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Even today, in 2019 I continue to see gross generalizations and characterizations of the ‘online video gamer’ (OVG) based on stereotypes and conjecture. Let’s get to the truth of it *cracks knuckles* (a thread)
The stereotypical OVG is a socially inept, obsessed, reclusive, (white) male. This characterization is shared with a number of other groups too, suggesting it reflects a set of behaviors and concerns common to a range of groups (e.g., DnD players, engineers)
Indeed, research has confirmed similarities in stereotypic content between OVGs and other groups (including other kinds of gaming groups). Notably, the characteristic of social ineptitude, is not a distinctive to OVGs , questioning the unique role that CMC plays in these spaces.
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Really excited that my first first-author paper (with @AtomicVirology) has been submitted and is available as a preprint on BioRxiv! Check it out:…
#phdlife #AcademicChatter
I'll summarise the main findings in this thread (1/8)
@AtomicVirology The paper focuses on pUL7 and pUL51, conserved proteins from herpes simplex virus (HSV)-1 that form a complex required for efficient virus assembly. We used small-angle X-ray scattering with @svergungroup @embl Hamburg to characterise the complex in solution. (2/8)
@AtomicVirology @svergungroup @embl We used X-ray crystallography to solve the atomic-resolution structure of the core pUL7:pUL51 heterodimer. pUL7 forms a single, compact, globular domain that is bound to pUL51, which forms an extended helix-turn-helix, via an extensive hydrophobic interface. (3/8)
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When peatlands get featured in @AGUbiogeo @AGU_Eos, you know it's time for a deep dive into why these ecosystems are so unique! Stick w/ this thread today to learn @ peat, carbon, what is challenging its resilience, & why peatlands are a global treasure.…
@AGUbiogeo @AGU_Eos What IS a peatland? Seems simple- they are systems that have accumulated at least 40cm of peat. What's peat? It's dead biomass, mostly plant but also microbial & animal remains. So when enough dead stuff vertically accumulates, we call it a peatland. This is where simple ends....
@AGUbiogeo @AGU_Eos First, peat can accumulate for different reasons. Most scientific studies begin with this: "Peat accumulates where ever plant production exceeds decomposition". I have written this many times! But I now realize it's only partly true, & this is really important for resilience.
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Was tested at approxumately 20 tons in the Lil Feller tedts and at least one mod had a nominal 20 ton yield.

The people firing it would be killed by radiation at the lower delvery ranges.
Well. 50% or more of them. depending. IIRC they’re w/i the 450-500 rem radius at the shorter delivery ranges so that’s the LD50 for radiation injuries general rule.
honestly, had Davy Crocketts ever been brought out for use in Europe...

...within hours Europe—all of it—would prob be a smoking, radioactive, dying hellscape & delivery range of the Davy Crockett irrelevant.

Hence why I find it optimistic the jeep version had a 6 pack:
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Ever wonder why agencies in charge of deployed US nuclear weapons have social media accounts?

Who runs them, why, under what policy guidance?

What thought goes into strategic signaling and avoiding unintended or accidental escalation?




...I have had released to me via Freedom of Information Act...

....Social Media policy guidance for USSTRATCOM (
and AFGSC!

So you can assess WHY they have social media & their use of it.



Also through the #FOIA...

I had released to me Air Force Global Strike Command’s social media policies and social media policy guide:

I have additional follow up requests to make, obviously.
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It's the time of year when many new budding students embark on their journey into life as a PhD student. Here are few things people told me before I started, and a few I learned along the way. (I completed my PhD this summer). 1/21 #PhDlife
First thing's first. You've been selected to do a PhD based on your *potential* to learn how to conduct a professional research project. You haven't been selected because you already know how to do everything. It's okay not to know things — your job is to learn. 2/21
You'll probably arrive at your desk on your first day brimming with a mixture of enthusiasm & nerves, sit down ready to go go go, and then... find you're not sure exactly what to do. That's okay & perfectly normal. It will take a few months (maybe longer) to find your feet. 3/21
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Today I am tweeting out from a #CroakeyPopUp w @SummerMayFinlay hosted by @BronFredericks - tips for researchers on using Twitter
@SummerMayFinlay @BronFredericks Twitter is a social platform, @SummerMayFinlay tells #CroakeyPopUp participants. IE don't just broadcast. Find your own voice for Twitter, she advises.
@SummerMayFinlay @BronFredericks Now @SummerMayFinlay is stressing the importance of using hashtags on @Twitter and encouraging #CroakeyPopUp participants to pull out their phones, and get tweeting
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I use interviews as an educational opportunity—for me and a future #UndergradInTheLab. I start each interview by saying, “You’re already qualified for this position-- after all you’re in college.” Then I focus on learning about them.

@NewPI_Slack My interview goals are to determine

1) If the student is genuinely interested in the available research project

2) If they will likely achieve their goals through the overall experience

#ScienceTwitter #AcademicTwitter
@NewPI_Slack Determining these, however, can be complicated. Often, students don’t have a well-defined goal beyond landing an undergrad research position. Or sometimes they have unrealistic expectations of what research will be like & what they’ll accomplish in a semester.

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Dear #neuroscience community. How does a #phdstudent get more opportunities to be a #reviewer (outside of shadow review) I've recently reviewed @netneurosci + would love to do more (it helps learning+ exploring novel directions/ ideas!). Any tips welcome #phdlife #gradschool
Cheers for the RT @z0ozae 😄💪💪
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So excited that the paper that is the culmination of my #PhD came out in @ScienceTM today! As the COVER story! Can't wait to share this 6-yr labor of love with the world. Here are some of the main takeaways from the paper:

#BigDay #HealthTech #PortableMRI #HydrationSensor
MRI is a powerful diagnostic tool but it is too expensive ($1.5M) and time-consuming (10-60min) to use on a regular basis. We developed a portable NMR sensor that can harness the diagnostic power of quantitative MRI at a fraction of the time (<1min) and cost ($1k).
It is not necessary to generate images in order to take quantitative magnetic resonance (relaxometry) measurements. Removing the need to generates images makes the hardware simpler, smaller, and cheaper.

I wrote about this for the @MIT_alumni blog:…
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Well, this is exciting. I am going to be presenting a paper as part of the academic stream of the Historical Novel Society of Australasia Conference. My paper will be on my research to date on the Australian children’s time slip fantasy. #ahnsa #phdchat
The conference theme is History Repeats, which is perfect for the aspect of my thesis that looks at how Australian time slip set outside of cities is primarily interested in how time on Country is iterative rather than chronological.
Many of these books are either overtly or more implicitly interested in how Settler Colonial Australians can forge a relationship with Country. Some of them explicitly address the cost to Aboriginal people of our lives on their Country. Some of them are apologists for that cost.
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A #thread about promoting scientific literature in graduate students, while having fun, and generating results. I hope this is helpful for some, and feel free to Retweet. #WSUEntomology #sciencetwitter #scicomm #scichat #phdlife #phdchat #GradSchool #readingcommunity #science
Many faculty are often frustrated that students seem to have a poor understanding of the literature, or are surprised when students don’t know the “big names" in their field. However, one must realize it is easy to get “pigeon-holed” while you are focusing on your MS/PhD
Reading groups are one way to address this issue – meet weekly or bi-weekly and read literature in a given field. However, too often reading groups are dominated by faculty/postdocs with more experience and students are afraid to speak up for fear of ridicule or embarrassment.
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It’s Queer Wrath Month (thanks @meakoopa) so heads up:


While still bringing you the nuclear weapon content you know and love.

For my 1st day of #LGBTWrathMonth:

I remind you nuclear war would be the heteros’ fault.


Today for #LGBTQWrathMonth (ht @meakoopa), one of my favorite sayings and a constant call to radical action:
Today for #LGBTWrathMonth:


Any national security efforts that seek to incorporate Queer perspectives...

...has to deal with radical challenge to those frameworks posed by queer & feminist approaches to human mutual obligation & relation b/t violence & power.

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20 years ago today (!), I defended my dissertation. To celebrate this anniversary, let me offer up 10 thoughts/opinions about being a PhD student and 10 about being an advisor. #phdlife #AcademicTwiiter #PhdChat
Student 1/10: Your dissertation is not your life’s work. It is an opportunity to learn and a means to an end. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Graduate.
Student 2/10: Ask for help. You are here to learn, and not all learning happens on your own. Spending 3 months flailing isn’t a learning experience. It’s lost time.
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I am a #SocialScientist but I can 100% relate. The #OCD episode that led 2 my diagnosis was centred on ethics protocols 4 working w human subjects. Strict adherence is a necessary part of research but my OCD took "making sure everything is done right" next level in a bad way. 1/4
I became consumed with details and risk scenarios to an extent that was counter productive. Completing an ethics application was so triggering it was near impossible. That's when I took medical leave from my #PhD program. #OCD #MentalHealth #PhDLife #SickNotWeak #PhDChat 2/4
#OCD is esp good at playing on strengths & turning them against us. It capitalizes on assets like responsibility, meticulousness, diligence- traits rewarded in #academia. I believe this is why I didn't recognise my struggle 4 so long. OCD masqueraded as being a good academic. 3/4
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1/ I would like to share my story of my #mentalillness (Bipolar Disorder II) and how I deal with it, to show that mental illness is everywhere, and that someone can have a mental illness and be successful. I hope this story can empower someone and help reduce the stigma.
2/ I am a successful PhD student in Chemistry. I am happy, I have travelled the world, I have lived abroad for a year, I am a varsity Squash athlete, I have a BSc in Biochemistry and a MSc in Chemistry. But my biggest success: doing all this while managing a mental illness.
3/ A few weeks ago, I woke up and it took me over an hour to get out of bed. After a day of achieving little at work, I went straight home. I did not feel like my usual after-work walk, I did not want to play squash, I did not want to read a book. I had no energy.
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I'm making digitally public 2 docs on US nuclear testing of W54 Davy Crockett nukes (W54).


Little Feller I
Little Feller II

Enable my work



today's released docs are in Pfeiffer Nuclear Weapon & National Security Digital Archive that includes >10,000 documents released to me under Freedom of Information Act... well as records I have scanned and created.

Please use this resource.

Today's #FOIAFriday documents are relevant for several reasons... part b/c they help estimate yield of Davy Crockett W54 nuclear weapon.

Which is probably "nominal" 20 tons.

We know this in part b/c that's yield which would provide these effect radii:

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I am going up for tenure next year & preparing my materials. There is a book chapter I was invited to write in Fall 2014 just months after I got my PhD. I submitted the chapter in Spring 2015. The edited collection this chapter was written for has still not been published.
I am sure there are decent reasons for the immense slowdown in production. But can you imagine if I was relying on this publication as a junior scholar? I write this piece less than a year after graduating & will likely have tenure before its published. That’s bananas.
As someone working in disability studies I know there was many reasons for delays in schedules, but as a multiply marginalized junior scholar I also know that one publication coming in YEARS late could really fuck with someone’s tenure case.
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A thread on doing the #PhD you love regardless of what’s “trendy” or “canonical”. #phdchat
Mine was on J.R.R. #Tolkien, nearly 15 years ago. I had an amazing supervisor who was nearly taught philology by #Tolkien at Oxford (he missed him by a year!) My thesis became this book:
What got me thinking about this was this blog post by friend and #Tolkien scholar John D. Rateliff, best known from the 2-volume History of the Hobbit (an edition of all Hobbit manuscripts with notes):…
As you will see, back in the 1980s John was not allowed to do his #PhD on the emergence of fantasy as a literary genre (which would have focused on #Tolkien’s key role). The reason he was given was that it would be:
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Ok so in the wake of the #AdmissionsScandal I thought I would share my own random university admission story at Oxford with #AcademicTwitter and those currently experiencing #phdlife.
When I got accepted for a doctoral course in Anthropology at Oxford it was a big deal for me. I was obviously happy but at the same time, I was also painfully aware that I had no funding. Costs at that time were about £11k a year, just for tuition and the bonus 'college fees'.
I had no savings but had worked during all of my university studies and so I was *relatively* confident I could cover an extra £11k by working more hours on side ‘part time’ jobs, living more frugally, and maybe even doing a medical trial or two (no joke).
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Why we should walk away from using terms like "giving or capturing voice," in qualitative research. I hope you will read and share. #qualitativeresearch #highered #highereducation #critqual #educolor #decolonial #phdadvice #phdchat #phdlife #languagematters
1. First, the lineage and practices of qualitative research are grounded in western, global north sensibilities. Look at what is being used as dominant texts and who the authors are. Creswell and others rarely ever wrote a word thinking about people who look like me.
2. I've had to unlearn what was understood to be status quo, including the overwhelming amount of agency presumed by the researcher. I wrote about this in a book chapter titled, "Othering Research, Researching the Other (full text in ResearchGate).
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All my #PhD #fieldwork is done.

I’ve been looking into Icelandic Whimbrels annual cycle and spent the breeding season in Iceland since 2015. While writing up I often miss my study sites. Decided to make a short thread summarising my #fieldwork there #phdlife #shorebirds #waders
Survey the breeding sites

Whimbrels are site faithful and territorial. I start the season by checking the area to see who’s back.
Here two males fight where their territories touch (I think; 10 MAY) #PhD #fieldwork #ornithology #waders #shorebirds #phdlife
Finding nests

As most #waders, Whimbrels usually lay 4 eggs. There is some colour variation between and within clutches (10 JUN; #Eyjafjallajökull in the background) #PhD #fieldwork #ornithology #oology #phdlife #shorebirds
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I'm currently writing about Patricia Wrightson's last novel, Shadows of Time. #phdlife There are two child protagonists; one white, one Aboriginal. Wrightson doesn't give the male Aboriginal child a name, because he won't share his true with the white girl.
So she (the girl child) calls him Boy, refusing to use the alternative name her offers her. Now, we all know about the pejorative use of the word Boy when applied to black males, and even if (BIG if) Wrightson wasn't aware of it in the mid 90s, I'm stuck with having to use it.
So now, in attempting to write a PhD that addresses the privileging of white experience in children's books, I am snookered into calling him Boy because it's the only name he's given. Even just using it with a lower case as a generic noun doesn't make it feel any better.
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#THREAD #concertphotography
Rétrospective de 2018, version concerts.
Les photos commencent au mois de mai :)

@DownloadFestFR (@therattlesnakes) - Brétigny-sur-Orge (17/06/18)
@solidays (@01Mademoisellek, @mura_masa_ , @TheKills) - Paris (21-22/06/18)
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