Ultimate victims of media induced fear & politically correct #posturing will be our #children. "hygiene hypothesis: "when exposure to parasites, bacteria, & #viruses is limited early in life, children face a greater chance of [] allergies, asthma, & other #autoimmune diseases..." Image
Dec 10, 2020, Nature: "'#Children are very much adapted to respond — & very well equipped to respond — to new #viruses,' [] even when they are infected w/ #SARSCoV2, children are most likely to experience #mild or #asymptomatic illness." Image
"These children’s #immune systems see the #virus & mounts this really quick & effective immune response that shuts it down, before it has a chance to replicate to the point that it comes up positive on the swab diagnostic test",

Natural #Immunity is not a conspiracy theory.
"Children's #immune responses seem to be able to eliminate the virus before it replicates...the reason [] is that their T cells are relatively naive. #Tcells are part of the body's [] immune system, which learns to recognize pathogens it encounters []."

Mar 14 2020: "While researchers might have different ideas as to what's helping #children combat #COVID19, they all [] agree on 1 thing: if we can translate young people's extra protection into a treatment [], it could be the key to weathering the pandemic for everyone." Image
May 7 2021, Johns Hopkins: "During a quarterly earnings call [], #Pfizer [] indicated that the co. intends to apply for an EUA for #children aged 2-11 yrs in Sept."

Before we inject/#experiment on healthy #children, let's look at track record of Pfizer:

Note mention of Barclay at #Imperial in above article "What Is Protecting Kids Against the #Coronavirus?" (Young Lungs). Barclay is using #CRISPR tech to alter the genome of a species. To develop #gene edited chickens that would be resistant to influenza.

The massive push for experimental #vaccines is not about protecting children & youth. This is about protecting/expanding #capital markets & profits. Healthy adults, children & youth - experimental subjects for #biotech - a foundational bedrock of #4IR architecture going forward. Image
Just like clockwork. Under guise of bringing "nation’s attention to the #mentalhealth crisis children are facing during #COVID19" - we have the #CodePINK campaign.

This will serve to build support for experimental #vaccines on children & youth under guise of solution. #Biotech ImageImageImageImage
May 18: "#Health #Canada's core proposal would remove its regulatory authority from some GE foods, many likely produced through #genetic #engineering techniques known as #genome editing."

#4IR #Biotech #cndpoli

Because they care about your health.

May 18: "Fed. govt promises $199.16 million to #biotech company Resilience Biotechnologies"

"[This is] another important step to support Canada’s leadership in the life sciences sector & to build its #pandemic preparedness."

#mRNA #COVID19 as #endemic

Wrap up w/ some inconvenient truths:

1. "the median infection survival rate from #COVID19 [] is 99.77%."

2. "For children, [] it poses less risk of mortality than the flu."

3. "99% of transmission is indoors. 0.1% is #outdoors." [Infectious #diseases physician Dr Zain Chagla] ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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20 May
"Usually we sat in a dark room [], all of us facing some sort of electronic device, procrastinating...There are no #sports... No #music... No #drama... When I'd get home, the first thing I wanted to do is lay down [] & just look up at the ceiling..."

"Sometimes I felt like we were living in some sort of hell torture device. We try to escape this torture device by staring at our phones, going on #socialmedia or playing games. It is the only thing we can do, but it is making us more #depressed, & we feel worthless & #lonely."
"We want to escape the loneliness, #depression, anxiety & stress, but our electronics are causing more. We waste our time scrolling through #TikTok or #Instagram when we should be [] #playing sports or hanging out with #friends.

But we can't. I have completely given up trying."
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"So, when we look at that $100 trillion opportunity [], #biotech is pervasive... it’s everywhere & growing. Few industry sectors are not going become dependent on biotec's creations. In the last 10 yrs years, every corp. needed to hire #data #scientists."

"Since the early 1990s, when we first invented protein #engineering & the mechanisms to edit the #genome, we’ve been increasingly capable of altering life's instruction code — not just in our own bodies, but truly, in all life forms on the #planet."

#VaccinePathways #Biotech
"literally, all of this biomass,[] is now subject to human design. We can study its instruction code, mimic it, transplant it elsewhere, or edit it directly. Our planetary impact is so great that we humans decide, intentionally or blindly, which species thrive & which go extinct"
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14 May
Unprecedented #coercion.

#Trudeau & Theresa Tam (chief public #health officer of #Canada) continue to insist a min. 75% of all Canadians must be injected w/ 1st dose of experimental #vaccines, & 20% w/ 2nd dose- before deadly #lockdowns will be lifted.

Many Canadians (on stolen land) believe that if they take experimental jab, #lockdowns will end.

Wrong. This is just the beginning - of a #permanent program.

May 8 2021: "Tam warns that full #vaccination does not equal full protection from #COVID19"

May 8 2021, CBC:

#COVID19 to becoming #endemic "meaning a base level of infection remains within Canada's borders & may show up annually like the #flu. That situation speaks to the need for booster #shots to adapt to any #variants..."


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12 May
May 2021: Past time to again express #gratitude to my patreons & THOSE THAT READ/SHARE my work (the most difficult/courageous task of all). I do not offer any "extras" (the #research/#knowledge is for everyone)- making them even more exemplary. 🙏

Alex G
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(Image: Carrie Reichard - Power To The People)
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8 May
I hate to say "I told you so" - but I did. Over & over. As did a few others.

"They're planning to make virtual learning permanent while undermining Ontario’s publicly funded education system. It's a plan that they’re busy working on behind closed doors during a global pandemic."
Global #Education Coalition Members. Announced Mar 18 2020, 7 days after #WHO declared a #pandemic.

There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward.

Please share this thread:

Jan 2020, WEF:

"The notion of an #educator as the knowledge-holder who imparts wisdom to their pupils is no longer fit for the purpose of a 21st-century #education."

#COVID19 as a Weapon. The Crushing of the Disposable Working Class - by Design

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6 May
Anyone who promotes, supports, condones, normalizes, or stays silent on a global experiment on children is a monster. It's that simple - & that grotesque. To serve capital, #biotech/#EmergingMarkets, rather than protecting the most vulnerable of society, is unforgivable. #ethics
This Nov 19 2020 thread explored the #UN [Share] Verified Guide to COVID-19 #Vaccine Communications (released Nov 18).

A learning thread on soft power #manipulation, coupled w/ the leveraging of #regret, #fear, & #conditioning:

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