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No matter how we ask the question, we keep coming to the same predictable conclusion:
The public are divided on how to resolve Brexit - BMG Research...

But #RevokeA50 has the highest NET approval when -be score subtracted from +ve.
I think it is fair to say that if you take the #FinalSay+ve scores it is reasonable to assume that all or nearly all support Remain.

I think Remain is looking solid. I don’t think you can assume the same on the Leave options.
But when given less nuanced choices Leave No Deal was the single most popular choice.

Slightly puzzled about the thinking behind this given the outcomes in tweet 2 diagram, that suggests otherwise.
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In order to mark 3 years since the disastrous EU referendum, our group was out campaigning on the streets of #chester for the whole weekend. We wanted to speak to residents and visitors about what #brexit issues were on their mind.
It was a busy weekend as our action weekend coincided with the Midsummer Watch Parade so the streets were very busy with residents and visitors. We had our new banners to show off. Say no to No-deal. We have the best deal.
So what was the vibe? Well I have several conversations reported to me. One couple from Ellesmere Port had voted leave but are #RemainerNow. They made the excellent point that 6 years ago nobody was bothered about the EU so why was it suddenly made a problem?
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Exceptional times; exceptional measures

Today I’m calling for backbenchers to form a coalition Govt of National Unity, short term for ONE POLICY

...a people’s vote to give a #FinalSay on the biggest political decision of our lifetimes.

Our country is divided and what motivated many to vote Leave in 16 are now admitted to be lies: no job losses, £350m wk to #NHS, easy trade deals etc.

Polls now say we’re a Remain country; the wafer thin mandate of 2016 advisory poll is over

When facts change; minds change
To my backbencher colleagues...

You MUST prevent an incoming Tory leader proroguing parliament and forcing a no-deal Brexit.

Do not put #PartyAboveCountry
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On #Brexit, these #EUelections2019 show that, if a political party stands in the middle of the road, it gets squashed. That‘s what I predicted when I resigned from Government last year. And it’s what has happened to @Conservatives and @UKLabour
So what next? If the purpose of government is to follow the will of the people (at any cost), the only politically viable Brexit is a hard one (WTO etc). But neither major political party will get a Westminster majority by delivering Hard Brexit without explicit public consent
And forget any soft Brexit. It’s not politically viable (for the record, I’ve always held that it’s the worst of both worlds) and anyone thinking we get further concessions from the @EU_Commission by playing hardball is living in cuckoo land. The WA is it, take it or leave it
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1) 4 authentic successful, coherent pro Remain voices

In some ways this is the best outcome for Remain & #FinalSay, because the Labour/Tory #Brexit conspiracy is broken & LDs, Greens, SNP & PC can emerge with an unambiguous message - no #Brexit is a good Brexit
2) Remain has had since day 1 a single overriding barrier - the media, especially the BBC, have overwhelmingly favoured Farage, the Tories & Labour, and all 3 are on the same #Brexit side, that Brexit could be pain free, cost free, jobs first if it was just done properly
3) are all Farage's supporters no deal zealots? Of course not, they largely believe, like the Tories, that stropping off will force the EU27 to a deal.

Labour believes that kind words and the power of magic grandpa will do the same thing

"I can do #Brexit better than you can"
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Struck by Gove telling #r4today giving people a #FinalSay is undemocratic as it’s “a route to frustrate Brexit”. So, he thinks it at least possible there’s no CURRENT majority behind Brexit but asking people is somehow LESS democratic than pushing it through against their wishes.
It’s a huge flaw in the Brexit thesis. You cannot claim to respect the will of the people, when your entire focus over three years has been to prevent people from ever expressing their will again. Respecting voters’ views MUST include respecting the fact that those views evolve.
The 2016 EUref provided no mandate for a specific Brexit. The 2017 GE provided no mandate for a specific Brexit. MPs have provided no mandate for a specific Brexit.

So, where does Gove derive his mandate for a specific Brexit? His subjective interpretation. That’s not democracy.
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Thread 1/6
To #Labour voters who back a #PeoplesVote and are campaigning to #Remain in the EU, please ignore this angry article. It does not speak for the majority.
The worst thing Labour supporters like Owen can do at the #EUElections2019 is lecture and patronise Remain voters.
Instead, let's be honest about the progress made in moving #Labour policy on #Brexit forward, while recognising we are not where we need to be.
The good news:
-203 Labour MPs voted for a #PeoplesVote in parliament
-34 Labour candidates have signed the @Remain_Labour pledge.
Less good news:
- The NEC decision confirms that backing a #PeoplesVote is an 'option', but did not commit to it unambiguously.

#Remain campaigners have every reason to be frustrated. But instead of attacking them (as Owen does), we need to convince them to stick with Labour
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Just a reminder of the real issue on Brexit: can May do a customs union deal with Labour that a) pro-Remain Labour MPs will support and b) that her own party will support... 1/ My info is still no... but...
2/ May is now so terrified of the Tory party disintegrating, as well as the government, that she will do anything to stop the elections going ahead on 23 May - including fast-tracking an amendment to the WA through parliament...
3/ The Labour position is clear. If the party does not support the deal on offer (and it can't get a general election), it has to be put to a second referendum. This is now in the revised election leaflets...
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Children in Victorian poverty in our schools: @Channel4News this evening.

My dad died when I was small. Subsequently, I had two episodes of homelessness as a child (early 1960s). I stole food to feed my Mum and me.

When I became a teacher in inner London, I still saw poverty...
But it seemed *comparatively* unusual, resulting from particular circumstances (like my experiences).

What's become clear in the last 5 years is that it's no longer unusual, it's no longer temporary, it's no longer linked to illness or 'inadequacy'. Now it's a feature of life.
In part I blame myself. By the late 1980s, as I watched families with children at my school find it harder and harder to cope, it was becoming clear that Tory policies were creating a poverty time bomb; but I was in a sort of denial, as I tried to keep my own head above water.
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Look at the state of the bottom of this list.
@Nigel_Farage is ranked 747th out of 751 for MEP voting.
Less than 40% of votes.
Taking taxpayers money & doing nothing.
One of the very worst lazy, overpaid, "gravy train" MEPs Leavers are always railing about.
#WakeUpUK #BrexitsACon
@Nigel_Farage This analysis of MEP value is from here:…
@Nigel_Farage By comparison, here are the top 30 or so of UK MEPs
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The Labour MPs ABSTAINING on key votes esp the PV and REVOKE. White indicates abstaining
Labour MPS voting AGAINST (the tan colour) key votes, including a #FinalSay and Revoke. Quite a few voted against CM2.
They may be able to break ththe deadlock if they accept a PV tied to the preferred option.

Then some people NOT voting FOR a model might be able to shift as the PV would mean there is a backstop.

Really irresponsible all around to vote against the Cherry Revoke backstop.
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A warning knell from Prof Philip Allott about a potential legal trap door in the extension and why A50 revocation is preferable to a #FinalSay @JolyonMaugham @syrpis @GeorgePeretzQC @JMPSimor @ProfKAArmstrong
@pimlicat @peoplesvote_uk @BestForBritain
2/ “If the UK notification of its intention to withdraw from the EU is not revoked before 12 April or 22 May, it would be possible to conclude a new ad hoc agreement with the European Council..
3/ ..creating the possibility of genuine further negotiation, with or without time-limits that are compatible with the object and purpose of Article 50”
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Follow live updates from the #PutItToThePeople Brexit march in London…
Everything you need to know about the #PutItToThePeople march demanding a #FinalSay on Brexit…
I’ll be marching to show Scotland’s anger at the Brexit farce | @NicolaSturgeon | #PutitothePeople #FinalSay…
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IMPORTANT NEWS. There is a hearing tomorrow. The plaintiffs make the case that Teresa May's notification to withdraw from the EU was manifestly invalid. Moreover, they allege that she is guilty of Misconduct in Public Office.
#RevokeA50 #Brexit @euromovescot
"1) The Supreme Court ruled that the advisory EU Referendum could not make the decision to leave the European Union. That decision would need an Act of Parliament."

"2) The Notice of Withdrawal Bill was then presented in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling. However, it failed to include the one thing the Supreme Court said it needed – a withdrawal decision.

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Received Initial reports of speakers from @peoplesvote_uk

Nicola Sturgeon
Lord Michael Heseltine
Jess Phillips
David Lammy
Justine Greening
Dominic Grieve
Dr Phillip Lee
Anna Soubry
Vince Cable
Jo Swinson
Caroline Lucas
Ian Blackford

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, Chair of the British Medical Association, the trade union and professional body for all 150,000 doctors in the UK, and a GP from North London.
Joan Pons Laplana, a Spanish nurse from Yorkshire and until recently the British Journal of Nursings Nurse of the year. He is one of the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK who have been left in limbo by the Brexit process.
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I was out today in the street of Kemptown with @itvnews, a vast majority want to remain and have a final say vote on deal vs remain. Unfortunately at the end of the day a man came up and started shouting at the TV crew and me. Saying MPs are the problems & we are traitors.
He tried to assault me, grabbed & bent my glasses and for a moment I thought he was going to hit me. 3 grown men had to prise him off me. This is not normal, I’m representing my constituents but @theresa_may has whipped up fear and division with her speech last night
A minory will fall for hate or division of May but attack’s like this afternoons will not make me frit. Only by standing up & not pandering will we gain decency for our nation. One way to stand up to fear is to join the march on Saturday & demand a #FinalSay and @Another_Europe
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So @trussliz, who herself changed her mind on brexit to be a #leavernow (perhaps for careerist reasons) claims noone has changed their minds on #Brexit. She uses it as an argument against a #PeoplesVote

Shall we look at the evidence then?


1st @trussliz let's look at polling.

Here we have:
(a) @YouGov #bregret tracker. This has been majority thinking #brexit is wrong since August 2017 and is only increasing. This does not take into account last 2 weeks shambles

(B) the 20k plus @Survation poll in Nov 18.

Now @trussliz let's move onto personal stories.
E.g. Fran from South Wales, she was on @SkyNews just yesterday saying how she voted leave, has changed her mind & is a #RemainerNow

She would love a #PeoplesVote #FinalSay for the sake of her grandkids
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Thread on today’s events. #fbpe
Despite a cold day. We had a strong turnout for a big campaigning day in locations around Chester. It took a while to get things warmed up as people were reluctant to stop. But soon it got busier and we had a steady stream of people to the stall.
We had some musical and historical accompaniment whilst we chatted to people around the town. There is often a Roman or two around the place giving historical context to the city of Chester. Help us be able to instruct the town crier that brexit is dead soon. #StopBrexit
The streets got busy as there were stalls celebrating #InternationalWomansDay and here are just 3 of our lovely key members of Chester for Europe enjoying the atmosphere.
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1. Neither I nor #Remain millions R Extremists but #Brexit's marginalised the Centre to the point we've become extreme
Extremely Angry
Extremely Politicised
Extremely Determined

Govt/Opposition/#Brexiters/#Lexiters thought we'd just Suck It Up, Get Over It, Move On.

2. We no longer see Tories or Labour, PM or Corbyn as the only alternative to each other. That's a false conceit you want us to swallow. Tactical voting & social media played out in GE2017. #Brexit is toxic & will continue to be if U don't #RevokeA50. A plague on both your houses
3. This is an Existential & Generational Crisis sucking the life & soul out of our Country..there is No Good..No Viable #Brexit nor #Lexit..both = #BrexitShambles
Both Remove Rights w/o Consent & leave us Worse Off.
There is NO COMPROMISE between IN or OUT beyond the one we have.
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Theresa May's government is falling apart in office. It can only win votes to keep itself in power, and cannot pass the substantive legislation it promised in its manifesto... 1/ so why no constitutional crisis?
2/ The U.K. Brexit Impasse is nothing to do with procedure: the implicit rule is: a neoliberal cannot fall if its replacement is pledged to cancel neoliberalism...
3/ Even in Australia, where Labor is nowhere near leftist, the fossil lobby and the white racists have to cling to power because the change that's coming, as neoliberalism dies, just needs their fingers removed from the levers of power...
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Brexit: Robbins gobbing off in a Brussels bar is interesting for one reason only; May's choice is a deal or a long extension to A50; *only consulting the British ppl again would allow A50 extension* 1/... so...
2/ Here are the routes out of the crisis ... May persuades 50+ Labour cowards to pass her deal thru panic - only possible if there is hard deadline. Robbins leak effectively confirms this...
3/ if Cooper Bill passes - taking Commons out of May control - the way is open for Corbyn to move his Brexit plan. Entirely in order to whip this - but it will fail. So what then...
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This one is probably just for the scientists
#UKPunDay #GeekJokes
(It's less funny if you have to explain it)…
BTW this isn't my picture, so kudos to whoever made us all do a nerd-snerk laugh with their wit.

I don't have a Soundcloud, but please, for the love of Attenborough just sign up for #FinalSay and tell your friends we need to #MakeitStop…
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Owen Smith on channel 4 news “why are we not opposing Brexit? 👏👏👏
Where is our support in Parliament. Every single MP in Westminster back or front bench hears the same evidence as we do every single day from the Bank of England, from businesses , from journalists who uncover the lies and deceit of the leave campaigns
We got at least 700,000 people on the streets from John o’Groats to Lands End and further afield throughout Europe onto the streets with one very simple message to deliver to Westminster. We want #finalsay
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John Bercow calling Peter Bone a delicate flower is a thing of joy, and Joanna Cherry ensuring Donald Tusk's words are registered in Hansard tops it all off beautifully

Solid British humour ftw, even in the face of the Unbearable Shiteness of Brexit

#MakeItStop #JustMakeItStop
Very pleased that Donald Tusk's heartfelt reaction to the Unbearable Shiteness of Brexit is now recorded in Hansard for posterity 🤣

Well done to all of those continuing to speak plain truths
#StandUp2Brexit #MakeItStop…
I know everyone's gone straight to fighty biting about @eucopresident's fervent hope that those *responsible* for Brexitshambles will be rewarded with suitable punishment (#NotAllLeaveVoters)

but think it's important to read the full extent of his remarks…
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