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1/6 Interesting work from Dr. William Encinosa and colleagues, with #Black #children disproportionately affected...

#complications #adverse #drug #events #costs #disparities #multisystem #inflammatory
#syndrome #MISC #children #COVID19 #LongCovidKids…
2/6 "Did outcomes vary by the number of organ systems affected in #multisystem #inflammatory #syndrome in #children (MIS-C) in 2021?"
3/6 "In this cross-sectional study of 4107 #MISC #hospitalizations, as the number of #organ #systems affected increased from 2 to 6 or more, mortality increased from 1% to 6%, length of stay doubled from 4 to 8 days,..."
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One of the BIGGEST advantages of having studied in the US, specially at an Ivy League school in a city like Philadelphia is the exposure I received to 2 ethnicities:

Judaism and African Americans.
The FIRST thing I was educated on by my friends at Penn Dental was what NOT to say to and about them. And I wish to share that here as I saw a tweet recently break one of the rules.

Judaism: Any one who has studied history knows who Hitler, also known as "The Fuhrer" was.
He basically is responsible for massacre for millions of people purely because they belonged to the Jewish faith.

What he has done, rather had done, is TERRIBLE and almost nothing can come close to it in terms of cruelty, insensitivity, racial bias and inhumanity.
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The West has lied to the World that it only took them a few years for them to conquer Africa while actually it took them more than 4 centuries for them to stand a chance against well established African communities #LivingBetterStartsWith #BBInoContest
Until the last quarter of the 19th, African armies continued to defeat the best armies of Europe. European armies, despite superior weapons, could still suffer defeats up to the end of the 19th century. #Africa #HandsOffAceMagashule
A British force was wiped out by a Zulu army in 1879, an Italian army suffered a crushing defeat by Ethiopians in 1896. #Ethiopia #LivingBetterStartsWith #SouthAfrica
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Good evening, #Resistance! Throughout this week, I’ve tried to offer something political to talk about that isn’t filled with fear-mongering, flat-out lies & Russian propaganda. I’ve tried to talk strategically about every way we can increase turnout & maximize the
margin by which @JoeBiden will defeat Donald Trump. But if we need anymore reminding of just what kind of moment this election, I want you to help remind someone you know just what it is they’re thinking of voting for. Right now, there are many people throughout the #Resistance
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“In the last quarter century—there’ve only been seven truly new vaccines introduced globally into clinical practice.”—@Merck CEO Ken Frazier w/#Harvard Business School’s @tsedal on the grave disservice done to the public w/over promising a #COVID19 vaccine
“You’re one of four African American CEOs in the #Fortune500—does it make a difference to ‘our ppl’ that you’re in the room?”—@Merck CEO Ken Frazier w/#Harvard Business School’s @tsedal discussing the issue of race in America post-#GeorgeFloyd
nb: @wkamaubell @staceyabrams
@tsedal: What does it take to find a reliable vaccine?
@Merck’s Frazier: It takes a lot of time—(I think) the record for the fastest vaccine ever brought to market was Merck in the mump’s [#MMR #MMRV] vaccine, it took about 4yrs; our most recent vaccine for Ebola took 5.5yrs. Image
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Tired of downloading movies or surfing the internet at the speed of 100mb/day? Find out 9 easy peasy ways to increase your internet speed.


#AfricanAmerican Image
1. Select a good place for your router. location is a very key component when it comes to achieving good internet connection. Image
2. Ensure to always keep your router updated. Image
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Nothing in this world black and white, we were told. Everything that's matters is in shades of grey, we were told. On this day can we just admit that we have been fed a lot of trash? While blacks are in palpable pain watching police violence, whites are shocked by black reaction.
If you're one of those truly shocked by what you see on your screens, you may be white. How do I know? Because I used to be just like you. But something changed for me when I watched the video from Minneapolis of the white police officer's knee on an #AfricanAmerican neck.
Something changed for me when I saw the white police officer #DerekChauvin's knee pressed against #GeorgeFloyd's neck even after the black man begged for his life in an unmistakably desperate voice, telling the officer that he could not breathe. Something finally changed for me.
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Securing America’s Elections Part II: Oversight of Government Agencies #ElectionSecurity hearings supposed to be starting now by the House #JudiciaryCommittee
Strong priorities stated by #MattMasterson from @CISAgov but a focus on detecting interference will not detect insider rigging.
@CISAgov @EACgov Hovland saying states do not have the resources they need to protect #elections. And Election Assistance Commission budget is less than some cities spend on potholes.
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Ghana is set to grant citizenship to 200 African Americans as part of celebrations of the 'Year of Return 2019’.

The occasion would mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first African slaves in America
#africanamerican #black #ADOS #caribbean #slavetrade #repatriation
The government of Ghana launched the “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” as part of efforts to encourage African Americans and the black diaspora to return to the homeland where their ancestors were kidnapped and sold into slavery many centuries ago.
#africa #diaspora #homeland
In 2000, Ghana passed the “Right of Abode” law making it the first African country to officially open its doors to people of African descent from all over the world.

The law allows any person of African descent to apply and be granted the right to stay in Ghana indefinitely.
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If @GovernorVA Northam resigns because of the racist photo scandal, @LGJustinFairfax is next in line to take over. So, we are answering one question: WHO IS JUSTIN FAIRFAX? @wusa9 Image
While #Virginia has been widely known as a purple state, it has struggled to elect #blackleaders.

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin #Fairfax is only the second #AfricanAmerican to be elected to a statewide office in Virginia’s history. @wusa9 Image
#Fairfax is the first African-American in nearly 30 years to hold an elected statewide seat in #Virginia.

He was sworn in as lieutenant governor in January 2018 while holding a copy of his ancestor’s #manumission papers in his pocket. @wusa9 Image
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In @HealthyBoston briefing with @wutrain @CampbellforD4 @EdforBoston @LydiaMEdwards where updates are being provided about efforts to improve #trauma response and recovery models by the City working with CBOs, #healthcenters and #hospitals.
In my 8yrs on the Council, I have convened 7 hearings on #trauma, each with a different focus. Although more work remains, I am encouraged to hear that many of the recs offered up by impacted persons & communities at our hrgs & listening sessions were integrated into new system
Data collection of phase 1 implementation indicates that 75% of clients for #trauma response and recovery efforts were #Black #AfricanAmerican #Hispanic #Latino, AND 74% of clients reported chronic exposure to a single (11%) or multiple forms of #violence (63%)
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While watching President Trump deliver #SOTU, and as I started to feel the groundswell of pride in our great Country, a poem by T.S. Eliot came to mind.


To be more precise, the poem came to mind while watching the shameful behavior of the #DemocraticParty leadership and members of the #CongressionalBlackCaucus.


The poem came to mind while watching Rep. Luis Gutierrez .@RepGutierrez, Democrat representing 4th District of Illinois and member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus walk out of #SOTU.
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