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Individual-1 is totally implicated in #TrumpRussia by this week’s Mueller filings and nailed hard for the cover up.

What’s worse is that prosecutors practically announced that he is guilty of conspiracy charges related to the substantive crimes, like illegal hush money deals. 1/
Conspiracy to defraud the United States (18 USC 371) is a charge that ensnares everyone with knowledge of a crime to defat the lawful purpose of a US agency like the Federal Election Commission, who Congress assigned the task of providing election transparency. 2/
Trump has zero defenses against a charge under 18 USC 371 based on the #TrumpTapes that Michael Cohen so graciously recorded to get proof of his six figure debt from his chintzy boss. 3/…
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I produced this exclusive three-part interview with @funder for the #DworkinReport about the new @VICELAND show: The hunt for the #TrumpTapes with @TomArnold

If you want to know why Mark Burnett is so angry at Tom Arnold that he wants to scrap just listen…
If you wanted to hunt the #TrumpTapes like Tom Arnold, you'd practically have to BE him, because of his 30 years of Hollywood ties in the same circles.…
I'm personally looking forward to finding out what happened when he visited Russian mobster Felix Sater at his Long Island home.

We won't have to wait long. @TomArnold's program: The Hunt for the #TrumpTapes will premiere at 10:30pm Tue. on @VICELAND…
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Katie Johnson: "Before I gave him a handjob, he kind of slapped my hand away and said 'You need to use a glove.' and the recruiter ran over and handed me a glove and said "No one touches Mr. #tRump's penis without a glove.'" >
I suspect that #tRump raped Katie Johnson when she was 13 years old and that when she was preparing to testify in court, he arranged for people to threaten her into silence. I think tRump raped a minor child.
#tRump in a 2004 telephone conversation with Chaunce Hayden: "Who the fuck, I use models for that. I don't use Playboy people for that stuff."
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Newsfeed --- July 25th, 2018 --- Wed

Guys, I know how to explain
how Cohen, Stormy, Putin, Trump, #TrumpTapes, Mueller, FISA, Strzok,
and the 2016 Elections are all related.

Below is a simple meme I made.
You should be able to understand it.
It makes things crystal-clear.

@TheDemocrats :
We don't hate you, don't think you are a Nazi, and Trump is not Hitler.
Let's have a calm reasoned debate about the issues.

Also @TheDemocrats :
Smash Trump's Hollywood star to Pieces.

Actions speak louder then words, kiddo.

@TheDemocrats :
We don't hate you, don't think you are a Nazi, and Trump is not Hitler.
Let's have a calm reasoned debate about the issues.

Also @TheDemocrats :
Smash Trump's Hollywood star to Pieces.

Actions speak louder then words, kiddo
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Newsfeed -- July 24th, 2018 --- Tuesday

"The crazies were right and I was wrong.

The FBI and DOJ brought the FISA court the Steele dossier allegations, relying on Steele’s credibility without verifying his information."…
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🚨#BreakingNews 🚨
The Podesta immunity Deal now reveals Mueller's Agenda

Protecting the Clinton Foundation & all #DeepState who have been involved to be the central work of HUSSEIN Obama holdovers in govt

It's clear what's in HILARY 30K destroyed emails
spying on @realDonaldTrump before, during & after the 2016 election explained:

1. 2016 primaries, Trump knows Obama/HRC did lots of sweet under table deals with Russians/Iranians. To troll them, he starts bragging how he's going to be Putin's BFF once he's elected
2. Hillary & her team hatch a dirty trick to play on Trump: they'll hire a political communications shop named FUSION GPS to create what will be passed off as a collection of intelligence reports 'proving' Trump & his campaign team are in pocket of Russians
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Mifsuds links to Russian intel debunked by close working relationship w/Claire Smith:UK Cabinet Office Security Vetting Appeals—Strongly suggests extremely unlikely her role vetting UK intel personnel would lead to her accidentally working w/Russian agent…
Here Claire Smith is working alongside Joseph Misfud training diplomats

What was her position again?

UK Cabinet position vetting UK intelligence officers.

Misfud worked with BRITISH INTEL... not Russians

#TrumpTapes #FridayFeeIing #TrumpRussiaCollusion Papadopolous
Connection btn Mifsud & Smith doesn’t end w/ photo. Mifsud’s LinkedIn profile lists University of Stirling in connection with his service as Director of London Academy of Diplomacy

... Where CLAIRE SMITH served as visiting professor from 2013-14 according to her LinkedIn profile
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I’m at Michael Cohen’s hearing today to get an update on the material seized from him, how the special master is going seeing which docs are covered by attorney-client privilege AND to see if Michael Avenatti, aka Stormy Daniels lawyer, can be involved in the case. Stay tuned!
OK so the fight between Michael Avenatti and Michael Cohen’s lawyer and President Trump’s lawyer was VICIOUS. Cohen’s lawyer Steve Ryan called Avenatti’s release of Cohen’s financial info as “a premeditated drive-by shooting of my client’s rights”
“I’ve practiced law for 37 years and never risen to oppose a pro hac vice application” said Ryan (which is when a lawyer applies to be admitted in a jurisdiction they’re not licensed to practice, which is what Avenatti is trying to do in this case).
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*** THREAD ***

Let me explain how Paul Manafort's #TrumpRussia indictments are rolling rapidly from election inference into a replay of the Jack Abramoff scandal, but on STEROIDS, involving the secretive sale of American foreign policy for dark money.…
Manafort and Gates lobbied in the US for Kremlin-linked oligarchs & political parties for a decade, but before their scorched earth, divisive GOP politics inflamed a regional war, they went on a secret diplomatic offensive on behalf of their client, kleptocrat Victor Yanukovych.
Manafort founded the European Center for a Modern Ukraine to be a secret western lobbying front group for Yanukovych.

For obvious reasons, his kleptocratic client had a perception problem, i.e. reality.

Yanukovych is Putin's vassal.

Manafort hid his involvement for years.
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