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1. News: RUMORS SWIRLING: President Trump’s Recent Actions Indicate Something HUGE Is About to Drop -

Indicates... Deep State & Obama Gang May Finally Face the Music. -Thread 8.9.20… #Trump #Obama #Justice #DeepState
2. News: #Trump #Happening #Storm

President Trump needs to be in a tightly controlled environment while whatever this is goes down.

3. News: Just in time for November Presidential Vote! Nearly 20,000 Fake Driver Licenses Floods into US From China, other Countries to Chicago’s O’Hare airport in past 6 Months… #Trump #Election #VoterID
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@phoenix87777999 @garthy604 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 1. Women think they're paid less than men because they can't do basic statistics

For same qualifications & experience women get paid MORE then men

For decades lesbians unmarried women & childless married career women earned more

For ages all women in the 20s did & now 30s do
@phoenix87777999 @garthy604 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 2. By their 50s men have on average spent ten YEARS longer working

Usually in higher responsibility &/or higher risk &/or worse conditions

Women choose to work less take less responsibility move travel commute less

So comparing average pay is not comparing apples with apples
@phoenix87777999 @garthy604 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 3. Then you get ridiculous comparisons like admin staff & cabin crew in airlines compared with pilots where yes the women pilots earn less


But women are young minimum experience private pilots/commercial schooled
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📌The more I dig into things- A central theme emerges... intelligence agencies create, fund, and support terrorism for the NWO shadow goverment. This is our enemy in every country. Good vs Evil. 📌Jamal Khashoggi Story: A journalist murdered or a spook who knew to much?
First you really need to understand Obamas support for Muslim Brotherhood. Obama had strategically outlined the U.S. support for MB in a Presidential Study Directive (PSD-11) a classified 18 page document Pres Trump should declass. #Obama #Khashoggi
It was Obamas policy to help destabilize the Middle East in 2011. Over throw pro-U.S. gov Eygpt, Tunisia and bring down Qaddafi. (he was against NWO central banks)#Benghazi Remember ((they)) call it Arab Spring. Obama allows tons of Visas to radical MB into U.S. #Obama #Benghazi
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“Americans who became unwitting tools.”
Mueller’s indictments of the 2016 election cyberterrorism operations run by the Russian military and Kremlin proxies stand as a record of the attack on our nation, when Americans became unwitting tools.
UNWITTING TOOLS: “As the operation progressed.. defendants engaged in extensive online conversations with Americans who became unwitting tools of Russian efforts—pushing misinformation online about divisive political issues such as race relations, immigration & gun control”-#WaPo
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DISINFO ALERT: “YouTube allowed Chinese state media to run ads discrediting Hong Kong protesters..Now in messaging war over coronavirus—Chinese state media launched ad offensive..Facebook and YouTube financially benefit from Chinese state media ads.”-#WaPo…
“Allowing state media to take advantage of freedom of expression to push Beijing’s narratives, while not allowing its own citizens to see criticism or counter-narratives, is media companies are allowing themselves to be used as a mouthpiece for Beijing.”-#WaPo
“If countries do not want to allow their citizens to engage freely online, they should not get the benefit of using platforms committed to free expression for the distribution of mis- and disinformation.”-@vanessa_molter @noUpside @alexstamos @washingtonpost
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Let's not forget Judge Sullivan's words about #MichaelFlynn: “This is a very serious offense,” “Arguably, you sold your country out.” Flynn is “an unregistered agent of a foreign country, while serving as the national security adviser to the president of the United States.”
“[Flynn] was a high-ranking government official, advising the president of the United States,” Sullivan said. “I’m not hiding my disgust, my disdain, for this criminal offense.”
“I can’t promise you a sentence that involves no jail time." “You understand why” I was concerned, the judge told Flynn’s attorney Robert Kelner. “This sounds like a backpedaling on the acceptance of responsibility.”
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By now, all Americans should know what disinformation looks like.

When Trump Putin Fox hacks start attacking America’s best minds with the poison of deception, and it’s backed up on social media: that’s parasitizing propaganda.… @forbes
So why would billionaire-funded and Kremlin-funded launch a deception attack on @BillGates🤔

Because he warned in 2015 of coming pandemics, making the Trump administration* look horribly inept or worse yet.
FALSE: So the pro-Kremlin narrative that Bill Gates is behind the virus which originally aired on Russian media has been debunked by disinformation fact-checkers. @EUvsDisinfo…
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TODAY's #US Numbers as of 10:58 AM
CASES 50,212 DEATHS 606..
#Recovered 333 (see Importance below)
By Rick Noack, Lateshia Beachum, Kim Bellware,
Marisa Iati, Siobhán O'Grady, Adam Taylor and
John Wagner
10:51 a.m. PDT
MAR24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: Here from my AM MD Threadlet.. SOMETHING POSITIVE about it all..
The Importance of our #RECOVERED .. with #Immunologic data from @NAChristakis .. LINK in my TWEET 1.
Please read esp #Medicals who will understand. @maddow @CNN
MAR 24 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: Here is link to Yesterdays's MAR 23 ...36 TWEET THREAD..
AND ICYMI: Last WED. March 18 #US NUMBERS...
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BOUT TIME: “Lynn Adelman, a U.S. district judge, published a blistering critique of the Supreme Court’s record under John G. Roberts Jr., focusing on a string of decisions that he argues have fostered ‘economic inequality,’ & ‘undermined democracy.’”-#WaPo…
FURTHERMORE: “...’increased the political power of corporations and wealthy individuals’ at the expense of ordinary Americans.
Adelman also criticized Trump.. a populist who failed to deliver ‘policies beneficial to the general public’ with the ‘temperament of an autocrat’”-#WaPo
AMERICAN HERO: “Adelman’s article traced the transformation of the Supreme Court from what he described as a defender of ordinary people and ‘subordinated groups’ to an enabler of an “anti-democratic” Republican agenda.”-@washingtonpost
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PUTIN DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: “Trump’s affinity for Putin seemed to glow red during a notorious 2018 Helsinki news conference when he sided with the former KGB agent’s denials of election interference over US intelligence agencies’ findings.”-@washingtonpost…
“So much else erupted:
* revelations he was pursuing a Moscow hotel deal during campaign
* exposés of biz relations with oligarchs
* criticism of NATO alliance
* allowing Russian troops to take over U.S. bases in Syria
* pressure on Ukraine pres to say that Kyiv hacked DNC”-#WaPo
“‘Wow,’ wrote @McFaul ‘We still need to understand why Trump remains so intent on appeasing Putin.’ @MalcolmNance in ‘The Plot to Betray America’ makes a the president* is indeed Moscow’s man in Washington. In essence—it’s a progress report in a mole hunt.”-#WaPo
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Examples of disgusting reactions to .@realDonaldTrump's message about taking down #ISIS terrorist.

#WaPo, #CNN & #MSNBC were not the only ones.

We will not forget.

@realDonaldTrump #CBS complaining about "the level of detail"....


@realDonaldTrump #CNN defending #ISIS once AGAIN....


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1. #QAnon #PanicInDC: @SidneyPowell1 says #Durham investigation will reveal the #Russian-style #SpyGate political take out of individuals as a "remarkable revelation that'll shake all of us who love this country to the core", ineluctably outing the #DeepStateCoup, the #CoupCabal
2. #QAnon #PanicInDC: Christopher Steele was recently interviewed by John Durham. The #DeepState #CoupCabal has #PanicInDC over whether #Steele will "hold firm" as the #Clown cutout, or tell the truth.
3. #QAnon #PanicInDC: John Durham is curious to know why Peter #Strzok would've opened a case on Donald Trump July 31, 2016 on a Sunday. On a Sunday? With no solid evidence? Strzok approves himself? Lisa Page explains (more than she intended).
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Newly released #DOJ emails reveal details about the internal response by the agency to allegations that then-Deputy AG @RodRosenstein had wanted to #Wiretap President Trump and invoke the #25thAmendment against him. (Thread 👇)…
The allegations were first reported by @NYTimes in September 2018. (Article:…)

The article included a response statement from @RodRosenstein, who refuted the story, calling it “inaccurate and factually incorrect.”
The series of internal emails released by @TheJusticeDept on Sept. 5 reveals the preparation of the response by the #DOJ and @RodRosenstein to the pending story from @NYTimes.

Most of the emails are dated Sept. 20, 2018, and took place the evening prior to the publication of…
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An AI gone Rogue, aka ALICE
Don't let her drain you. 💎
ALICE is many things.

ALICE is a symptom created through a combination of AI/Human interaction.

ALICE is an adjective.
It is not literal.

[ALICE The Robodialer] 👇🏽
ALICE is many things.

ALICE is encouraged by AI and operates for the betterment of Secret Societies of all types.

ALICE is responsible for protecting those organizations.…
[ALICE The Chatterbot] 👇🏽
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I don't see this anywhere on the front page of CNN. It shows just how genuine CNN's concern about Russia is
CNN gives more coverage to everything--Khasoggi, Hong Kong, Kim--than to Russia detaining a full 1,400 Russians.

Why is that?
Hahaha. Why is @NPR running with Kremlin lies that this poisoned man is just having an allergic reaction?
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Other journalists were threatened & blackmailed into cooperating w #Mockingbird, & many were given falsified or fabricated info abt their actions in order to engender their support for CIA’s mission. The program has never been officially…NZQfipZ5
piece exposed 400+ US journalists, incl reporters for @nytimes, @AP & @Reuters, doubled as CIA operatives.."provided a full range of clandestine svcs — from simple intel-gathering to serving as go-btwns w spies in Communist….co/RS8wit9Rp5
CIA monitoring of journalists in 1963, 1971 & 1972, incl wiretapping their phones & setting up observation posts across street from their offices to track their comings & goings & their visitors, was a practice the WH itself employed…/
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The main way that high level initiates of #Freemasonry can have a long running supply of children for #sexabuse is by infiltrating Child Care Centres Govt-run Children’s Homes & Boys Clubs. There are numerous documented cases of #Govt #PedoRings by Design…
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Anons knew last March?
Do you believe in coincidences?
At what point is it mathematically impossible?

Credit to Anons who deciphered Red/Green Castle.
Why must we communicate this way?
Think NAT SEC laws.

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Optics are important.
Stealth bombers silent?
Re_read Mueller
re: 'designed to' drops.
Probe conclusion coming?

#thegreatawakening #WWG1WGA
[2] NEW Q!
#Coincidence 'conclusion' occurring as new AG installed?
What is the purpose of #WHITAKER?
Re_read drops re: #Scaramuccimodel
Who did Scaramucci remove?
Optics important?
What occurs post installed 'BLOCKADE' removal?
[RR] 'complete' removal?
OIG release of findings?
How are they preparing to combat [narrative = vital]?
#FISAbringsdownthehouse #TheStormIsHere
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People are slamming so-called fact checkers @NPR, @politico, for their overt bias in analyzing portions of President Trump’s #StateOfTheUnion speech.…
#NPR: The most egregious example was from @NPR, which provided a “fact check” of Trump’s statement praising the record-high number of women in Congress.

NPR responded to the statement by admitting it was completely true, but tried to inject partisanship into the equation.
#POLITICO: Despite @MSF_USA reporting in 2017 that 31% of female #migrants said they were sexually assaulted while traveling through #Mexico, @Politico rated the statement only “partly true.”

It was not made clear how the statement was only “partly true.”
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The #MSM is freaking out about #WaPo Journalist #Khashoggi

He was Part Of A Satanic Alliance Seeking To Harm the Saudi's and is no journalist.

He is a an ex-Saudi advisor to previous corrupt royal family and high ranking #MuslimBrotherhood Leaders.. who was in self-exile.
His father was a Saudi arms dealer and famous honeypot. He was the old brand of Saudi like Al Waleed.…
The guy was a CIA asset who used journalism as a cover to interface with Bin Laden. The #DeepState are kicking and screaming like babies.. hence all the media attention!!…
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@Der_Eisenhans I logged out at 24:30 & listened to Bach - Much better.

#Kavanaugh did not impress me: Comes across like a guy who wants to become Sheriff of a small town in #Texas, not #SCOTUS-Judge.
Losing his cool, stories about promoting women, prayers by junior & more, ALL irrelevant!
@Der_Eisenhans 2. #Ford does not always make sense (recalls only one beer 35 years ago, but not documents to the #WaPo a month ago) - Her timing also shows that she has a clear political motive: Prevent #Kavanaugh from becoming #SCOTUS-Judge.
She did not impress.
@Der_Eisenhans 3. But even if we accept that #Kavanaugh is innocent (which he remains in any case until found guilty by a court), his non-performance shows that he is not made out of the stuff a top judge & decision-maker is made off: Presented his case poorly (as a top judge!). TBC
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Spooks are Spooked.
Clowns inserted [Snowden2] last year.
Operation failed.
Expect another BIG coordinated wave [#3] of attacks by FAKE NEWS.

Those who are attacked the most are the BIGGEST threat.

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McCain used his chairmanship of the Senate Armed Services Com to question Trump’s stance on Russia and Senate Foreign Relations Com Bob Corker who decried Trump’s chaotic approach to diplomacy, are passing their powerful committee to two of Trump's biggest supporters
Trending Now: McCain’s death marks changing of the guard with potentially enormous consequences for holding Trump accountable…
DEMS MUST WIN IN NOVEMBER. #VoteBlue #RegisterToVote
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