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Inyección de aerosoles estratosféricos, gestión de la radiación solar, Aluminio, Bario, Estroncio, Cadmio, óxido de mercurio, yoduro de plata, cenizas volátiles de carbón, Polímeros, Surfactantes.
#Skycriminals #Criminalesdelcielo #chemtrails #LookUp #HAARP #SRM
Los incendios liberan sustancias químicas tales como el arsénico, níquel, zinc, cadmio, mercurio y cromo que se dispersan con el humo. Este verano se ha alcanzado el récord de hectáreas quemadas, el 14 de agosto llevábamos 230.000Ha.
¿paranoia mía? Todo suma y no es casualidad.
Contaminación de la biosfera con mercurio: otra potencial consecuencia de la manipulación del clima en curso, mediante cenizas volantes de carbón aerosolizadas.(págs.1a4)
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UK Government @GOVUK (and governments worldwide) buy weather, created by authorised aircraft, using taxpayers money. If this was made crystal clear to the public, insurance claims would be through the roof! UK Government are being influenced by a third-party (World Economic Forum
@wef) who you didn’t vote for, signing our human rights away to the World Health Organization (@WHO) without consulting you and are working towards Agenda 2030 (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals @UN). Weather modification gives us the illusion of climate change.
They’re the ones harming the environment, not us! Paying off farmers to stop farming, intentionally burning and flooding land in order to buy it up, killing crops and animals in the process, all to create a clean slate for big corporations to replace them, growing GMO edited junk
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We added a new article on #URL #Database where the goal is to classify over 80 million #domain for their IAB #categories:…
A set of interesting links about #URL #Classification…
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En un siècle, notre compréhension de l'Univers a été complètement révolutionnée grâce à la recherche en astrophysique. Notre Univers est en expansion, plus grand que ce que l'on croyait et contient des milliards d'exoplanètes. Un siècle de révolutions en un thread👇
Tout d'abord, certainement le fait le plus incroyable. En 1920, on pensait que l'Univers se bornait à notre galaxie. Le 7 Juin je vous prépare une surprise expliquant comment notre Univers connu est devenu 100 fois plus grand en quelques années!
Aujourd'hui, si je vous montre ceci, vous savez certainement que c'est une galaxie (Andromède), à 2.5 millions d'années-lumière, qui contient des centaines de milliards d'étoiles. Il y a un siècle on ne savait pas si ces Univers-îles chers à Kant existaient! ©D. Dayag
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This is a military technology that can be broadcast over an area to map and track or analyze data about practically anything it lands on or gets ingest by. It essentially creates a digital twin in cyberspace that allows real time analysis of any environment and everything in it.
Smartdust is one way they’re building the metaverse. Imagine a real-time google maps that includes everything, even people & their biometric data. That’s the vision of a 6G smart city.

Augmented reality maps & tracks the real world & overlays interactive holographic visual info
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İstanbul'da Chemtrails Uçakları gökyüzünü kimyasal spreyleme ile yoğun bir şekilde çiziyorlar. Şuan bol bol video ve görüntü almaya çalışın, böyle bir insanlık suçuna sessiz kalmayın, seyredin şimdi havalar bozucak diyecekler çünkü spreyleme yoğun !
#LookUp Image
Yapay bulut kütlesi/tabakası oluşturulmaya başladıktan hemen sonra eş zamanlı meteoroloji paylaşımı "meteorolojik modeller arası kavga" varmış... İkinci görselde tabaka yayılımına ve oluşumuna bakabilirsiniz... İnsanlık resmen kandırılmakta, uyutulmakta ve zehirlenmektedir... ImageImageImage
08/05/2022 İstanbul #Chemtrails Spreylemesi
Bugün ülke genelinde yine eşzamanlı Chemtrails Uçakları ile gökyüzünde kimyasal spreyleme yapılmıştır. Oluşan katmanı, gökyüzünü nasıl kapladıklarıni görebilmeniz için filtre uygulanmış fotoğrafları paylaşıyorum... ImageImageImageImage
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There's sadly a very good chance that China is about to turn into a massive morgue and a SARS-CoV-2 variant factory. It's not because Omicron is unstoppable, it's because the west decided to #letitrip, making it harder and harder to prevent outbreaks.
While compared to Europe, China currently looks like this - Image
The problem is when you look closer - Image
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My day today,

1. I took my 15yr old son to the Doctor, where they did a test. His results were worse than an elderly person with COPD. Thank you #LongCovid. Thank you #AndersTegnell. Thank you @Folkhalsomynd

2. We spoke to relatives in Russia, who claimed Russia was defending itself from attacks by Ukraine and NATO. We then spoke to our mutual, elderly, cousin, in a bomb shelter in Kyiv, expecting to die.

3. I spoke to my brother, in Brisbane, Australia. He is surrounded by floodwaters. Some places have had 1 *metre* of rain in a few hours. More rain fell in 2 days than in a usual 4 months. And it rains a lot in Brisbane normally.

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30.01.2022 İstanbul yoğun bir şekilde Chemtrail ile spreyleniyor. Paris İklim Anlaşmasını imzalayanlar mutludur umarım ! Baryum, Alüminyum, Kireç Tozu soluyorsunuz, Güneşin önü kaplanarak D Vitamini almanız engellenip bağışıklığınız düşürülüyor... +++
#LookUp Image
Pazartesiden itibaren havanın tekrar bozacağını görüceksiniz ve buna sebep olacak olan Chemtrail uçakları olacaktır. Su buharı gibi kaybolmayıp günlerce gökyüzünde kalabilecek şekilde kimyasal yapay bulutlar oluşturuyorlar.Gerçekleri görmek için gökyüzüne bakın
Ek Bilgi: Bir çok noktada, kaldırım üzeri dahil, bir gecede 5G panelleri yerleştirilmiş... Normalde bu cihazların yanına Radyasyondan etkilenmemek için özel kıyafetler ile yaklaşan çalışanlar, bunu kaldırımlara yerleştirmiş ! Elimden geldiğince fotoğrafını da paylaşacağım !
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It's time topics such as data science, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are made a compulsory part of the higher secondary educational curriculum, everywhere; in addition to teaching regular CS Computer Science distinctly in labs.
Educationists and Educational Technologists must play their due roles in transforming pedantic environments.
Unfortunately, many nations have missed the boat, because they didn't introduce pedagogical cum didactic reforms at the right time.
Skill transfer is a must!
I see so many MBAs who still don't know how to use advanced XLS modelling techniques.
Most of them really suffer when they enter the workplace.
One of my students got sacked because he didn't know what #VLOOKUP or #Lookup #Excel functions are.
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I watched #DontLookUp with my family over the vacations... and quickly heard "hey, Mom, this is just the same as for climate change!"

I'd like to share some thoughts, in light of some experiences at the science/society interface...
This (dark) satire plays with well known techniques (transposition, exaggeration) to denounce a social masquerade marked by denial, vanity, and greed, the loss of a sense of general interest.
Kate Dibiasky's character touched me with her doubts, her questioning about how to express herself rigorously, clearly and sincerely.
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J'ai regardé en famille #DontLookUp pendant les vacances... et rapidement entendu "eh, maman, c'est la même chose que pour le changement climatique!"

Je voudrais partager quelques réflexions, au regard de certaines expériences à l'interface science / société...
Cette satire (sombre) joue de ressorts classiques (transposition, exagération) pour dénoncer une mascarade sociale empreinte de déni, de vanité, et de cupidité, de la perte du sens de l'intérêt général.
Le personnage de Kate Dibiasky m'a touchée avec ses doutes, son questionnement sur la manière de s'exprimer rigoureusement, clairement et sincèrement.
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#LOOKUP We’ve joined 80 artists for @inplainsight, making visible the injustices of the U.S. immigration system. Learn more at

This is a 🧵#thread of all the actions planned across the country today. Join if you can!🙌

Today in NY/NY! Join @MaketheRoadNY @MaketheRoadNJ @FirstFrndsnjny & @afsc immigrant rights program today to fight for #FreeEDC #FreeThemAll Image
Today in Yuba County, CA! Join @EstamosUnidos19 to #FreeThemAll Image
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What a line up. And key question when thinking about the futute- what is the economy for?
View live:
The purpose of the economy would look pretty different in each of these future pathways…
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The French divided Pondy into the Indian and French Quarter by a canal that cut across it. Even today, when you walk around you notice stark differences in the architecture and in the street names. Read more on:…
#pondicherry @manjuramanan
The French or White Quarter is distinguished by their bright yellow, grey or white villas with high walls, columns, large wooden doors #louvres with straight iron grills.Most of Indian Quarter houses were originally spread out around the #temples &have more #wooden #architecture
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Witnessed history being projected! On Saturday, 8th February, India’s prominent artist #nalinimalani created an installation on the facade of the #TajPalaceHotel in #Mumbai It had more than 50 animations and floating images, perfectly wrapped around the hotel ImageImageImageImage
People stopped on the extremely busy #Gatewayofindia to hunt for the ‘#Koel’ (large Indian #cuckoos) as the sound of the #bird emitted from the #video Nalini Malani has an entire series called’Can you hear me?’ on @instagram on her profile
Sanjeet had already looked it up so when we were talking to the artist, she explained more to us.This hotel was the same place that had faced horrific #terroristattack in 2009.Today it represents a more peaceful #memory in the lives of the Mumbai lovers ImageImageImage
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Tweeps, have you been to the landmark @LouvreAbuDhabi #Louvre #AbuDhabi? No worries. Got @twitter. Had the chance to visit while in the #UAE for the @MilkenInstitute #MIGlobal #MENASummit. Follow this thread for a #TwitterTour of highlights.… #art #museum
Hello #LouvreAbuDhabi! @LouvreAbuDhabi ~ in all directions, the #magic of art & creativity on display. Crossing borders. Crossing cultures. #artmatters #museumlove
#Stunning. This two-headed figure is one of the oldest monumental statues in the history of humanity. It is some 8500 years old. On display at the @LouvreAbuDhabi. 👥

@VisitAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi #LouvreAbuDhabi
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