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"Using a laboratory rheometer, we measure failure mechanics of the eponymous Oreo’s “creme” and probe the influence of rotation rate, amount of creme, and flavor on the stress–strain curve and postmortem creme distribution." -- Owens, Fan, Hart, McKinley…
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"If we’re going to face up to the seemingly insurmountable tasks ahead, hope isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity." "Imagining a better future ... isn’t about escaping from reality, it’s about finding your way when you're feeling lost."--Peter Hemminger…
Elegant Six-Page Proof Reveals the Emergence of Random Structure | Quanta Magazine…
#KahnKalaiConjecture, #MathematicalProof, #EmergentStructures, #RandomSets
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/17/2021…
Designing public institutions that foster cooperation…

#OrganizationDesign #PublicInstitutions #cooperation
Expiratory aerosol particle escape from surgical masks due to imperfect sealing…

#AerosolParticles #SurgicalMasks #sealing #consequences
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The #COVID19 pandemic has triggered a global crisis, but its impact is not shared equally.

Social hierarchies, inequalities, and injustice reproduced during the pandemic have added to existing challenges faced by vulnerable categories of people. #Thread Image
The fear of contagion ignited by #Covid19 has renewed old associations between dirt, disease, and particular communities.

@kanthiswaroop and Joel Lee discuss society's reaction to sanitation workers during the pandemic.…
The #COVID19 lockdown has disturbed the lives and livelihoods of tribals and forest dwellers.

Minaketan Behera and Preksha Dassani emphasise on food security and protection mechanisms to help the communities.…
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🚨Best Books on Quant Investing

🤝Thanks for Recommending the best books @a_basumallick

📚… Image
To Understand Quant in action visit @Quantindia

Disc: Not vested, Not an affiliate partner.
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Travelling through #India you can't miss such boulder heaps...

Think of Hampi's ruins (below) or Sravanabelagola (Karnataka), or Mt Abu (Rajasthan)?

#DidYouKnow, such isolated hill/ridge features that jut out from the surrounding plains are called #inselbergs?

#Geo thread/ Geology: inselberg formation at Hampi, Karnataka, India
Derived from German words meaning 'island mountain', #inselbergs are residual features that form across climatic zones.

Yet are most abundant in tropical regions with granite-gneiss outcrops, like those on the cratons across India, as also in the zones marked BCG, CGC, and SGT. Map in the publication, The Indian Peninsula: Geomorphic Lan
Debates rage on how #inselbergs formed, yet most concede they are the result of weathering (breaking down of rocks at site) and erosion (transport of weathered material).

In #India, insolation (heat from sun's rays), rainwater, and rivers have shaped landscapes for millennia. Hampi's boulder inselbergs with the river Tungabhadra snakin
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Well, seeing as I’m working on updating #ANE #ReadingList for next semester’s teaching, glad to give my two-cents’ worth! (1/

@Moudhy @srdjanluzajic
First up, the classic intro book is Van De Mieroop’s ‘A History of the Ancient Near East’. This is standard, solid overview that has been recently updated and includes the protohistorical period and balanced use of sources. (2/…
For a different flavour, there’s Liverani’s ‘The Ancient Near East: History, Society and Economy’, which brings together many of Liverani’s influential ideas in the field. Original from 1988, but this is a revised 2014 English edition. (3/…
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Best investing podcasts (1/2):

>> @farnamstreet with @Sanjay__Bakshi on "Why Mental Models":

>> Life lessons from @RayDalio :

>> @naval with @farnamstreet :

>> Knowledge Project: Image
Best investing podcasts (2/2):

>> @shyamsek on @ithoughtadviser:

>> Stoic Series:

>> @RajeevThakkar :

>> Journey of @nooreshtech :

>> Moat Investing: Image
Thematic Investing Resources:

>> Accounting manipulations:

>> Technical Analysis:

>> Valuation:

>> Financial analysis:

>> Classics: Image
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I am proud of pastors who chose to move to virtual services today! Good choice, sisters and brothers! In this time of isolation there is REAL potential to transform our churches, if we leverage this period as an opportunity to thicken our gospel. 1/ #COVIDー19 #virtualchurch
In his book, Prayer, @FosterEveryday says connection w/ God happens in the silence. Could this be opportunity for national #soulreset? Could it be an opportunity for us to connect w/ God again—through deeper introspection and intentional listening to voices usually overlooked? 2/
I’d like to recommend #fivebooks for pastors to dive into with their congregations over the next 2-3 weeks; while we have the blessing of this national #soulreset. 3/ #COVIDー19 #SocialDistancing
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Let’s talk about #lectures in HigherEducation
.@LangOnCourse alerts us to: When should we lecture in class? Excellent examples and analysis of the (positive) role of the lecture from @dgooblar #learning #lecture
.@mariosbham comments on "#Lectures: a much-maligned format which can be truly inspirational" #HigherEducation…
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0/ Thread. Having spent some time with @Nicolas_Colin on his new book HEDGE about #tech, #entrepreneurship, social #policy and the future of the Safety Net, I'm sharing some things that stuck with me, and why HEDGE is one for the ☀️📚📝 #readinglist…
1/ @Nicolas_Colin is thought-provoking not least because of his vantage point - graduated from the French ENA, worked at the top of the French civil service, set up his own company, and invests in startups all over 🇪🇺 with @_TheFamily
2/ Im not one for party politics, and HEDGE isn't about that. It's a book that speaks to the zeitgeist of the #techlash and ways for #startup #founders and #politicians to think about smart, sensible policies to build an inclusive Safety Net 2.0 📖
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