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#Cascadia's climate activists have had global impact, yet emissions keep rising here in #Washington #Oregon & #BC.

2021 opens with renewed hope for a real transition, as documented in Part 3 of @INVW's year-long Getting to Zero #decarbonization project.…
#BritishColumbia set the pace when #Cascadia's govts set initial climate targets >10yrs ago. In 2021 #Washington and @JayInslee step way out with a 95%/net-zero target for 2050, tough interim goals, and a detailed strategy to get there.…
#Washington's strategy is backed by sophisticated modeling from Seattle-based CETI and SF-based EER.

Note: EER's EnergyPATHWAYS tool underpins the recent multi-path US #decarbonization visions 👇from @JesseJenkins et al @Princeton's @AndlingerCenter.…
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#InvasionDay - a thread about Australia Day
1/8 For those who still think British ‘colonisation’ of Australia wasn’t that bad & celebrating the arrival of the First Fleet on 26 January 1788 is is an article from the Coburg Leader of 1893....
2/8 This is a real newspaper article from 128 years ago which is describing in graphic & appalling detail.....genocide. I apologise if this is upsetting reading (because it certainly is), but it’s really clear that.......
3/8....too many Australians of European heritage are completely ignorant about what really happened. How their & my own forebears took this land and systematically displaced & destroyed First Nations people. Read this & know this. Face this.
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On Dec 17, join #Pacesetters QLD - Creative Revolution LIVE! Led by #FirstNations Elders (aka The Aunties) with special guests!

Presented by QLDIAA & BlackBleep Productions in partnership @DiversityArtsAu @MetroArtsAU @Arts_Front Hosted by @BustyBeatz:… Poster with First Nations a...
Join the #Pacesetters - #FirstNations led Forum for Creative Rvolution LIVESTREAM kicking off now!

For anyone who needs to access the live Auslan signage, please email - and Arts Front will add you to the Auslan zoom session.

Kargun Fogarty kicks off #Pacesetters with a welcome song and acknowledgement of country!


Presented by QLDIAA & BlackBleep Productions in partnership @DiversityArtsAu @MetroArtsAU @Arts_Front Kargun
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I will be tweeting the @AuSenate hearing into the Cashless Debit Card Bill today for @PWDAustralia at 9AM AEDT.

If you're tuning in and want to #StopTheCDC, let me know!
@AuSenate @PWDAustralia If you're wanting to watch the hearing, and be part of the Twitter conversation, you can watch it here:…

Please let me know if you are tweeting and want to #StopTheCDC!
@PWDAustralia The #StopTheCDC hearing has began and the Chair of the Committee, Sen. Wendy Askew is now making opening remarks. Opening statements from witnesses from Profs Jon Altman, Tony Dreise Dr Janet Hunt and Dr Francis Markham.
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We are calling for a $500m national #EdibleGardening fund as a necessary and urgent investment in public and community #health to be co-financed by Federal, State and Territory governments.

We’re in a national emergency, and we must respond accordingly. #urbanagriculture
Dietary-related ill-health and mental illness cost Australia around $200 bn every year.

With COVID-19 and the climate emergency, these costs will rise and more will experience #hunger and #foodinsecurity. In a country as wealthy as #Australia, there is no excuse for this.
The levels of food poverty and dietary-related ill-health amongst #FirstNations communities are a matter of national shame.

Edible gardening has immense power to do good, as our national #PandemicGardening survey showed.

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☞ WHILE #FirstNations still don't have clean drinking water;
☞ WITH nothing meaningful to stem the tide of #Veteran suicides;
☞ IN THE MIDST of an apocalyptic snowballing national debt threatening to bury our next generation

AND YET, ...

... a pledge by @JustinTrudeau of yet another humanitarian aid giveaway, ostensibly for #COVID19 🚧 BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, #UNSC🌐bid may be over, this is meant to bolster @Bill_Morneau's (taxpayer-funded) candidacy to head up #OECD. ImageImageImage
Liberals would have CDNs come to believe THIS not-so-subtle 'circled' statement.

Countless $Billions have been shovelled out the door of 2020, all amidst the fog and chaos of #COVID19 #pandemic - AND ALL WHILE, @PBO_DPB requests have been rebuffed.… Image
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1/6 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Sunday statement you can read in full here:
2/6 Today we honour National #Indigenous Peoples Day to celebrate the culture, heritage & valuable contributions of #FirstNations, #Inuit & #Métis peoples.
3/6 Celebrated the same day as the summer solstice – the longest day of the year – June 21st was chosen for its important symbolism to many Indigenous Peoples in 🇨🇦, with cultural & sacred ceremonies past & planned.
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Wow, Interesting. I just noticed that there seems to be a belief that the "illegal gun problem" in Canada is (partly) because of First Nations. 1/ #gunban #cdnpoli
Now, I don't generally travel in the sort of circles that have any knowledge about gun smuggling, So, perhaps, as one <25 follower responder told me, my ignorance is showing. OK. Fair enough. I have always believed if you don't know something, it's good to ask questions... 2/
Apparently, in some people's minds, it is bad to ask questions. I wonder if these are the same people who never asked questions in school when they didn't understand something and, because of that, wound up with a less fulsome education? 3/
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This is how whitefella Australia was “made”

Lawn Hill is serene today, but back in the 1880s it was the site of atrocities against the Waanyi, the molesting of their children, the raping of their women, the shooting of their men, and the taking of their body parts as trophies.
Lawn Hill station, lies smack bang in Waanyi country, the tribal territory of an indigenous gulf people who occupied around 25,000 square kilometres of land between northwestern Queensland and the eastern Northern Territory.
The owner of Lawn Hill, Frank Hann, and his station manager, Jack Watson, are both recorded as having cut off the heads of Aborigines and presented them as souvenirs or bounty. 40 pairs of ears were nailed on Lawn Hill’s walls they were the ears of Waanyi people.
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New jobs thread for this week, focused on #environment, #sustainability, and #SciComm jobs in Canada. #COVID19 is taking a heavy toll on the economy, but it gives me hope to see organizations transitioning to virtual work and continuing to hire. #GreenJobs Image
A few of the jobs I posted in last week's thread are still active. You can see them here 👇
The Government of Canada is looking for volunteers to support national #COVID19 efforts, including case tracking/contact tracing, health system surge capacity, and case data collection/reporting.

I've applied. If you have the time/skills, you should too.…
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#Pictou’s George Mercer Dawson led the expedition that surveyed the intern'l boundary between Alaska and Yukon. The expedition left Ottawa on April 22, 1887 and traveled into the Yukon’s wild, remote country to record its geography, geology, botany, native languages and legends. Image
Even though Dawson endured frail health most of his life – he had Pott’s disease, aka tuberculosis of the spine - he carried out some of the most strenuous surveys attempted in #Canada and did more than anyone else to create a modern map of the Canadian West.
#nspoli #cbpoli Image
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TONIGHT THE WILDCARD: Grandidier's "Mongoose" (Galidictis grandidieri) versus the Pygmy Spotted Skunk (Spilogale pygmaea)! #2020MMM
Galidictis grandidieri was recently better-recognized as a vontsira than a mongoose, but since we <3 our players, we wanted to make it easier to find research on them, hence the air quotes. #2020MMM [gif is man doing air quotes]
Often called the GIANT-striped mongoose, this black & light brown-to-cream striped Feliform typically weighs between 500-590g (an average of 2.5 stoats) #StoatsAsMeasurement #TeamCatsish #2020MMM
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In initial interview before reaching ambulance, @MsNazContractor, playing the Muslim councilwoman whom Detective Carisi (@PeterScanavino) has already informed us is famous for anti-Semitic remarks, tells him & Detective Rollins (@KelliGiddish) that "those people" are responsible
for her assault. Thus, she confirms her antisemitism. The councilwoman is an barely concealed stand-in for Ilhan Omar, a representative to the US House of Representatives from Minnesota's 5th District. @nbcsvu @SVUWritersRoom
Min 0458: A reporter asks Chief Dodds (@petergallagher): "Councilwoman Nasar is an on-the-record anti-Semite. Can you comment?" Chief Dodds doesn't contradict the reporter's assertion, thus implicitly confirming it.
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#RM_Ott19 second of 3 panels today @research_money, on industry perspectives on #superclusters. Moderated by Martha Crago @McGill_VPRI @mcgillu, w/ Moya Cahill @PanGeoSubsea, David Dzisiak @corteva @canolacouncil, @slapierreceo @tealbook, and Warren Wall @dwavesys
#RM_Ott19 @dwavesys is an early partner of @DTSupercluster and wants to better penetrate the 🇨🇦 market (they have had more success internationally). @tealbook is collaborating w/ @ccab_national and pitching to @AISupplyChain
#RM_Ott19 theme of "no prophet in your own hometown" is common thread across industry leaders presenting here @research_money, from @dwavesys to @PanGeoSubsea to @questortech. 🇨🇦 companies tend to thrive internationally, but have trouble in home market. #superclusters might help.
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Next panel on #nextgen of problem solvers and enabling #interdisciplinarity, bringing trainee voices to the table 👏 #CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy
Ghose leads the #womeninscience Centre at @Laurier and works in physics and computer science ncl #quantum, and #interdisciplinary is just a big word to her. There is no choice to cross disciplines in her research, which also bridges into #SocialSciences #CSPC2018
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