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Thread: #Chinese Nuclear Submarine May Have Been Involved In Incident In #SouthChinaSea - A Chinese Type 094 (Jin-class) nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) surfaced next to a #Vietnamese fishing vessel near the Paracel Islands…
The Jin Class is the newest missile submarine in the Chinese arsenal. Six have been built and are already the backbone of China’s at-sea nuclear deterrent. The submarines are based near Sanya on the island of Hainan, about 190 miles northwest of the Paracel Islands.
Surfacing next to another country's vessel is unusual and suggests that something has gone wrong. Something serious enough to warrant sacrificing its main asset: stealth. This is not the type of submarine you would expect to be used to send a message.
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#Vietnam urges restraint amid maritime tensions with #China - Vietnamese President & Communist Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong called for restraint in the disputed #SouthChinaSea amid a tense months-long standoff between #Chinese and #Vietnamese ships…
“On the subject of foreign policy, including the East Sea issue, the General Secretary stressed the importance of maintaining a peaceful & stable environment & resolutely fighting to protect Vietnam’s independence, sovereignty & territorial integrity”.
The South China Sea is known as the East Sea in Vietnam.

Vietnam has good relations with China but should “never compromise” on its sovereignty and territorial integrity, VOV quoted Trong as saying.
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The Chams are an Austronesian people indigenous to what was previously the kingdom of Champa, now in modern day south Vietnam. They currently follow 3 religions, Hinduism, Sunni Shafi'i Islam & a third religion mixing the other two together. They were conquered by Vietnam.
Champa along with Vietnam was under the rule of Han dynasty China after China expanded & conquered territories in south China & Indochina. The official Khu Liên (Qū Lián) led Chams to revolt against China in 192 & established the independent Cham kingdom of Lâm Ấp (Linyi).
The Chams were then Indianized by their neighbor Funan. China & #Champa then fought each other several times over the next 800 years as they shared a border. China invaded Champa in the Sui dynasty in 605 & sacked the Cham capital before withdrawing after disease struck the army.
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Thread: #China declines to rescue damaged #Vietnamese vessel at sea - China suggested a paid-for rescue operation after being contacted for help with a stranded Vietnamese fishing vessel near #Vietnam’s Paracel Islands last Sunday…
Confirming this at a press meet Thursday, Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said that the Vietnamese ship from the central province of Quang Nam had an internal component damaged and was stranded near the Passu Keah Reef last Sunday.
The National Committee for Incident, Natural Disaster Response and Search and Rescue and the Vietnam Foreign Ministry sent a diplomatic note to China requesting help with rescuing the stranded Vietnamese vessel, said Hang.
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Thread: #Vietnamese tank crew runner-up at #Russian International Army Games - The Vietnamese tank crew finished second after Uzbekistan in the Tank Biathlon finals of the International Army Games in Russia Thursday.…
The team competed against Uzbekistan, Cuba and Uganda in the finals. The contest included obstacle runs through rivers, cliffs, pit holes and minefields, as well as simulation shooting at helicopters and other tanks.
Vietnam finished their performance in 2 hours, 25 minutes and 3 seconds, having shot 9 of 24 targets, behind Uzbekistan who shot 13 targets in 2 hours, 7 minutes and 22 seconds.
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At regional meeting, #Vietnamese FM says #China’s actions in East Vietnam Sea ‘erode trust’…
Pham Binh Minh on Wednesday expressed his grave concern over Chinese vessels’ illegal movements in the East Vietnam Sea at a meeting in Thailand between foreign ministers of Southeast Asian nations and China.
While attending the ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Bangkok, Minh stressed that the Chinese survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 and its escorts’ recent activities in the waters are a violation of Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Continental Shelf.
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Elite and modern #Vietnamese naval force - The Vietnamese navy has been developing fully with 5 service branches: surface ships-submarines, coastal defence missiles, naval commandos, naval aviation & marine corps. A work in progress actually.…
A Brigade 189 submarine & Naval Force’s surface warships at Cam Ranh port, Khanh Hoa province. Russia has already handed over six submarines to Vietnam. They are kilo-class submarines with the quietest engine in the world and are the best choice for reconnaissance and patrols
Artillery ship HQ-266 and missile corvette HQ-357 are among state-of-the-art surface warships of the Vietnam People’s Navy. Project 1241.8 Molniya guided missile corvette bought from Russia is rearmed with modern missile system.
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#Vietnamese frigate departs for #Russia to participate in a fleet review on the occasion of the 323rd Day of the #Russian Navy in Vladivostok city, Russia…
As scheduled, the Vietnamese mission will pay courtesy calls on the Pacific Fleet Command of the Russian Navy and the authorities of Vladivostok city. They will also join culinary and cultural festivals and sports exchange in the host city.
The visit will give Vietnamese officers & sailors of Frigate 016-Quang Trung an opportunity to practice long voyages, improve commanding capabilities, combat readiness abilities, master weapons & equipment during long voyages at sea & gain experiences in international events.
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The #Vietnamese Navy & Coast Guard have been mobilized & are in high alert status. The info running around in Viet military circles is that the Chinese ships are acting very aggressively and attempted to ram VN vessels. @CollinSLKoh @duandang @BonnieGlaser
The Chinese survey ship is protected not only by Chinese coast guard vessels, but also by Chinese navy ships positioned behind the Chinese coast guard vessels. The Chinese ships are near the DK-1 area of Vietnamese oil rigs & platforms.
Both sides are keeping things under wraps for now. There is no official information or media news about this situation. The situation is tense, but is not at the level of the 2014 oil rig incidents, for now. Pictures of the DK-1 oil rig area that is next to the contested area.
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#LanguageTrivia: A common catchphrase in English language for speech or text being indecipherable to a person is - "It's all Greek to me!" [1/n]
The genesis of this phrase is often cited as dating back to 1599 when Shakespeare's Casca conspiring against Julius Caesar said, “Those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads, but, for mine own part, it was Greek to me.” [2/n]
However, prior to its usage by Shakespeare, English poet Gascoigne, circa 1566, while interpreting an Italian comedy into english wrote, "This geare (talk) is Greeke to me; either it hangs not well together, or I am very dull of understanding: speak plaine, I pray you.” [3/n]
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My First #Sashimi since I left #USA 4.5 Months Ago. I love (Love x Love) #Turkish food BUT I also love #Japanese #Thai #Mexican #Vietnamese Cuisines. 4.5 Months is a LONG Time to Go Without Any Other World Food! Another Reason to Visit Big City #Istanbul Once-In-A-While;-)#Turkey
Not bad- nothing really special, but for the craving will do. Using Farm-Raised salmon was the main bummer (Tasteless!!). Seaweed salad a bit too sweet- not vinegary enough. Any how ... I guess this is the best I can get in #Istanbul as far as #Japanese food goes;-)
Soooo to make the long story short, had this been a mind-blowing-Ly good eat experience, then, I would have shared with you the name of the establishment. But in this case: I won’t;-)
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