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1/n) ICMR released Standard Treatment Workflows (STWs) volume 3 which contains 11 specialties with 52 diseases. It is accessible at and on the Mobile App.
@MoHFW_INDIA @DeptHealthRes #STW
2/n) Standard Treatment Workflows (STWs) on #𝐃𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐲 containing 14 major diseases. It is accessible at and on the Mobile App. @MoHFW_INDIA @DeptHealthRes
3/n) Standard Treatment Workflows (STWs) on #Endocrinology containing 06 major diseases. It is accessible at and on the Mobile App. @MoHFW_INDIA @AyushmanNHA @WHOSEARO #diabetes
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I'll be adding short important points which would hopefully help in remembering certain concepts during #PLAB preparation, to this thread🧵every now and then as I take them out from my scattered notes. Feel free to comment your tips and tricks which would help others, as well 👇
Please don't take any of these as medical advice 😂🙏. Real life stuff is much more nuanced. These are just clinchers for the sake of the exam.
1. Drug contraindications...
-Avoid BAN drugs in Asthma (Beta blockers, aspirin, NSAIDS) &
-DAMN drugs in diarrhoea (Diuretics, ACEIs, Metformin, NSAIDs)
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Niveles elevados de glucosa en sangre (hiperglucemia) en pacientes con #COVID19

Abro 🧵👇🏼


#SARSCoV2 #Diabetes #Glucose
Primero algunos (4) conceptos:

1️⃣ Insulina

Es una pequeña proteína producida por el páncreas. Le indica a nuestras células que deben absorber la glucosa que les llega a través del torrente sanguíneo


#Insulin #pancreas #metabolism

La adiponectina es una hormona producida por las células que almacenan la grasa (adipocitos), tiene dos funciones principales: hacer que las células sean más sensibles ante la insulina, y...


#FatTissue #Endocrinology #Hormones
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100 years ago, #insulin was discovered—today, it is inaccessible for millions.

The Lancet journals reflect on this life-saving treatment and the "golden opportunity to improve access to insulin and #diabetes care" the centenary represents: #Insulin100⬇️ Quote: 100 years after its discovery, insulin should be acce
The discovery of insulin ranks among the leading triumphs of medical research, with effects on #endocrinology, #medicine, and society that reverberate 100 years later.

Track "the birth of an idea" in @TheLancetEndo, by Robert Hegele and Grant Maltman:
Although insulin has changed the lives of countless people with #diabetes, writes David Beran et al, the time for celebration has not yet arrived due to the absence of concrete action on #insulin access.

Read the Comment in @TheLancetEndo: #Insulin100 Quote: We need to be blunt—urgent action is required to ad
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1) Welcome to a tweetorial on #insulinhesitancy in contemporary #T2D management. This serialized program is accredited for 0.5h by @academiccme: #physicians, #nurses, #pharmacists! I am @AliceYYCheng . . . Image
. . . and this educational activity is intended for healthcare providers and is supported by grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, Chiesi, and NovoNordisk.
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Every speciality who is on (or wants to be) the ‘Mucor’ team- how many are willing to admit a patient with Mucor under their care and manage (even after surgical debridement). How many were admitting before and will admit after the pandemic? (1/n)#Mucormycosis #COVID19India
Some hypothetical consultations in the emergency before and after the pandemic:

#ENT : We will operate and transfer back

#Ophthalmology : Call us during the Surgey, we will coordinate with ENT in the OT, if needed

#Neurology : Continue Amphotericin (2/n)
#Endocrinology : Send us a consultation after admission under primary, we will control sugars

#Neurosurgery :No active neurosurgical intervention required

#Nephrology :We will do renal modification of Amphotericin

#Medicine/ #Infectiousdisease Admit under any of the above
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This week we are going to cover some #Endocrinology topics for #medstudenttwitter.

Going to start with some fundamentals to get us going as grasping these basics really makes interpretation much easier!
Endocrinology is about communication! 📞📢

Hormones are messengers that travel around the body to act in distant organs and tissues.

There are 2 main types of hormones. Knowing a little about this helps predict hormone behaviour:
STEROIDS🔶 – cortisol, aldosterone, sex hormones. Vit d and thyroid hormones are included in this group as they behave similarly.

Water insoluble - circulate on binding proteins, have long t1/2

Diffuse across lipid membrane to act via NUCLEAR receptors ➡️ SLOW effect on genes
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Myxedema Coma vs severe hypothyroidism
First #Medtwitter #Tweetorial #ICUconsult
Do I have the correct diagnosis ?
Why steroids ? Why cortisol ?
Do I wake up endo at 3AM ? #endotwitter
Looking for answers ? 👇
A thread 🧵

#Medthread #MedStudentTwitter #pccm
Myxedema coma is a medical emergency. Period.
Act fast, efficiently and start treatment if your pretest probability is very high. No TSH ? No prob.
We don't wait for a CTA in a patient with massive PE and don't wait for an arterial duplex in acute limb ischemia right? same here
Ok How do I know/suspect myxedema ?
1. #History (if severe pt may be obtunded, ask family!)
2. #physical #exam (thyroid scars, delayed reflexes, macroglossia, slow mentation, bradycardia, hypothermia, low BP, myxedema in extremities....)

when in doubt @UpToDate Image
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Strange cause for #cirrhosis
Maybe very #rare #MedEd
53yrs man, voice change, recurrent headaches, male breast enlargement. Stops socialising. Has bleed one day, #endoscopy varices, #biopsy fatty liver cirrhosis
No metabolic syndrome.
MRI Brain done. #livertwitter #radio
1/3 Image
What is the diagnosis?
In patients with cirrhosis, always try to find the cause in those who present early. There is no idiopathic, no cryptogenic. Its all 'missed' cirrhosis.
2/3 #liverpath
#MedTwitter #pathology #radiology #MRI #brain #Neurology #Endocrinology #NeuroTwitter Image
#diagnosis: #fatty liver related cirrhosis due to #pituatory macro adenoma with high prolactin, high GH, low #thyroid function. #clinical examination, acromegaly features with central obesity. #Examine 1st, then investigate. #MedicalStudent #medicine #MedStudentTwitter
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Treatment w/SGLT-2, what can & can’t the wonder drugs do 🤷🏻‍♀️

✅⤵️❤️filling pressures&LV remodeling
✅⤴️♥️energy by ⤴️ ketogenesis👉🏻 shift♥️fuel from glucose👉🏻 ketones
✅⤴️erythropoietin👉🏻⤴️RBC ➕⤴️HCT👉🏻⤴️♥️02💨delivery

🛑SGLT-2 do NOT 👇🏻read below👇🏻🛑 Image
In pts WITHOUT hyperglycemia
⤴️diuresis does not occur👉🏻effects on renal volume excretion is dependent on the threshold of glucose in the nephron

📖DAPA-HF trial👉🏻NO ❌ reduction in diuretic req w/ ➕ of dapaglizflozin
✅ 15% ⤵️in BNP👉🏻LOWER effect size compared w/loops alone
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