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#Ukraine and Republic of #Georgia changed #rulesoforigin in their trade agreement. They replaced the existing ones with rules identical to those used in Europe’s origin cumulation zone known as the Pan–Euro–Med (PEM) /1…
PEM allows for cumulation of originating materials between countries within the zone. Meaning firms can treat materials from PEM members as their own when exporting to other PEM members (conditions apply). This change will allow the Ukraine/Georgia #FTA to work under PEM /2
Once ratified, "Ukrainian producers will be able to import raw materials and components from Georgia, recycle them in Ukraine and export them, for example, to Germany with Ukrainian certificates of origin with zero or preferential duty rates" /3
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Now here's a thing.

In fact, 5 things that the UK would do well sit up and pay heed to. As soon as possible.

They arise from the current visit of Speaker Pelosi & the congressional delegation.
#Brexit #FTA #GFA

1. Soft power works,
& Ireland has it by the bucketload when it comes to the US.

The combination of diasporic heritage + sense of moral achievement in @BelfastAgmt is hard to beat.

Congressman Richie Neal described entering the room in Belfast like a 'high school reunion'.
2. There is a strong US sense of ownership of @BelfastAgmt.

As Richie Neal put it to the audience in Belfast: "It is our agreement too."

And they recognise the GFA is not just a domestic concern.

Pelosi noted at the same event "what it means to the world as an example".

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Couple of points on the International Trade Committee’s meeting with Liam Fox this morning. On tariffs, FTAs and no deal. @CommonsIntTrade questions much better than the answers they got. /1
So Fox was asked a very valid question on the relationship between 0% tariffs and concessions during #FTA negotiations. No response. Interestingly he mentioned a range of gov unilateral mitigation and contingency measures ready for no deal and loss of FTAs. /2
Would be good to know what these are. We're assured that there is “a lot of activity” and “measures ready” with no indication what these are and as far as I’m aware very little consultation. Problem is- for them to be effective business would need time to adjust /3
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Good example of how #rulesoforigin can be used as a barrier to trade (they are in fact NTBs). EU-Japan #FTA. Switch to weight-based rule from value-based one for chocolate, biscuits & confectionery products means EU firms will find it hard to qualify /1…
“EU manufacturers, while sourcing the vast majority of sugar from the EU, are unable to prove the weight of non-originating sugar in the final product as sugar suppliers are often unwilling to provide a supplier declaration certifying EU origin.” /2
Practicalities of calculating/demonstrating origin often makes it difficult for companies to trade under preferential tariffs. The rule might not “look” more restrictive but in practice you cant prove origin /3
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On #customs formalities and documentation under various #Brexit scenarios. Procedures and documentation required for customs clearance can be confusing. Particularly, the difference between a single market and a customs union seems to be unclear. /1
Under different Brexit scenarios there will be different customs formalities and supporting documentation traders will need to complete/ provide for customs clearance (from an upcoming blogpost): /2
This is a simplified view - additional formalities are required depending on the type of goods (e.g. agricultural, excise) and other supporting documentation may be needed (e.g. licenses, certificates, value declaration, insurance docs, tariff quota docs etc). /3
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Free-To-Air (FTA) channels Vs #PayTV subscription.
Pay TV operator have argued that their business model is "Subscription". That when a customer opt for Pay TV, their primary interest is in the premium Pay TV content and not to watch the Free To Air channels.
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During the stakeholder consultations as part of the New broadcasting licensing development, many commentators were for #PayTV providers offering Free-To-Air channels free to subscribers even after monthly subscription have run out. The reason being, they are Free so why pay?
Just like many #PayTV providers globally have also refused to allow customers to pay per channel. Customers are not allowed to customise channels they want to watch for one simple reason, many channels whether it is Discovery Channel or C-SPAN may not be viable on their own.
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Thread: Some comments (and possible diplomatic/legal solutions) on Italy’s new government threat to not ratify #CETA (a more detailed analysis in my article with @RamsesWessel and (open access)) #FTA #EUtrade
2/ As long as Italy does not notify the non-ratification, there is time for creative diplomatic solutions (cf. Decision Heads of State/Government MS on Ukraine AA after Dutch referendum) or legal solutions (see below))
3/ But worst-case scenario that Italy makes such a notification, the ratification “permanently and definitely” failed (according to Statement 20 of the Council on CETA’s signature) (on these statements, see also )
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1/ Articles like this explain a very niche and technical topic to a wider audience. Which is fantastic. But it may be bit misleading so in the spirit of clarification a couple of points. Happy to hear other views @instituteforgov…
2/ #rulesoforigin do not affect free movement of goods as when you have free movement of goods you don’t need rules of origin. At a time when most people are still trying to figure out what free movement means this might be an important distinction
3/ Preferential and non-preferential #rulesoforigin are so different summarising them both in one article can lead to confusion. The article jumps from one to the other without clarifying which point refers to which type
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