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- 1733 new COVID cases in Alberta on 20499 tests (8.5% +)
- 8 new deaths, now up to 541
- 453 in hospital (+18), 96 in ICU (+1)
- 16454 active cases

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
New cases by region:

Edmonton zone: +605
Calgary zone: +739
Central: +190
South: +94

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Alberta Heath reveals 8 new deaths, along with additional notes once again with comorbidities. #yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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I am now on COVID-19 duty and awaiting the daily update from @CMOH_Alberta Dr. Deena Hinshaw. Details in this thread. Listen live on @660NEWS or watch the stream on our website. #yyc #yeg #ableg
The latest numbers have just come in, 1,733 new cases on Sunday.
The proceedings have begun. Dr. Hinshaw starts by recognizing Albertans in areas of enhanced measures who have ensured they are following them to the best of their abilities.
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The audacity this man has to single out my community when there are literal anti-mask rallies and malls packed with people.

NE Calgary are essential workers. The taxi drivers couldn’t stay home (my dad included) because his company was gonna take his plate away if he did #ableg
The taxi insurance went from $200 to $500 a month and drivers had to comply or risked losing their plates.

Yenno why insurances companies can increase their rates in middle of a pandemic???? Because UCP lifted the damnn cap.

We’ve been doing our part. We didn’t celebrate Ramadan, Eid and Diwali with our loved ones to be singled out like that.
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- 1608 new COVID cases in Alberta on 23282 tests (6.9% +)
- 9 new deaths, now up to 533
- 435 in hospital (+20), 95 in ICU (+7)
- 15692 active cases (+761)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
New cases by region:

Edmonton zone: +665
Calgary zone: +646
Central: +131
South: +53
North: +93

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Active cases (changes in brackets)

Edmonton zone: 7230 (+262)
Calgary zone: 5756 (+310)
Central: 1101 (+109)
South: 642 (+15)
North: 857 (+55)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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Let's consider be all the reasons why nurses might work part time, #abpoli #ableg:

1) full time lines aren't offered, even if hours are required for patient care
2) nurses are disproportionately women and need part time work to balance unpaid labour, including child care
3) some may genuinely prefer to only work part time. It's especially ridiculous to assume those who prefer part time are thing it for overtime.

You know who's most likely to bank overtime b/c they're called in on an X day? A FULL TIME NURSE, simply b/c they have fewer days off
Honestly, Alberta, we've seen this before. Klein did the same thing, demonizing the nurses as if it's a problem to pay highly trained professional care staff a decent wage for their work.
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- A record 1731 COVID cases in AB on 21657 tests (8%+)
- 5 new deaths reported, now up to 524
- 415 in hospital (+10), 88 in ICU (+2)
- 14931 active cases

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
New cases by region:

Edmonton zone: +812
Calgary zone: +655
Central: +101
South: +45
North: +104

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
Active cases by region:

Edmonton zone: 6968 (+354)
Calgary zone: 5446 (+282)
Central: 992 (+42)
South: 627 (+7)
North: 802 (+33)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
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More than $300 million in federal wage top-ups that should have been paid out to lower-wage frontline workers in Alberta months ago is still being held up by UCP foot-dragging and political manoeuvring. Shameful! #AbLeg #abpoli #COVID19AB #cdnpoli #canlab…
Don’t let the Kenney government tell you they’re ‘still negotiating with the feds.’ No other province is having any problems. The UCP here in Alberta are the ones who are holding things up by not kicking in their share.
Here is the document that the federal NDP obtained in response to the inquiry to Parliament they submitted on behalf of the AFL. It shows that most or all of the available money has already flowed to front line workers in other provinces. In Alberta? Only 3.5 percent!
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Given how common and constant it is, it's reasonable to suggest that this kind of racist harassment is an expected, desired, and celebrated outcome of issues managers' attacks.

It makes this even more repugnant that it seems on the surface.

#abpoli #ableg
Their goal is to get any critic to STFU, no matter how well informed, research-based, or justifiable their critiques are. The goal is to ensure that "good" Albertans don't question their government, so those who do question or critique must be "bad"
Here's the thing: anyone who refuses to condemn the voicemail AND the issues manager attacks that sparked it saree complicit in this. Anyone who says, "yes that's bad, but the economy...."? Also complicit.

This is on a lot more folks than just the IM in question.
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Almost seven months ago, the federal Liberal government committed $3 billion to top up the wages of frontline workers during the pandemic. Provinces had to match a third of the funding to claim most of the money. And Alberta is the odd one out. #ableg…
The federal NDP obtained federal government data showing how much provinces had claimed from the feds' Essential Workers program as of the end of September. Sic provinces had claimed 100 per cent. Every province and territory had claimed at least half - except Alberta. #ableg
As of Sept. 28, Alberta had claimed three per cent of the federal funding, and according to the finance minister's comments in the legislature, it was all no strings attached. Exactly how much Alberta has received to date is unclear. #ableg
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This is your daily pension announcement! The I'm sure nobody will want this job now edition. So many things going on....

First, the intrepid Leanna Orr reports on the departure of Kevin. #AbLeg

Just read her description of the modern Alberta hellscape…
"Alberta Investment Management Corp. CEO Kevin Uebelein is on his way out, having led the public fund as it lost billions on wayward volatility trades and became the center of bitter political battles between the province’s far-right government and its own unionized clients."
No one has encapsulated so much with so few words. Even to generally right leaning institutional investors our good ol' 'berta qualifies as a far-right govt.

As I have previously opined, Kevin's major error was putting himself at the center of a political decision. #ABLeg
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Mayor Iveson thanks Justice Minister Madu for granting Edmonton and other munis a chance to empower their peace officers to enforce rules.

Officers will work 7 days a week to monitor public spaces, gatherings and worship centres.

#yeg #yegcc #ableg #covid19ab Image
Iveson says state of emergency not called today, but could be in the future.

Says he's concerned about outbreak at Edmonton CC, but believes quick response proves systems are working.

Also urges people to shop local (online, curbside pickup, etc)

#yeg #yegcc
Temp city manager Adam Laughlin says Edmonton is at a tipping point.

Peace officers are being empowered to ticket.

No fireworks allowed.

22 arenas being temporarily shut down.

City run senior centres shuttered.

NO EXEMPTIONS for mask mandate at any #yegcc rec facilities.
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Dr. Hinshaw asked about vaccine timelines.

Says they are working with partners (inc feds); date is a moving target, but whenever it is available, they will be ready to vaccinate those high on the priority list.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Why are Banff and Lake Louise seeing such high case numbers?

Hinshaw says Calgary AHS folks would know more about that specific spread.

But says staff accommodations could be risky (even though this isn't necessarily a reason in this case)
How will system create 400 ICU beds and 2,000 acute beds?

Hinshaw says work is underway to expand capacity in continuing care system, adding that some non-urgent surgeries are getting delayed.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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I was delighted to be one of the more than 200 people who participated in last night's excellent #Next30 warm-up session. As a few of you know, I've been lending some support to this group as they've developed the idea of a Possibility Panel.

Why? A short thread. #ableg
As a proud centrist (I know, I know) I think it's important to create spaces where people from both sides of the ideological spectrum can come together and talk about solutions. We spend a lot of time in Alberta talking about problems, and I'm part of that conversation. But.... it's time to focus on the possibilities. I know lots of people who won't stick around past 2023 if we don't get this right. They have families and businesses and lives that won't abide the approach to thinking about our shared future that's been manifest since 2019.
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I've had an incredible week here in High Prairie at the health complex facilitating some Connect Care training. I'd forgotten that the community had the first COVID death in Alberta and the stories I've heard from clinicians all week about that first wave (1/10)
from the ER nurses receiving potential COVID cases and how we didn't know how the virus was transmitted, if it was contact or "like a fart in the breeze," to the steel-minded screeners that had no choice but to refuse entry to family trying to visit their dying loved ones. (2/10)
Hearing how they had to take temperatures through that tiny cut out of the plexiglass divider of hundreds of residents and staff have caused long term injuries like Tennis Elbow and spinal problems from hunching over for up to twelve hours a day These folks are absolutely (3/10).
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This is your daily pension announcement, the Alberta Fiscal Update edition! As you probably well know, Travis provided the Fiscal update available below. TL:dr is okay, I will bring you the naughty bits. #ABLeg…
First, from the update Travis opines:

"Government obligations for pension plan liabilities are $415 million lower, mainly from improved valuations for the two Teachers’ Pension Plans. Other liabilities have decreased $567 million."

That's right, great investment returns from ATRF have made Travis $415 million. That should give any Minister of Finance pause. Like don't move the management over to AIMCO kind of pause. Travis is in a financial bind and is turning his nose up at future cash. #ABLeg #idiot
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I’m sensing a pattern here...THREAD

“the atmosphere in which decisions are being made is combative, it is not collaborative and that they are not working towards a common goal”…

#UCPculture #COVID19AB

“the atmosphere in which decisions are being made is combative, it is not collaborative and that they are not working towards a common goal”…

“the atmosphere in which decisions are being made is combative, it is not collaborative and that they are not working towards a common goal”…

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BREAKING: How many times have we heard the UCP accuse its critics of not respecting or listening to Hinshaw? As it turns out, it’s the UCP itself who hasn’t been respecting or listening to her. Bombshell report on secret recordings. #COVIDAB #AbLeg #abpoli…
In early June, against Hinshaw’s advice, the government shifted away from orders to “education.” 'We need to be leading Albertans where they want to go, not forcing them where they don't want to go,’ was the way Hinshaw characterized the UCP’s position.
While other provinces were cracking down on businesses and individuals who violated COVID guidance, the UCP refused to support consequences for offenders. “They don’t want us to enforce anything.”
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"'How do we limit the worst possible implications of this without wearing ourselves down?'" - Alberta's top doctor

Secret recordings of internal #ableg COVID-19 planning meetings reveal political interference, tensions over pandemic response #cdnpoli…
We obtained 20 recordings of Emergency Operations Centre meetings and interviewed sources directly involved in the pandemic response.

They reveal micromanagement by Premier @jkenney, Health Minister @shandro, and cabinet, who sometimes overruled expert scientific advice #ableg
On June 8, shortly before Stage 2 relaunch, here is what Alberta's chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, said about direction from a UCP cabinet committee: #ableg #cdnpoli
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It seems like the whole province of Alberta walks on eggshells around Jason Kenney and the UCP. I’m tired of watching it. People with a modicum of social clout and power should be taking this opportunity to be loud.

Where is our medical leadership while this government destroys our healthcare system through legislation that wholly undermines the Canada Health Act? Where is it when this government can’t be bothered to take appropriate steps to stop COVID from wreaking havoc in our hospitals?
How have none of you resigned in protest? Why aren’t you all resigning in protest? You are complicit in this destruction with your “working on the inside” non-strategy.
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Hey #ableg media,

Dr Hinshaw has shown time and again that she will not be candid with you about what she thinks should be happening.

She probably has a non disclosure agreement.

So hammer Kenney and Shandro for transparency. They are ultimately responsible, right?
That last question at the press conference today, the one that was accusing Hinshaw of a lack of transparency, was really misplaced in its righteous indignation.
Don’t get me wrong. I would likely be handling myself far differently in her shoes, but scapegoating the civil servant is garbage.
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One of the concerns that was strongest for me in looking at our Q1 COVID-19 impact report yesterday was the lack of information from AHS on in-school transmission. We are not provided with information on where or how this transmission has occurred. #abed #abhealth #ableg #epsb
What this means is that we can't learn from these situations to improve our practices because we are not told where or how in-school transmission happened, only how many times it happened in our city — a critical issue as community transmission brings more cases into schools.
If we can't tell when and how in-school transmission is taking place, how can we determine where we need to tighten or adjust processes or improve communication to students, staff, and families?
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Alberta's COVID-19 presser in a nutshell:
No indoor gatherings at all. Except for restaurants. And schools. And church. And shopping.
Mandating masks in Edmonton and Calgary...when the municipalities did that months ago?
Kenney bashing the feds while his own house is burning.
Oh, and still no federal COVID app, still have no idea how 89% of currently active cases were transmitted.

Essentially, a theatrical event. #ableg #abhealth #COVID19AB
Kenney also accidentally admitted that he was not self-isolating when he said that he bought food from a "refugee of Venezuelan socialism" last week.
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Albertans waited 12 days.
In that time, 94 Albertans died.
And more than 13,000 Albertans got sick with COVID-19. 1/17 #ableg #abhealth
Albertans waited 12 whole days expecting to see strong action, but once again, this Premier let them down.
Today’s announcement is simply not enough.
We don’t know what Dr. Hinshaw recommended to the Cabinet but I don’t for one second think it was this. 2/17 #ableg #abhealth
I suspect today’s decisions by this Premier were NOT governed by the advice of the public health officials, but by his own ideology combined with the internal political motivations of the UCP Caucus. 3/17 #ableg #abhealth
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Doctors, economists and small business owners ALL told the Premier we needed more action.

Instead, he waited, and now he’s pushing us closer to a holiday lockdown.

#ableg #abpoli
Yet, the only supports for small businesses are inadequate programs that generate automatic rejection letters.
"Due to technical limitations, businesses that meet new eligibility requirements and submit an application may initially receive a rejection notification as the system is updated."…
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