissance des #LongCOVID devrait être basée sur la qualité de vie des patients (non retrouvée après des mois), les symptômes et non test/sejour hôpital
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As the old miner said to his donkey:" All the world's crazy except me and thee and sometimes I wonder even about thee"
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Me acabo de currar este megahilo artístico con un poco de todo. Fotografía, cine, música, pintura, #StreetArt, vídeos y de todo. Cosas chulas que tenía guardadas. Añadid lo que queráis y yo también. ¡Que esto no pare! #arte #Hilo

Canal de #telegram 👉🏾…
Vivian Maier era una niñera de New York con una pasión oculta: la fotografía. Fotografió sin parar incluso almacenando carretes q nunca llegó a revelar. Su obra sale a la luz ahora, fotografía urbana en Chicago y NY entre 1950 y 1990 #fotografía #arte

👉🏾… ImageImageImageImage
El productor musical Eamonn Doyle se pasó a la fotografía tras 20 años dedicados la música, con una obra centrada en Dublín y de temática urbana.

🎙️Hablé con Carlos Gollonet para la Jirafa que asoma sobre la exposición de @MAPFRE #podcast #fotografía
👉🏾… ImageImageImageImage
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Range anxiety is a real concern for changing our mindset around #ElectricVehicles.

Just how close to the left of the needle can we go?

Tomorrow I’ve got a few offsite #CSIRO meetings between #Newcastle & #Sydney, so why not come on:
“A day in the life of an #EV

Starting, NOW!
Off on the first leg of the #EV trip, leaving work for the day: I have an 8am meeting so will get a head start.

Leaving the charging point behind & starting with a ~full charge + range of 429 km.

Bring on tomorrow’s #RangeAnxiety experiment!
@TheDriven_io @AEVA_National #CSIRO
First leg of #RangeAnxiety experiment 🧪went as expected:

16 km trip from Office to Home, 15 km reduction in range.

Now to take the dog 🐕 for a bush walk & await the next experimental leg.

#CSIRO #Renewables #Australia #ElectricVehicles #EV
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My current #Working #Research #Topic: "A Review of the #CommonMonetaryArea of #SouthernAfrica: Are Client Countries Better-off De-Linking from the #Anchor #Economy?". I'm using #OptimumCurrencyArea #OCA #Theory to analyse the #CMA arrangement. Draft will be ready January end..!
The #CommonMonetaryArea of #SouthernAfrica or #CMA could seem to some (mostly the technically inclined) to be a no-brainer & a clear natural #OptimumCurrencyArea given the historical links between the #anchor #SouthAfrica & the #clients (#Lesotho #Eswatini & #Namibia)...
Be that as it may, 2020 marks 46 years since the #RandMonetaryArea - #RMA agreement and 34 years since the RMA was revised to establish the #CommonMonetaryArea - #CMA between #SouthAfrica, #Lesotho, Swaziland (now, #Eswatini) and #Namibia...
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After 2 years and 7 months I have resigned from my post as the director of #PMPML. My tenure working for the public transportation body has been one of the most rewarding and educating experiences of my life.
Guided by the then CM @Dev_Fadnavis ji, my priority and goal was to provide #eco-friendly transportation for #Pune. Am happy to share that in my tenure we not only procured 990 new buses; none of them are diesel and 150 fully #electric buses are already plying our roads.
500 new buses will be arriving soon to give the much needed impetus to Pune's public transportation.
I would like to thank the management, the staff and workers of #PMPML for their efforts in us achieving our goals.
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Why #veganism #plantbased is a misleading path to #EcoPopulism regarding climate breakdown.

A thread...
The human animal lives alongside all other life forms on this planet, of mostly water, and earth.
Life is enabled by the process of photosynthesis.
Transforming sunlight, carbon and water into glucose for plants and #SoilLife… ...
... all flora and fauna are part of the planets climate/weather regulation system, whereby everything is *supposed* to live then decompose back into the soil as organic matter which creates #SoilCarbon as the planets biggest carbon sink...
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22. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1 to 20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
21. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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I have 2 essays about #ecoapartheid in Brazil this week. 1st is about Bolsonaro’s menace to Amazon (& most Brazilians), esp the insidious threat of low-carbon #ecoapartheid, where fumbling climate progress and racial violence go together… Thread 1/
Then there’s this piece about São Paulo’s historic drought, which could return. I push back against the optimism that lots of progressives have that climate disasters will solve their problems by teaching ppl a lesson. Don't believe it… 2/
Really excited that this water piece is in a @ijurrresearch "Parched Cities" collection, also feat. the brilliant @liquidperson, @maliniranga, @suraya_scheba, @nate_millington, Megan Peloso, @disrumpere, Leila M. Harris. Edited by @lizaweinstein… 3/
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It would seem to be a mistake to not have taken peoples' very real, practical concerns more seriously…
This was the article which had been retweeted…
3/ Given extent, range, & specificity of research that has gone into making appeal so far it raises certain questions about how the local council justifies itself as operating for the greater good of all of its locality-while pumping publicity for...…
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