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"In late 2016, as Trump was readying to move into the WH, Elliott Broidy...was working on a deal to gain control of what a biz partner called “ oil & gas, and mining assets” in ANGOLA." h/t @Klickedy…
"Broidy used his clout to hook up top Angolan gov't ofcls w/members of the US Congress & the Trump admin. It was a swampy endeavor involving old-fashioned political influence, a BH activist/realtor, & a Nigerian American businessman who had been a close friend of Michael Jackson"
"Broidy is no longer a power player wielding sway in the Republican cosmos. Early this yr, he faced a series of media stories that raised questions about his biz dealings (which includ'd ventures w/the gov'ts of SA, the UAE, Romania, & Repub of Congo) & allegd influence peddling"
"Those articles were based on emails hacked from his personal accounts. Broidy subsequently sued Qatar, claiming Qatari officials orchestrated the hacks and a smear campaign because Broidy, a vigorous supporter of the Israeli government, was a vocal opponent of Qatar..."
"(In August, a federal judge dismissed the gov't of Qatar (LOL!) as a defendant in the case.) And in April, news broke that Broidy had in 2017 used Michael pay $1.6M in hush money to a Playboy model with whom he had an extramarital affair."
A U.S. Congressperson who recently announced his "retirement" - changed US policy towards Qatar for Elliot Broidy. A disgrace! Glad we booted his protege's ass in November! ✊🏽 #CA39

"Broidy soon resigned as deputy finance chair of the Republican Party. In August, the Washington Post reported he was under federal investigation for possibly selling his influence within the Trump admin to foreign officials for tens of millions of dollars."
"And recently, fed prosecutors implicated Broidy in a scheme under which MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ENDED UP IN HIS WIFE'S LAWFIRM in return for Broidy helping a Malaysian financier, who was accused of embezzling billions, end a Justice Dept investigation." YUP.

"The hacked Broidy emails are an incomplete set of records.....But the emails do depict slices of Broidy’s world in which he attempted to grease deals w/ties he forged as a top fundraiser for Trump and the Republican Party."
"And Broidy’s wheeling and dealing in ANGOLA —a full account of which has not yet been reported—reveal how he mixed commerce and politics."

The story begins with an unlikely hook-up: a prominent Beverly Hills resident named LISA KORBATOV...." 🧐 🚩


MORE ON ELLIOT BROIDY ASSOCIATE LISA KORBATOV, AND KEVIN MCCARTHY: she seemed (seems?) to think she's running congresspeople.

Beverly Hills is NOT even Kevin McCarthy's district @OversightDems




So Broidy and assocs, playing around in Angola. Here's Lisa Korbatov's husband's partner - Yuri Vanetik - writing a Fox News op ed about how TRUMP is a friend of Africa, lol #ShitholeCountries:

"'America First' is exactly what Africa needs"…
And let's not forget Jack Abramoff and Dana Rohrabacher (Yuri's handler lol) playing around in Africa too:

So up there, Rohrabacher & Abramoff, and Behrends & Abramoff: 👆🏽

Down here, Behrends & Rohrabacher, of course: 👇🏽

Back to Broidy and Korbatov:

"The story begins with an unlikely hook-up: a prominent Beverly Hills resident named LISA KORBATOV brokering a partnership between BROIDY and Dolapo Asiru, a Nigerian American dealmaker."
"On his LinkedIn, [Dolapo] Asiru describes himself as a “highly regarded int'l investment banker and diplomat” who “has represented African governments at the UN and regularly advises other gov'ts on all aspects of their financial planning, investments and international trade.”
"In 2001, Asiru was sued by Motown for being connected to a company that the record label complained was infringing on its trademark by using the domain name."

How do these CROOKS find each other? 🤦🏽‍♀️
"In 2008, Asiru attended a state dinner at the George W. Bush White House for the president of Ghana. A columnist for Africa News in 2009 called him “one of Nigeria’s most influential men in America.”

@Klickedy 👀
@Klickedy " Asiru, an American citizen, has donated to Republican political candidates, most notably Mitt Romney.

In the latter months of 2016, Lisa Korbatov, a realtor, member of the Beverly Hills school board, and pro-Israel activist, connected Broidy with Asiru..."
@Klickedy "...according to sources familiar with the deal. Actually, they already knew each other.

About a decade earlier, Asiru, who had links to the ruling family of GABON, and Broidy had been involved in a venture in the coastal African country."
@Klickedy "But that deal—of which there are scant public details—never materialized. “It imploded,” says a former Broidy associate. (The Gabon venture might have ended in a legal fight..."
@Klickedy "Around that time, Broidy’s overall dealmaking hit a major roadblock. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to charges he had handed out $1M in illegal gifts to NY state officials so they would invest $250M from the state’s pension fund in Broidy’s investment co."

YUP. Yuri involved too.
@Klickedy See Broidy and Vanetik would have us believe they fell out...yet I'm not so sure:

@Klickedy Here's Vanetik and Broidy looking chummy in 2014:

@Klickedy After the pension scam, Broidy back in business. Yet part of his deal was - "no illegal shit" - oops:

"(Three years later, after Broidy had cooperated with prosecutors, a federal judge reduced his felony conviction to a misdemeanor.)"
@Klickedy "Broidy’s involvement in that crime put a crimp in his relationship w/Asiru, and by 2016, they were not on the best terms, according to sources familiar wthe men. But Asiru had some biz prospects he wanted to share w/Broidy, and KORBATOV, brought the pair together AGAIN."
@Klickedy "[BROIDY] wanted to pitch companies in AFRICA,” a former Broidy assoc recalls. (Korbatov and her husband, Igor, met Asiru in 2007, when a trust controlled by her parents bought a BH mansion from the family of Omar Bongo, the longtime DICTATOR OF GABON.

@Klickedy "[Dolapo] Asiru was then the “managing member” of the limited liability company that officially owned the property for the Bongo family.)

Korbatov convinced the two men they should once again throw in with each other."

@Klickedy They all bear the same mark: the ability to turn a blind eye to war crimes:

@Klickedy "On 12/7/16, Broidy, Asiru, and Korbatov signed a memorandum of agreement related to a joint venture called BCH Development Group. A later amendment to this memorandum noted that Korbatov would get a 3% finders fee..."
@Klickedy "...for any security contract negotiated by the Republic of ANGOLA and CIRCINUS, a security firm Broidy owned. And Asiru would pocket 30 percent."

@Klickedy "As 2016 was ending, the hacked emails show, the pair finished up a deal under which Circinus would set up and operate an “Open Source Intelligence Ctr” for the Angolan government. Much of the paperwork for that proj was handled by Circinus execs. The contract was worth $12M."
@Klickedy (9/20/17) "Trump to African leaders: 'So many' of my friends are going to Africa 'to get rich'"

"Yet at the same time, BROIDY and Asiru had their eyes on a bigger prize: They were developing a deal with Grupo Simples, an Angola-based oil services company that in late 2015 had been assigned oil concessions by Angola’s state-owned oil company for possible development."
"(The company, at that point, had NO EXPERIENCE developing oil wells.) This venture involved...The Angolans “signing over BILLIONS of dollars in oil & gas, and mining assets” to BCH Development, the co formed pursuant to the agrmt between BROIDY, Asiru, and KORBATOV."

"Asiru was Broidy’s go-between w/Grupo Simples. In a 12/29/16, email from Asiru to Broidy—under the subj, “Framework Agreement Between BCH Development Group and Grupo Simples Oil”—Asiru included a note from Alberto Mendes, the head of the Angola company..."
"...requesting that Asiru “urgently send me the due diligence” on BCH Development, including “formation year, directors, basic info.” Asiru pointed out to Broidy that “the ANGOLANS ARE CONCERNED” about striking a deal with “a newly formed entity (BCH Development Group)...."
" ...We need to show some history to avoid raising any Red Flags.” Gee, ya think?!

Who the Fuck does Elliott Broidy and this cunt Lisa Corbatov think they are? Yeah, I said it!
"Asiru had some ideas how to assuage the concerns of their Angolan partners. [LIES I'LL BET]. He asked Broidy whether they should tell the Angolans that BCH Development Group was formed as an affiliate of the company he and Broidy had used for their earlier dealings in Gabon."
"This way...they could “show some history.” Asiru also noted they needed “to provide some credible names to add to the board of Advisory for BCH.

Broidy replied...that same day and said Asiru should not “tie BCH Development Grp, LLC to any BCH Grp entity that relates to Gabon.”
"Instead, Broidy instructed Asiru to tell the Angolans that BCH Development Group was formed in 2016 and that its directors included Asiru, Broidy, and Korbatov, with only Broidy and Asiru having “signature authority.”
"Broidy noted it was his understanding that Asiru had already “formed” BCH Development Group in Delaware. Yet a corporation of that name was not created in Delaware until three days later, on 1/1/17"

LOL, they suck at this.
BCH DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC, formed for Broidy to run shady Angolan oil/gas deal 1/1/17 - a deal in which they had no prev oil/gas experience - yet hoped to profit BILLIONS OF DOLLARS:…
"Though Korbatov was part of this co, she was unaware Broidy was pursuing this mammoth deal in Angola, according to sources..."


As Broidy and Asiru were working w/Angolans on the oil deal and the intelligence ctr, Broidy..."
"Broidy and Asiru were working with Angolans on the oil deal and the intelligence center, Broidy used his Republican Party connections to obtain invitations to Trump’s inauguration for two Angolan officials..."
"...two Angolan officials: João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, the defense minister, and André de Oliveira João Sango, the dir of external intel. In a 1/3/17, letter to the two men—on BCH Dev Group letterhead—Broidy invited Sango and Lourenço to the INAUGURATION"

(Sorry it's taking so long - my Chome is messing up, switching over to Firefox.)
Broidy and Congo. Broidy and Angola. Broidy and Romania (Michael Cohen's TAX CRIMES and visa scamming here). Broidy and UAE. Broidy and SA. Broidy and Malaysia (1MDB scandal). Starting to think the guy has an illegal deal addiction. Sheesh 😬 #FARA #FCPA

"Lourenço and Sango accepted the invitation, and while they were in Washington for the inauguration, Broidy, according to the hacked emails, arranged for them to meet Republican members of Congress, including Sens. TOM COTTON (R-Ark.) and RON JOHNSON (R-Wis.).

@SaysDana 👀
@SaysDana "The mtgs were set up by Aryeh Lightstone, a leading Orthodox Jewish rabbi and businessman who owned a stake in a Broidy co called THREAT DETERRENCE CAPITAL LLC. (Lightstone, a well-connected player in now a sr adviser to Trump’s ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.)"
Broidy is doing all of this, without reg'g a #FARA: 😳…::
"In one email, a Broidy aide informed Lightstone that the meetings would include Broidy, Asiru, Lourenço, and Sango, as well as Alberto Mendes of Grupo Simples and Mario Gomes, another executive from the company."
"(The email did not explain why the two Angolan oil executives would be present.) Broidy appeared to be blending politics with his Angola business dealings: the intelligence center he was establishing for the government and the big oil endeavor he was pursuing."
"Reporting on Lightstone’s role in arranging these meetings, ProPublica recently noted, “Some legal experts argue that Lightstone and Broidy should have registered [as foreign agents] w/the [US] government for the Angolan meetings, though representatives for both dispute that.”
Here is the prev ProPublica piece:

"Meetings arranged for Elliott Broidy, a major Trump fundraiser and former Republican National Committee official, should have triggered #FARA registration, experts say.…
" experts argue that Lightstone and Broidy should have registered w/the gov't for the Angolan meetings, though reps for both dispute that. Work for foreign governments must be publicly reported under the Foreign Agents Registration Act aka #FARA."
"In mid-January 2016 [typo?], Broidy recv'd the first paymt from Angola for the intelligence ctr project. It was for $6M, but Broidy had been expecting $8M, per his agrmt w/the Angolan gov't. He accepted the lower pymt but req'd Angola pay the rest of the $12M fee w/in 180 days."
"According to the hacked emails, he would spend the coming months pushing the Angola gov't to pay up. (For her role, Korbatov pocketed $180K. The emails do not show how much of a fee, if any, Asiru received.)

Stiffed the African? Figures.
"In February, Alan Blaine Stone, founder/CEO of Circinus, emailed Broidy that he needed a signed contract [for] the Angola proj: “I wanted to let you know that we need something from the Angolans signed even if it just says we’re ‘consulting & advising’ w/the US GOVT."

"...something to put in the records to show that we are on contract in order to JUSTIFY the INFLUX OF FUNDS.” Soon after that, Broidy asked Asiru to send him the signed contract for the company’s files, noting, “You mentioned that it was provided to you some time ago.”
Not going to waste space here to spread their lies/denials, you wanna read them, they're here:…
At this time, Broidy was chasing after YET ANOTHER venture in Angola. In 2/17, Fran Moore, a former top CIA official who was a board member of the Broidy-owned Threat Deterrence Capital, sent an email to Broidy...she wanted to “strengthen” a proposal related to Angola."

"This proj aimed at diminishing the “high-level of corruption” in create a “better investment atmosphere...” 🤦🏽‍♀️💩
"...according to Juan Zarate, a former deputy nat sec adviser in the Bush-Cheney WH and now chairman of... Financial Integrity Network, a...firm specializing in thwarting (?) money laundering.

Dis too much 😁😂

(@klickedy they're quoting Juan Zarate (another Gen Nexter), re money laundering consulting or some such nonsense 😁)
"Zarate tells Mother Jones that Broidy had heard Zarate’s firm wanted to develop biz in Africa...and said he could “get a proposal from us in front of the Angolan gov't”...he referred to this endeavor as “an ambitious and important proj for the Angolans (and us).”
"Asiru, Zarate recalls, was going to make contacts for the Financial Integrity Network in Angola and would earn a finder’s fee, if a contract were signed. Asiru, Zarate says, “was very well-versed in African politics and biz. Well-connected. He was a business mover-and-shaker.”
"As Broidy was trying to do all this assorted business in Angola, he was using his political bonds to connect Lourenço, the Angolan defense minister, with the Trump White House. In a 2/27/17, email to Asiru about the anti-corruption project, Broidy reported..." 😬

(2/27/17) In a February 27, 2017, email....Broidy reported, “I will be at the White House meeting with VP PENCE, CoS PRIEBUS, etc. TOMORROW and can begin to set the wheels in motion for a meeting for the Def Minister.”

Negotiating for Angola directly in the Oval "allegedly" 😳
"And Broidy was willing to go all the way to the top. In this email, Broidy noted he would be visiting with “PRES TRUMP this weekend at MIRA LAGO [sic] (Friday) and on [casino owner and GOP fundraiser] STEVE WYNN'S Yacht Aquarius on Saturday evening." 🔥🔥🔥
"I can also ask TRUMP for the meeting.” He noted it might be tough to arrange a meeting for the Angolan def minister for this weekend, but added, “[W]e can certainly accomplish [it] this month predicated on next deal for BCH and immediate collection of balance.” 🤑
"The message seemed clear: If Angola paid what Broidy believed he was owed and moved ahead with a new project, he would use his political juice to arrange a face-to-face between Lourenço and TRUMP OFFICIALS."
Some going back and forth.

"Then Broidy referred to the two Grupo Simples officials: “Of course Mario & Alberto can join us on the call.” This suggests that somehow the oil deal Broidy was pursuing w/Grupo Simples was connected to his interactions w/Angolan gov't officials."
"Days later, Broidy wrote directly to Lourenço and asked if he would be “joining us for the events at Miro Largo.” He told the Angolan def minister “Many preparations have been made in advance of your visit, including additional mtgs at the Capitol and the DEPT OF TREASURY.” 😳
"The avail emails do not indicate how the Angolans replied. The anti-corruption plan....fizzled out, according to Zarate. “Doing what we do is hard,” Zarate says. “It requires a real transformation of culture.”

Or maybe the Angolans figured you out you all were ON THE TAKE. 🤨
More denials, read 'em here:…

"In 5/17, Lourenço signed a memo of understanding w/Mattis to boost “security coop” between Angola and the US. “The Angolan def minister met with Mattis on his own, having nothing to do w/Elliott,” GOOD.
"Come 6/17, Broidy was still after the Angolans to pay the $ 8/22/17, email exchange w/Broidy, Korbatov asked him for help for her effort to stop a mass transit proj that would pass beneath BH High School...Broidy informed her he had “a path” to Transpo Secty ELAINE CHAO"
LISA KORBATOV, in her own words, reaching out to ELAINE CHAO:

"Let me work on it a bit,” he said. In response, Korbatov said she was “nagging” Asiru—a reference, according to sources familiar w/this project, to collecting the payment the Angolan gov't owed Broidy. “He’s waiting for the [Angola] election to finish,” Korbatov reported."
Hmmm. OK. the guy up above in the thread, JOAO LOURENCO, he's PRESIDENT in Angola now: 😳…
"The former def minister is a son of the revolution and a prod of the party. Educated in the SOVIET UNION...As part of Angola’s class of generals, he has almost unfettered access to the country’s MINERAL WEALTH-although his name has not yet been mentioned in any major scandals."

Cambridge Analytica Played Roles in Multiple African Elections…
Cambridge Analytica was involved in the election that took down MADIBA:

"The company’s first involvement in Africa dates to the general election in South Africa in 1994. That election marked the end of the apartheid era and the ascent of NELSON MANDELA to the presidency." 😳😳
Cambridge was outed by the time of Angola's elections in 8/17, yet if anyone finds any evidence of Cambridge interfering in Angolan elections, drop it HERE, please. 🤓 Because they have intered both on the African continent and in Brazil....
Brazil prosecutors open investigation into Cambridge Analytica
"Ponte Estrategia, the Brazilian partner of data research firm Cambridge Analytica, has asked to suspend its agreement with the London-based company less than seven months before the South American nation goes to the polls."…
Look who Brazilians ended up with as their new president: The Brazilian Trump:

Brazil's president-elect questions Paris climate deal again…
The 'Brazilian Donald Trump' just became president in a landslide. He got there despite saying he couldn't love a gay son and that a colleague was too 'ugly' to be raped.… via @businessinsider
Showing you this b/c the new pres of Angola that Broidy was in biz deals with, his name's Portuguese. Indeed all of the countries in this thread Broidy was dealing with: Gabon, Angola, DR of Congo, look at the proximity with Brazil: 🧐

Marinate on it. 📌…
Angolan president that Broidy was in negotiations with - while this man was still defense minister - his victory note - was in Portuguese:…
"Brazil will soon resume lines of credit to Angola, w/the priority of convering the sectors of “large public works,” Angolan Pres João Lourenço said in Davos, Switzerland, after a mtg w/his Brazilian counterpart..."…
This thread is mad-long, going to finish now, promise. 🤓

"Angolan pres election was the following day. Lourenço WON...Days later, Broidy drafted a congratulatory msg, "….Pls let me know if I can be helpful to you during your transition...I look fwd to speaking w/you soon.”
Three months later, after Lourenço had assumed office, Broidy wrote him, offering to set up a visit for Lourenço to the United States and “possibly” a meeting w/TRUMP or Vice Pres MIKE PENCE.

Guy's PRESIDENT. WTF does he need Elliot Broidy for? 😂🤣
"I am able to assess and advise in this matter,” he pointed out. At the time, Broidy was still looking to collect the $6M the Angola gov't owed him. That money, as of 9/18, still had not come.

"According to Broidy’s attys, yet his company was still performing services under the contract. His lawyers also note that the oil deal w/Grupo Simples—which Asiru said could involve “billions”—never happened." 🤣
"In May 2017, the new head of Sonangol, Angola’s state-owned oil company, put a hold on concessions it had granted earlier. And once Lourenço took office, he took steps to overhaul Sonangol, which had been criticized for a lack of transparency."
This article ends in denials by fast-talking lawyers. 😁

Link here:…

FIN. ✌🏽
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