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Today, my #book

“The Treaty Prohibiting #NuclearWeapons: how it was achieved and why it matters”

is published by @routledgebooks, written during my 2019-20 sabbatical @KingsCollegeLon

➡️ more information see
#nuclearban #TPNW #HINW
2) I am very proud of and grateful that my book on #TPNW has received such great endorsements from
Mohamed @ElBaradei, Angela Kane @kaneview, Desmond Browne, @JodyWilliams97, Ramesh Thakur, Bill @PotterCNS and @DarylGKimball
The book presents the history of the #HumanitarianInitiative & the process leading to #TPNW from 2010-17.
Having been centrally involved in this process, it is a first-hand account of how the extraordinary cooperation of #states & #civilsociety made the #TPNW happen @nuclearban
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Según informa el diario @nytimes (El New York Times) funcionarios de inteligencia estadounidenses e israelíes, afirman que #Israel 🇮🇱 jugó un papel en la explosión en el sitio de enriquecimiento de uranio de #Irán 🇮🇷 en #Natanz Image
El corte de energía eléctrica en #Natanz, la mayor planta de enriquecimiento de uranio, se llamó “terrorismo nuclear”, para presuntamente entorpecer las negociaciones adelantas en #Viena con varias potencias, con el objetivo de tratar de salvar el acuerdo nuclear de 2015.
“Adentro mira en #Iran la instalación nuclear de Natanz, cuyo reciente ciberataque supuestamente fue el #Israel Lo está haciendo el #Mossad”.
(Reporta el @Jerusalem_Post)
Para más información visite:
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#Thread about #NearEast #China #Oil #Iran #nuclearweapons #5G #geopolitics :

Beijing is counting on reviving the nuclear deal with Tehran

Historically, China had maintained relationships with the Middle East to secure and diversify energy supplies.…
In the ranking of those countries from which China imports the most oil, five still come from the region. Saudi Arabia leads the ranking ahead of Russia.
The main oil suppliers of China
Import in 2020, in millions of tons

#Oil #SaudiArabia #Russia
by @NZZAusland @NZZ
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#Thread about #nuclearweapons #USA #USArmy
Do we need new #nuclearweapons ?

Modernizing America's nuclear weapons will devour huge sums of money.…
Against this background, there is a radical demand to completely dispense with ground-based ICBMs in the future. President Biden has a difficult decision to make.
For decades America had a dogma about nuclear deterrence: it could only be credible if it stood on three legs: land, sea, air. This principle is currently being questioned.
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1. in a nutshell: why is this @wikileaks cable on #Fakhrizadeh is important?… Because it reveals that the media characterisation of #Fakhrizadeh as "the father of #Iran's nuclear weapons programme" is NOT substantiated
2. if you characterise a nuclear scientist as "the father of X's country nuclear weapons programme", you mean someone like #AQKhan, the father of the #Pakistani #nuclearWeapons. However the #WikiLeaks cable provides insight he was not
3. according to #OlliHeinonen, "there were others in the Iranian nuclear establishment equally or more important than #Fakhrizadeh". This means #Fakhrizadeh was not the #Iran's #AQAKhan
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I have just posted updated draft of my forthcoming article #Nuclear Command & Statutory Control in peer-review @natseclaw. It is about law & nukes, trying to update & deepen vital convo.… THREAD. 1/x
As I have discussed & workshopped it over last yr & a half at confs @YaleLawSch @StanfordCISAC @StanfordLaw @georgetownlaw @dukelaw @CSISPoni @US_Stratcom @UNLCollegeofLaw, article both makes an arg for an actionable statute and has larger projects. 2/x
I start w 3 nuke nightmares: (i) initiated/imminent enemy attack, (ii) Rogue Pres (crazy launch order), (iii) Precipitous Pres (reaches for button too fast). We need nuke cmd & ctrl system law/policy/tech to allow rapid decision on (i), slow down (ii) & (iii). 3/x
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Special Analysis
"Today, more than 400 American #military bases almost encircle #China with missiles, bombers, warships and #nuclearweapons."
by @johnpilger… #Warzone #war #nuclear #tuesdayvibes #tuesdaymood
“White dust started falling from the sky. I reached to catch the powder. We used it as soap to wash our hair. A few days later, my hair started falling out.”Marshall Islander Nerje Joseph with a photograph of her as a child soon after the H-Bomb exploded on March 1, 1954 Image
A survivor of the first atomic bomb ever used in warfare, Jinpe Teravama retains scars after healing of burns from the bomb explosion, #Hiroshima, in June 1947. Photo | AP Image
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1/ German debate on @NATO nuclear sharing is picking up speed: Rolf Mützenich, chairman of coalition partner Social Democrats @spdbt in Parliament in @Tagesspiegel interview tomorrow apparntly calls for future end of #nuclearweapons deployments in Germany
2/ Mützenich argues that other @NATO allies participate in nuclear sharing even though they have renounced option to host US nuclear weapons. (To be precise: 21 of 30 NATO allies participate in Nuclear Planning Group even though their territory is free of #nuclearweapons.)
3/ Also points to unilateralism of US administration and argues "Does any believe that @realDonaldTrump would stop planning for #nuclearweapons use just because we are able to transport a few warheads?"
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“Why do we still need thousands of weapons whose primary purpose is to never be used?” Thank you Deborah Rosenblum from @NTI_WMD for calling on voters and presidential candidates to put these nuclear weapons questions front and center.…
In fact, it’s not just Deborah who wants presidential candidates to talk about the #NuclearWeapons issue. Many Iowans, and voters across different states, support a ‘No First Use’ nuclear policy.
We need presidential candidates to put forward proactive solutions to reduce nuclear weapons threats, but they won't address the issue if they think voters don't care. Sign our petition to urge candidates to make #NuclearWeapons a top priority.
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1) THREAD: What to expect if the #US 🇺🇸withdraws from #NATO? At the Körber #PolicyGame, we discussed this scenario w/ high-level officials and experts in coop w/ @IISS_org - here are the summarized results for the Twitterati community: (have mercy, it’s my first thread!)
2) We wanted to know: How would Europeans react in such a situation?What are interests and red lines? Thus, we invited a 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇵🇱,🇬🇧, and 🇺🇸 team to play our scenario. Crisis in the #South, Crisis in the #East - were #Europeans able to get their act together w/out the 🇺🇸? 💪 🇪🇺
3) The short answer is: willing yes ❕but able❔ First, most teams focused on reversing a #US withdrawal from #NATO by all possible means, offering the 🇺🇸concessions that were unthinkable before - from #trade to #energy. But what if that doesn’t help? 🤔
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1. From 1942 to 1996, the US spent 5.5 trillion $ for #nuclear weapons, which means 5,500 BILLION dollars (in constant 1996 dollars). On average, 98 BILLION dollars per year
2. 5,500 BILLION$ spent by US bwt 1942 and 1996 for #nuclearweapons exceeds the combined total federal spending for:education;training;employment&social services;agriculture;environment;science,space, technology;community development;law enforcement;energy production&regulation.
3. these data comes from the top-notch work "Atomic Audit" by @AtomicAnalyst: They refer to 1942-1996, no fresh data are available. These data just refer to the US: we would need data about #Russia as well
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#Nukes are in the news a LOT, and it's scary that one man has his finger on the button. But we built them, we can take them apart, and we don’t have to have one person in charge of ending the world. Learn more about #NoFirstUse at
A #NoFirstUse (NFU) policy is a commitment by a country to never be the first to use #nuclearweapons in a conflict. Learn more about why a country should adopt a No First Use policy and what you can do about it in our Q&A…
You can see how a #BombBlast would impact the place where you live on our website too. We'd love more people to learn about this - Here's a short link you can share with friends and family:
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There are growing indications that Russia is preparing for war

Implications for #InternationalSecurity just got a whole lot more serious w/#TrumpGOP revealing their allegiance to #RussianMob


#Kalingrand bordering on #Lithuania & #Poland has seen notable 🔼 of militarization since 2015

This includes add'n of military bunkers near Polish border, upgraded #NuclearWeapons bunker 8 miles away, & rail line possibly into Lithuania

Trumps penchant for #projection may explain his outspoken hostility twd #Montenegro & absurd accusations about them wanting to start #WWIII

What's obvious is #Putin's lust for this #Adriatic port city as it's not his first attempt to acquire it's control

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Global Plunder in a Liberalized Post Financial Meltdown World

Case Study: India-US.

This <thread> examines the origin of present day economic crisis in the West & how India is embroiled in that spiral of swindle taking us along with it towards total oblivion. #IndiaForSale
With 90s economic liberalization we set aside sound monetary fundamentals tht stood our financial system in good stead for over 50 years. As these were slowly eroded novel concepts became the norm rather than exception replacing even ways in which inflation indices are calculated
Despite assurances of various FMs on soundness of Indian Economic & Banking Fundamentals India has seen a periodic meltdown of financial markets every 7 years or so. We know now casino style gambling defines our economy & that theres something structurally wrong in our approach.
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