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Bahmani Sultanate of Deccan 1347-1527.
This was the 1st Independent Muslim Monarchy of Deccan/South #India established by Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah.
180 years of complete Genealogical History of 18 Sultans.
#BahmaniSultanate #Deccan #History #Genealogy #Bahmani @HiHyderabad Image

Companion youtube video for #Bahmani #Sultanate - First Independent #Muslim #Monarchy of #Deccan - 180 years of #History 1347 to 1527.

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If you are finding it difficult to read the chart please load the image in 4K by clicking 3 dots on right or click this link to find high res. copy on my #reddit.…
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1. I was aware of Iran when I was young. My uncle worked as a military attaché in one of our diplomatic posts in #Iran in the 50s. Some of my cousins were born there. In 1979, I was a line manager at the NY Hilton when the deposed #Shah checked in. I recall standing in the
2. front of the hotel watching US Iranian students protesting him. I knew why they hated him because I knew what Savak was. I always thought that our loyalty to the dying Reza Pahlavi radicalized Iran. At least it contributed to it. I never understood why the State Dept and CIA
3. didn't know what to expect from the radicalized students in #Tehran. I don't think we should have turned him over but we should have taken some responsibility for the hatred that so many Iranians felt for him and for the US. With most of the Islamic world now tiring of trying
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#BREAKING: This is #Khomein, birthplace of founder of Islamic Regime of #Iran, Dictator #Khomeini. Protesters burned the house of #Khomeini which had been turned into a museum by the terrorist regime 30 years ago.
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
Another video from #Khomein, birthplace of Dictator #Khomeini. Protesters burned down house of Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of #Iran's Islamic Regime in the city. Since 30 years ago, Khomeini's house had been a museum in Khomein.
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
This is #Khomeini's Childhood house. This is where the dictator was born. He was later raised as a terrorist in various religious schools in #Iraq before returning #Iran as an extremist Ayatollah opposting #Shah's actions for giving freedom to #Iranian women.
#MahsaAmini ImageImageImage
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The regime of #Iran, like virtually all in the #MiddleEast, is vile and we hope one day it’s citizens will be free. But what the international #msm is doing right now with its coverage is essentially trying to aid the US government in another regime change attempt.
1/ #Iran was a democracy in 1953, but unfortunately its Socialist-leaning government nationalized its oil industry which was a no-no for the Imperialist #USA and #UK so the #CIA & #MI6 collaborated as they often do to overthrow its government and install a bloody dictator. #Shah
2/ the US plays lip-service to wanting democracy in the #MiddleEast, but what it demands is FIELTY to the US Empire. Egyptian people bravely and at great cost overthrew a bloody dictator and established the Arab World’s biggest democracy. The new govt wasn’t pro-US and in 2013…
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We never forget & forgive the wrong policy of Jimmy Carter & William Sullivan!

The most vivid portraiture of their acts is to be found in supporting the Devil of 20th Cent.

Deviously & unprincipledly, they portrayed a #Terrorist thug, #Khomeini, as the Holly Man in 1979! Image
Keeping face, page 443, @CarterLibrary:

"Sullivan advised us to oppose the #Shah and urge him to leave #Iran immediately, and at the same time, try to establish friendship and alliance with #Khomeini!"
@NSArchive Image
William Sulivan, Mission to Iran, 1981, page: 156

"what is puzzling to me is the CIA method. I do not understand why this Agency has acted against me with such intensity?"

✔Because @CIA knew, you were wrong & you were a lunatic friend of Islamic terrorist leaders in Iran! Image
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#Socialism leads to full Communism.
Paraphrasing Margaret #Thatcher.
How right she was!
President #Daoud brought about a Socialist Secular Revolution after doing a coup d'état against King #Zahir #Shah.
Soon to be followed by his assassination and the #PDPA #Communist takeover!
Well, nobody understood the dangers of collectivism during the Cold War better than General #Pinochet, Late Baroness #Thatcher, and #Lee #Kuan #Yew.
Americans were never really threatened by Marxist-Leninist or Marxist-Maoist Philosophy after the Communists were incarcerated
Ask a countless number of children, women and old, as to how Marxist Insurgencies and later Communist #Dictatorships destroyed their standards of living, and social stability through centralized social engineering.
#Chilean inflation stood around approx 1000% under #Allende.
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Hold @pbmehta in high regard. Also @PramathSinha founder trustee and many others at @AshokaUniv. Don’t know the circumstances of his quitting. But conversely, as many are saying, cancel culture of “non left” voices at liberal institutions a reality globally 2/n #PratapBhanuMehta
2/n Even in India how many Right leaning voices will find even a lateral entry into into left dominated academia, think tanks, NGOs (local and global) and media?That’s why the angst against a handful of institutions(state and private) that provide platform to non-left voices 3/n
3/n Also in corporate India the discomfort with pro-government views is palpable and considered “career limiting”. Honchos who come out supporting #Modi are accused of doing so either because of an agenda or under pressure. Socially, they are mocked and made to feel defensive 4/n
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In 19th century #Iran, Jews suffered all the problems of the Ottoman realm but with none of the advantages. They were even "forbidden to go out when it rains; for it is said the rain would wash dirt off them, which would sully the feet of [Muslims]".…
"There was no real change [in the Jewish circumstance in #Iran] until after the constitutional revolution of 1905, and no substantial improvement in the condition of Persian Jews until after the fall of the Qajar dynasty in 1925."
The Pahlavi dynasty in #Iran, and Muhammad Reza (the last #Shah) in particular, brought #Jews into the life of the country in a way that had not been known before (a prominent example is Habib Elghanian). This was part of what antagonised the #Islamists that seized power in 1979.
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#Thread 4
#AhmadShahDurrani wrote both prose & poetry mainly in Pashto, but also in Dari/Persian.
He regularly held Majlis-e ulama (“Assembly of the Learned/Scholars”) devoted to divinity, civil law & literature, even when on expeditions.
@DawoodAzami DA 1
@DawoodAzami Ishrat (who composed #AhmadShahDurrani’s Shahnamah in #Persian) says that the #Shah really likes the company of & discussions with the scholars/learned people.
He adds the #Shah doesn't have any other love "except the love of #book".
ندارد محبت بغیر از کتاب
@DawoodAzami DA 2
@DawoodAzami #AhmadShahDurrani regularly held Majlis-e ulama (Assembly of the Learned/Scholars) devoted to divinity & civil law & literature.
Raverty (1862) described the knowledge/education of the #Shah to be the equivalent of a "Doctor of Literature or Divinity” (p. 289). @DawoodAzami DA 3
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#NRC #CAA #CAB thread
# 1/20
1. #NRC started in 1980s in Assam. Was Signed 1985. Originally as Assam Accord. Was predecessor of NRC (or a register of citizens)
2. It was signed by Late Shri Rajeev Gandhi
3. Yup you read it right, NOT Rahul Gandhi, but Late Shri Rajeev Gandhi
# 2/20
4. Then it was made PAN INDIA in 2004 December by CONGRESS lead Sonia / MMS govt adding clauses 4 & 14a. Further amended in 2009 by same Congress lead government!! Yes INC ~ Congress
5. So BJP is JUST implementing #NRC , BJP have NOT created NRC
# 3/20
6. It is NRC that creates a REGISTER of citizens. NOT #CAB / NOT #CAA, but Congress created NRC
7. All the halla on "Proof of citizenship" is because of #NRC !! not CAB / CAA .
pls see full thread B4 answering !!
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@pbmehta 1/x I feel the game is different here. #Modi & #AmitShah aren’t strategic geniuses - they are bullyboy street thugs with the usual incoherent anti-modernist crap that passes for #Sangh ideology, but with a masterful command of PR and media savvy.
@pbmehta 2/x This combined with the institutional capture that the #Sangh spent decades dreaming about, makes them lethal. I don’t think they have the slightest illusion that this will solve the #Kashmir problem - but the mistake is in thinking they care. This is in fact even better.
@pbmehta 3/x This creates the perfect excuse for a perpetual rolling national emergency. ‘When the country is at war, how can you talk about falling car sales?! Don’t you care about the country!?!’ Substitute with demonetisation, GST, recession, #BJP members raping minors, whatever...
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July 1978, NYT: SAVAK is both ubiquitous and ineffective; "many" #Iran protesters "express pro-American sentiments" and credit Jimmy Carter with forcing the #Shah's liberalization program [which began before Carter took office]; Bazargan quoted throughout…
September 1978: Gregory F. Rose suggests that the #Shah's government and secret police operated a more repressive system than the KGB in the Soviet Union.… This was the kind of nonsense being widely printed at the time.
September 1980: CIA report on the "disappearance" of Imam Musa al-Sadr; doesn't know much and even now has not redacted huge parts of it:…
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Today,Sadly @Twitter suspended my account after members of cult-like #MEK terror Org reported me because I had criticized violation of Women's Rights in #MEK's camp in #Albania. They also threatened me to death this afternoon. #MEK & #Iran's Islamic Regime are two sides of a coin
#MEK's political wing, #NCRI which is falsely claiming to be secular is forcing its female soldiers to wear Hijab even during their rally in #Paris on 30/06/2018. Speaking about #MEK's violation of women's rights make its leaders angry. This is why #MEK is unpopular in #Iran.
#MEK is being financially supported by #KSA in-order to start a civil war in #Iran similar to what is happening in #Syria now. But hopefully can't because official surveys held by Iranian opposition groups show the group is 2nd most hated Org. after the Islamic Regime in #Iran.
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A terror attack in #Paris against the #Iran-ian main opposition group the #MEK was foiled. Attack due to take place during their conference whose speakers included Rudy #Guilani.The 2 arrested terrorists were a couple of Iranian origin living in Belgium
The Belgian couple was arrested in #Brussels a few hours before the attack was to take place at a conference attended by 25,000 people. Police found in their car 500 g of #TATP and detonators. 2 accomplices were arrested in #France and #Germany, including an #Iran-ian diplomat.
The Iranian diplomat based at the Iranian embassy is allegedly a member of Iran secret services and reportedly provided the explosives to the couple in #Luxembourg. The #US intelligences services also allegedly provided #Belgium, #France and #Germany with actionable info.
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