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President Trump’s accomplishments courtesy of @seanhannity 👇🏾. What have Democrat’s done absolutely nothing. #MAGA #KAG2020
If we don’t talk about it or show it, no one will.
Trump working for the American people. He is doing his job and the job of the Democrats. #Whistleblower
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Calling all activists in medicine. A @WSJopinion by former @PennMedicine dean says future doctors/med students should not be engaged in #guncontrol, #ClimateChange and matters of "social justice"…
@WSJopinion @PennMedicine @ThisIsOurLane @CarolynCannu @zacharymeisel @rachel_fsimon @MonaHannaA @PhillyInquirer @PDX_Tom Gratifying to see such a vigorous, compelling medical community response to Goldfarb's @WSJopinion here & social media.
Aligned w/ some points from August @NewYorker essay… "Meeting the challenges of modern medicine will require more than seeing patients."
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The #Democrats2020 scream #GunControl, but like all other valid laws on the books, they refuse to enforce & cry when done so. They will never be content until the #AmericanConstitution is destroyed. Give up your guns, give up your freedom. #2A
The #Democrat controlled #Congress, are at this time filling their time with ban firearm bills of all types. They don't want some guns, their ultimate goal is to take all. #Communist tactics, total confiscation, total civilian population control. You will be at their mercy. #2A
The #Democrats use #RedFlagLaws to camouflage their real purpose.
This won't hurt a bit, they say. They just forget to tell you, one call, that's all, & your constitutional #2A right is all but gone. Innocent or not. #ATF will come get you & your guns. You will need a lawyer.
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Learn #History, and know the TRUTH about #GunControl.
It's not about the #Weapons, it's about #PeopleControl, that's "YOU" by the way citizens. Give up your guns, give up your #Freedom. Our forefathers warned us, now listen to a survivor of the #Holocaust
...And buy #Ammo. See the pattern she spoke of? @Walmart giving up #Freedom for #Safety never works out for those seeking safety. Armed you are your "Master", unarmed your are a "Defenseless Subject" at the government's will. Support the #Constitution or my $ go elsewhere. #2A
Now the #GunReformNow #Globalist #Progressive #Democrats2020 are getting their way now at @kroger. Your rights are being erroded day by day in the name of safety. Are you safer unarmed than armed? Extinguishing #Freedom is what #GunReform confincation is all about, your freedom.
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NEW THREAD: (TL;DR - The 2nd Amendment was never intended as a limitless right to private firearms ownership.)

18th Century concepts of 'militia' in America were very different than popular understanding these days. #2A #GunReformNow
In the late 1700s, the militias were the backbone of security for the newly established USA. Every adult white man from age 16 and up was required to be in the militia. It was the 18th Century version of compulsory military service. #2A #GunReformNow
The militia were viewed as a bulwark against the tyranny of a standing army. Because of their experience with the British Red Coats, Americans were robustly against a paid, standing army.

(Clearly, in 2019, having a standing army is no longer a concern for most Americans.) #2A
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#BREAKING ACTIVE SHOOTER/S driving around shopping centers near Odessa/Midland, West Texas—shooting at people from pickup truck and/or hijacked US mail truck. One dead, at least 20 shot, police tell @CNN.
#GunViolence #GunControl
#BREAKING ACTIVE SHOOTER SHOT AND KILLED in Odessa, Texas #MassShooting. Midland police confirm 20 injured, not all of gunshot wounds.

Mayor tells @CNN that the gunman was pulled over by an officer whom he shot (not life-threatening), and then went on a driving/shooting rampage.
UPDATE: 5 DEAD, 21 injured. One gunman killed, a white male in mid-30s, per Odessa, Texas police dept. Police among those injured in #MassShooting. Just weeks after El Paso massacre.
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1. #News ~ America Is Drowning In The Left’s Lies About President Trump - Witch Hunt!!… #Trump2020 #KAG2020 #KAG
2. #News ~ "These People Are Morons" — Tom Homan Has Some Hard Facts For Google Employees Who Signed Anti-ICE Petition…
3. #News ~ Democrat New Mexico Congresswoman, Deb Haaland, Defends Antifa as “peaceful protesters” Same Day Antifa Violent Attacks on Innocent People in Portland Saturday…
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Trump in Talks With Key Senators on Gun Control Bill – Prepper Life Style…
@FreedomOutpost @NRA @Heritage @sandboxx @AmmoLand @Oathkeepers @parscale @tedcruz @LindseyGrahamSC @GOP This is where all of this mindless dribble from the left leads.
Because every idea platform they promote, eventually causes them to "eat their own" whereby they destroy themselves.

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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4393: El Paso Mass Shooter - Using Body Language as a Threat Assessment Tool - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

#ElPasoShooting #ThreatAssessment #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #GunControl
1/ On Saturday 3 August 2019, Patrick Wood Crusius allegedly went on a shooting rampage inside a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. He traveled about 1,050 km (~650 miles) from his home in Allen, Texas to do so.
2/ Tragically, 22 people have died while another 24 were wounded. About 30 minutes prior to the shooting, Crusius published manifesto online, ranting against immigration and declaring that “this attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”
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The blowback got so bad that Dan Crenshaw had to make a video explaining that they're only having Discussions about Red Flag laws but nothing is imminent.

Don't let anyone tell you that #GunControl is popular, it isn't. Any so called right wing pundit who says this, is a shill.
When politicians are flirting with legislation that will betray their constituents, you raise hell and push back. Anyone who tells you to just blindly trust a politician, has an agenda. You can walk & chew gum at the same time. You can support AND question your fave politicians.
Anyone who questions Trump is Fake Maga is the right's version of anyone who disagrees with me is a racist.

Don't fall for it y'all. We love,defend and promote our great President but when he is proposing left wing legislation, we pushback . Dems da rules 😂
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1/ Yes, not the sharpest tool in the shed (loved this expression, learned it in @cw_spn ). Nobody "likes" abortions, particularly the women who need them. It's traumatic and usually happens during an extremely stressful period of the woman's life.
@cw_spn 2/ There are services just to help women cope with post-abortion crisis. Why? Because it's real. It beats - individually and socially - the consequences of unwanted abortions.…
@cw_spn 3/ These are the consequences of unwanted abortions:

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I've been on here since day one. I have seen Trump supporters get mad before. Romney for SOS, Syria Bombing, Ominibus deal, etc. I've never seen people as angry as they are now. If trump goes down this #GunControl path, he is finished. We must tell him our 2A is non negotiable!
We all know that #GunControl doesn't work! We have litigated this for years. For some of you to now be in favor of it because it's Trump floating it out there, is frankly mind boggling. You can love Trump and oppose him on this issue.
What if Trump came out tomorrow in favor of abortion ? Would you stay quiet and just trust the plan? What about open borders? Would you be ok with that ? Nope you wouldn't. Then why should we be silent on the possibility of having our second ammendment bastardized?
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@senatemajldr @potus @GOPChairwoman @GOP @senategopfloor @WhiteHouse @HouseGOP IGNORE THE MAYORS! its a knee-jerk reaction that tramples our rights and WILL NOT fix the underlying problem. #Guncontrol does nothing but control law abiding citizens 😡
The underlying problems include #mentalhealth; lack of #accountability; loss of #morality; removing #God from our communities; #relativity no more right or wrong; failure to enforce existing laws....
For decades citizens open carried and hung rifles in backs of trucks. We didn’t have problems because we knew right from wrong, had strong family units, neighbors looked out for each other, we had psychiatric hospitals, school kids were held accountable, & there were consequences
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1) When I read NY's Chris Cuomo say
Do you remember what the 2a was created for? That there was no....
2)...individual right contemplated until Scalia read it in?
If you are an originalist about the constitution you have no basis for thinking you and not the state controls access." ~C.Cuomo

It makes me think of..
3) Judge Scalia

Who appeared in the #Wikileaks #PodestaEmails

he was referenced by a "contractor" to John Podesta & the term used was #WetWorks
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Discussion Guidelines for #RedFlagLaws
#USBillOfRights cannot be comprised any more
#2A protects all other #GodGivenRights
#RedFlagLaws are already trampling on due process ruining people Legally, Financially & Reputations
@realDonaldTrump @LindseyGrahamSC @senatemajldr @dbongino The #FoundingFathers meaning of #2A was not for hunting, it was meant to repel a #LandInvasion or put down our own corrupt #USGovt if it starts taking our #USBillOfRights away.
We are meant to have arms to match our U.S. standing Police & Army so they can't overrule the #People.
@realDonaldTrump @LindseyGrahamSC @senatemajldr @dbongino The #USGovt should #Fear it's #People so that the #USBillOfRights / #USConstitution is protected from #Corrupt Power-Hungry #Politicians so they don't become #Tyrants.
#2A is by design, the ultimate checkmate on #TyrannicalGovt.
#WeThePeople should never #Fear their own Govt!
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No #RedFlagLaws 🚩 #Congress.
The laws are already in place. Liberal Judge's PC B💩S keeps the records of insane people's threats off government records. I believe in 1st Amendment rights, but you can't holler fire or bomb in a theater or make threats on anyone. #MassShootings 🙏
Federal Firearms prepurchase form filled out by firearms purchasers. Criminal records, drug use and mental illness all covered. More laws will not stop the "MONSTERS ".
#RedFlagLaws🚩 only open the door to false accusations against anyone made by anyone anytime. 1 phone call & 🚔
Millions of people have died in the name of "SAFETY" over "LIBERTY".
America is such a great nation because we have the right to self defense. This situation we find ourselves in is about #Democrats "CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE". #GunControl = No guns = 💀.
NO #RedFlagLaws 🚩@POTUS
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1) Two shootings.

Immediate politically motivated, reactionary, responses from the #Leftist minority.

Two Leftwing radicals found 2be the culprits, that is, if the disbursed facts(?) are true.

As per tired, aged #OldGuard playbook, the grandstanding 4 #GunControl began before
2) the casings were cold.

Next, the spin began...

#8chan became the focal point of allegedly intelligent, well versed, research persons in media(?), politics & more. A narrative, that this was a grooming ground for these #HomeGrownTerrorist's, ensued.

#FakeNews stated, likely
3) knowingly, in the least due 2a profound ignorance of #8chan, that the #ElPasoShooter had filed his "Manifesto" there. This, as is known now, is a fabrication, doubtlessly created 2drive talking points that repeatedly become core motivators, catalysts, of hatred parroted by
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If Dan Crenshaw is the future of the Republican Party, we're f*cked !

Prove me wrong.
I've seen him virtue signal way too many times. He is trying to push a bill #hr1044 that will give thousands of good tech jobs to Indian foreign nationals. Now he's willing to compromise on #GunControl. He is a well spoken, younger version of John McCain.
Ron Desantis and Donald Trump Jr are the future of our party. These men never apologize to the mob .
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As an American, as a Texan, as a person of mixed race with an Hispanic family, and as a scientist, I turned my anger and sadness from these weekend’s mass shootings into an opportunity to take a closer look into the public health epidemic of #GunViolence in the United States.
A diverse melting pot of people and ideas, our country sets the stage for a natural experiment across state lines in which we can use the variation across states to actually test ideas and hypotheses, including the effects of guns and gun laws on gun violence.
Common assertions are that guns do not cause violence, people do; the way to stop bad people with guns is good people with guns; and strict gun laws are ineffective at stopping gun violence because people will find a way to get them.
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Did you know that growing up in east Oakland, many people I knew owned a gun ? The problem is that almost all of them were illegal.

The most violent cities in America with the most gun violence are Democrat run cities with very strict #GunControl
Every single rapper glorifies guns and gun violence. Every. Single. One. Their videos are full of people showing off their guns. Yet Democrat politicians use these same people to campaign on their behalf . You think these people are NRA members or do they buy illegal guns? 🤔
Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama actively seek this guys approval. A violent white man who loves his guns..... Oh wait , hold up. My bad .

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for all of the well-intentioned liberals calling for Extreme Gun Control Now, consider for .2 seconds how these regulations will disproportionately impact Black and Brown communities, which are already occupied by a militaristic police force that will stop at nothing to have (1/
as many black and brown bodies in jail as humanly possible. also consider who this legislation will NOT be impacting - white men. there are obviously common sense measures that should be pursued ASAP, but this will end up being War on Drugs 2.0 if oppressed communities (2/
aren’t at the forefront of this discussion. i promise you cops aren’t going to be coming to Suburbia to take away the guns of middle and upper class white america. they will be targeting communities of color and adding even more Black and Brown bodies to our prison system (3/
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@Kris_Sacrebleu We should expect a ‘rhyming’ of our mid-19th century era surrounding our Civil War.
The #GOP (POTrump-#Republicans) shall end, leaving a blessed ‘conservative power drought’ lasting about as long as the Lincoln-to-Arthur 24-yr. GOP dominant era; we’ve no time for conservatism.
@Kris_Sacrebleu 👉🏼There will be far too much to prosecute, legislate for, and plan if we are to last another century.
Do NOT expect assassinations. Do expect continued domestic terror and prodding from, . . . wait for it . . . —RUSSIA.
The thing yoking America today, 👇🏼
@Kris_Sacrebleu 👉🏼 as much as slavery once did, is the scourge of #PartyPolitics which bred corporate control via sponsorship; #Democrats thankfully do acknowledge this, so look for the Dems to do the one thing they do best: self-dismantle their own power through #ElectionReform, 👇🏼
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Let’s be clear: the exclusionary, white supremacist vision of the US has consistently produced some of our most horrific acts of violence & domestic terrorism. Native American massacres & genocides, as early as the Mystic Village massacre of 1636.…
Lynching epidemics, targeting African Americans for more than a century but also targeting Chinese and Mexican Americans throughout the West and Southwest (among other communities).…
Massacres of entire American communities of color, from Wilmington, NC’s African American community in 1898…
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