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Mithelfen, die #Gesundheit der Bevölkerung zu schützen

#RKI sucht derzeit viele neue Mitarbeitende in verschiedenen Bereichen des Instituts wie #Wissenschaft, #Verwaltung, #Technik & #IT.


Ausgewählte #Stellenangebote kurz vorgestellt⤵️ Image

Das Zentrum für internationalen Gesundheitsschutz #ZIG des #RKI sucht für sein Fachgebiet #PublicHealth -Laborunterstützung eine neue Leitung.


Unbefristet am Standort #Berlin-Mitte,
🗓️Bewerbung bis 2.1.2022
#Jobs #ÖGD

Das ZKI-PH „Zentrum für künstliche Intelligenz-Public Health“ in Wildau sucht Verstärkung in der Online & #SocialMedia-Redaktion.


Unbefristet am Standort #Wildau (bei Berlin)
🗓️Bewerbung bis 15.12.2021
#Jobs #ÖGD
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There’s been a lot of discussion recently about #SARSCoV2 #vaccine effectiveness, hospitalisation, and the reason for increasing case numbers, in spite of our high rates of vaccination. This thread will not provide a definitive explanation for the above 1/n
However, I’m hopeful it will provide context to inform the discussion. TL:DR The vaccines are not 100% effective so our current level of uptake – measured across the entire population – will not be sufficient, in isolation, to suppress #SARSCoV2 transmission in the community 2/n
Over the last 18 months, the concept of “herd immunity” has been frequently referenced in public discourse: I prefer, and will use, the term “community level protection (CLP)”, thereby illustrating the concept that immunising the community is capable of 3/n
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#idboardreview 18 M altered mental status, difficulty walking, urinary retention, sx progressive x4d. He had parotitis/orchitis 2wks ago. CSF150 wbc 100%mono ⬆️protein, gram stain/culture neg. mri leptomeningeal enhancement. Dx? #medEd #idmedEd #IDtwitter
In unimmunized pts: mumps is one of the most common causes of aseptic meningitis & encephalitis (cns involvement 10-30% of all mumps cases). 40-50% mumps meningitis have no parotitis. Males are affected 2-5x more than females. Peak age 5-9 yrs
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Are the social distancing measures damaging our immune systems? Less contact = reduced infection rates.
For example, the number of reported whooping cough cases during the reporting period 2020/2021 is less than 5% of that of the previous year
@PHE produce weekly updates on statutory notifiable diseases and usefully provide comparisons to previous years. As might be expected, there has been significant decline in all. A few more graphs below to illustrate this 👇
As well as whooping cough, there are significantly fewer reported cases of #meningococcal septicemia, acute #meningitis, #measles and #mumps
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Worldwide more than 140,000 people died from #measles in 2018: new WHO and @CDCgov estimates.

Most deaths occurred among children under 5 years of age.

Babies and very young children are at greatest risk from #measles infections, with potential complications including pneumonia and encephalitis (a swelling of the brain), as well as lifelong disability - permanent brain damage, blindness or hearing loss
Recently published evidence shows that contracting the #measles virus can have further long-term health impacts, with the virus damaging the immune system’s memory for months or even years following infection
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#Measles is highly contagious.
If you are travelling🧳🛫🚉🚘🚢, check your vaccination status.
Two doses of measles vaccine are needed to protect you against the disease

The best protection against #measles: two doses of the measles vaccine, which is often incorporated with #mumps and/or #rubella vaccines

If you are unsure of your #measles vaccination status, you should receive at least one dose of measles vaccine.
WHO recommends that travellers get vaccinated at least 15 days prior to travel🧳🛫🚉🚘🚢
Latest WHO #travel advice on measles➡️

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The surge in #measles and #mumps are newsworthy, hot-topic attention grabbers. However, can I make a quick plug for something that is almost certainly going to be an issue in the near future? 1/x
The declines in MMR #vaccine coverage have led to increased outbreaks, several of which have been close to home (looking at you, #Texas). Therefore, coverage for "R" - rubella - is declining in parallel with measles and mumps in the same zip codes. 2/x
The reproductive number (R0), a measure of how infectious a given pathogen is, is highest for measles, medium for mumps, and lowest for rubella. So rubella will show up last... but it's coming. Good review:… 3/x
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Origins of the "Vaccines cause autism" hoax. In 1998, Andrew Wakefield released a paper claiming to have linked the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine to the onset of autism. His work has since been described as “the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years."
Wakefield also had major financial conflicts of interest. While he was discrediting the combination MMR vaccine and suggesting parents should give their children single shots over a longer period of time, he was filing patents for single-disease vaccines.
The General Medical Council (the UK’s medical regulator) found that he had paid children at his son’s 10th birthday party to donate their blood for his research.
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