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I know many were anxious about the results of the hearing in which Amber Heard was trying to force Johnny Depp to go through an independent mental evaluation. Rest easy. Long story short...she lost. It was denied on Friday November 15th.
Before I post the entire transcript, I want to point to a few key moments.
First is Benjamin Chew pointing out how Amber Heard, once again, lied in a declaration when she stated she'd never been in Virginia. When in fact she was there this past May, on Capital Hill & WaPost even wrote about it. Now how could something she was so proud of slip her mind?
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A Thread: John MacArthur & Sexual Abuse

John MacArthur has been doubling down lately regarding a woman's place in the church. Why now? Bc he sees #metoo #churchtoo coming for his ministries. If women can't speak, then women can't speak up about the sex abuse he's hidden. 1 of 11
John MacArthur's seminary/university is on accreditation probation. The first report by the accreditation agency cited administration was ignorant regarding Clery Act and VAWA, both of which protect victims of sexual crimes. 2 of 11
In fact, John MacArthur's Master's University & Seminary has been fined by the US Dept of Education for noncompliance with the Clery Act, which protects victims of sexual crimes. 3 of 11…
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So today, I've had a guy follow me all the way down a road, constantly pestering me "Hello! Where are you going? Etc."
And just now a guy stops, looks me up & down and says "Oh God. Oh shit."
Are women not allowed out on their own in Greece? Or do I just look really bad today?🤔
I'd hasten to add that these 2 incidents were in addition to the standard level of street harassment that I anticipate everywhere I go... it doesn't just happened in Greece: it's endemic across Europe. And it's not OK. Because it intimidates women out of public spaces... 2.
People have expressed genuine shock when I've told them I am travelling alone. Likewise: I've had numerous emails/messages from women saying they think I am "brave" for travelling on my own - AND THIS IS THE WORST THING: they would be too scared to travel alone. 3.
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THREAD: In a new Rolling Stone interview, David Simon attacks the LA Times' 2018 story on James Franco by insinuating we reported the story on the actor because we were aware "that the lion’s share of the real, aggressive, meaningful reporting on this stuff..."
"...had been done by The New Yorker and The New York Times. They were the ones who were delivering real, solid, fundamental journalism, about real offenders who were using their positions to obtain sex, and misusing women in that fundamental way."
So is Simon saying that the 2017 stories the paper did on James Toback, Brett Ratner and Russell Simmons prior to the one on Franco were not "real," "aggressive," or about "real offenders?"
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1.) The case of ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Bronze ⭐️ Lt. General Michael Flynn.
James Baker leaked phone calls telling the FBI to “take the kill shot.” Explained by his brilliant attorney, Sidney Powell:
2.) Lt Gen Flynn was 100% set up, just like Paul Mannafort who was actually doing business for HRC in Ukraine, not Trump, to use as the basis for the FISA court to spy on him using the umbrella of 7 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.
3.) The same thing happened to Annapolis Grad Carter Page who was already working FOR THE FBI as a paid informant. They (HRC) tried to do the same thing with George Popodop who was given a suitcase containing $10K that he immediately
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Looking for catchy suggestions of hashtags to help my Dan Schneider campaign take off. We need something memorable and catchy that we can all use to link our posts together. Please suggest ideas in the comments and I will make a poll shortly.
We need a catchy hashtag like #metoo or #timesup that we can brand around taking down Dan Schneider if we really want this to work. We need your suggestions in the comments and overall effort to make this work.
#Schneidergate and #Schneiderfile don't work too well because it's hard for the layman to quickly spell his name. #Pedogate is too easy for the mainstream media to discredit. Maybe we call it #Nickgate or #Nickghazi or something like that instead?
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meanwhile at the BET Hip Hop Awards

learn to respect yourself a little more...

white girls do it too
the new moves
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Poll shows net 20-point swing in favor of impeaching and removing Trump… via @axios #YesWeCan
CNN’s Jim Acosta: Administration officials are warning Trump that he’s probably going to be impeached… via @fawfulfan #ImpeachTheMF
This impeachment poll has ZERO good news for Trump… via @CNN #NarcissisticInjury #InsecurityInChief #ImpeachTheMF
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Opening the #FIX19 conference for the 3rd year. @darakass announces @feminemtweets innovations this year:
- international travel scholarship
- 3 gender equity research grants
- action-oriented tees (Ally, Advocate, Accomplice) to remind us of what we do, who we are
Mad admiration for healthcare leaders with the courage to run for office: @hiral4congress arguing that we naturally have the skills to be advocates + that women need to be at the table to bring empathy, equity, & empowerment #FIX19
Next up: @hanjaneway talks about the death of a patient shot in the hospital and why it’s important to speak out about the structural racism that likely contributed #FIX19
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As a person of color in this country, everywhere I go I’m forced to consider if people around me wish me harm, or are okay with my being harmed.

So every time I find out people I know and love are okay with people who are okay with this, it’s a kick in the gut. /1
Complicity with complicity is complicity.

Last year I was profoundly hurt to hear a friend declare their intent to avoid conversing with their relatives about their continued support of an administration which is actively seeking to harm brown people.
It was 9am. I went outside, sat on the ground,
and cried.

I cried because if my friends—who know and love me, who consider me a friend, who say they want good for people of all backgrounds—won’t speak up for me:

Who will?

I REALLY need for MEN to think about this.
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You know how we got here to begin with makes me sick.

Trump sexual predator telling Kavanaugh angry drunk rapist to sue his victims for liable!

@GOP keeping records hidden during the hearings so they could overthrow #WomensRights!

#ImpeachTheMF #MeToo

He lied about knowing #DeborahRamirez & we undoubtedly know he lied about raping #ChristineBlaseyFord!

I came out with my story of #WhyIDidntReport after keeping it in since I was 16 all because of the bravery of #ChristineBlaseyFord.

#ImpeachKavanaugh #TimesUp #ImpeachTheMF
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THREAD: It’s true. I’ve been running the @GroupBABEL Twitter account for way too long & no one gives a damn. Not to mention that I no longer want to be associated with this group since they attended @KzooICMS 2019 even though Medievalists of Color were iced out. #MedievalTwitter
To be super-frank, I’ve been (heart)sick because of @GroupBABEL’s inattention to divisive issues in the field ever since 2016 when I urged boycotting the Kalamazoo Congress after Allen Frantzen’s misogynist & racist writings came to light, to no avail. I haven’t been back since.
I spent a lot of time in 2016 ranting about Frantzen’s misogyny & racism (& theft of junior colleagues’ work) & also wrote letters to every learned society begging them to censure him, to no avail. But thank you @JonathanHsy, Suzanne Akbari & @muellerale for helping me with that.
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Richard Pryor Jr has come out to claim Paul Mooney molested him as a boy. Paul Mooney never tried to uplift black people like Bill Cosby and Mooney has lots in common with the liberal power structure. I’m surprised he was in Jeffrey Epstein’s flight log.
Cosby donated tens of millions to HBCU’s and created some of the most positive images of black folk on TV. He messed up when he “talked down” to black folk. In other, words tell them the truth. His days were numbered after that. It was just a matter of time.
Bill is very heterosexual so he could be easily sacrificed. Mooney is gay. Don’t hold your breath. People need to understand the difference between giving someone drugs and drugging them. One, you’re aware. The other you’re not. Cosby gave drugs to druggies.
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OK folks, hold onto your hats. Here we go. Starting my annual ritual of live-tweeting my reading of the @voguemagazine #septemberissue. Fyi: this will be happening on and off through today, because a) there's a LOT of the September issue, and b) I also have Saturday chores 🙂
@voguemagazine So...the cover. @taylorswift13. Very much admire her as a young woman conquering the sexist patriarchal music business, but - I would've loved to have seen someone not a 'standard celeb' on the cover, ideally someone older, and most ideally someone black. #liveolder #diversity
@voguemagazine The marquee inside front cover/7 pages/scent strip spot is taken by @YSL for Libre feat @DUALIPA. I can't even begin to think what that ad placement cost. A good less-obvious celeb choice, but again, as a dedicated daily wearer of YSL scent Nu, would like to see an older woman
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There is a terrible truth lurking behind Donald Trump that is far more important than 2020. We've dared not whisper this truth because it's more terrifying than anything we can currently comprehend.
1/ What is this wretched, unspeakable truth? Quite simply, that all of human civilization itself experienced *astoundingly good fortune* that DONALD J. TRUMP (of all people!) was elected head of state and supreme commander of Earth's greatest military superpower.

2/ Donald Trump is a bad man, and he must lose in 2020. No sane person would disagree with this. But his mere defeat is not the end of this war, not by a long shot. Without a supportive Congress, a President is essentially powerless to advance legislation on their own.
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1. Bajaj Allianz has a new ad campaign about #LGBTQ people in India. Some questions:

- Have same-sex couples applied to be each other's nominee & listed spouse for insurance at Bajaj Allianz & has your company accepted those applications?
#IndependenceDayIndia #PyaarKiAzaadi
2- Do your policies cover surgery & post surgery care for trans people?

3- Any other specific insurance policy features from your company which help India's queer community access diff types of insurance?
#IndependenceDayIndia #PyaarKiAzaadi
4. My guess is that the issue here is: Whether or not LGBTQ people can marry in India, which they currently can't. This is used to justify financial discrimination.

5. But hey, afaik, unmarried straight people who live-in/co-habit are allowed to access some same services.

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A year ago today I had to walk into court and represent myself in the fight for my deceased daughter’s body in a case funded against me by Tory donor James Lyle. He was desperate to cover up his role in my daughter’s life/death. He spent THOUSANDS of pounds.
He hired two sets of lawyers and he paid approximately 80 grand only for a confidential order that has proved to be ineffective since a) He committed a crime by destroying evidence and paying people to lie about me b) Broke the order himself with his stupid big mouth
I was told to get through the week so that we could delay the hearing until after the pre-inquest review when journalists who’d been disturbed by his behaviour for years were waiting to name him. For years he’d used confidential orders to hide what he got up to.
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I want to follow christian leaders who use their social media platforms as places of refuge and are vocal about injustice. I want to follow Christian leaders who publically grapple with the issues raised by the #metoo and #timesup movement.
I want to follow christian leaders who protect their immigrant neighbour from ICE. I want to follow christian leaders who use their social media to raise finance to pay for lawyers and therapists to work with immigrant families at the southern boarder.
I want to follow christian leaders who are consistently unfailingly vocal about sensible gun control and who are vocal and active in encouraging their congregations to leave the NRA until that gun control is in place.
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The trial of two #ProudBoys involved in the #NY9 incident began yesterday.

Defense contended #GavinMcInnes was a satirist whose work was taken out of context.

@ADL dir. @orensegal stated violence is a core tenant of Proud Boys charter.

@RVAwonk @lighttuponlight
2/ In 2017, (during an #IRB approved research project), I sought to probe Gavin’s #altright connections & explore the possibility that the #ProudBoys were a #radicalization vector.

Prior to this I had studied foreign #terrorism.… @JD_JournalDerad
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("Ex parte" is Latin for "from." An ex parte communication is one coming from only one party, not providing any notice to the other party. Basically the opposite of a letter copied to opposing counsel, filed publicly, and served via the electronic filing system.)
It is quite literally impossible to overstate how fantastically dumb Ty Beard's "ex parte" characterization is

To any minimally competent attorney, it screams "this guy doesn't know what he's doing"
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The motion is weak and the basis is LOLable, but my suspicion is that the judge will grant it (though likely for less than 3 weeks)

Defendants will argue the burden is on Plaintiff to show good cause (the motion doesn't do that), plus ongoing harassment

Positive for the Defendants. He gives their attorneys lots of usable material

A good rule of thumb as y'all see an assortment of "bUt ThEy LiEd UnDeR oAtH" tweets from conVics is that they're typically projecting – accusing others of the things they themselves or R.Broly have done

Consider these excerpt from the R.Broly deposition...

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We waited for election officials to give us a "do-over" after the 2016 election

We waited for Republicans to save us

We waited for the courts to save us

We waited for the Mueller Report to save us

We waited for a newly elected #Democratic House to save us

They didn't save us
Only #WeThePeople will save us

Speaking out will save us

Pressuring our Congresspeople will save us

Action will save us

Flooding the streets will save us

Caring about our country will save us




Hong Kong protests Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Pakistan protests Photo: Fayaz Aziz/Reuters

Russia protests Photo: Reuters

Puerto Rico protests Photo: Christopher Gregory for TIME
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