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Aujourd’hui, on va parler de la transition énergétique de l’Allemagne et en particulier de sa sortie du nucléaire. Avant de parler “technique” et des conséquences, petit rappel historique et politique ! #thread ⤵️⤵️⤵️
#TransitionEnergetique #allemagne #nucléaire #fukushima
Tout commence en 1998 quand Gerhard Schröder, membre du SPD, le parti socio-démocrates allemand, devient Chancelier à la tête d’une coalition historique avec les Verts (Grünen).
Gerhard Schröder & Joschka Fischer (Cabinet Vert-Rouge)
Ce gouvernement prend plusieurs résolutions:
🔹 taxe sur l’électricité pour réduire la conso/émissions + financer les retraites
🔹 tarifs d’achat à prix garanti sur 20 ans et priorité d’injection sur le réseau pour les énergies renouvelables
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@unscriptedmike @Rockprincess818 On actuality, it is #AtmosphericChange; the amount of CO2 is increasing. What that means varies. For sure if it gets too high, we die. Best bet—stop deforestation on Brazil, re-plant trees that have been harvested, and protect the oceans 1/
@unscriptedmike @Rockprincess818 Because 70% of the oxygen we breathe is converted from CO2 in the oceans by tiny plankton. This, #fukushima should be stopped, since it is destroying the Pacific. Another problem is #China and its CO2 emissions, which are mostly from industry, which needs to clean itself 2/
@unscriptedmike @Rockprincess818 ...there. They emit 2x as much as we do. Same for other heavy pollitos countries.

And BTW—this is why I support @POTUS — he leads the way in reducing OUR CO2 emissions AND, at the same time, is bringing modern industrialization to the #USA!
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再生可能エネルギー発電事業の分社化に向けた吸収分割契約の締結について #TEPCO…

#TEPCO モバイルバッテリー・レンタルサービス「充レン」が再生可能エネルギー100%に生まれ変わりました!…
Fukushima to Become Solar, Wind Hub Using Farmland Tainted by Radiation…
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Thread 1/ #Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in #Japan and has caused widespread flooding with human lives lost. Spare a thought for those in Japan who need help at present. #Fukushima Daiichi. But some are using this storm to promote scientific misinformation
2/ I am seeing posts that link the #radioactive contamination/decay heat from #Fukushima Daiichi & the development of tropical cyclones like #Hagibis and going so far as to say the human caused global warming is not like to #CO2 but nuclear fallout/contamination
3/ The argument goes something like this and is summarized in a blog I posted some time ago @dailykos…:
1. Fukushima released radionuclides to the environment with much of the contamination ending up in the Pacific Ocean
2. Isotopes generate heat on decay
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🤓 so, i was looking at the @MineralsCouncil submission to the nuclear inquiry, which includes this nifty little infographic…

…and low and behold, it's the typical misinformation & truthiness we've come to expect from them.

THREAD on just a few things i noticed…
the world does not have 452 operating nuclear reactors…

there are 449 if you include the 28 japanese reactors that are still out of service 7.5 years after #fukushima.

so more like 421 operating reactors. no biggie, but let's get it right!

no, germany is not extending the life of its coal fired stations "to back up the grid".

in fact quite the opposite — germany is _paying_ coal power stations to leave the market early.
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Anger at acquittals of #TEPCO execs in #Fukushima case

Judge: "scale of tsunami couldn't have been predicted, #nuclear watchdog hadn't ordered additional safety measures"

But TEPCO knew & refused (thread)…
NISA asked #Tepco to conduct a #tsunami simulation in August 2002

Tepco refused safety agency's proposal to simulate #Fukushima tsunami nine years before meltdown disaster…

Japan engineers knew tsunami could overrun #Fukushima plant

review company, regulatory records shows Japan & its largest utility repeatedly downplayed dangers, ignored warnings—including 2007 #tsunami study from #Tepco senior safety engineer…
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Tonight on the @CNN #climateforum, Democratic candidates will talk through their plans to rapidly transition our country to clean energy. We’re guessing we’ll hear a lot about #renewables & carbon pricing. But what will they say about #nuclear energy?

Will they mention that it’s the largest source of carbon free electricity in the US?

#climateforum @wolfblitzer @ErinBurnett @andersoncooper @ChrisCuomo @DonLemon
Will anyone point out that, considering the scale of the challenge, we should get rid of fossil fuels before even thinking about getting rid of nuclear?

@wolfblitzer @ErinBurnett @andersoncooper @ChrisCuomo @DonLemon #climateforum
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Je vais parler un peu de #tritium, ça fait longtemps... Et longtemps que je n'ai pas pris de temps pour un vrai #thread. D'autant plus qu'après l'affaire de l'eau parisienne contaminée au « titanium », c'est la centrale #nucléaire de #Fukushima qui remet le sujet sur la table !
Beaucoup l'ont vu, et beaucoup m'ont d'ailleurs demandé mon avis, le Japon envisage de larguer dans le Pacifique un million de mètre cubes (ou un milliard de litres si vous lisez des journaux qui aiment les gros chiffres) d'eaux radioactives.
J'pensais pas que ça méritait un thread mais la question est revenue souvent, et je vois encore les articles tourner alors que je pensais que ce serait vite oublié, donc... Je m'y mets ^^
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Has been sometime since we discussed #uranium, specifically $CCJ $CCO.

Some might have seen a @cameconews seasonality chart based on the last 20-years of trading. Like the one included here.

Looking at this chart, one thing stands out: buy $CCJ just ahead of the Q4 rally $URA
At face value, following the seasonality fits well with the narrative of #section232 and $CCJ buying from the spot market.

The thing about averages, however, is that they reveal less than what they cover.

$URA #uranium
Take for instance, the correlation of $CCJ YTD price performance to the 20-year average YTD price performance. The two time series are negatively correlated... And not just a little

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In my confidential report commissioned by the Governor of #Ohio, Dick Celeste, I warned that Ohio #nuclear plants would impoverish bill payers and cause industry to flee the state. The year was 1985. And so it went.… #Environment #GreenEnergy #Pollution
This week, the #Ohio GOP toadies to the power industry will try to pass another billion dollar bailout to throw down the radioactive rathole. Three decades of bankrupting #nuclear plant operation in the shadow of #Fukushima shows the politicos have gone from dumb to dumber.
And for those who believe #nuclear energy is green & clean, I invite you to visit uranium mines in Niger, the Congo, and the Acoma pueblo in New Mexico. The only thing green about nuclear power is the plume of dollars flying out the cooling towers!…
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A raiz de la serie #Chenobyl seguro que muchos os habéis preguntado de qué están hechos los trajes que se usan en las zonas con altos niveles de radiactividad.
Para eso hay que conocer la diferencia entre radiación y contaminación radiactivas.
¡Abro hilo!
Los isótopos radiactivos inestables emiten principalmente estos tipos de radiaciones: alfa, beta, gamma y neutrones.
Como puede verse, las alfas y betas se paran fácilmente en pocos centímetros de aire o con un tejido fino.
Hay muy pocos (y son raros) que emitan neutrones.
Así que debemos preocuparnos especialmente de los emisores gamma. Protejernos de ellos requiere blindajes gruesos y pesados. Así pues, ponerse ropa, guantes o máscaras no es para protegerse de la radiación, ya que las gammas la traspasan.
Es para protegerse de la contaminación.
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Thread: 1/ Quelques résultats récents du projet de surveillance @FukushimaImFORM qui suit la contamination de #Fukushima au Canada et dans le Pacifique Nord-Est.
2/ Cette figure compare les niveaux de Césium-137 (demi vie ~30 ans) mesurée dans les saumons pêchés dans le Pacifique Nord-Est après #Fukushima avec les niveaux mersurés en 1967 juste après l'arrêt de tous les essais atmosphériques d'armes nucléaires.

3/ En 1967 les niveaux de ¹³⁷Cs dans les eaux du Pacifique étaient ~20 fois plus élevées que les pics observés en Amérique du Nord après #Fukushima.
Les saumons dans les années 60 étaient beaucoup plus contaminés que ceux frayant en 2014-2018.

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Thread 1/ Some recent results of @FukushimaInFORM monitoring project which is tracking contamination from #Fukushima in Canada and the Northeast Pacific Ocean off North America
2/ This figure compares levels of Cesium-137 (half life ~30 years) measured in salmon collected from the Northeast Pacific post #Fukushima with levels measured in 1967 just after atmospheric nuclear weapons testing was halted by the introduction of the Comprehensive Test Ban
3/ In 1967 levels of 137-Cs in Pacific seawater were ~20 times higher than peak levels we saw off North America post #Fukushima. Salmon in the mid-1960s were much more contaminated then levels we see in fish 2014-2018 returning to North American rivers to spawn
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Un exemple parmi d'autres de ce que je ne supporte plus.

Citer « #Tchernobyl et #Fukushima » ne constitue pas un argument. Ni un argument contre les technologies électronucléaires en général, ni contre l'emploi de l'énergie #nucléaire en France, aujourd'hui et demain.
Ce n'est pas un argument contre l'électronucléaire en général car des accidents isolés, à une échelle mondiale et sur plusieurs décennies, n'ont jamais enterré une quelconque filière industrielle.
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#Tchernobyl : dans la nuit du 25 au 26 avril 1986, une série d’erreurs pendant un essai de sécurité entraînent l’explosion du réacteur n°4 et la fusion du cœur. La plus grave catastrophe nucléaire, longtemps la seule classée au niveau 7 sur l’échelle #INES, avant #Fukushima
#Tchernobyl, 2019, 33 ans depuis l’accident. Dites 33 : retour sur le rôle déterminant des #satellites d’observation dans le suivi de la #catastrophe : comme les nuages radioactifs, les satellites ne sont pas arrêtés par les frontières. Un #thread à dérouler… #space #nucléaire
En 2019, il semble facile d’avoir rapidement une image de n’importe quelle région du monde. Ici, la région et la centrale de #Tchernobyl , près de Prypiat, vue le 13/04/19 par le satellite européen #Sentinel2 (#Copernicus). Les images n’ont pas toujours été aussi disponibles…
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@BabylonDab Tienen y "están" utilizando las armas atmosféricas para manipular y controlar el clima...y lo que es peor, para dispersar sustancias químicas con total precisión sobre la superficie terrestre.

Ellos mismos lo reconocen. El problema es que nos venden la #geoingeniería como buena
@BabylonDab Hablan abiertamente de "armas especiales", así tan tranquilamente.

Nos están fumigando con substancias tóxicas todos los días, el campo muere y la gente enferma. Miren hacia arriba e informense.

Esta noche tienen una buena oportunidad con @helioscolera y @BabylonDab
@BabylonDab @helioscolera A todos esos tontos que dudan todavia de que detrás de la #geoingeniería esta el ejercito les recomiendo que lean.

#OMEGA ha sido desarrollado para proteger a las tropas USA de la mierda radiactiva que van utilizando en sus guerras como en Tormenta del Desierto en Irak
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1. ieri è successo qualcosa a dir poco bizzarro. Non vi siete accorti di nulla? Beh, lasciatevi guidare nella selva oscura dell'informazione italiana
2. il @fattoquotidiano di @marcotravaglio e @petergomezblog hanno pubblicato un articolo a firma di @lauramarg, una giornalista scientifica che fa un lavoro solido e ha lavorato con testate scientifiche di grande serietà come #Science
3. l'articolo rivela per la prima volta che l'Italia è a rischio di un grande incidente nucleare della portata di quello di #Chernobyl a causa della sciagurata gestione dei rifiuti radioattivi LIQUIDI che da 49ANNI sono a #Saluggia, 40 km da Torino
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Thread: 1/ Team members of @FukushimaInFORM have been monitoring the impacts of the #Fukushima disaster on marine and public health in Canada since the meltdowns at the Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2011
2/ We have a new paper in press summarizing our work looking for #Fukushima contamination in almost 300 #Pacific salmon collected near to North America in 2013-2016 returning to the rivers shown below
3/ Here is what we found. Pacific salmon always have a naturally occurring radioisotope in their flesh called Polonium-210. 210-Po has a half life of 138 days and is produced by the decay chain of Uranium-238. 210-Po was discovered by Marie Curie in 1898
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1/n Thread: Routinely people write or tweet at me that #Fukushima is still leaking to the ocean and therefore contamination levels in #Pacific seawater and marine organisms must be increasing. This is just not so.
2/n My reply is that rates of releases now are so low compared to March-April 2011 that one can barely detect that #Fukushima is leaking at all into the ocean even near to the Japanese coast. Colleague Michio Aoyama has just published a peer-reviewed paper showing just that
3/n He and his team of experts measured 137-Cs and 134-Cs from #Fukushima in the following locations in #Pacific seawater from 2011 to 2017. You can see that boxes 1, 2, and 3 are closest to the Japanese coast with box 1 off #Fukushima prefecture
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Je n'ai jamais fait de #thread sur la sûreté #nucléaire.
Alors prenons un peu de temps pour parler d'#AccidentNucléaire.

Un sujet majeur depuis #Fukushima : et si on perdait toutes les alimentations électriques d'un réacteur ? 😱
Un disclaimer préalable : je vais me focaliser sur les réacteurs français, de type « Réacteur à Eau Pressurisée » (REP). Ce que je vais dire ne sera que très partiellement applicable à d'autres réacteurs, notamment les REB de Fukushima.
Pour commencer, à quoi ça ressemble, un REP, et comment ça fonctionne ?
Je pique à @Framatome_ cet excellent visuel :
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