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@EP_President @AndriyKostinUa @RobertaMetsola @Europarl_EN @Europarl_UA @EUDelegationUA Thread 31
From: In 2013, Sen. #McCain appeared on stage in #MaidanSquare, shoulder to shoulder with #Svoboda leader #Tyagnibok
To: “#Ukrainian People’s #Tribunal” Sentences #Kiev Leaders for #WarCrimes | Jun 23, 2018
@EP_President @AndriyKostinUa @RobertaMetsola @Europarl_EN @Europarl_UA @EUDelegationUA cc: @ ivan_8848
How #Maidan turned into #War
From 2014 to 2022, the DPR and LPR territories was subjected to daily #shelling from 🇺🇦 side. It all started from Maidan movement, which gained momentum in Kiev in 2013.
@EP_President @AndriyKostinUa @RobertaMetsola @Europarl_EN @Europarl_UA @EUDelegationUA cc:@ TaranQ
Nov 2013, days before the #EuroMaidan protests started. A deputy denounces in the #Ukrainian Parliament that the US is preparing a #civilwar in Ukraine -"NGOs" are organising a #coup from inside the #US #Embassy in Kiev. 1/2
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@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ KanekoaTheGreat
12/ In 2013, Sen. #McCain appeared on stage in #MaidanSquare, where he stood shoulder to shoulder with #Svoboda leader #Tyagnibok and #protested the elected #government of #Ukraine.
#Nuland was caught on a leaked phone call ..
@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ KanekoaTheGreat
9/ In 2013, #Ukrainian Pres Viktor #Yanukovych rejected a $17 billion #IMF loan and #EU association #agreement.
In response, #McCain and #Nuland worked with neo-#Nazis,.. to escalate the violence and overthrow Yanukovych.
@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ivan_8848
How #Obama And #Biden Installed Neo-#Nazis In #Ukraine
Today’s war cannot be understood without first understanding the #US government’s role in Ukraine's #MaidanCoup.…
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@POTUS #Democracy? #NSDC bans eleven pro-Russian #parties in #Ukraine | 20.03.2022
- #Zelensky spoke about this in a video address overnight Sunday, #Ukrinform reports.…
@POTUS Why the #UkraineWar Spells #Doom For #US Hegemony and the #NATO Alliance | Feb 25
- Street protests across Europe are growing against NATO and governing #elites seen to be servile to American policy. The whole Western capitalist order is shaking…
@POTUS #Hitler was financed by the @bankofengland and the
- 4th: from 1933 to 1939 — financial cooperation with the #Nazi government and support for its expansionist foreign policy, aimed at preparing and unleashing a new #WorldWar.
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[1/🧵] @Ripple's Green ♻️ Agenda 2030 — Part 1/2

@Ripple as a significant actor in the achievement of the most critical goal of:
🌱 „Goal 13 Climate Action“

In part 1 of this series, I will break it ALL down for you in regards to #Ripple 🧵👇 Source:

This is typically a heated topic. That is why I will do my best to be neutral, clear, and factual. Expect no guesstimates or personal opinions on this subject.

Everything is stated exactly as it is! Source:
[3/33] Before I get any farther into the intricacies of #Ripple, we must first build the groundwork:

❓ What is the primary goal ❓
The purpose is to combat #climate change by enacting the "Paris Agreement" and meeting the "#UN Sustainable Development Goals [13]." Source:
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Thread นี้จะรวม #Checklist
#DEK66 "ไว้ประเมิน" ความพร้อม
ว่าจะสอบ #TGAT ในเวลา 2 เดือนจึ๋ง
น้องจะ "แน่แค่ไหน" !? ตอบตัวเองตามจริง
ไปกัน #ทีละพาร์ท #เอ้าเริ่มเลย !?
🗣️ Part 1 : Conversation
✅ รู้ idioms หมวดทั่วไปเช่น
"ถามสารทุกข์สุขดิบ/ขอบคุณ/ขอโทษ" !?
✅ รู้ idioms กลุ่มหลอกเด็ก #ออกทุกปี
เช่น Do you have the time?
I couldn't agree more vs less?
✅ เข้าใจ Question-Pattern #ใช้ตัดchoicesได้ดีมาก
เช่น Wh-word : How often vs How long?
🧩Part 2 : Paragraph Completion
✅ รู้ Grammar #ออกสอบทุกปี แค่ไหน !?
**เรื่องที่สอน "วน" ที่โรงเรียนตลอด
#tense #passive #agreement ++
✅ จำ "transition" (Preposition/Conjunction)
ใบ้ให้เลยหมวด #เหตุผล #ขัดแย้ง #เสริมใจความ #ยกตัวอย่าง ไปจำ "4 หมวดนี้พอ" !!
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Aug 2020 Regulated Research Paper:


Just more proof of the fintech revolution #4IR

#mentions #ripple #IMF #BFA #bali #fintech #agreement #Fintech #Blockchain #Peer2Peer #Lending #Bigdata #crossborder #payments Image
Crypto & blockchain provides financial services to citizens through the internet

@KPMG cited the ones that just added $BTC & $ETH to their B.S.

Fintech is transforming TradFi
2020 shift from application phase to the exploration phase
2021 public adoption
2022 regulation phase? Image
I also noticed this was also mentioned in the IMF consensus document..…

#Regtech #Deep #IMF #Fintech #Agreement ImageImage
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Peskov, Putin's spokesman, denied the existence of any #agreement on "de-escalation" (I repeat, not a goal in itself) nor anything in terms otherwise contemptuous of France.
This was totally predictable.
Quick #Thread
1 There could be no agreement, and indeed I would have been somewhat concerned if there had been. It would have meant that @EmmanuelMacron would have accepted concessions. He didn't actually.
But there cannot and should not be any, not now, not later.
2 There was talk of "commitment" - just vague commitment to continue the discussions. Nothing more. No commitment not to attack #Ukraine, one way or another, no commitment by Moscow to implement the Minsk agreements (not really).
Moscow will continue.
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Article erased
Anti-Japan Tribalism on the Comfort Women Issue
Inconsistent court rulings are a reflection of Korean thinking.By Lee Wooyoun November 14, 2021
In December 2015, the governments of South Korea and Japan reached a “final and irreversible” resolution
to the comfort women issue. Then-Prime Minister Abe Shinzo expressed anew his “most sincere apologies and remorse” and agreed to donate 1 billion yen (10.8 billion won at the time) from the government budget to support the victims. The Reconciliation and Healing Foundation was
established, and the donation was paid to 34 of the 45 former comfort women who were alive at the time.
In 2017, the Moon Jae-in administration effectively abandoned this agreement made by the Park Geun-hye administration, citing the fact that the wishes of the former comfort
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@michaeljohns @RCCDistrict -#Roosevelt: "#OperationPaperclip will allow you,#AdolfHitler,to #work for us".

-#Hitler: "I accept & I promise to #retire"(and looks at the other two).

-#Churchill: "I agree".

-#JosefStalin: "I have to accept because #America has almost completed the #atomicBomb".

@michaeljohns @RCCDistrict Since #Roosevelt died,da #agreement now expanded:

-#AdolfHitler: "I want to #share my #money with all of you".

-#Truman: "Hanging u wouldn't #change what's already been #done".

-#Churchill: "We need u to stop #Communist #imperialism".

-#Stalin: "#Fake #suicide!"

@michaeljohns From #YouTube's "The HitlersThat Stalin Caught"(which actually included a #HitlerDouble Hitler murdered together w The #Goebbels Family):

Two of #Hitler's nephews were captured,in #Russia,by #Stalin,who killed one & didn't #exchange the other one...(cont bellow)

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March Newsletter

Dear Friends,
"And #pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all kinds of #prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on #praying for all of the Lord's people" (Ephesians 6:18 NIV).
You will notice the first half of this scripture refers to all kinds of #prayers (Moffatt's translation - "all manner", Berean Study Bible - "every kind of prayer"). That lets you know there are certainly different types of #prayer which may be used in different situations.
Some #prayers in the scriptures include the ff:
🙏🏾 #Prayer of #Faith - Matt.21:21-22, Mark 11:24
🙏🏾 #Prayer of #Intercession - Ezekiel 22:30, Rom 8:26
🙏🏾 #Prayer of #Praise and #Worship - Acts 13:1-4, Acts 16:25
🙏🏾 #Prayer of #Commitment - Ps 37:5, 1Peter 5:7, Phil 4:6
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#EU #China #Brussel #Agreement

Negotiations have been going on for seven years, now an agreement could be imminent. The EU and China appear to be on the verge of signing an investment deal.
A conversation between President Xi and Commission chief von der Leyen, which could take place on Wednesday, should bring final clarity.

Why is it important?
The agreement is considered to be the most comprehensive attempt by the EU to reorganize its relationship with the second largest economic power China. The goals are more market access and better competitive conditions.
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According to an Israeli firm, an oil pipeline running from the Red Sea resort of Eilat to the Mediterranean port city of Ashkelon will be extended to the United Arab Emirates,
providing the UAE with a bridge to directly get fossil fuel to Europe. The @TimesofIsrael claimed that it is seen as one of the most important partnerships to have emerged since the countries formed diplomatic relations.
The MoU is between Israel's government-controlled Europe-Asia Pipeline Co, formerly the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline, and the MED-RED Land Bridge, located in the UAE. With US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and other US and UAE officials present,
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#Germany (East) #Belgium #Aachen #Coronavirus #Travel #Agreement

According to the classification of Belgium as a risk area, there should be hardly any restrictions in border traffic between the urban region of Aachen and the German-speaking East Belgium.
According to this, visits to the family, among close relatives, to the doctor or to care for people in need should continue to be possible without problems, and there are no restrictions for commuters either. The East Belgian Prime Minister Oliver Paasch announced this.
According to Paasch, East Belgians should be able to enter North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate for a maximum of 24 hours without restrictions. The health department of the urban region, Michael Ziemons, made a similar statement.
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N.Ireland is once again the rope in the UK/EU tug of war.

(we've been here before, several times 🙄😩)

Both claim to be acting on the grounds of the Good Friday/Belfast 1998 Agreement.

Both have a point…

But it’s complicated.

A twitter thread.
#Brexit #GFA
The Belfast/Good Friday #Agreement has 3 strands.

These strands represent the lines of division that gave rise to the #conflict:
* unionist/nationalist within NI,
* north/south across the border, &
* British/Irish.

The B/GFA formalised cooperation across these lines.
Crucially, all are #interdependent.

Underpinning it all is the British-Irish relationship

That relationship was improved & became closer as a result of being ‘partners in the EU’ 🇪🇺

The EU was also a go-to model for some of that cross-border & multilevel cooperation.
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(1/10) #Thread

Pakistan & China to sign Development Agreement of the First CPEC SEZ on Monday at the Prime Minister House, Islamabad.
The event would be attended by the Federal Ministers, Officials from line ministries and KP Govt and other stakeholders.

(2/10) Minister of State/ Chairman Board of Investment (BOI), @AtifRBokhari, said that signing of the Development Agreement #DA of #Rashakai #SEZ under CPEC would realize the vision of special economic zones’ development, ultimately leading to a prosperous & industrial Pakistan.
(3/10) Chairman BOI @AtifRBokhari highlighted the progress on SEZs under CPEC: sufficient headway has been made & the zones are now becoming ready for business. Pakistan’s proximity with China will allow these SEZs to foster economic interdependence for mutual economic advantage.
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1] A few things stood out for me as i was going through Pres Adv Chamisa's changes to his tool box.

Tools tell a lot about the carpenter.
More so when he was previously working with some rusty tools that belonged to the former carpenter.

I hope they will be useful to him.
2] In the appointments, Chamisa made some strong political statements.

Councilor #IanMakoni, MRT's Best Friend, husband to former #MDCTreasurer, & party stalwart Madam TM is now #Sec4Election.

Those who've followed the #Mwonzora fights understand my point.

Interesting pick.
3] Then there's #DavidChimhinhi, the past immediate #MDC-T 2014 #Manicaland Provincial Chair.

Mr Chimhini has replaced @JamesonTimba as Deputy SG.

In light of the #Mwonzora fights, and all the theories that followed, this is a interesting political statement by #Chamisa.
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One of the headaches facing individuals with an interest in MDC political squabbles is on what the MDC-A is.

Is it a party?
Is it an electoral vehicle?
Is it a coalition which died soon after elections?

Here's something interesting:
2] Whereas there is a fixation with certain clauses of the original #MDC-A agreement as signed by #PresMRT, we have ignored some clauses

Or alternatively, #Mwonzora has chosen to never address them.

All this point out to a subtle transformation that perhaps was sloppy.

3] #MDC-A logo

The original #MDC-A agreement spoke to a logo with #PresMRT (Presidential candidate) & other parties surrounding it.

This provided for a clear distinction.

However, towards the elections, that logo actually changed.

What does this tell us about the #MDC-A? ImageImage
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There has been a disagreement on parent having to be involved in a teenage child life of having to have an abortion because do there age. Parents have decided for this teenger what is best for them. #njcurj #Parenthood #teenagers
Some teenger do not agree on having an abortion. There willing to maintain the child on their own without having a parent involved. #Njcurj #teenage law
Parents involved in there child life has a high risk of the child doing a illegal abortion that affect the life of both baby and mother. The laws have provided an agreement form for the parent to decide on the child's choice. #Njcurj #parentinvolvement
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