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❤️🇺🇸 #WestWingReads
❤️🇺🇸 #WestWingReads
VP Mike Pence touts low-income area business incentives in SC visit with Sen. Tim Scott… via @postandcourier
❤️🇺🇸 #WestWingReads
New migrant caravan forms as Mexican cities that border US keep swelling with asylum seekers #FoxNews
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2844...
@JuliansRum #Tweet

You need appropriate clearances & scheduling 2enter a SCIF. Security protocols are relevant to information status level. Those not holding clearance level needs must be
2) under continuous oversight. What happens in a #SCIF should remain there. One must be nominated by letter, specific adjudicative guidelines are followed in vetting. A SCIF#NondisclosureAgreement needs to be signed & undergo a security indoctrination process. So, the end all is
3) that paper trails exist, not regarding the content within the #SFIC, but related to all that comes & goes. As to the 29th Jan meet, what we're looking at here
"[not for anons]", is the timeframe when the release of the #R #FISAMemo was at issue. You know the #HouseIntelComm
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❤️🇺🇸 #WestWingReads
25 MS-13 gang members deported from migrant caravan in Mexico, officials say #FoxNews
❤️🇺🇸 #WestWingReads
Latin America expert: Trump 'is doing the right thing’ in Venezuela…
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This #smollett story is a runaway train and a complete mess. Actual CPD detectives saying rumors circulating are not true. Safe to say at this point anything could be true and anything could be false. #disinfo #fakenews
When you have these as your major #Twitter nodes & 9% bot participation 4 the #Smollett story I think you can safely say its best to turn off #foxnews & #cnn, let the dust settle and come back in a few days to let "sourced" reporting bubble to the top. #infosec #disinfo #fakenews
OMG ... I mean why not double down on the crazy and say one of the 2020 presidential candidates also helped plan a hoax which may in fact itself be a hoax on #smollett. Who knows? #walkaway from unsourced news reporting #disinfo and #fakenews #infosec #psyops
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1) New day #QDrop... #Qanon post No. 2745... @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#Q links to #FoxNews & says "Buckle up!". It's looking good for a D5 info drop on the others that met secretly to plot against #POTUS with the use of a 25th Amendment scam.…
2) Stepping back 4 an interesting footnote re: #QAnon post No. 2744...
When the verse numbers are totaled, they equal 55:17. If you've been watching #QDrops or any time you know the significance of 5 x5 & the number 17😉
3) #QAnon post No. 2746...
#LisaPage was removed from the #SC on 15th July 2017. July 21, 2017, The #Mooch was appointed #WHCommunicationsDirector. He began work on 25th July 2017 & was fired on the 31st. It's clear [5:5] that #Scaramucchi was a hired (& disposable) gun. Most all
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1) #Q for the 15th Feb 2019
@realDonaldTrump #WhiteHouse #POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2726...
Examples of #DSMedia coverage of facts instead of fabrications, #WilliamBarr's return 2office, #McCabe singing show how the political climate has changed. #DSPanic is likely to react 2these
2) developments. Thru the 25th [ ? ], be aware that false flag events are likely to reach a heightened level of posibility. The very real potential exists that multiple events could occur. Remember if you see something, say something.
3) #QAnon post No. 2727...
Link 2 #TheHill on legislation introduced to make lynching a federal crime. Have 2say, this is the #Playbook move 2keep the rhetoric of #HateCrimes alive. Note #Booker on #Smollett. Murder is murder! By 1 or many; it's the law!
Historically #Traitors
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1) @RealDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2706...
#Q dropped 3 images & text aimed at personnel engaged in an overseas [surveillance?] operation. These images are from Shanghai time which is 13 hrs ahead of EST. At this time "Track 7B-DS' (7 B=targets? Deep State?)
2) The first drop was missing #Q's tripcode which set off #Anons. This 2nd drop has it added , confirming the first drop & is the reply. The clock shows. a time which is 4min prior to the drops. This is clearly #China. Seems we must have permission to be doing this op.
3) The agenda, if nothing else was to let the targets know there are being watched. If this is a continuum of the recent LA OP, there may have been another takedown. Active tracking ensues on 3 targets. These aren't #Anon image sets, so much as data sets released for one of #Q's
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Antifa activist facing assault charges for attacking 2 U.S. Marines was tied to Dem policymakers, including @RepMaxineWaters and @SenSherrodBrown #FoxNews
"God is on our side," If you see a member of the Trump cabinet, Push back... Tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere!" said Maxine at a "Keep Families Together" protest against family separation at the border (something Dems clearly, from their record, don't care abt)
But while Democratic officials are distancing themselves from Alcoff now, until recently he was a well-connected, aspiring political player in Washington who may have even had a hand in key policy proposals.
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Thread by @LJT_is_me: "Really important! California Montana New Jersey Alabama South Dakota Mississippi New Mexico Mississippi Iowa Your free begins with making your voice heard! I want everyone to make their voice heard. That said, If they are liste […]"…
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❤️🇺🇸 #ResoluteReads
With pitch for unity, Trump urges Republicans and Democrats to 'choose greatness'
❤️🇺🇸 #ResoluteReads
Newt Gingrich: Trump's State of the Union changed history on Tuesday night – Here's what Pelosi must've felt #FoxNews
❤️🇺🇸 #ResoluteReads
Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump: “Empower Women to Foster Freedom”… via @whitehouse
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Bishop: Democrats Are ‘the Party of Infanticide’—Sen. Patty Murray (Dem—WA) blocked vote on bill to protect babies who survive an abortion attempt from infanticide. WHY DO DEMS NEED BABY ORGANS? #PatriotsAwakened #UnbornLivesMatter #DefundPP
Human Rights Leader Says NY's Abortion Law ‘More Barbaric' than China: EVEN CHINA DOES NOT ALLOW ABORTION AFTER LABOR BEGINS; NO HEALTH REASON For Third Term Abortions; DEMS NEED ORGAN & STEM CELLS $$ #PatriotsAwakened #BuildTheWallCrimeWillFall
Who buys, sells & uses fetal tissue acquired from abortion clinics? Fees for fetal tissue can run to thousands of dollars for a tiny vial of cells & do not break the law; StemExpress revenue was $2.2 million 2014 #PatriotsAwakened…
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HB 2491 Abortion; eliminate certain requirements.…

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight 🌌♥️🇺🇸
House tables bill about late-term abortions in Virginia after video goes viral…

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight 🌌♥️🇺🇸
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A single payer option for health insurance is not "socialist" any more than public education is "socialist."
@FOXNews distorts facts with help from a few on the far left who embrace the term "socialist" because they don't know any better. #FoxNews
Socialism is where government owns major industries not where government provides basic services.
Of course you can incorrectly use the term ":socialist" to describe everything government does. If so, the biggest "socialist" program is the Department of Defense.
If you don't want a single payer health insurance plan or anything else to succeed in America just call it socialist. Then look for some hard left socialists who will agree with you and give them maximum air time.
Works like a charm....
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1) #RBG not being seen since November is causing ?’s of her health & ability to perform duties of the court. Rumors she’s in a medically induced coma, or dead after #foxnews live graphic, are increasing demands for #ProofOfLife @POTUS @seanhannity @StormIsUponUs @bigredwavenow
2) Attacks on ‘pledge of allegiance’, ‘In God We Trust’ & Catholics are the left’s STRATEGIC planned effort in the lead up to the NEXT nominee. The rush-to-judgement of the Covenant Catholic #MAGAkids was part of that narrative, but BACKFIRED when the TRUTH came out.#WWG1WGA
3) The View’s, Joy Behar, was HONEST when she confessed the ‘rush-to-judgement’ over the #MAGAkids Covenant Catholic group was because [they] are “so desperate to get rid @realDonaldTrump@dbongino @mitchellvii @BillOReilly @RealJamesWoods #GreatAwakening #RBG #KAG #QAnon
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@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends We have far bigger problems, but you don't give two shits about ANY of them! Our infrastructure is crumbling, climate change is our biggest threat and you won't even acknowledge it, we have mass shootings all the time now, on and on you have lost your mind over the WALL.
@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Lindsey Graham on removing Bill Clinton from office: “You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role.”
@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends By the binding arbitration of the Geneva Convention, we are legally obligated to allow in asylum seekers. What is happening on the border is a manufactured crisis, with bottlenecks created by the Trump administration.…
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1) Here's the thing. #Breitbart, & now others, report on the reactionary #Tweets of @JulieBanderas re: an @realDonaldTrump #Tweet on @JohnRobertsFOX & @GillianHTurner. #Banderas then defends her actions, attacks Breitbart, yet, she subsequently deletes, the very tweets she......
2) dropped which were her truths re: her colleagues. It makes it very hard to believe she is anything more than another #DSAsset called up in a vain attempt to attack #POTUS. We are left w/only the facts.
She's a fraud or lacks self-confidence.
3) So, those that work at #FOXNews, bringing in the viewers, boosting ratings, aren't of the same ilk as #Breitbart? You're kidding yourself; if that? You make it abundantly clear that you are a biased functionary. It's not journalism if your perspective is your opinion.
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They are on deadline. Since one democrat proclaimed himself the grown up going into the room? Time to put up #AmericaFirst ! February 15th is now 16 days away.
The crisis has not changed Mr President, it's growing!
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Of 235 Democrats in the U.S. House, 3 take up most of the airtime on @foxnews.
Why? Because @foxnews wants us to believe that they are “typical” Democrats. Never mind learning anything about the other 232. #FoxNews
@FoxNews One of those is the new Congresswoman from my district @AngieCraigMN who is focusing on doing her job instead of claiming to speak for the entire Party and getting attention from @FoxNews.
@FoxNews And now @foxnews is one by one seeking to destroy the reputations of each potential presidential candidate.
Warren - the DNA test
Harris - Old Willie Brown stories
Clinton - a different Willie and of course her email,
Biden — the old plagiarism allegation
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So it appears @RepMarkMeadows and company have gathered enough evidence to suggest that the FBI, under the Obama completely ignored a major lead in the HRC email scandal, according to leaked transcripts of closed-door testimonies of several current and former bureau officials.
@RepMarkMeadows The ICIG Charles McCullough informed the FBI in 2015 that a forensic review of HRC’s emails showed anomalies in the metadata of the messages. The evidence in the metadata showed that a copy of every email HRC sent during her tenure as the SoS was forwarded to a foreign 3d party.
@RepMarkMeadows McCollough appeared before congress several times, here's @jasoninthehouse questioning him
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1) Here we have #FOXNews putting out #FakeNews (allegedly fake), about the reality of this aged #SCJustice & where she is exactly(?)... At a bare minimum, she's meeting the definition of incapacitated. Is this an effort to prepare the public for the reality of her......
2) impending replacement? Is it a #GoSignal for #DSAssets to create diversionary or worse acts? Clearly, the #Left's heads are about to explode as their fuses burn shorter with the inevitable, more of a reality, daily. This desperation is breeding a mania.
3) Today, 22nd Jan '19, we have 2 #SCOTUSStays. Of note, in the pdf doc there're 2 decisions. These #Stays pending disposition both show #RBG in their written decisions & note of who would vote & how, shows...
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on Tuesday Jan 29 2019 Everyone should pull there kids out of school.
#FalseFlag might take place GOD FORBID!! PLEAZE PRAY. #DeepState is Dirty Dirtu remember last year train incidents in east coazt the parkland shootings after #SOTU speech??
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Fire damages Fox News, C-SPAN, MSNBC studios in Washington, D.C.
Fire damages C-SPAN, FOX, MSNBC studios in DC... Developing...
Update Box Alarm 400 North Capitol St NW. #DCsBravest have extinguished an electrical fire in an 8th floor TV studio. No injuries reported.,Working on smoke removal.
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#ObamaCare is still Alive. It is not Dead.. wtf.. #RepealObamaCare #ReplaceObamaCare with New Healthcare insurance
@realDonaldTrump @arresthrc @madmandave1011 #QArmy
#EasterIsland one of the Oldest Islands with Giant Gods. #Mysterys of the #World
@arresthrc @madmandave1011 #GreatAwakening
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Seriously #FoxNews?

#DanaPerino just said that #Trump is wrapping up his speech and they cut away from his speech in #NewOrleans. Of course, he's nowhere near wrapping up at all.

FACT: Fox News (aka CNN lite) is 100% comp'd & #FakeNews.

#POTUS #MAGA #AmericaFirst #WWG1WGA
UPDATE: 20 mins since #FoxNews cut away from #Trump's speech that was "wrapping up" and (shocker) our #POTUS is STILL speaking.
Update #2: #Trump speech actually ends OVER a half-hour after #FoxNews told their TV audience he was wrapping up & cut away.

Luckily it's online and I suggest you go watch it as what he has to say is imp't.

Remember, #FakeNews does not have your best interests in heart.
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